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April 19, 2018
China, Japan vow 'new starting point' in ties

Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 16, 2018
Asian rivals China and Japan on Monday pledged a "new starting point" for bilateral ties, vowing close co-operation amid a flurry of diplomacy on the North Korean missile threat and global trade tensions. Welcoming Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for a rare three-day visit, Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe called for warmer relations between the two countries and said they should work together on North Korea. Abe said he would be visiting the United States for talks with President Donald Trump to se ... read more

N.Korea, China 'discussing Xi visit to Pyongyang'
Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 16, 2018
China and North Korea have been holding talks about a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pyongyang, a Japanese newspaper reported Monday as regional leaders step up diplomatic dialogue. ... more
Volcano erupts in Japan, no-go warning issued
Tokyo (AFP) April 19, 2018
A volcano erupted in southern Japan on Thursday, spewing steam and ash hundreds of metres into the air, as authorities warned locals not to approach the mountain. ... more
Iceland resumes fin whale hunt after two-year pause
Reykjavik (AFP) April 17, 2018
Icelandic whaling company Hvalur said Tuesday it would resume its controversial hunt of endangered fin whales after a two-year suspension, sparking angry protests from animal rights activists. ... more
Japan faces record low eel catch, renewing stock fears
Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 13, 2018
Japan is on track for a record low catch of baby eels this year, renewing fears about declining stocks of the endangered fish, a favoured summer delicacy for Japanese. ... more
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Japan 'rare earth' haul sparks hopes of cutting China reliance
Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 15, 2018
The discovery of potentially millions of tons of valuable "rare earth" elements in sea sludge off Japan has raised hopes that Asia's number-two economy can reduce its dependence on Chinese supply. ... more
Scientists use carbon nanotube technology to develop robust water desalination membranes
Nagano, Japan (SPX) Apr 16, 2018
A research team of Shinshu University, Japan, has developed robust reverse osmosis membranes that can endure large-scale water desalination. The team published their results in early February in Sci ... more
China FM visits Japan for talks on N. Korea, regional issues
Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 15, 2018
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Sunday began a visit to Japan described as a major step forward in improving frosty relations, as Tokyo tries to stay involved in a flurry of international diplomacy over North Korea. ... more
Diamond-based circuits can take the heat for advanced applications
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 12, 2018
When power generators like windmills and solar panels transfer electricity to homes, businesses and the power grid, they lose almost 10 percent of the generated power. To address this problem, scien ... more
China, Japan ministers pave way for rare summits
Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 15, 2018
The leaders of China and Japan are expected to pay reciprocal visits as relations between their countries warm, the Japanese foreign minister said on Sunday. ... more
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One killed as landslide engulfs houses in Japan
Tokyo (AFP) April 11, 2018
A man has been found dead and several people are missing after a landslide engulfed houses in southern Japan on Wednesday, local officials said. ... more
MIPT physicists design a model of Martian winter
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Apr 10, 2018
A team of researchers from MIPT and their German and Japanese colleagues have designed a numerical model of the annual water cycle in the Martian atmosphere. Previously, the scientists focused their ... more
Japan's vaunted alert system runs up against limits
Tokyo (AFP) April 8, 2018
On January 5, as Tokyo's commuters were struggling back to work after their long New Year break, blaring sirens from every phone pierced the sleepy atmosphere: "strong" earthquake coming. ... more
Japan launches Marines unit amid China's growing presence
Tokyo (AFP) April 7, 2018
Japan's military on Saturday launched its first Marines unit, tasked with defending remote islands in the face of China's growing maritime presence in the region. ... more
Ariane 5 launches two satellites
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Apr 06, 2018
Arianespace has successfully launched two telecommunications satellites: DSN-1/Superbird-8 for the Japanese operator SKY Perfect JSAT; and HYLAS 4 for the British operator Avanti Communications. ... more

Five injured after quake hits Japan

Japan's snow monkeys use hot baths to conserve body heat, relieve stress
Washington (UPI) Apr 3, 2018
According to a new study, Japan's snow monkeys use the spa just like humans do, to stay warm and relieve stress. ... more
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Modeling future earthquake and tsunami risk in southeast Japan
Amherst MA (SPX) Apr 03, 2018
Geoscience researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Smith College and the Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology this week unveiled new, GPS-based methods for modelin ... more
Super typhoon may flood one third of central Tokyo: survey
Tokyo (AFP) March 31, 2018
One third of central Tokyo could be left under water and nearly four million people affected if a super typhoon strikes the capital causing storm surges, a new study from local authorities has warned. ... more
Japan whalers return from Antarctic hunt after killing 333 whales
Tokyo (AFP) March 31, 2018
Japanese whaling vessels returned to port on Saturday after catching more than 300 of the mammals in the Antarctic Ocean without facing any protests by anti-whaling groups, officials said. ... more
Out of this world: Inside Japan's space colony centre
Tokyo (AFP) March 30, 2018
A newly created Space Colony Research centre led by Japan's first female astronaut is bringing cutting-edge technology to bear on one of mankind's greatest questions: Can we live in space? ... more
Is glass transition driven by thermodynamics?
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 29, 2018
Glassy substances are everywhere, yet this state of matter poses many puzzles. The basic picture is clear enough - glasses are solids that lack the regular atomic structure of a crystal. How and why ... more
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Space Tech Expo - Design - Build - Test - Pasadena CA - May 22-24, 2018
California rejects initial National Guard border plan
Washington, United States (AFP) April 16, 2018
California Governor Jerry Brown has rejected the Trump administration's initial proposals for a National Guard mission along the state's border with Mexico, a top US official said Monday. Brown last week had said he would accept federal funding from President Donald Trump to boost his state's National Guard. But the governor has quibbled over their role and insisted they only focus on cr ... more
+ Portable device to sniff out trapped humans
+ How does one prepare for adverse weather events? Depends on your past experiences
+ Nature-based solutions can prevent $50 billion in Gulf Coast flood damages
+ UN Security Council to visit Myanmar, Bangladesh, Iraq
+ What plants can teach us about oil spill clean-up, microfluidics
+ One killed as landslide engulfs houses in Japan
+ Bank of America takes a stance on assault weapons
NIST's new quantum method generates really random numbers
Boulder CO (SPX) Apr 17, 2018
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a method for generating numbers guaranteed to be random by quantum mechanics. Described in the April 12 issue of Nature, the experimental technique surpasses all previous methods for ensuring the unpredictability of its random numbers and may enhance security and trust in cryptographic systems. The new ... more
+ Plants fix UV damage to DNA with robust repair system
+ Polymer-graphene nanocarpets to electrify smart fabrics
+ 'Candy cane' polymer weave could power functional fabrics and devices
+ Army engineers develop technique to make adaptive materials
+ New type of opal formed by common seaweed discovered
+ Writing and deleting magnets with lasers
+ Flat gallium joins roster of new 2-D materials
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Global warming is transforming the Great Barrier Reef
Townsville, Australia (SPX) Apr 19, 2018
A new study published online in Nature shows that corals on the northern Great Barrier Reef experienced a catastrophic die-off following the extended marine heatwave of 2016. "When corals bleach from a heatwave, they can either survive and regain their colour slowly as the temperature drops, or they can die. Averaged across the whole Great Barrier Reef, we lost 30 per cent of the corals in ... more
+ UTA expands efforts to develop water recycling technologies
+ China to offer visa-free travel to its own 'Hawaii'
+ Large wildfires bring increases in annual river flow
+ Mississippi River diversions will produce new land, but slowly, Tulane study says
+ Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest point in more than 1,500 years
+ Scientists use carbon nanotube technology to develop robust water desalination membranes
+ Stronger evidence for a weaker Atlantic overturning
A treasure trove for nanotechnology experts
Lausanne, Switzerland (SPX) Mar 21, 2018
2D materials, which consist of a few layers of atoms, may well be the future of nanotechnology. They offer potential new applications and could be used in small, higher-performance and more energy-efficient devices. 2D materials were first discovered almost 15 years ago, but only a few dozen of them have been synthesized so far. Now, thanks to an approach developed by researchers from EPFL ... more
+ UCLA researchers develop a new class of two-dimensional materials
+ Nanostructures made of previously impossible material
+ Mining hardware helps scientists gain insight into silicon nanoparticles
+ Big steps toward control of production of tiny building blocks
+ New technique allows printing of flexible, stretchable silver nanowire circuits
+ Nanomaterials: What are the environmental and health risks?
+ UT Dallas team's microscopic solution may save researchers big time
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Syrian air defence shoots down missiles over Homs: state media
Damascus, Syria (AFP) April 17, 2018
Syrian air defence shot down missiles over the central province of Homs, the state news agency said Tuesday, with the strikes reportedly targeting regime air bases. The news agency did not give further details and it was unclear who was behind the attack, which Syrian state television branded as an "aggression". Big explosions were heard near Al Shayrat Air base, southeast of the city of ... more
+ Lockheed tapped for upgrades to Patriot, THAAD missile systems
+ Estonia calls for deployment of Patriot missiles and US troops
+ Saudis intercept new missile fired by Yemen rebels: coalition
+ Yemen rebel missiles, drones shot down over Saudi
+ Japan's vaunted alert system runs up against limits
+ Saudi-led coalition says missile downed near Yemen border
+ Saudi Arabia, Romania to receive Patriot missile systems, support
The Long Game: China Seeks to Transfer Its Silk Industry to Far Side of the Moon
Beijing (Sputnik) Apr 17, 2018
Talk about a trade war, as intra-solar-system transport of silk - one of the world's most popular commodities - could be made on the moon, and imported to earth. Just because China's upcoming moon mission is unmanned doesn't mean it will be unoccupied, as - in an effort to test possible self-sustaining biospheres that could lead to larger projects - cohabitating flora and fauna will be tra ... more
+ China to launch Long March-5 Y3 rocket in late 2018
+ Flowers on the Moon? China's Chang'e-4 to launch lunar spring
+ China's 'space dream': A Long March to the moon
+ China says Earth-bound space lab to offer 'splendid' show
+ Tiangong-1 expected to burn up on reentering atmosphere
+ Earth-bound Chinese spacelab plunging to fiery end
+ Chang'e-4 Lunar Probe will Reach the Far Side of the Moon

Researchers design 'soft' robots that can move on their own
Houston TX (SPX) Apr 19, 2018
If Star Wars' R2-D2 is your idea of a robot, think again. Researchers led by a University of Houston engineer have reported a new class of soft robot, composed of ultrathin sensing, actuating electronics and temperature-sensitive artificial muscle that can adapt to the environment and crawl, similar to the movement of an inchworm or caterpillar. Cunjiang Yu, Bill D. Cook Assistant Professo ... more
+ Two robots are better than one for NIST's 5G antenna measurement research
+ Want computers to see better in the real world? Train them in a virtual reality
+ Visual recognition: Seeing the world through the eyes of rodents
+ Russia's Robot FEDOR to Be the First to Fly to Space on Board New Spacecraft
+ How accurate is your AI
+ Make way for the mini flying machines
+ Tokyo Tech's six-legged robots get closer to nature
#IamGay backlash a rare win for China's LGBT community
Beijing (AFP) April 19, 2018
China's gay community scored a victory after a massively popular social media platform reversed a ban on "homosexual" content, but challenges remain in a country where LGBT culture remains taboo in the entertainment industry. Gay-themed films struggle to make it into movie theatres, same-sex relationships are banned from television screens and gay content is forbidden on online streaming pla ... more
+ China's Weibo backtracks on gay content ban
+ Former China Politburo member pleads guilty to bribery
+ Former China Politburo member pleads guilty to bribery
+ Top China news app self-criticises after government crackdown
+ Hong Kong civic coalition warns UN on eroding freedoms
+ Wind topples giant statue of China's first emperor
+ As eSports grow, China teams make themselves at home

First global carbon dioxide maps produced by Chinese observation satellite
Beijing, China (SPX) Apr 17, 2018
An Earth observation satellite, called TanSat, has produced its first global carbon dioxide maps. TanSat was launched by a collaborative team of researchers in China, and these maps are the first steps for the satellite to provide global carbon dioxide measurements for future climate change research. The researchers published the maps, based on data collected in April and July 2017, in the ... more
+ NASA's world tour of the atmosphere reveals surprises along the way
+ NASA mapping hurricane damage across Everglades
+ Do-It-Yourself Science: Because We Are All Explorers
+ Storm hunter in position
+ Ball Aerospace Completes Hand Over of Next-Gen Weather Satellite JPSS-1 to NASA, NOAA
+ The 'radical' ways sunlight builds bigger molecules in the atmosphere
+ China to launch new weather satellite
Directed Energy And Next Generation Munitions - 25-27 June - Washington DC

Japan faces record low eel catch, renewing stock fears
Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 13, 2018
Japan is on track for a record low catch of baby eels this year, renewing fears about declining stocks of the endangered fish, a favoured summer delicacy for Japanese. At the end of March, Japan had 8.8 tons of baby "Anguilla japonica" eels in culture ponds, including imports from China, Taiwan and South Korea, according to a preliminary tally by the fisheries agency. That is a plunge fr ... more
+ How NASA and John Deere Helped Tractors Drive Themselves
+ China hits US sorghum with anti-dumping measure
+ Fishing 'nomads': corralling carp on China's Thousand Island Lake
+ Monoculture farming is harming bees' microbiome
+ Sweet potatoes came to Polynesia before humans did, study suggests
+ Organic fertilizers are an overlooked source of microplastic pollution
+ Plants really do feed their friends
Newly discovered salty subglacial lakes could help search for life in solar system
Austin TX (SPX) Apr 13, 2018
Researchers from the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) have helped discover the first subglacial lakes ever found in the Canadian High Arctic. The two new lakes are a potential habitat for microbial life and may assist scientists in the search for life beyond Earth. The findings, published in the April 13 edition of Science Advances, were made possible by airborne radar d ... more
+ Are we alone? NASA's new planet hunter aims to find out
+ Scientists blast iron with lasers to study the cores of rocky exoplanets
+ Once upon a time, an exoplanet was discovered
+ We think we're the first advanced earthlings - but how do we really know?
+ SPHERE Reveals Fascinating Zoo of Discs Around Young Stars
+ A Cosmic Gorilla Effect Could Blind the Detection of Aliens
+ NASA's newest planet-hunter, TESS, to survey the entire night sky

Help Stop Mosquito-borne Diseases with this App
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Apr 19, 2018
Citizen scientists can play a role in eliminating Zika and other mosquito-transmitted diseases by downloading a free GLOBE Observer app from Google Play or the App Store. Use the Mosquito Habitat Mapper module to report the location of mosquitoes that potentially transmit disease. The app will show you how to find mosquito larvae, photograph the breeding site and then eliminate sites near ... more
+ New model links yellow fever in Africa to climate, environment
+ DARPA Names Researchers Working to Halt Outbreaks in 60 Days or Less
+ China confirms first human case of H7N4 bird flu
+ UV light can kill airborne flu virus, study finds
+ Playing 20 Questions with Bacteria to Distinguish Harmless Organisms from Pathogens
+ Scientists report big improvements in HIV vaccine production
+ Plague outbreak in Madagascar revived dread of a killer
Boko Haram kills three Chadian soldiers
N'Djamena (AFP) April 17, 2018
Three Chadian soldiers were killed in a clash with Boko Haram jihadists on Sunday, Chad's national television reported on Tuesday. The three were given a posthumous award by the Chadian army chief of staff, the report said, adding that they were buried at the N'Djamena military cemetery. The report gave no details of where the clash happened. A military source said fighting took plac ... more
+ US urges Nigeria to change tactics against Boko Haram
+ US, Nigeria hold military summit in Abuja
+ Ghana is the best country to host AU Space Agency
+ Five park rangers, driver killed in DR Congo's Virunga wildlife sanctuary
+ UN troops attacked in C.African capital after security sweep
+ Benin, Niger back Chinese involvement in mega rail project
+ Mali prisoner killings decried as 'summary executions'
Daily Newsletters - Space - Military - Environment - Energy

European Space Agency Hopes Skripal Case Won't Affect Work With Russia
Colorado Springs CO (Sputnik) Apr 19, 2018
The European Space Agency (ESA) hopes that the Skripal case will not affect the agency's cooperation with Russia, ESA Director-General Jan Woerner told Sputnik. "In our case, our relation with Russia is not at all effected so far," Woerner said. "We are doing space activities and therefore, we try to keep out of all these discussions. I hope that space can also in the future bridge earthly ... more
+ India, France Join Hands for Ambitious Inter-Planetary Missions
+ NASA's New Space 'Botanist' Arrives at Launch Site
+ New research seeks to optimize space travel efficiency
+ Cosmonaut Avdeyev: We Must Survive in Any Situation
+ 4,000 UAE Citizens Applied to Become Country's First Astronauts - Space Centre
+ Cosmonautics demonstrates how US, Russia should work together
+ Philippines to deploy riot police for Boracay tourist closure
N.Korea, China 'discussing Xi visit to Pyongyang'
Tokyo, Japan (AFP) April 16, 2018
China and North Korea have been holding talks about a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Pyongyang, a Japanese newspaper reported Monday as regional leaders step up diplomatic dialogue. The North is using its Beijing embassy to arrange Xi's itinerary with the international department of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported, quoting Chinese and N ... more
+ Iran lawmakers slam crackdown on environmentalists
+ Trump says CIA chief met Kim in North Korea
+ Truce village or European capital? Possible Trump-Kim summit venues
+ N. Korea's muted response on Syria strikes speaks volumes
+ Trump voices hope Koreas can live 'together' in 'peace'
+ No new EU sanctions on Iran - for now
+ Iran president: we don't intend any aggression in region

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