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February 19, 2019
Campaigning opens in Okinawa US base relocation vote

Tokyo (AFP) Feb 14, 2019
Campaigning began Thursday ahead of a referendum in Japan's Okinawa on the controversial relocation of a US military base to a remote part of the island. The non-binding vote will be held on February 24, with Governor Denny Tamaki campaigning against the relocation of the Futenma airbase. The base is currently located in a densely-populated part of the southern island, and has caused frictions with local residents over everything from noise to accidents. In a bid to resolve the long-running ... read more

Japan's 1st amphibious assault force certified during exercise with U.S. Marines
Washington (UPI) Feb 14, 2019
The Iron Fist 2019 multilateral training event concluded earlier this month, which included the certification of Japan's first amphibious assault force. ... more
Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Japan's Fukushima plant
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 14, 2019
A robot arm has successfully picked up pebble-sized pieces of radioactive fuel at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant in a complex operation seen as key to clean-up efforts after the 2011 meltdown, officials said Thursday. ... more
Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 14, 2019
Environmental campaigners have filed an unprecedented lawsuit in a bid to halt the so-called "drive hunting" of dolphins in Japan, arguing the practice is cruel and illegal. ... more
Japan's Toshiba cuts profit outlook again
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 13, 2019
Struggling Japanese engineering firm Toshiba lowered its profit forecasts Wednesday with rising costs weighing on its energy operations. ... more
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Robot probes radioactive fuel at Japan's Fukushima plant
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 13, 2019
A robot will attempt to examine radioactive fuel at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant on Wednesday in a complex operation seen as key to clean-up efforts after the 2011 meltdown. ... more
Lockheed awarded $212M for work on Aegis combat system for Japan
Washington (UPI) Feb 12, 2019
The U.S. Navy has awarded Lockheed Martin a $212 million contract for additional work on the development and integration of the Aegis system for Japan. ... more
Ex-Marine pilot dreams of ferrying folks into space
Washington (AFP) Feb 8, 2019
Mark Stucky fought in the Iraq war, once buzzed a Soviet warplane over the Sea of Japan and has flown all sorts of experimental aircraft. ... more
The art and science of Japan's cherry blossom forecast
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 11, 2019
As spring approaches in Japan, the country's weather forecasters face one of their biggest missions of the year: predicting exactly when the famed cherry blossoms will bloom. ... more
New materials for high-voltage supercapacitors
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Feb 08, 2019
A research team led by Tohoku University in Japan has developed new materials for supercapacitors with higher voltage and better stability than other materials. Their research was recently published ... more
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Deep sea reveals linkage between earthquake and carbon cycle
Innsbruck, Austria (SPX) Feb 08, 2019
An international team led by the Innsbruck geologists Arata Kioka, Tobias Schwestermann, Jasper Moernaut, and Michael Strasser could quantify for the first time the entire trench-wide volume of mari ... more
Japan's Hayabusa2 probe to land on asteroid on Feb 22
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 6, 2019
A Japanese probe sent to examine an asteroid in order to shed light on the origins of the solar system is expected to land on the rock later this month, officials said Wednesday. ... more
Researchers find a way to boost sodium-ion battery performance
Nagoya, Japan (SPX) Feb 04, 2019
Researchers at the Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) in Japan have demonstrated that a specific material can act as an efficient battery component for sodium-ion batteries that will compete wi ... more
'A way of life': Japan's whalers back treaty withdrawal
Minamiboso, Japan (AFP) Jan 31, 2019
Neatly lining up sliced whale meat to make "jerky" in the wintry sea breeze, Tetsuya Masaki says whaling is just part of daily life in his tiny Japanese community of Minamiboso. ... more
Air Force sends two B-52 bombers over East China Sea
Washington (UPI) Jan 31, 2019
The U.S. Air Force flew two B-52 bombers over the East China Sea and Sea of Japan in what it described as a "routine training" amid trade tensions with China. ... more

Japan approved for $2.15B buy of Aegis Ashore missile defense systems

Japanese company seeks to pioneer artificial meteor showers
Tokyo, Japan (Sputnik) Jan 25, 2019
Astro Live Experiences (ALE), a Japanese company founded in September 2011, is hoping to become the first company to produce artificial meteor showers in an effort to offer earthlings the jaw-droppi ... more
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Tipples and trash: A Japan waste plant opens its doors
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 29, 2019
A group of young Japanese snap selfies as they knock back a few drinks on a Friday night. But the backdrop to their photos is a mechanical claw stuffed with trash. ... more
Japanese Catholics urge Pope to send anti-nuclear message
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 27, 2019
Japanese Catholics on Sunday urged Pope Francis to send an anti-nuclear message from Hiroshima and Nagasaki when he travels to the country later this year. ... more
Qatar emir to visit Asia amid Gulf crisis
Doha (AFP) Jan 24, 2019
Qatar's ruler will visit South Korea, Japan and China - some of the energy-rich country's top trading partners - later this month, state media reported Thursday, amid a diplomatic Gulf crisis. ... more
A surprisingly early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans in southern Spain
Seville, Spain (SPX) Jan 23, 2019
A new study of Bajondillo Cave (Malaga) by a team of researchers based in Spain, Japan and the UK, coordinated from the Universidad de Sevilla, reveals that modern humans replaced Neanderthals at th ... more
Paw patrol: Sony offers robocop dog at home
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 23, 2019
Sony's puppy-sized robot dog aibo, equipped with cameras, artificial intelligence and internet capability, can now remotely check up on family members, children or even pets, the Japanese electronics giant said Wednesday. ... more
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Amid border wall debate, 'smart' tech raises questions too
Washington (AFP) Feb 12, 2019
As congressional Democrats counter President Donald Trump's border wall plan with a high-tech solution, the idea of a "smart" security barrier is raising fresh questions over the potential for intrusive surveillance. Last month, the Democratic lawmakers endorsed what they described as "a strong, but smart, border security posture," without "costly physical barriers." Some test projects a ... more
+ How the US military could build Trump's border wall
+ Slashing roadkill numbers for small and medium-sized mammals
+ Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Japan's Fukushima plant
+ Solid-state catalysis: Fluctuations clear the way
+ Robot probes radioactive fuel at Japan's Fukushima plant
+ Five dead, three rescued in Kashmir avalanche
+ Drought, Deluge Turned Stable Landslide into Disaster
Ultra-lightweight ceramic material can withstand extreme temps
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Feb 15, 2019
UCLA researchers and collaborators at eight other research institutions have created an extremely light, very durable ceramic aerogel. The material could be used for applications like insulating spacecraft because it can withstand the intense heat and severe temperature changes that space missions endure. Ceramic aerogels have been used to insulate industrial equipment since the 1990s, and ... more
+ Nanotechnology enables engineers to weld previously un-weldable aluminum alloy
+ NASA to Advance Unique 3D Printed Sensor Technology
+ A glimpse into the future
+ Study unfolds a new class of mechanical devices
+ Researchers find way to stabilize color of light in next-gen material
+ Raytheon contract ceiling for Silent Knight development upped by $15M
+ Polymers pave way for wider use of recycled tires in asphalt

Carbonaceous chondrites provide clues about the delivery of water to Earth
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Feb 15, 2019
An international study led by researchers from the Institute of Space Sciences, from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya has discovered that carbonaceous chondrites, a class of meteorites, incorporated hydrated minerals along with organic material from the protoplanetary disk before the formation of planets. Scientists from the stu ... more
+ Wave device could deliver clean energy to thousands of homes
+ Preserved leaves reveal 7,000 years of rainfall and drought
+ Boeing nets $43M to build Navy's Orca extra large unmanned vehicles
+ Surfer seriously injured in Australia shark attack
+ Five teams will help DARPA detect undersea activity by analyzing behaviors of marine organisms
+ With climate change, sunny day flooding incur losses too
+ Scientists developed a method that allows removal of antibiotic residue from waste water
Customized mix of materials for three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures
Karlsruher, Germany (SPX) Feb 14, 2019
Three-dimensional structures on the micrometer and nanometer scales have a great potential for many applications. An efficient and precise process to print such structures from different materials is now presented by researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Carl Zeiss AG in Science Advances: they integrated a microfluidic chamber into a 3D laser lithography device. Then, they u ... more
+ Nano drops a million times smaller than a teardrop explodes 19th century theory
+ Rice lab adds porous envelope to aluminum plasmonics
+ Research details sticky situations at the nanoscale
+ Nano-infused ceramic could report on its own health
+ Aerosol-assisted biosynthesis strategy enables functional bulk nanocomposites
+ Platinum forms nano-bubbles
+ New applications for encapsulated nanoparticles with promising properties
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Poland to buy US rocket system for $414 million
Warsaw (AFP) Feb 10, 2019
Poland said Sunday it will buy mobile rocket launchers worth $414 million (365 million euros) from the United States, as Warsaw seeks closer ties with Washington amid concerns over a resurgent Russia. The deal, due to be signed Wednesday, will "significantly increase the Polish army's capacities," Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told journalists Sunday, adding that delivery was expected b ... more
+ U.S. Army to purchase Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system
+ US Army to buy two Israeli Iron Dome air defense systems
+ Raytheon, Lockheed contracted for Patriot systems for foreign customers
+ Japan approved for $2.15B buy of Aegis Ashore missile defense systems
+ Moscow urges US to abandon plans to resurrect 'Star Wars'
+ Swedish army orders Rheinmetall trucks for Patriot missile systems
+ Israel Successfully Tests Arrow 3 Air Defence System
China improves Long March-6 rocket for growing commercial launches
Beijing (XNA) Feb 12, 2019
China announced Monday that it is developing the modified version of the Long March-6 rocket to add four solid boosters to increase its carrying capacity. The improved medium-left carrier rocket will be sent into space by 2020, according to the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, which designed the rocket. The Long ... more
+ Seed of moon's first sprout: Chinese scientists' endeavor
+ China to send over 50 spacecraft into space via over 30 launches in 2019
+ China to deepen lunar exploration: space expert
+ China launches Zhongxing-2D satellite
+ China welcomes world's scientists to collaborate in lunar exploration
+ In space, the US sees a rival in China
+ China launches telecommunication technology test satellite

The first walking robot that moves without GPS
Pris, France (SPX) Feb 14, 2019
Human eyes are insensitive to polarized light and ultraviolet radiation, but that is not the case for ants, who use it to locate themselves in space. Cataglyphis desert ants in particular can cover several hundreds of meters in direct sunlight in the desert to find food, then return in a straight line to the nest, without getting lost. They cannot use pheromones: they come out when the temperatu ... more
+ Getting a grip on human-robot cooperation
+ Teaching AI systems to adapt to dynamic environments
+ Psychology: Robot saved, people take the hit
+ Can we trust scientific discoveries made using machine learning?
+ Pope talks AI ethics with Microsoft head Smith
+ Programming autonomous machines ahead of time promotes selfless decision-making
+ Trumps orders government to prioritize artificial intelligence
Chinese movies dodge censors to shine at Berlin filmfest
Berlin (AFP) Feb 14, 2019
A moving Chinese epic looking at the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, the one-child policy and forced abortion made it past censors to premiere at the Berlin film festival Thursday despite a widening crackdown. "Di jiu tian chang" (So Long, My Son) by Wang Xiaoshuai, clocking in at more than three hours, is a sweeping allegorical drama about two families whose fates become intricately i ... more
+ Male privilege: The rural Hong Kong men who have special rights
+ Former Mao Zedong secretary and party critic dies at 101
+ China warns its citizens in Turkey to 'be more vigilant'
+ Lawmakers warn Hong Kong's China extradition plans a 'Trojan horse'
+ Carpenter preserves old Shanghai, one nail at a time
+ Banned Chinese billionaire calls Australia 'a giant baby'
+ Chinese film yanked from Berlin festival competition

exactEarth's real-time maritime tracking system now fully-deployed
Cambridge UK (SPX) Feb 15, 2019
exactEarth Ltd. reports that the final six payloads for its second-generation constellation, exactView RT, are now operational, which completes the roll-out of world's first global, real-time Satellite-AIS service. This revolutionary capability is expected to enable a wide variety of new service capabilities for the global maritime community and to contribute strongly over the next 15 year ... more
+ Astronaut photography benefiting the planet
+ In Solar System's Symphony, Earth's Magnetic Field Drops the Beat
+ Van Allen Probes begin final phase exploring Earth's radiation belts
+ ESA satellite spots "Island Love"
+ Russian satellite registers unknown physical phenomena in Earth's atmosphere
+ Open-access sat data allows tracking of seasonal population movements
+ Swarm helps pinpoint new magnetic north for smartphones

Prickly pears: 'humble' cactus brings hope to Algeria
Sidi Fredj, Algeria (AFP) Feb 15, 2019
For generations Algerians like the Gueldasmi family have barely eked out a living growing prickly pear fruits, but thanks to the cactus's new found virtues their lives are steadily improving. "Now, my future is here. There is no need to go abroad" to find work, said Fethi Gueldasmi, 40, whose family's revenues have been growing thanks to what agronomists and biologists now call the "green go ... more
+ Surprise findings turn up the temperature on the study of vernalization
+ NASA is Everywhere: Farming Tech with Roots in Space
+ Tracking pollen with quantum dots
+ China imposes anti-dumping tariffs on Brazilian chicken
+ After deadly clashes, Ivorian farmers and herders try dialogue
+ Prickly pears: 'humble' cactus brings hope to Algeria
+ Australia cattle giant warns of 'extreme losses' from floods
New NASA research consortium to tackle life's origins
Riverside CA (SPX) Feb 15, 2019
Did life on Earth originate in Darwin's warm little pond, on a sunbaked shore, or where hot waters vent into the deep ocean? And could a similar emergence have played out on other bodies in our solar system or planets far beyond? These questions lie at the center of research in NASA's new Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Earth Environments, or PCE3, Consortium. One of five cross-divisional re ... more
+ Scientists discover oldest evidence of mobility on Earth
+ NASA Selects New Mission to Explore Origins of Universe
+ Better to dry a rocky planet before use
+ Study shows unusual microbes hold clues to early life
+ Massive collision in the planetary system Kepler 107
+ ASU scientists study organization of life on a planetary scale
+ Magnifying glass reveals unexpected intermediate mass exoplanets

Study shows hope for fighting disease known as Ebola of frogs
Orlando FL (SPX) Feb 18, 2019
Despite widespread infection, some frog populations are surviving a deadly disease that is the equivalent of mankind's Ebola virus. The reason - genetic diversity. That's the finding of a new study published this week in the journal Immunogenetics. Anna Savage, an assistant professor of biology at the University of Central Florida, is the lead author of the study. The research is imp ... more
+ China measles Study has implications for worldwide epidemic control
+ Mosquitoes that carry malaria may have been doing so 100 million years ago
+ Tourists at upmarket Chinese ski resort hit by novovirus
+ Protecting those on the frontline from Ebola
+ China disciplines 80 officials linked to major vaccine scandal
+ Researchers develop new approach for vanquishing superbugs
+ Hong Kong scientists claim 'broad-spectrum' antiviral breakthrough
UN council hails C. Africa peace deal as important step
United Nations, United States (AFP) Feb 13, 2019
A deal agreed between the Central African Republic's government and armed groups is an important step toward lasting peace and restoring state authority across the country, the United Nations Security Council said Wednesday. The accord was reached in Sudan earlier this month between the Bangui government and 14 armed groups controlling most of the territory in the strife-scarred country. ... more
+ Nigeria election candidates sign 'peace accord'
+ Main terms of peace accord in Central African Republic
+ Chad rebel group vows to fight on after losses
+ Revealed: DR Congo's 'invisible' massacre
+ Libya strongman's forces say struck Chad rebels
+ Ethiopia re-integrates 1,700 separatist rebels
+ Boko Haram kills three troops in Nigeria base attack

Russia sketches out "Unpiloted Tourist Space Yacht" concept that would graze space
Sochi (Sputnik) Feb 19, 2019
The development of a "space yacht" capable of taking off from ordinary airfields to deliver tourists to near-earth orbit, is conducted in Russia with the support of the National Technology Initiative's (NTI) AeroNet and SpaceNet working groups, chief designer of NPO Aviation and Space Technologies Alexander Begak told Sputnik. "We have an opportunity to land on any airfield, the device lan ... more
+ Five future astronauts and a teacher you need to know
+ The future of human spaceflight in America
+ Refabricator to recycle, reuse plastic installed on Space Station
+ US to extend use of Russia's Soyuz for ISS missions until April 2020
+ The case for leaving Earth
+ New research opportunities on International Space Station
+ Ex-Marine pilot dreams of ferrying folks into space
Pence demands EU isolate Iran as Israelis, Arabs unite
Warsaw (AFP) Feb 14, 2019
US Vice President Mike Pence demanded Thursday that Europeans drop a nuclear deal with Iran and join in seeking to cripple the regime, a cause that united Israel with longtime Arab rivals at a conference in Warsaw. Major European powers sent low-level representation to the US-initiated meeting, suspicious of US President Donald Trump's hawkish impulses and convinced the 2015 deal under which ... more
+ Poland talks press Iran amid major attack
+ Former US Air Force agent charged with defecting to Iran
+ No movement in Russian missile talks: NATO chief
+ NATO chief to meet Russia's Lavrov on missile pact crisis
+ EU, Germany reject US call to leave Iran nuclear deal
+ Disarmament efforts must include China as well as US, Russia: Merkel
+ NATO planning for more Russian missiles: Stoltenberg
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