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May 28, 2020
Japan lifts emergency, India domestic flights resume

Hong Kong (AFP) May 25, 2020
Here are the latest developments in Asia related to the coronavirus pandemic: - Japan lifts virus emergency - Japan lifted a nationwide state of emergency over the coronavirus, gradually reopening the world's third-largest economy as government officials warned caution was still necessary to prevent another wave. "We had very stringent criteria for lifting the state of emergency. We have judged that we have met this," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a nationally televised news conference. ... read more

Japanese military to receive new rifles for the first time since 1989
Washington DC (UPI) May 19, 2020
Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force will receive new rifles for the first time since 1989 to defend the country's southwestern islands, Japanese media reported this week. ... more
Last of NASA's vital, versatile science 'EXPRESS Racks' heads to Space Station
Huntsville AL (SPX) May 19, 2020
When the Japanese HTV-9 Kounotori cargo ship lifts off to deliver supplies and science equipment to the International Space Station, a landmark chapter in the station's story will draw to a close - ... more
Hong Kong history exam questions sparks China rebuke
Hong Kong (AFP) May 15, 2020
A history exam question asking Hong Kong students to assess colonial Japan's occupation of China sparked a rebuke by Beijing on Friday and reignited a row over academic freedoms in the semi-autonomous city. ... more
JAXA HTV-9 spacecraft carries science, technology to ISS
Houston TX (SPX) May 14, 2020
A Japanese cargo spacecraft loaded with experiment hardware, supplies and spare parts is scheduled to launch from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan to the International Space Station at ... more
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Asia virus latest: Japan lifts emergency; China hits back at US
Singapore (AFP) May 14, 2020
Here are the latest developments from Asia related to the novel coronavirus pandemic: ... more
Coordination polymer glass provides solid support for hydrogen fuel cells
Kyoto, Japan (SPX) May 14, 2020
Scientists at Japan's Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) are leading efforts to synthesize stronger and efficient materials for hydrogen fuel cell membranes. Most fuel cells cur ... more
A Radar for Plastic: High-Resolution Map of 1 km Grids to Track Plastic Emissions in Seas
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) May 08, 2020
Plastic waste often ends up in river bodies and oceans, posing a serious threat to the marine ecosystem. To prevent the accumulation of plastic debris, we must find out where plastic emission is pre ... more
China says Japanese fishing boat near disputed islands was illegal
Beijing (AFP) May 11, 2020
Beijing said Monday it has an "inherent right" to patrol the waters near disputed islands in the East China Sea, after a confrontation with a Japanese fishing boat in the territory. ... more
Japan receives its first V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft
Washington DC (UPI) May 11, 2020
The first two tilt-rotor V-22 Ospreys helicopters for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force have arrived at U.S.M.C. Air Station Iwakumi, Japan. ... more
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Two Chinese vessels chase Japanese fishing boat near disputed islets
Tokyo (AFP) May 10, 2020
Two Chinese ships chased a Japanese fishing boat close to disputed islands in the East China Sea, the Japan Coast Guard said on Sunday. ... more
Hayabusa2's touchdown on Ryugu reveals its surface in stunning detail
Washington DC (SPX) May 08, 2020
High-resolution images and video were taken by the Japanese space agency's Hayabusa2 spacecraft as it briefly landed to collect samples from Ryugu - a nearby asteroid that orbits mostly between Eart ... more
Raytheon nabs $19M for RAM missiles, GMLS launchers
Washington DC (UPI) May 06, 2020
Raytheon Missile Systems was awarded a $19 million contract modification to exercise options for Navy Rolling Airframe Missile and Guided Missile Launching Systems, according to the Department of Defense. ... more
B1-B bombers deployed to Guam
Washington DC (UPI) May 04, 2020
Four B1-B Lancer bombers and 200 airmen were deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, from Texas for training operations, the U.S. Air Force announced on Monday. ... more
Does accelerated subduction precede great earthquakes
Potsdam, Germany (SPX) May 01, 2020
A strange reversal of ground motion preceded two of the largest earthquakes in history. This is the result of a new study led by Jonathan Bedford of GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. ... more

'Wobble' may precede some great earthquakes, study shows

Earth flyby opens new science opportunities for BepiColombo
Paris (ESA) May 01, 2020
Science instruments aboard the European-Japanese Mercury explorer BepiColombo are in excellent condition to gather high-quality data during the spacecraft's long cruise to the innermost planet of th ... more
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Martian meteorites contain 4-billion-year-old nitrogen-bearing organic material
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Apr 30, 2020
A research team including research scientist Atsuko Kobayashi from the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and research scientist Mizuho Koike from the Instit ... more
TAMA300 blazes trail for improved gravitational wave astronomy
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Apr 29, 2020
Researchers at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) have used the infrastructure of the former TAMA300 gravitational wave detector in Mitaka, Tokyo to demonstrate a new technique to ... more
B-1B Lancer flies 29-hour mission for exercise with Japan air defense force
Washington DC (UPI) Apr 28, 2020
A B-1B Lancer assigned to the 37th Bomb Squadron integrated with the Japan Air Self Defense Force to conduct bilateral and theater familiarization training near Japan last week, the Air Force announced. ... more
Japanese astronaut prepares for flight aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon
Schriever AFB CO (SPX) Apr 24, 2020
Four 50th Wing Staff Agency Airmen attended a SpaceX briefing on its latest developments and future travel plans to the International Space Station, by Soichi Noguchi, Japan Aerospace Exploration Ag ... more
High value targets found in minutes versus days during Wake-Cho Feasibility Study
San Clemente CA (SPX) Apr 24, 2020
Teams from Swift Tactical Systems, in partnership with its Japanese counterpart, Swift-Xi, both subsidiaries of Swift Engineering, completed personnel search and rescue and animal identification mis ... more
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What coronavirus? Brazil cabinet video triggers outcry
Rio De Janeiro (AFP) May 24, 2020
On April 22, Brazil was fast becoming a new coronavirus flashpoint, but President Jair Bolsonaro and his cabinet barely mentioned the pandemic in a video-taped meeting that has triggered outrage and fueled a potentially explosive investigation. Indeed, one of the few mentions of COVID-19 in the video - released Friday as part of a probe into whether the far-right president obstructed justic ... more
+ When lives depend on lines of communication, satellite delivers
+ Heat, water woes and coronavirus: India's perfect storm
+ Chinese in Canada a target of increased hate during pandemic
+ Pandemic gives Dubai chance to put tech to the test
+ China's mask boom takes fabric away for nappy makers
+ Observations of robotic swarm behavior can help workers safely navigate disaster sites
+ Malta must free 'captive' migrants now: Human Rights Watch
Machine-learning tool could help develop tougher materials
Boston MA (SPX) May 21, 2020
For engineers developing new materials or protective coatings, there are billions of different possibilities to sort through. Lab tests or even detailed computer simulations to determine their exact properties, such as toughness, can take hours, days, or more for each variation. Now, a new artificial intelligence-based approach developed at MIT could reduce that to a matter of milliseconds, maki ... more
+ SpaceChain invests in Core Semiconductor to drive open Direct Satellite-to-Devices Communication
+ UK commits new funding to combat space debris
+ Solving the space junk problem
+ New Army 3-D printing study shows promise for predictive maintenance
+ Designing a flexible material to protect buildings, military personnel
+ A primordial world of minerals litters Atacama desert
+ CSIRO uncovers innovative approach to gold exploration

Towable sensor free-falls to measure vertical slices of ocean conditions
Boston MA (SPX) May 21, 2020
The motion of the ocean is often thought of in horizontal terms, for instance in the powerful currents that sweep around the planet, or the waves that ride in and out along a coastline. But there is also plenty of vertical motion, particularly in the open seas, where water from the deep can rise up, bringing nutrients to the upper ocean, while surface waters sink ... more
+ There is no escaping from climate change, even in the deep sea
+ Egypt accepts Ethiopia-Sudan proposal to renegotiate dam dispute
+ The deep ocean is warming slowly - but dramatic changes are ahead
+ Israel picks local firm over Chinese for desalination plant
+ Search-and-rescue algorithm identifies hidden'traps' in ocean waters
+ Spiny lobsters make raspy noises that can be heard nearly 2 miles away
+ Mississippi Delta marshes in a state of irreversible collapse
Transporting energy through a single molecular nanowire
Groningen, Netherlands (SPX) May 11, 2020
Photosynthetic systems in nature transport energy very efficiently towards a reaction centre, where it is converted into a useful form for the organism. Scientists have been using this as inspiration to learn how to transport energy efficiently in, for example, molecular electronics. Physicist Richard Hildner from the University of Groningen and his colleagues have investigated energy transport ... more
+ To make an atom-sized machine, you need a quantum mechanic
+ Magnetic nanoparticles help researchers remotely release adrenal hormones
+ New DNA origami motor breaks speed record for nano machines
+ Deep-sea osmolyte makes biomolecular machines heat-tolerant
+ Nanobubbles in nanodroplets
+ New production method for carbon nanotubes gets green light
+ A quantum breakthrough brings a technique from astronomy to the nano-scale

Advanced Air and Missile Defense, in the hands of soldiers
Falls Church VA (SPX) May 28, 2020
It's a cold December morning at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, and two surrogate cruise missile targets have just been launched, one after the other. They are flying separate courses among the jagged San Andres and Sacramento mountains toward soldiers in a U.S. Army Air and Missile Defense unit at a test site called TAC-2 - Tactical Command Post 2. These sophisticated targets pre ... more
+ Boeing awarded $128.5M modification to GMD missile upgrade contract
+ US pulling Patriot missile batteries from Saudi
+ Northrop Grumman and Raytheon Missiles and Defense Partner on Next Generation Interceptor
+ US Army awards $6B contract to Lockheed Martin for PAC-3 MSE production
+ SBIRS GEO-5 space vehicle enters critical thermal vacuum testing
+ Syria air defence intercepts 'Israeli' missiles: state media
+ Russia positions S-500 as game changer for missile defense
China space program targets July launch for Mars mission
Beijing (AFP) May 25, 2020
China is targeting a July launch for its ambitious plans for a Mars mission which will include landing a remote-controlled robot on the surface of the red planet, the company in charge of the project has said. Beijing has invested billions of dollars in its space programme in an effort to catch up with its rival the United States and affirm its status as a major world power. The Mars mis ... more
+ More details of China's space station unveiled
+ China's tracking ship Yuanwang-5 back from rocket monitoring mission
+ China's Kuaizhou rocket industrial park partially operational
+ China's experimental new-generation manned spaceship works normally in orbit
+ Long March-5B rocket enables China to construct space station
+ China's new spacecraft returns to Earth: official
+ China's space test hits snag with capsule 'anomaly'
Denmark develops robot to conduct coronavirus tests
Copenhagen (AFP) May 27, 2020
Danish researchers have developed a robot capable of carrying out COVID-19 screening tests, the University of Southern Denmark announced on Wednesday. Using a 3D-printed disposable arm that is automatically swapped after every patient, the robot takes a throat swab and then places the sample in a jar, the research laboratory explained. "Robotics researchers... have developed the world's ... more
+ Next generation of soft robots inspired by a children's toy
+ Robot dog on virus park patrol in Singapore
+ A soft touch for robotic hardware
+ E-commerce startup banks on robotics, AI to win consumers
+ UCLA and Carnegie Mellon researchers develop real-time physics engine for soft robotics
+ 'Steering wheel' brain neurons control if mouse turns left, right
+ Facebook trains AI on 'hateful memes'
Hong Kong leader tries to reassure investors rattled by China law
Hong Kong (AFP) May 26, 2020
China's plans to impose a new security law on Hong Kong will not erode freedoms, the city's leader said Tuesday, as she tried to reassure international businesses and foreign governments alarmed by the proposal. Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the controversial law would "only target a handful of lawbreakers" but she would not be drawn on what actions and opinions would be deemed illegal onc ... more
+ Corruption prosecutions nearly double in China over last year
+ Hong Kong police stamp out national anthem law protests
+ UK censures China's state TV for Hong Kong coverage
+ China parliament approves plan to impose HK security law
+ China to loosen flight restrictions after outcry from stranded citizens
+ Hong Kong courts groan under weight of protest trials
+ China threatens US counter measures if punished for Hong Kong law

Calling for ideas for next Earth Explorer
Paris (ESA) May 26, 2020
As part of ESA's continuing commitment to realise cutting-edge satellite missions to advance the scientific understanding of our planet and to show how new technologies can be used in space, a new Call for Earth Explorer mission ideas has been released. The Call invites scientists working in Earth observation to submit ideas for ESA's 11th Earth Explorer mission. Our planet works as ... more
+ ESA's oldest Earth-observer images Delhi airport
+ Volcanic eruptions reduce global rainfall
+ Common CFC replacements break down into persistent pollutants
+ Tiny NASA satellite captures first image of clouds and aerosols
+ New, rapid mechanism for atmospheric particle formation
+ Space video streaming company Sen awards Momentus orbital deployment contract
+ Cold War nuke tests changed rainfall
Pesticides harm honeybee nursing behavior, larval development, video shows
Washington DC (UPI) May 26, 2020
Using a new video technique, scientists have documented the ill effects of pesticides on the nursing behavior and larval development of honeybees. When exposed to neonicotinoids, one of the most common classes of insecticides, nurse bees fed larva less often and larval development took 10 hours longer. When larval development is delayed, hives are more susceptible to infestations of Var ... more
+ 'It's kind of glum': US farmers worry as crop prices dip
+ Japan insect enthusiast puts cricket ramen on the menu
+ Herding wild buffalo and cattle from space
+ Danone to give itself a mission
+ Game-changing technologies can transform our food systems
+ Lockdown gives Albanian beekeepers a 'golden year'
+ China offers farmers cash to give up wildlife trade
Astronomers create cloud atlas for hot, Jupiter-like exoplanets
Berkeley CA (SPX) May 27, 2020
Giant planets in our solar system and circling other stars have exotic clouds unlike anything on Earth, and the gas giants orbiting close to their stars - so-called hot Jupiters - boast the most extreme. A team of astronomers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom have now come up with a model that predicts which of the many types of proposed clouds, from sapphire to smoggy ... more
+ Galactic crash may have triggered Solar System formation
+ The bold plan to see continents and oceans on another earth
+ Terrestrial bacteria can grow on nutrients from space
+ ESO telescope sees signs of planet birth
+ Statistical analysis reveals odds of life evolving on alien worlds
+ New study estimates the odds of life and intelligence emerging beyond our planet
+ Exoplanet climate 'decoder' aids search for life

China reports no new virus cases for first time
Beijing (AFP) May 23, 2020
China on Saturday reported zero new coronavirus infections for the first time since it started reporting data in January, a day after Communist Party leaders celebrated "major achievements" in the virus fight. The virus first emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, but cases have dwindled dramatically from the peak in mid-February as the country appears to have brought t ... more
+ Canada reports horrific conditions in nursing homes; As 'Huawei Princess' extradition saga continues
+ Wuhan lab had three live bat coronaviruses: Chinese state media
+ Larry Kramer, gay rights pioneer and AIDS activist, dies at 84
+ South Korean jailed for breaking quarantine; Indonesia deploys troops
+ Russian army deploys field hospitals in virus-hit Dagestan
+ Japan lifts emergency, India domestic flights resume
+ China virus city in transport shutdown as WHO delays decision
South Sudan: an unexplored Eden of biodiversity
Boma, South Sudan (AFP) May 26, 2020
The light plane banked sharply to circle back over the plains. The pilot had spotted something below: antelope, first one, then many, the stragglers of a million-strong migration across this vast wilderness. But there are other wonders out here on the savanna. A trio of extremely rare Nubian giraffe lumber by, the seldom-seen, majestic giants casting long shadows over the grasslands. "Th ... more
+ HRW demands independent probe into 12 Burkina jail deaths
+ AFRICOM: Russian fighter aircraft deployed to Libya
+ Former Lesotho PM loyalist appointed defense minister
+ 'We can get it done here': Africa's tech scene tackles virus
+ 12 found dead in Burkina jail were 'executed': relatives
+ Sudan soldier kills 2 on speeding rickshaw during curfew
+ Quarter of a billion Africans at risk, as virus toll tops 300,000
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No SpaceX T-shirts for tourists at Cape Canaveral
Merritt Island, United States (AFP) May 27, 2020
NASA begged tourists to watch the SpaceX launch online, but space fans are still showing up in Florida. It would have been pretty good news for Brenda Mulberry - if she'd had some SpaceX T-shirts to sell them. "We can't sell SpaceX because they're a private company," said Mulberry, the owner of Space Shirts. Her store is located on the main road in Merritt Island, the Florida peninsula ... more
+ Airbus wins ESA contract to construct third European Service Module for NASA's Orion spacecraft
+ NASA seeking US Citizens for social isolation study for Moon and Mars missions
+ Barrett, Raymond speak with U.S. astronaut ahead of historic launch
+ US Space Council meets ahead of private, US crewed launch
+ Robert Polsgrove: Commercial Crew to Human Landers
+ Ultra-thin sail could speed journey to other star systems
+ NASA chief of human spaceflight resigns ahead of launch
Europeans, NATO urge Russia to work to save treaty dropped by Trump
Paris (AFP) May 22, 2020
NATO and the EU on Friday urged Russia to comply with the 1992 Open Skies military surveillance treaty, as European nations scrambled to save the pact after US President Donald Trump said his country would withdraw. Western allies are hoping to convince Washington to reverse the decision, which Trump said was due to Moscow not honouring the defence agreement. NATO Secretary General Jens ... more
+ Russia says US making 'unacceptable' demands on Open Skies treaty
+ US discussed holding first nuclear test in decades: report
+ UN says both Koreas broke armistice in DMZ shooting
+ Russia says will observe Open Skies treaty after Trump withdrawal
+ US ends waivers for nations in Iran nuclear deal
+ N. Korea discusses new policies for increasing 'nuclear war deterrence': KCNA
+ Trump to withdraw US from 'Open Skies' treaty

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