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May 23, 2018
Stars formed only 250 million years after the Big Bang

London, UK (SPX) May 17, 2018
Stars in a galaxy 13.28 billion light years away formed only 250 million years after the Big Bang, finds a team of international astronomers led by groups at UCL and Osaka Sangyo University in Japan. The discovery shows that stars in the galaxy - called MACS1149-JD1 - formed at an unexpectedly early stage in the age of the Universe and the new observations break the team's own record for detecting the most distant known source of oxygen. The team confirmed the distance of the galaxy through ... read more

Only 1 pct of Japan's biggest coral reef healthy: survey
Tokyo (AFP) May 18, 2018
Japan's biggest coral reef has not recovered from bleaching due to rising sea temperatures, with only one percent of the reef in a healthy condition, according to a government study. ... more
Toshiba says China approves sale of chip unit to Bain consortium
Tokyo (AFP) May 17, 2018
Embattled Japanese conglomerate Toshiba on Thursday said Chinese regulators have given approval for its plan to sell its prized chip unit - the final hurdle to complete the deal. ... more
Nuclear Waste Management Organization Signs Co-Operation Agreements With International Partners
Toronto, Canada (SPX) May 18, 2018
Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has signed or renewed co-operation agreements with counterparts from five countries: Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdo ... more
EU seeks US trade detente after China reprieve
Brussels (AFP) May 22, 2018
EU ministers Tuesday will refine a last-ditch bid to persuade US President Donald Trump to back off stiff tariffs on metals imports from Europe and win the bloc a similar break as handed China. ... more

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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
Kyocera TCL Solar Completes 29MW Solar Power Plant on Repurposed Land in Japan
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) May 15, 2018
Kyocera TCL Solar LLC has completed construction of a 29.2 megawatt (MW) utility-scale solar power plant in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The solar modules were installed on 1.2km2 of land ... more
Japan councils appeal tsunami death compensation rulings
Tokyo (AFP) May 11, 2018
Two local governments have appealed to Japan's top court, challenging rulings that awarded millions of dollars in compensation to families whose children were swept out to sea in a 2011 tsunami. ... more
China sends fighter jets and bombers near Taiwan in latest show of force
Taipei (AFP) May 11, 2018
China sent fighter jets and other military aircraft near Taiwan Friday in the latest of a series of drills which Beijing has said are aimed at the island's "independence forces". ... more
East Asian powers back N. Korea denuclearisation
Tokyo (AFP) May 9, 2018
East Asian powers on Wednesday threw their weight behind breakneck diplomacy to rid North Korea of nuclear weapons, setting aside their differences on the process to endorse an intra-Korean deal. ... more
Japan's Abe accepts China invite, but no date set
Tokyo (AFP) May 9, 2018
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday he had been formally invited to visit China and would do so at "an appropriate time", as the regional powers try to warm ties. ... more
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In Japan-China ties, ibis outreach but no panda diplomacy
Tokyo (AFP) May 9, 2018
China has famously used its cuddly panda bears as a diplomatic tool, but to mark warming ties with Japan it is offering a distinctly more angular gift: two crested ibises. ... more
Japan, China, S. Korea search for agreement on Pyongyang
Tokyo (AFP) May 8, 2018
East Asia's major powers meet in Tokyo on Wednesday to search for common ground on North Korea, while Washington's top diplomat was also expected in Pyongyang, as a breakneck diplomatic dance gathers pace. ... more
Early Mars may have been a warm desert with occasional rain
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) May 03, 2018
The climate of early Mars is a subject of debate. While it has been thought that Mars had a warm and wet climate, like Earth, other researchers suggested early Mars might have been largely glaciated ... more
Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters
Osaka, Japan (SPX) Apr 25, 2018
As science enthusiasts around the world bid farewell to legendary cosmologist Stephen Hawking, researchers continue to make important discoveries about the evolution of galaxy clusters that capture ... more
S. Korea, Japan, China to hold summit next week
Seoul (AFP) May 1, 2018
South Korea, China and Japan will hold a trilateral summit in Tokyo next week, Seoul announced Tuesday, the latest move in a diplomatic whirlwind centred around North Korea. ... more

Wood you like a drink? Japan team invents 'wood alcohol'

Mount Fuji eruption could paralyse Tokyo: report
Tokyo (AFP) May 1, 2018
Japan's iconic Mount Fuji could paralyse Tokyo with ash if it erupted, choking roads and halting water supplies, according to a government disaster planning study, a news report said Tuesday. ... more
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Cell membrane inspires new ultrathin electronic film
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Apr 30, 2018
Japanese researchers have developed a new method to build large areas of semiconductive material that is just two molecules thick and a total of 4.4 nanometers tall. The films function as thin film ... more
Japan court upholds damages over student tsunami deaths: report
Tokyo (AFP) April 26, 2018
A Japanese appeals court on Thursday upheld a ruling awarding millions of dollars in compensation to families of children swept out to sea by the massive 2011 tsunami, local media said. ... more
World's smallest optical implantable biodevice
Ikoma, Japan (SPX) Apr 26, 2018
Japanese researchers describe a new implantable device no bigger than the width of a coin that can be used to control brain patterns. The device, which can be read about in AIP Advances, converts in ... more
Japan PM Abe sends offering to war shrine
Tokyo (AFP) April 21, 2018
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine Saturday but has no plans to visit it to avoid tensions ahead of a three-way meeting with China and South Korea, officials and local media said. ... more
Arianespace to launch BSAT-4b; marking the 10th satellite launch for B-SAT
Evry, France (SPX) Apr 20, 2018
Arianespace reports that it will launch BSAT-4b, under the term of a turnkey contract between B-SAT and Maxar's SSL. BSAT-4b will be launched by an Ariane 5 in 2020 from the Guiana Space Cente ... more
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An electronic rescue dog
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) May 22, 2018
Trained rescue dogs are still the best disaster workers - their sensitive noses help them to track down people buried by earthquakes or avalanches. Like all living creatures, however, dogs need to take breaks every now and again. They are also often not immediately available in disaster areas, and dog teams have to travel from further afield. A new measuring device from researchers at ETH ... more
+ Brazil rescues African, Guyanese migrants drifting at sea
+ Latest shooting revives US arms control debate
+ National Guard role expanding on border: US Homeland chief
+ US officials look to house migrant kids on military bases: report
+ Beijing urges ceasefire after deadly Myanmar border clashes
+ Hurricanes cost Caribbean tourism more than $700 mn: report
+ During disasters, active Twitter users likely to spread falsehoods
New material detects the amount of UV radiation and helps monitor radiation dose
Turku, Finland (SPX) May 23, 2018
UV radiation is known to cause many skin and eye diseases such as cancer. Therefore, it is essential to have a simple method for detecting the quantity and quality of UV radiation from, for example, the Sun. This is currently achieved by using mainly organic molecules that change colour under UV radiation. The downside of using these molecules, however, is their poor durability which is du ... more
+ Aireon System Deployment Continues with Sixth Successful Launch
+ Supercomputing the emergence of material behavior
+ Space Station Panic
+ Latest Updates from NASA on IMAGE Recovery
+ Focus on space debris
+ Space Situational Awareness is Space Battle Management
+ Deep space radiation treatment reboots brain's immune system

How a pair of satellites will 'weigh' water on Earth
Washington (AFP) May 22, 2018
The reason we know today just how much ice is melting in Greenland and Antarctica is because of a pair of satellites, launched in 2002 by NASA and the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ). Now, they are set to be replaced by a more modern duo. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to blast off at 3:47 pm (1947 GMT) Tuesday from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, hoisting into o ... more
+ Marine animals have been following their preferred climate for millions of years
+ The ultrafast dance of liquid water
+ Peatland contributions to UK water security
+ Only 1 pct of Japan's biggest coral reef healthy: survey
+ Even low concentrations of silver can foil wastewater treatment
+ NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater
+ Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia agree study of contentious Nile dam
Porous materials make it possible to have nanotechnology under control
Andalusia, Spain (SPX) May 21, 2018
Half metal, half organic structure, like Robocop himself, is the material known as MOF, short for Metal Organic Framework. MOF has been developed by scientists and applied to a myriad of products from sorbents to batteries for electronic devices. This material emerged from the nanotechnology revolution that turned material design upside down and facilitated the improvement of chemical proc ... more
+ A new Bose-Einstein condensate created at Aalto University
+ Course set to overcome mismatch between lab-designed nanomaterials and nature's complexity
+ This 2-D nanosheet expands like a Grow Monster
+ Robot developed for automated assembly of designer nanomaterials
+ A treasure trove for nanotechnology experts
+ UCLA researchers develop a new class of two-dimensional materials
+ Nanostructures made of previously impossible material
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Israel builds 'missile net' on border to protect airport
Jerusalem (AFP) May 18, 2018
Israel has built a unique "missile net" to defend a new airport, as part of a newly-completed segment of its eastern border barrier, a military official said Friday. The 34-kilometre (21-mile) fence runs along Israel's border with Jordan, beginning near the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat and reaching the site of a new airport being constructed in the Timna Valley. The fence, 6 metres (2 ... more
+ Saudi says intercepts new missile fired from Yemen
+ Missile Defense Agency contracts for Aegis 6.0 modeling support
+ Army taps Lockheed for ballistic radar system support
+ Saudi says intercepts missile fired from Yemen
+ Israel missiles hit Syria military bases: state media
+ Saudi tests siren after Yemen rebels fire new missiles
+ Saudi air defences intercept two missiles over Riyadh
China's Queqiao satellite carries "large umbrella" into deep space
Xichang, China (XNA) May 22, 2018
The relay satellite, launched Monday for China's Chang'e-4 lunar probe, is carrying the largest communication antenna ever used in deep space exploration, according to Chinese experts. The launch of the satellite Queqiao, or Magpie Bridge, is a key step for China to realize its goal of sending the Chang'e-4 lunar probe to soft-land on the far side of the Moon. Queqiao, developed by C ... more
+ Russia May Help China Create International Cosmonauts Rehabilitation Center
+ Sunrise for China's commercial space industry?
+ Chinese rewrite record, live 370 days in self-contained moon lab
+ Space technologies to protect Shaolin heritage
+ China to Use Soviet Engine to Power Its First Reusable Space Rocket
+ Astronauts eye more cooperation on China's space station
+ China unveils underwater astronaut training suit

Lu resignation a blow for Baidu's push into AI, analysts say
Beijing (AFP) May 21, 2018
The resignation of a senior Baidu executive is a major setback to the Chinese internet giant's push into artificial intelligence, an analyst said Monday, as the company tries to diversify away from its search engine business. The loss of chief operating officer and AI expert Lu Qi is the latest blow for the company, often referred to as China's Google, which has invested heavily in its deep ... more
+ Google pushes artificial intelligence for upgraded news app
+ Robotic assembly of the world's smallest house
+ Robot teaches itself how to dress people
+ Human-sounding Google Assistant sparks ethics questions
+ Wearable ring, wristband allow users to control smart tech with hand gestures
+ First robotic system plays tic tac toe to improve task performance
+ Google pitches artificial intelligence to help unplug
A shipwreck and an 800-year-old 'made in China' label reveal lost history
Chicago IL (SPX) May 23, 2018
Centuries ago, a ship sank in the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia. The wooden hull disintegrated over time, leaving only a treasure trove of cargo. The ship had been carrying thousands of ceramics and luxury goods for trade, and they remained on the ocean floor until the 1980s when the wreck was discovered by fishermen. In the years since, archaeologists have been studying artifacts re ... more
+ Chinese Terracotta Warriors archaeologist dies aged 82
+ Hong Kong independence leader found guilty of rioting
+ Hong Kong's behind-closed-doors gay weddings
+ N. Koreans visit Beijing to learn about China's reforms: ministry
+ Hong Kong activists use Mao to promote democracy
+ US film explores legacy of anti-Chinese immigration law
+ China approves $1 bn loan for Sri Lanka expressway

Prized data, free and open to all
Harpenden UK (SPX) May 22, 2018
The first official account of the electronic Rothamsted Archive and what it offers highlights how this unique historical repository of agricultural and meteorological data, which date back to 1843, is the result of some remarkable forward thinking. "But if our knowledge of the chemistry of soils should progress as rapidly as it has during the last twenty years, the analysis of a soil will ... more
+ Scientists uncover likely cheating on ozone treaty
+ UAE Space Agency conducts MeznSat preliminary design review
+ NOAA reports rising concentration of ozone-eating CFCs
+ The open air as an underappreciated habitat
+ How far to go for satellite cloud image forecasting into operation
+ NOAA finds rising emissions of ozone-destroying chemical banned by Montreal Protocol
+ Satellite study finds major shifts in global freshwater

UN, EU call for global action to protect bees
Brdo Castle (Kranj), Slovenia (AFP) May 19, 2018
The United Nation's food agency and the European Union on Saturday called for global action to protect pollinators, and bees in particular, which are crucial for ensuring food security. "It is not possible to have food security if we don't have pollinators," the head of the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization, Jose Graziano da Silva, told a conference in Slovenia ahead of the first-ever ... more
+ French farmers furious over plans to release bears
+ Throwing out food
+ Some calories more harmful than others
+ Scientists' new way to identify microscopic worm attacking coffee crops
+ Pesticide resistance needs urgnet attention, large-scale study finds
+ A green approach to making ammonia could help feed the world
+ China stops anti-dumping probe into US sorghum
Amateur astronomer's data helps scientists discover a new exoplanet
Yekaterinburg, Russia (SPX) May 18, 2018
One of the candidates previously found by the Kourovka Planet Search (KPS) project turned out to be the so-called hot Jupiter. The exoplanet, known as KPS-1b, orbits a star similar to the Sun with a period of 40 hours. The mass and size of the exoplanet KPS-1b are close to the characteristics of Jupiter, but it is located very close to its parent star. Due to such proximity to the star, th ... more
+ Extrasolar asteroid has been orbiting sun for over 4 billion years
+ Planet hunter snaps test image on Lunar flyby on route to final orbit
+ Orbital variations can trigger 'snowball states' on exoplanets
+ Scientists crack how primordial life on Earth might have replicated itself
+ Atmospheric seasons could signal alien life
+ ANU study sheds new light on how our solar system formed
+ Dutch astronomers photograph possible toddler planet by chance

Asian tiger mosquito on the move
Frankfurt, Germany (SPX) May 23, 2018
Due to global trade and tourism, mosquitoes - transmitters of dangerous infectious diseases - have spread to almost every part of the world. Moreover, climate change promotes the spread of species that thrive under warmer temperatures even further. Scientists at the Goethe University and the Senckenberg Gesellschaft fur Naturforschung have now compared the ecological niches of the Asian ti ... more
+ New pig virus found to be a potential threat to humans
+ Hostility toward minorities can spread like a contagious disease
+ Mosquitoes reveal fatal attraction
+ Gates warns new fight needed against resurgent malaria
+ Help Stop Mosquito-borne Diseases with this App
+ New model links yellow fever in Africa to climate, environment
+ DARPA Names Researchers Working to Halt Outbreaks in 60 Days or Less
12 civilians killed in Mali market attack
Bamako (AFP) May 20, 2018
At least 12 civilians were killed in northern Mali in an attack on a market that also involved the shooting of a Malian soldier, military sources said on Sunday. The attack took place Saturday in the town of Boulekessi near the border with Burkina Faso. "Malian troops under the G5 Sahel command are at the centre of this incident," a military source from the joint force of soldiers from f ... more
+ Pay-backs to Africa from the Paris Agreement's temperature targets
+ African nations vow to recover stolen assets
+ In Lagos, the 'Venice of Africa' fights for survival
+ Wildfires may cause long-term health problems for endangered orangutans
+ Savanna chimpanzees suffer from heat stress
+ Hippo excrement triggering fish kills in African rivers
+ DR Congo park suspends tourism after kidnapping and murder

US spacewalkers swap, check coolers 'Leaky' and 'Frosty'
Tampa (AFP) May 16, 2018
A pair of American astronauts completed a successful spacewalk outside the International Space Station Wednesday to swap and check on two external cooling boxes, nicknamed "Leaky" and "Frosty," NASA said. The boxes, each about the size of a mini-refrigerator or window AC unit, are crucial to keeping the batteries cool aboard the orbiting lab. Since they operate using highly toxic ammonia ... more
+ NASA sends new research on Orbital ATK mission to Space Station
+ Science Launching to Space Station Looks Forward and Back
+ UAE Astronaut to Fly to ISS Instead of US Businessman - Source
+ NASA Invites Media to SLS Industry Day
+ US May Order Russian Soyuz Spacecraft to Fly Astronauts to ISS in 2020 - Source
+ Privatize the International Space Station? Not so fast, Congress tells Trump
+ Cement, extreme cold experiments head to space aboard Cygnus cargo ship
US to impose 'strongest sanctions in history' on Iran
Washington (AFP) May 22, 2018
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday warned Tehran would be hit with the "strongest sanctions in history" and cautioned European firms against continuing to do business with it, toughening up Washington's policy line after its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. In his first major foreign policy address since moving to the State Department from the CIA, the longtime Iran hawk and a ... more
+ Trump urges China to clamp down on North Korea border
+ 'No alternative' to Iran deal, EU's Mogherini tells US
+ Two North Koreans defect to South: Yonhap
+ N. Korea preps nuclear site demolition despite US summit doubts
+ Foreign media including S.Koreans head to N. Korea for nuke site shutdown
+ Iran's Rouhani: 'world no longer accepts US deciding for them'
+ Speculation mounts over US push for Iran regime change
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