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February 21, 2018
Japanese, US astronauts end spacewalk to fix robotic arm

Washington (AFP) Feb 16, 2018
A Japanese and an American astronaut floated for hours outside the International Space Station Friday on a spacewalk to repair the orbiting outpost's robotic arm and move some equipment into storage. The spacewalk, broadcast live on NASA TV, was the first for Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA) astronaut Norishige Kanai, and the fourth for his US counterpart Mark Vande Hei. "You have been doing a great job today," a ground controller told Kanai before he returned to an airlock after more than five ... read more

Japan reports suspected North Korea sanctions breach
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 21, 2018
Japan has reported a new suspected sanctions violation by Pyongyang to the UN after spotting an apparent cargo transfer between a ship marked with Chinese characters and a North Korean vessel, the Japanese foreign ministry said. ... more
Fukushima operator told to compensate for suicide of 102-year-old
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 20, 2018
A Japanese court on Tuesday ordered the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant to compensate relatives of a 102-year-old man who killed himself at the prospect of fleeing his home. ... more
Japanese researchers develop ultrathin, highly elastic skin display
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 20, 2018
A new ultrathin, elastic display that fits snugly on the skin can show the moving waveform of an electrocardiogram recorded by a breathable, on-skin electrode sensor. Combined with a wireless commun ... more
More than a well-balanced breakfast: Scientists use egg whites for clean energy production
Osaka, Japan (SPX) Feb 20, 2018
Eggs may soon fuel more than people in the morning. Researchers from the Osaka City University in Japan have developed a way to potentially use egg whites as a substrate to produce a carbon-free fue ... more

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Optimizing recycling of scrap car parts yields big savings
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Feb 20, 2018
Sorting scrap car parts into just eight classes could increase recycling rates of alloy elements to over 97% in Japan, according to a study by Tohoku University researchers and their colleagues. ... more
US fighter jet drops fuel tanks in Japan accident
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 20, 2018
Japan's defence ministry demanded explanations Tuesday from the US military after a fighter jet experiencing an engine fire dropped two fuel tanks into a lake in the country's north. ... more
US naval officers at Japan base removed over 'misconduct'
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 16, 2018
The US Navy said Friday it had removed three senior officers deployed in Japan for "personal misconduct," after one was reportedly found wandering the base drunk and naked. ... more
UN nuclear agency to help Japan for 2020 Olympics
Vienna (AFP) Feb 15, 2018
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced Thursday that it will help Japan in "enhancing nuclear security measures" for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. ... more
Water-soluble warped nanographene
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 13, 2018
Graphene and its nano-sized little sibling, nanographene, are well known for their remarkable photoelectronic properties. However, biomedical applications are hampered by the insolubility of the mat ... more
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Toshiba tips return to black as it sells chip, nuclear units
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 14, 2018
Troubled Japanese conglomerate Toshiba said on Wednesday it would swing into the black for the full fiscal year as it completes the multi-billion-dollar sale of its chip business to restore its balance sheet. ... more
Major Xerox investor sues to block takeover by Fujifilm
New York (AFP) Feb 14, 2018
One of Xerox's biggest shareholders filed suit to challenge the US photocopier and printer maker's planned takeover by Japanese technology firm Fujifilm. ... more
Improving drone performance in headwinds
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Feb 12, 2018
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? The prevalence of multi-rotor drones has increased dramatically in recent years, but in headwinds they pitch upwards unpredictably. Engineers from Tohoku University, Jap ... more
Boeing to upgrade Japanese AWACS aircraft
Washington (UPI) Feb 13, 2018
Boeing has been awarded a contract for mission computing upgrades in support of four Japanese E-767 aircraft and associated ground systems. ... more
Scientists successfully test new, safer titanium plate for bone tissue repair
Matsumoto, Japan (SPX) Feb 14, 2018
For the first time, patented titanium fiber plates developed by Japanese engineers for medical use were put to the test in an animal model. Researchers from Shinshu University found that, unli ... more

Giant lava dome confirmed in Japan's Kikai Caldera

Total commits further to LNG as a maritime fuel
Washington (UPI) Feb 6, 2018
French supermajor Total said Tuesday it made a deeper commitment to liquefied natural gas by chartering a refueling vessel for Europe-to-Asia trade routes. ... more
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Nissan to invest $9.5 billion in China to drive sales
Beijing (AFP) Feb 5, 2018
Japanese automaker Nissan Motor and its Chinese joint venture partner announced on Monday a $9.5 billion investment plan in China to increase annual sales by one million vehicles and boost electric car production. ... more
Is hydrogen the fuel of the future?
Cambridge UK (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
As the race to find energy sources to replace our dwindling fossil fuel supplies continues apace, hydrogen is likely to play a crucial role in the future. Japan has already announced its inten ... more
Pence: US 'ready for any eventuality' on N.Korea
Yokota Air Base, Japan (AFP) Feb 8, 2018
Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday the United States was "ready for any eventuality" with regard to North Korea and warned that "all options were on the table" to deal with Pyongyang's threats. ... more
Pence announces 'toughest' US sanctions on North Korea
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 7, 2018
Washington will soon unveil its "toughest sanctions ever" on North Korea, US Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday, adding that the Pyongyang regime would not be allowed to "hijack" the upcoming Olympics. ... more
Japan Successfully Launches World's Smallest Carrier Rocket
Tokyo (Sputnik) Feb 07, 2018
TOKYO (Sputnik) - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on Saturday carried out a successful launch of the world's smallest carrier rocket SS-520-5, according to live broadcast by JAXA. Th ... more
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Reducing bird-related tragedy through understanding bird behavior
Gloucester Point VA (SPX) Feb 19, 2018
Bird-human actions can end in tragedy - for bird as well as human. John Swaddle believes technology and a solid understanding of bird behavior can make those tragedies less frequent. Swaddle is a behavioral biologist at William and Mary. He briefed attendees at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on developments in a pair of initiatives designed to minim ... more
+ Brazil's Temer announces new security ministry to combat violence
+ Fukushima operator told to compensate for suicide of 102-year-old
+ Blockchain revolution comes to world of humanitarian aid
+ Mission unclear in Brazilian army takeover of Rio security
+ Hundreds dead in Syria enclave as UN warns situation 'out of control'
+ 13 killed in minister's quake zone copter crash
+ Relief turns to horror in Mexico helicopter crash
Friction found where there should be none: In superfluids near absolute zero
Helsinki, Finland (SPX) Feb 20, 2018
Understanding the causes and effects of the friction could pave the way for explorations into the composition of neutron stars and our universe. Here on Earth, the Aalto researchers' results will be invaluable for curtailing the production of heat and unwanted glitches in quantum computer components. "For now, we have to study the phenomenon itself more in depth, before we can have insight ... more
+ University Holds Tenth Annual Space Horizons Workshop
+ A new way of generating ultra-short bursts of light
+ Last NASA Communications Satellite of its Kind Joins Fleet
+ Tricking photons leads to first-of-its-kind laser breakthrough
+ Measuring the temperature of two-dimensional materials at the atomic level
+ Why bees soared and slime flopped as inspirations for systems engineering
+ Researchers demonstrate promising method for improving quantum information processing
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Coming decades vital for future sea level rise: study
Paris (AFP) Feb 20, 2018
How quickly humanity draws down the greenhouse gases driving global warming will determine whether sea levels rise half-a-metre or six times that, even if Paris climate pact goals are fully met, researchers reported Tuesday in a study. "The trajectory of emissions in the next few decades will shape our coastlines in the centuries to come," lead author Matthias Mengel, a scientist at the Pots ... more
+ India's top court steps in to help thirsty tech hub
+ Rare find from the deep sea
+ Cape Town now faces dry taps by July 9
+ Shellfish reefs: Australia's untold environmental disaster
+ The neuroscience of cuttlefish camouflage
+ Illegal South African abalone flowing into Hong Kong: report
+ Drought forces Mozambique capital to ration water
USTC realizes strong indirect coupling in distant nanomechanical resonators
Beijing, China (SPX) Feb 20, 2018
New progress in graphene-based nanomechanical resonator systems has been achieved in Key Laboratory of Quantum Information and Synergetic Innovation Center of Quantum Information and Quantum Physics of USTC. The jointed group, led by Prof. GUO Guoping, Research Associate Prof. DENG Guangwei from USTC and Prof. TIAN Lin from UC Merced, realized strong coupling between distant phonon modes, by int ... more
+ Scalable and cost-effective manufacturing of thin film devices
+ Ultra-efficient removal of carbon monoxide using gold nanoparticles on a molecular support
+ Fast-spinning spheres show nanoscale systems' secrets
+ Scientists observe nanowires as they grow
+ More-sensitive DNA nanowires promise better measurements of biological processes
+ On the rebound as nanoparticles self-heal
+ Optical nanoscope allows imaging of quantum dots
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U.S., Israel test Arrow 3 missile system
Washington (UPI) Feb 20, 2018
The United States and Israel successfully tested the Arrow 3 weapons system to defend against ballistic missiles. Israel Aerospace Industries, in collaboration with the Israeli air force and the United States' Missile Defense Agency, conducted the test at 2:30 a.m. Monday at an unidentified site in central Israel, the U.S. Defense Department said in a release. The Israeli Ministr ... more
+ Israel, US Successfully Test Hetz 3 Exoatmospheric Anti-Missile System
+ China to Develop Sea-Based Missile Interceptors
+ Lockheed awarded $523M for Patriot missiles for Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Romania
+ Beijing holds successful missile defense test
+ Saudi says Yemen rebel ballistic missile shot down
+ Lockheed tapped by Army for 10 more THAAD interceptors
+ Raytheon awarded $2.3B to support Patriot missile system
Long March rockets on ambitious mission in 2018
Xichang, China (XNA) Feb 15, 2018
The Long March-3B rocket launched Monday from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province marked the seventh successful mission of the Long March rocket series since the beginning of 2018. The year 2018 will be an ambitious year for China's space program, with the largest number of Long March rocket launches. According to Cen Zheng, rocket system command ... more
+ Chinese taikonauts maintain indomitable spirit in space exploration: senior officer
+ China launches first shared education satellite
+ China's first X-ray space telescope put into service after in-orbit tests
+ China's first successful lunar laser ranging accomplished
+ Yang Liwei looks back at China's first manned space mission
+ Space agency to pick those with the right stuff
+ China to select astronauts for its space station

Artificial intelligence poses questions for nature of war: Mattis
Washington (AFP) Feb 18, 2018
Artificial intelligence and its impact on weapons of the future has made US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis doubt his own theories on warfare. A question on the subject prompted the retired Marine general to give an impromptu seminar on his theory of war Saturday to reporters returning with him from a week-long tour of Europe. Recalling his own writings, he differentiated between the essent ... more
+ Researchers help robots think and plan in the abstract
+ Can a cockroach teach a robot how to scurry across rugged terrain?
+ All-terrain microbot moves by tumbling over complex topography
+ The robots will see you now
+ Quantum algorithm could help AI think faster
+ Integration of AI and robotics with materials sciences will lead to new clean energy technology
+ Army researchers develop new algorithms to train robots
China angered by theft of Terracotta Warrior's thumb
Beijing (AFP) Feb 20, 2018
The theft of a thumb of an ancient Terracotta Warrior statue on display in the US incited a wave of criticism on Chinese social media Tuesday, following China's calls to "severely punish" the thief. Michael Rohana, 24, has been arrested over the theft during an after hours "ugly sweater party" just before Christmas at the Franklin Institute in Pennsylvania where 10 of the figures are on disp ... more
+ Hong Kong activist on trial over riots
+ MGM China to open mega resort in Macau as high rollers return
+ China's former internet czar expelled from Communist Party
+ Mercedes apologises to China after quoting Dalai Lama
+ Publisher detained in China 'confesses', blames Sweden
+ 'Gotta find a way': Chinese rap in crisis after crackdown
+ Hong Kong schools shut over deadly flu outbreak

Tracking a typhoon's seismic footprint
Princeton NJ (SPX) Feb 16, 2018
Climatologists are often asked, "Is climate change making hurricanes stronger?" but they can't give a definitive answer because the global hurricane record only goes back to the dawn of the satellite era. But now, an intersection of disciplines - seismology, atmospheric sciences, and oceanography - offers an untapped data source: the continuous seismic record, which dates back to the early 20th ... more
+ Ball Aerospace Delivers Flight Cryocooler Early for NASA's Landsat Mission
+ Farewell to a Pioneering Pollution Sensor
+ ESA Cluster mission unveils the magnetosphere
+ Landsat 8 marks five years in orbit
+ Micro to macro mapping - Observing past landscapes via remote-sensing
+ Chinese company hitches space ride on UK satellite
+ Ozone at lower latitudes not recovering, despite ozone hole healing
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA

Pesticide traces in three-quarters of French fruit: report
Paris (AFP) Feb 20, 2018
Almost three- quarters of fruit and more than two-fifths of non-organic vegetables contain traces of pesticide in France, with grapes and celery the most affected, a report said Tuesday. Samples of 19 fruits and 33 vegetables were studied in the report by Generations Futures, a French environmental group that campaigns against pesticide and GMOs, using 2012-2016 data from consumer protection ... more
+ Growing crops with crushed rocks could reduce CO2 emissions
+ Myanmar farmers going against the grain with apps
+ Giant London glasshouse to reopen with world's rarest plants
+ Cover crops in nitrogen's circle of life
+ Intensive agriculture influences US regional summer climate, study finds
+ New model for evaluating rangeland systems launches
+ App delivery boom shakes up China food sector
NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite arrives at KSC for launch
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Feb 16, 2018
NASA's next planet-hunting mission has arrived in Florida to begin preparations for launch. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is scheduled to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station nearby NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida no earlier than April 16, pending range approval. TESS was delivered Feb. 12 aboard a truck from Orbital ATK in Dull ... more
+ Kepler Scientists Discover Almost 100 New Exoplanets
+ Humans will actually react pretty well to news of alien life
+ Asteroid 'time capsules' may help explain how life started on Earth
+ Deep-sea fish use hydrothermal vents to incubate eggs
+ 'Oumuamua has been tumbling about the galaxy for a billion years
+ UChicago astrophysicists settle cosmic debate on magnetism of planets and stars
+ Viruses are falling from the sky

China confirms first human case of H7N4 bird flu
Hong Kong (AFP) Feb 15, 2018
China has confirmed the first human case of H7N4 bird flu, prompting Hong Kong to issue a health warning for those travelling to the mainland during the busy Lunar New Year holiday. The strain was identified in a 68-year-old woman from the eastern province of Jiangsu who was admitted to hospital after falling ill on December 25 but had since recovered, according to China's National Health an ... more
+ UV light can kill airborne flu virus, study finds
+ Playing 20 Questions with Bacteria to Distinguish Harmless Organisms from Pathogens
+ Scientists report big improvements in HIV vaccine production
+ Plague outbreak in Madagascar revived dread of a killer
+ 'Mutant flu' could lead to more effective vaccine: study
+ Scientists find new clues about 'wave after wave' of germs that killed the Aztecs
+ TSRI scientists discover workings of first promising Marburg virus treatment
EU pledges cash to protect nature reserve in Chad
Libreville (AFP) Feb 19, 2018
Almost 8 million euros ($10 million) of European funding has been pledged to restore and protect a UNESCO world heritage site in Chad, said NGO African Parks on Tuesday. The stunning mountainous landscape of the sandstone Ennedi nature reserve in northeastern Chad, near the border with Sudan, is a water-rich island of biodiversity on the southern fringes of the Sahara desert. It is home ... more
+ Weah's promised land: Liberia confronts age-old disputes
+ S. Africa widens hunt for Zuma allies to India, China
+ Cameroon's army denies alleged atrocities in restive anglophone regions
+ Rapid land changes forecast for East African savannahs
+ African Union head calls China spying report 'lies'
+ Nigeria to send troops to restive central states: army
+ France freezes assets of DR Congo general over civilian 'massacres'
Daily Newsletters - Space - Military - Environment - Energy

Ensuring fresh air for all
Paris (ESA) Feb 20, 2018
A start-up company from an ESA business incubator is offering affordable air-quality monitors for homes, schools and businesses using technology it developed for the International Space Station. "We realised that the problem astronauts face with limited of exchange of air inside the International Space Station is also the case for many people inside buildings that have little or no ventila ... more
+ Russian Resupply Ship Delivers Three Tons of Cargo
+ Japanese, US astronauts end spacewalk to fix robotic arm
+ Trump's Privatized ISS 'Not Impossible,' but Would Require 'Renegotiation'
+ NASA's Continued Focus on Returning U.S. Human Spaceflight Launches
+ NASA Acting Administrator's Statement on FY 2019 Budget Proposal
+ US wants to privatize International Space Station: report
+ All-in-one service for the Space Station
US Secret Service denies China nuclear football 'skirmish'
Washington (AFP) Feb 20, 2018
The US Secret Service denied Monday reports that one of its agents and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wrestled with Chinese security officials over the "nuclear football" during President Donald Trump's visit to Beijing in November. Chinese security officials blocked the US military aide carrying the briefcase that carries the procedures and communications equipment that allow the US ... more
+ UN draft calls for 'measures' over Iran missiles to Yemen
+ S. Korea's Moon says 'too early' for Pyongyang summit
+ Tillerson to N.Korea on talks: 'I'm listening'
+ Japan reports suspected North Korea sanctions breach
+ Son of dead environmentalist in Iran says family threatened
+ US wants UN action over report on Iranian missiles to Yemen
+ UN nuclear agency to help Japan for 2020 Olympics

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