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May 24, 2019
US, Japan, S. Korea start 'first-of-its-kind' naval drill

Tokyo (AFP) May 23, 2019
The United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia have kicked off "first-of-its-kind" naval drills near Guam, the US Navy said Thursday, amid mounting tensions with China and North Korea. The "Pacific Vanguard" drill brings together more than 3,000 sailors from the four countries to "sharpen skills and strengthen practical cooperation at sea," the US Seventh Fleet said in a statement. The drills will focus on "live fire exercises, defensive counter-air operations, anti-submarine warfare, and r ... read more

Aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan deploys to Indo-Pacific region
Washington (UPI) May 22, 2019
The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its commander task force units began underway operations in the Indo-Pacific region, the Navy announced on Wednesday. ... more
ARM amputation: Huawei's big chip problem
London (AFP) May 23, 2019
ARM technology is used in more than 130 billion chips worldwide and is ubiquitous in mobile devices, so losing access to the British company would be like losing a limb for China's embattled Huawei. ... more
Grandma Ca: the 99-year-old standing up to Vietnam's coal rush
Van Phong Bay, Vietnam (AFP) May 22, 2019
Toothless and nearly blind, grandmother Pham Thi Ca refuses to leave her plot of land even after bulldozers demolished her house - an extraordinary holdout against communist Vietnam's deepening addiction to coal. ... more
Panasonic joins firms stepping away from Huawei after US ban
Tokyo (AFP) May 23, 2019
Japan's Panasonic on Thursday said it would stop supplying some components to Huawei, joining a growing list of firms distancing themselves from the Chinese telecoms giant after a US ban over security concerns. ... more
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Japanese, UK carriers delay release of Huawei phones
London (AFP) May 22, 2019
Four major Japanese and British mobile carriers said Wednesday they will delay releasing new 5G handsets made by Huawei amid a US-led crackdown on the Chinese tech firm over security concerns. ... more
Two Japanese carriers postpone release of Huawei phones
Tokyo (AFP) May 22, 2019
Two of Japan's top mobile phone carriers said Wednesday they will delay releasing new handsets made by Huawei after a US ban on American companies selling technology to the Chinese tech giant. ... more
Ice-sheet variability during the last ice age from the perspective of marine sediment
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) May 20, 2019
By using marine sediment cores from Northwestern Australia, a Japanese team led by National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) and the University of Tokyo revealed that the global ice sheet during t ... more
Activists petition court to halt Japan dolphin hunt
Tokyo (AFP) May 17, 2019
Campaigners on Friday urged a court in Japan to halt so-called "drive hunting" of dolphins in the country as part of an unprecedented lawsuit that argues the practice violates Japanese law. ... more
F-35 suffers millions in damage from bird strike
Washington (AFP) May 15, 2019
A US F-35 stealth bomber suffered millions of dollars in damage after colliding with a bird during take-off from an air base in Japan, the US Marine Corp said in a statement Wednesday. ... more
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Iran showing 'maximum restraint,' US escalation 'unacceptable': Zarif
Tokyo (AFP) May 16, 2019
Iran is showing "maximum restraint" despite the US withdrawal from a nuclear deal, the country's foreign minister said Thursday, accusing Washington of an "unacceptable" escalation in tensions. ... more
China says 'no information' on Xi-Trump meeting
Beijing (AFP) May 14, 2019
The Chinese foreign ministry on Tuesday said it had "no information to offer at present" on a possible meeting between president Xi Jinping and his US counterpart to avert a trade war. ... more
Glassy menagerie of particles in beach sands near Hiroshima is fallout debris
Berkeley CA (SPX) May 14, 2019
Mario Wannier, a career geologist with expertise in studying tiny marine life, was methodically sorting through particles in samples of beach sand from Japan's Motoujina Peninsula when he spotted so ... more
US ends support for Japan crashed fighter jet search
Tokyo (AFP) May 9, 2019
The US Navy has ended operations assisting Japan's search for a stealth fighter jet that crashed in the Pacific, after some of its debris was recovered. ... more
Japanese man jailed for smuggling insects from Ecuador
Quito (AFP) May 9, 2019
A Japanese man was sentenced to two years in prison in Ecuador for attempting to smuggle a massive haul of creepy crawlies out of the country, officials said Thursday. ... more

Strong 6.3-magnitude quake hits southern Japan, no tsunami threat

Japan finds parts of crashed F35 fighter jet
Tokyo (AFP) May 7, 2019
Japan said Tuesday it had recovered some debris from a stealth fighter jet that crashed in April, but was still looking for the "all-important" memory that could offer clues into the accident. ... more
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US and Japanese scientists conduct joint composites study
Wright-Patterson AFB CO (SPX) May 07, 2019
Dr. Keisuke Umezawa of the Air Systems Research Center in the Japanese Ministry of Defense recently joined the Air Force Research Laboratory on an engineers and scientists exchange program. Th ... more
Magma is the key to the moon's makeup
New Haven CT (SPX) Apr 30, 2019
For more than a century, scientists have squabbled over how the Earth's moon formed. But researchers at Yale and in Japan say they may have the answer. Many theorists believe a Mars-sized obje ... more
Late US student's mother urges pressure on 'cancer on Earth' N.Korea
Washington (AFP) May 3, 2019
The mother of Otto Warmbier, the young American who died after alleged torture by North Korea, on Friday demanded no let-up in pressure on the regime she called "cancer on the Earth." ... more
G7 environment ministers meet to discuss climate crisis
Metz, France (AFP) May 5, 2019
Environment ministers of the G7 nations met in France Sunday, a day ahead of the release of what is expected to be another alarming report on the state of the planet. ... more
Japanese First Private Rocket MOMO Launched
Tokyo, Japan (Sputnik) May 05, 2019
Japanese space company Interstellar Technologies successfully launched the country's first private rocket dubbed MOMO-3, the NHK broadcaster reported on Saturday. The previous two launches, in ... more
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Military to set up tents for migrants on US-Mexico border
Washington (AFP) May 23, 2019
The American military is going to set up tents near the US-Mexico border to temporarily house adult undocumented migrants held by immigration authorities, the Pentagon said Wednesday. Military personnel will erect the tents, but the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will run the camps, a statement by Pentagon spokesman Major Chris Miller said. Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shan ... more
+ Bolsonaro revises decree, bans Brazilians carrying assault weapons
+ Just a small increase in precipitation could cause widespread road outages
+ Pentagon may send tents to house migrants at US-Mexico border
+ Ramadan struggle in cyclone-hit Mozambique island
+ Glassy menagerie of particles in beach sands near Hiroshima is fallout debris
+ Italy takes in migrants rescued by navy, but not charity ship
+ Pentagon assigns another $1.5 bn for border wall
New lidar instruments peer skyward for clues on weather and climate
San Jose CA (SPX) May 22, 2019
Researchers have developed a set of diode-based lidar instruments that could help fill important gaps in meteorological observations and fuel a leap in understanding, modeling and predicting weather and climate. The instruments are particularly well suited for insights on atmospheric dynamics at the mesoscale, a size range equivalent to the area of a small city up to that of a U.S. state. ... more
+ Small but Mighty: Mini Version of Extreme Environments Chamber Extends Planetary Science
+ U.S. Air Force's Space Fence Detects Debris from India Anti-Satellite Test
+ Kilogram to be based on physical absolute instead of single, physical object
+ Mission-Saving NASA Instrument Secures New Flight Opportunity; Slated for Significant Upgrade
+ Cement as a climate killer: Using industrial waste to produce carbon neutral alternatives
+ Clean and effective electronic waste recycling
+ How to program materials

Comet Provides New Clues to Origins of Earth's Oceans
Moffett Field CA (SPX) May 24, 2019
The mystery of why Earth has so much water, allowing our "blue marble" to support an astounding array of life, is clearer with new research into comets. Comets are like snowballs of rock, dust, ice, and other frozen chemicals that vaporize as they get closer to the Sun, producing the tails seen in images. A new study reveals that the water in many comets may share a common origin with Eart ... more
+ 2-metre sea level rise 'plausible' by 2100: study
+ Fish fences across the tropical seas having large-scale devastating effects
+ Unexpected observation of ice at low temperature, high pressure questions water theory
+ Baby tiger sharks eat common backyard birds
+ Migration to the north: climate change puts plankton on the move
+ Tortoise poachers get stiff sentence in Madagascar
+ Tropical Pacific variability key for successful climate forecasts
Monitoring the lifecycle of tiny catalyst nanoparticles
Bochum, Germany (SPX) May 07, 2019
Nanoparticles can be used in many ways as catalysts. To be able to tailor them in such a way that they can catalyse certain reactions selectively and efficiently, researchers need to determine the properties of single particles as precisely as possible. So far, an ensemble of many nanoparticles is analysed. However, the problem of these investigations is that the contributions of different parti ... more
+ Fast and selective optical heating for functional nanomagnetic metamaterials
+ 2D gold quantum dots are atomically tunable with nanotubes
+ Harnessing microorganisms for smart microsystems
+ AD alloyed nanoantennas for temperature-feedback identification of viruses and explosives
+ Quantum optical cooling of nanoparticles
+ Researchers report new light-activated micro pump
+ Defects help nanomaterial soak up more pollutant in less time
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Washington says 'possible' Ankara will reject Russian missiles
Washington (AFP) May 16, 2019
The US believes it is "possible" Turkey will decide against buying a Russian air defense system whose proposed purchase has strained relations between the NATO allies, a top official said on Thursday. Washington has warned for months that Turkey's adoption of the Russian S-400 missile system would endanger Western defense and jeopardize Ankara's planned purchase of 100 of the US's F-35 steal ... more
+ Patriot system, transport ship sent to Middle East as Iran tensions rise
+ Lockheed Martin awarded $84.9 million Navy contract for AEGIS system development
+ State Department approves $2.7B Patriot system sale to UAE
+ Turkey to buy Russian missiles despite US 'threats'
+ US Air Force completes successful shoot down of air-launched missiles
+ Lockheed Martin's AEHF-4 on-orbit tests successful
+ Lockheed awarded $9.1M for AEGIS work in Romania, Poland
China develops new-generation rockets for upcoming missions
Beijing (XNA) May 17, 2019
China has developed a number of new-generation carrier rockets to take the country's space industry to the next level. b>The Long March-7 br> /b> The Long March-7 is a medium-sized carrier rocket with high reliability and safety. It is designed to launch cargo vehicles during the construction of China's manned space station project and meet the long-term demand for upgrading manned carri ... more
+ China's satellite navigation industry sees rapid development
+ China's Yuanwang-7 departs for space monitoring missions
+ China's tracking ship Yuanwang-2 starts new mission after retirement
+ China to build moon station in 'about 10 years'
+ China to enhance international space cooperation
+ China opens Chang'e-6 for international payloads, asteroids next
+ China's commercial carrier rocket finishes engine test

DARPA Identifies Teams Qualified to Compete in First Scored Event of SubT Challenge
Washington DC (SPX) May 22, 2019
Eleven teams from around the world will attempt to remotely map, identify, and report the greatest number of artifacts along the passages of a Pittsburgh research mine in the Subterranean Challenge Tunnel Circuit. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Mining Program manages the formerly operational mine, which will serve as the arena for the Systems event August 15-22, 2019. ... more
+ Council of Europe explores AI to reshape prisons
+ New AI sees like a human, filling in the blanks
+ Artificial intelligence becomes life-long learner with new framework
+ Dog-like robot made by students jumps, flips and trots
+ Spidey senses could help autonomous machines see better
+ Hyperdimensional computing theory could change the way AI works
+ Toy transformers and real-life whales inspire biohybrid robot
Dalai Lama counters book's claim about Xi meeting in Delhi
New Delhi (AFP) May 21, 2019
The Dalai Lama on Tuesday sought to defuse a diplomatic controversy caused by a new book which said the Tibetan spiritual leader and China's President Xi Jinping had agreed to meet in 2014 but India refused to host the event. In "Defining India - Through Their Eyes", author Sonia Singh said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government scuttled a proposed meeting between the Buddhist leader and ... more
+ Hong Kong independence activists granted refugee status in Germany
+ US ambassador makes rare visit to Tibet
+ Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong sent back to jail
+ China formally arrests Canadian ex-diplomat, businessman: report
+ Mahjong and parking: Aussie politicians learn to court Chinese vote
+ Xi agreed to meet Dalai Lama in 2014: book
+ Nepal probes journalists for Dalai Lama news

Illegal ozone-depleting gases traced to China: study
Paris (AFP) May 22, 2019
Industries in northeastern China have spewed large quantities of an ozone-depleting gas into the atmosphere in violation of an international treaty, scientists said Wednesday. Since 2013, annual emissions from northeastern China of the banned chemical CFC-11 have increased by about 7,000 tonnes, they reported in the peer-reviewed journal Nature. "CFCs are the main culprit in depletion of ... more
+ More detailed picture of Earth's mantle
+ Mission control 'saves science'
+ Arianespace to orbit Spanish SEOSat Ingenio Earth observation satellite
+ Airbus signs MOU with Hellenic Space Agency for future space cooperation
+ New research finds unprecedented weakening of Asian summer monsoon
+ 3D Earth in the making
+ Space Station science looking at Earth

Trump unveils $16 bn aid for farmers hurt by China trade war
Washington (AFP) May 23, 2019
President Donald Trump on Thursday unveiled a new $16 billion aid package to help farmers caught in the crossfire his trade war with China. "The farmers have been attacked by China," Trump told reporters at the White House. "We're going to help out our farmers and we're giving them that level playing field that is so important." Trump again claimed that China is paying the 25 percent tar ... more
+ Tradition meets tech as Kenya's herders adapt to climate change
+ Scientists extract yeast from ancient pottery, recreate 5,000-year-old beer
+ Farmers have less leisure time than hunter-gatherers, study suggests
+ Swine fever sending pork prices higher
+ Study reports breakthrough to measure plant improvements to help farmers boost production
+ Mineral misery: Vietnam salt farmers battered by imports, climate
+ New research accurately predicts Australian wheat yield months before harvest
New method to find small exoplanets
Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany (SPX) May 23, 2019
Somewhat more than 4000 planets orbiting stars outside our solar system are known so far. Of these so-called exoplanets, about 96 percent are significantly larger than our Earth, most of them more comparable with the dimensions of the gas giants Neptune or Jupiter. This percentage likely does not reflect the real conditions in space, however, since small planets are much harder to track down tha ... more
+ Three exocomets discovered around the star Beta Pictoris
+ New insights about carbon and ice could clarify inner workings of Earth, other planets
+ Detecting bacteria in space
+ Ammonium fertilized early life on earth
+ NASA Team Teaches Algorithms to Identify Life
+ Small, hardy planets can survive stellar end sequence
+ Gravitational forces in protoplanetary disks may push super-Earths close to their stars

Rocky mountain spotted fever risks examined
Davis CA (SPX) May 23, 2019
In Mexicali, Mexico, an uncontrolled epidemic of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, one of the deadliest tickborne diseases in the Americas, has affected more than 1,000 people since 2008. A binational team of researchers led by the University of California, Davis, has conducted the first comprehensive study to examine risk factors for the disease in Mexicali. Researchers examined dogs, ticks, ... more
+ A Scent-Based Strategy for Preventing Mosquito Transmission of Disease
+ Pakistan police arrest doctor after 90 infected by HIV syringe
+ Mother detained after Chinese vaccine protest
+ Child vaccination levels falling short in large parts of Africa
+ Space-enabled mobile laboratory ready for medical emergencies
+ Cyclone-hit Mozambique fears cholera epidemic
+ Cholera cases rise to 139 as Mozambique prepares mass vaccinations
Fierce divide as Botswana lifts hunting ban
Gaborone, Botswana (AFP) May 23, 2019
Many conservationists on Thursday reacted with anger over Botswana's decision to lift its blanket ban on hunting, describing it as a "horrifying" move, though others backed the idea. Botswana fended off criticism of its decision to end the five-year ban, saying the move would not threaten the elephant population. A government statement said the cabinet had been influenced by the "high le ... more
+ African start-ups aim high, harsh realities temper hopes
+ Sudan army, protesters agree 3 year transition: general
+ Benin mourns slain tour guide, 'one of the best'
+ French special forces free 4 hostages in Burkina Faso
+ Six months too few to form S.Sudan unity government: president
+ Nigerian police free 27 hostages, including five Chinese
+ Five Nigerian soldiers killed in Boko Haram attack: army
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NASA Prepares for Future Moon Exploration with International Undersea Crew
Washington DC (SPX) May 23, 2019
NASA will join an international crew on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean this summer to prepare for future deep space missions during the 10-day NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 23 expedition slated to begin June 10. NEEMO 23 will focus on both exploration spacewalks and objectives related to space missions such as the International Space Station and future deep space mis ... more
+ China's tech 'Long March' could be road to nowhere
+ Trump, NASA want another $1.6 billion to return America to the moon
+ NASA Selects Studies for Future Space Communications and Services
+ NASA Testing Method to Grow Bigger Plants in Space
+ Oscar Avalos Dreams in Titanium
+ Space plants project could be astronaut game changer
+ LightSail 2 set to launch next month
Iraq urges Iran to respect nuclear accord
Oslo (AFP) May 24, 2019
Iraq's top diplomat Friday called on Iran to respect the landmark deal covering its nuclear programme, which has been weakened by the US decision to withdraw from it and Tehran's backing away from certain commitments. "We think the JCPOA is a good agreement," said Iraq's Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim, referring to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed by Iran in 2015 with Ru ... more
+ US, Japan, S. Korea start 'first-of-its-kind' naval drill
+ US response has 'put on hold' the threat from Iran: Pentagon chief
+ North Korea seeing worst drought in a century: state media
+ Arms on Putin's agenda before Pompeo meeting
+ Trump to visit S. Korea for talks on North's nukes: White House
+ UN chief concerned nuclear 'coffin' leaking in Pacific
+ US orders embassy staff from Iraq over 'imminent' Iran threat
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