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February 18, 2020
Astroscale teams with JAXA for Commercial Removal of Debris Demonstration Project

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 13, 2020
Astroscale has been selected as the commercial partner for Phase I of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) first debris removal project, a groundbreaking step by Japan to commercialize space debris removal. The JAXA Commercial Removal of Debris Demonstration project (CRD2) consists of two mission phases to achieve one of the world's first debris removal missions of a large object, the first of which has been awarded to Astroscale. This first phase will be demonstrated by the end of the ... read more

Hyper-Kamiokande Project is officially approved
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 13, 2020
Hyper-Kamiokande (HK or Hyper-K) project is the world-leading international scientific research project hosted by Japan aiming to elucidate the origin of matter and the Grand Unified Theory of eleme ... more
Arianespace at the service of SKY Perfect JSAT and KARI with JCSAT-17 and GEO-KOMPSAT-2B
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Feb 12, 2020
For its third flight of 2020, Arianespace will orbit two telecommunications satellites using an Ariane 5 launch vehicle from the Guiana Space Center: JCSAT-17 for the Japanese operator SKY Perfect J ... more
Americans arrive home from virus-infected cruise ship
Travis Air Force Base, United States (AFP) Feb 17, 2020
More than 300 Americans rescued from a cruise ship quarantined off Japan because of the new coronavirus arrived back in the United States Monday for two more weeks of medical seclusion, as concern rose over passengers who dispersed around the globe after leaving another ship in Cambodia. ... more
Americans leave quarantined Japan ship as virus cases hit 355
Yokohama, Japan (AFP) Feb 16, 2020
Americans began leaving a quarantined cruise ship off Japan on Monday to board chartered flights home as the number of new coronavirus cases diagnosed on the vessel jumped to 355. ... more
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Avoid crowds over virus says Japan health minister; WHO says not advising on Tokyo Olympics
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 16, 2020
Japan's health minister on Sunday urged the public to avoid crowds and "non-essential gatherings", including notoriously packed commuter trains, to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading in the country. ... more
Asian plane makers struggle to take off in crowded market
Singapore (AFP) Feb 14, 2020
Asian plane makers have thrown huge sums at building jets but flagship projects have suffered repeated setbacks, and they face a tough time breaking into a market dominated by established players. ... more
Japan woman with coronavirus dies as cruise ship cases soar
Yokohama, Japan (AFP) Feb 13, 2020
Japan on Thursday reported the first death of a person infected with novel coronavirus, as the number of cases on a quarantined cruise ship offshore soared over 200. ... more
Japan cruise ship virus cases jump to 218 as elderly offered escape; US cruise ship to dock in Cambodia
Yokohama, Japan (AFP) Feb 13, 2020
Japan said Thursday it would allow some elderly passengers off a quarantined cruise ship and into government-designated lodging, as the number of new coronavirus cases on the vessel jumped to 218. ... more
Japan cruise ship coronavirus cases climb to 174
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 12, 2020
A further 39 people on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the Japan coast have tested positive for the new coronavirus, authorities said Wednesday, as thousands more steel themselves for a second week in quarantine. ... more
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Pranks and patience: passing the time on the Diamond Princess; as cases soar
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 7, 2020
Tai chi, Bible study, karaoke and dancing with the "Dive Duo": that was the entertainment promised passengers when they boarded the Diamond Princess. ... more
Coronavirus cases on Japan cruise ship treble to 61
Yokohama, Japan (AFP) Feb 7, 2020
Another 41 people on a cruise ship quarantined off Japan have the new coronavirus, the country's health minister said Friday, confirming more on board will now be tested for the illness. ... more
Toyota extends China plant closure over virus
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 7, 2020
Japanese auto giant Toyota said Friday it would keep its Chinese factories shut until February 16, extending its suspension by a week amid the growing coronavirus crisis. ... more
Thousands quarantined on Asian cruise ships in virus fight
Yokohama, Japan (AFP) Feb 6, 2020
Thousands of people were stranded aboard two cruise ships in Asia on Thursday, quarantined by officials desperate to stem the spread of a deadly virus that has killed hundreds in China and spread panic worldwide. ... more
Azercosmos and Infostellar to enter into Ground Station Partnership
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 06, 2020
Azerbaijani satellite operator Azercosmos and Japanese Ground Segment as a Service provider Infostellar have signed an agreement that will enable Infostellar customers access to their satellite cons ... more

Coronavirus infects at least 10 on Japan cruise ship

Hyundai suspends domestic production over China outbreak
Seoul (AFP) Feb 4, 2020
South Korea's largest automaker Hyundai Motor will suspend all domestic production because of a lack of parts due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, it said Tuesday. ... more
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Japan destroyer heads to Middle East as Iran-US tension lingers
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 2, 2020
Japan sent a naval destroyer to the Middle East on Sunday for a rare overseas mission to ensure the safety of its ships amid lingering tension between Iran and the US. ... more
Panasonic April-December operating profit hit by China sales
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 3, 2020
Panasonic said on Monday its operating profit for the April-December period dropped 18 percent on lower sales in China but it left its full-year forecast intact despite the deadly coronavirus outbreak. ... more
Release contaminated Fukushima water into sea: Japan panel
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 31, 2020
Radioactive water from the stricken nuclear plant in Fukushima should be released into the ocean or vaporised into the air, an expert panel advised the Japanese government on Friday. ... more
Two men, including Briton, killed in Japan avalanches
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 1, 2020
Two people, including a British man, were killed separately on Saturday as two avalanches struck mountains in Japan, local officials and media said. ... more
French man killed in avalanche on Japan ski mountain
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 31, 2020
The body of a French man was found Friday after an avalanche struck a northern Japanese mountain where he was backcountry skiing with seven other French citizens, local police said Friday. ... more
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Pentagon shifts $3.8 bn more to Mexico border wall
Washington (AFP) Feb 13, 2020
The US Defense Department said Thursday it is shifting another $3.8 billion towards paying for a wall on the US-Mexico border as President Donald Trump extended his "national emergency" declaration over unlawful migration for another year. Pentagon officials said the money would be used to build about 177 miles (285 kilometers) of the concrete and steel barrier Trump wants to deter migrants ... more
+ As China needs virus masks, phone and diaper makers fill void
+ Digital lifeline for refugees in Bulgaria -- and beyond
+ Albania quake exposes scourge of sketchy construction
+ Hungarian police close Serbia border point as migrants gather
+ Enhancing stability operations in under-governed regions
+ EU condemns US lifting of landmine ban
+ Release contaminated Fukushima water into sea: Japan panel
Orion "Passengers" on Artemis I to test radiation vest for deep space missions
Houston TX (SPX) Feb 14, 2020
As NASA leads the way for human exploration at the Moon and beyond, space radiation is one of the biggest hazards crews face. In 2018, NASA signed an agreement with the Israel Space Agency (ISA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for an experiment to test the AstroRad radiation protection vest on Artemis I, the first flight test of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft. Th ... more
+ NASA prepares for Moon and Mars with new addition to its deep space network
+ Astroscale teams with JAXA for Commercial Removal of Debris Demonstration Project
+ Amazon wins suspension of $10 bn 'JEDI' contract to Microsoft
+ Researchers develop smaller, lighter radiation shielding
+ In Norway, bottles made of plastic are still fantastic
+ Army researchers develop new method for analyzing metal
+ First time controlling two spacecraft with one dish

New DTU research supports previous studies on global sea level rise
Kongens Lyngby, Denmark (SPX) Feb 17, 2020
As a result of global warming, the world's oceans have risen by an average of around 3 mm a year since the early 1990s. But how much they have risen year on year has been a matter of some debate among experts, for instance in the UN's climate panel IPCC. Is the rise constant, or is it accelerating every year? Now, in a new study, a Danish student has shown that the rise is accelerating. In ... more
+ Upside-down jellyfish can launch venomous balls of mucus
+ Hydropower dams cool rivers in the Mekong River basin, satellites show
+ Extinct South American giant turtle had 10-foot-wide horned shell
+ Coral reefs: Centuries of human impact
+ Algae team rosters could help ID 'super corals'
+ Miros introduces radar-based wave monitoring solutions to Seatronics Global Rental Fleet
+ Storm-induced sea level spikes differ in origin on US east, gulf coasts
Deep-sea osmolyte makes biomolecular machines heat-tolerant
Sapporo, Japan (SPX) Jan 24, 2020
Researchers have discovered a method to control biomolecular machines over a wide temperature range using deep-sea osmolyte trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO). This finding could open a new dimension in the application of artificial machines fabricated from biomolecular motors and other proteins. Biomolecular motors are the smallest natural machines that keep living organisms dynamic. They can ... more
+ Nanobubbles in nanodroplets
+ New production method for carbon nanotubes gets green light
+ A quantum breakthrough brings a technique from astronomy to the nano-scale
+ Creating a nanoscale on-off switch for heat
+ Nanoscience breakthrough: Probing particles smaller than a billionth of a meter
+ SMART discovers breakthrough way to look at the surface of nanoparticles
+ Visible light and nanoparticle catalysts produce desirable bioactive molecules

Syrian air defence intercepts missile attack: state media
Damascus (AFP) Feb 13, 2020
Syrian air defences intercepted missiles over the capital Damascus on Thursday, state media reported, without specifying the source of the attack. "Our air defences intercepted hostile targets over the skies of Damascus," state agency SANA said. It said the "missiles were launched from over the occupied Golan Heights". Several missiles were intercepted before they could reach their ... more
+ 'Over in under a minute': commander divulges how quickly moscow's defences can thwart missile attack
+ Greece to send Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia: official
+ US awaits Iraq's okay to deploy Patriots to protect troops
+ Lockheed nabs $114M deal to deliver Patriot missiles to UAE
+ Syrian defences fire on 'hostile missiles' from Israel: state media
+ Moscow lifts veil on missile attack warning system
+ Germany in talks with Lockheed, MBDA for missile defense program
China's Long March-5B carrier rocket arrives at launch site
Beijing (XNA) Feb 07, 2020
China's Long March-5B carrier rocket arrived at the launch site in southern China's Hainan Province Wednesday after a week of ocean and rail transport, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The rocket will take part in a joint rehearsal with the prototype of the Chinese space station's core module at the Wenchang Space Launch Center. It is scheduled to make i ... more
+ China to launch more space science satellites
+ China's space station core module, manned spacecraft arrive at launch site
+ China to launch Mars probe in July
+ China's space-tracking vessels back from missions
+ China may have over 40 space launches in 2020
+ China launches powerful rocket in boost for 2020 Mars mission
+ China's Xichang set for 20 space launches in 2020
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Fear of Big Brother guides EU rules on AI
Brussels (AFP) Feb 16, 2020
Amid fears of a Big Brother-style society ruled by machines, the EU will urge authorities and companies to think hard before rolling out facial recognition technology. But the bloc, which will make a much-anticipated announcement this week on the role of artificial intelligence (AI), will stop short of imposing an outright ban, a top official said. On Wednesday, the European Commission w ... more
+ Autonomous vehicle technology may improve safety for US Army convoys, report says
+ SubT Challenge Seeks Information to Enhance Virtual Competition
+ The industries of Artificial Intelligence and Space to meet for AIxSPACE
+ NASA contracts Maxar to supply robotic arm for lunar lander
+ Northrop Grumman Remotec and Kinova Robotics sign distribution agreement for robotic manipulator
+ NASA funds demonstration of assembly and manufacturing in space
+ Progressing towards assuredly safer autonomous systems
China demotes top official in charge of Hong Kong
Beijing (AFP) Feb 13, 2020
China has demoted the director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, the State Council said Thursday, following months of pro-democracy protests in the semi-autonomous city. The shuffling of officials at China's top policy body on the financial hub's affairs comes after months of political unrest - the starkest challenge to Beijing since the former British colony was returned to Chines ... more
+ China appoints hardliner to Hong Kong office
+ Armed gang steals toilet rolls in panic-buying Hong Kong
+ Death of whistleblower ignites calls for political reform in China
+ Coronavirus puts Shanghai into a coma
+ China protests US bill threatening Tibet sanctions
+ Protest violence won't work, leading Hong Kong activist says
+ Proposed Hong Kong virus quarantine building firebombed during protest

The atmosphere as global sensor
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 17, 2020
Sensors are usually thought of in terms of physical devices that receive and respond to electromagnetic signals - from everyday sensors in our smartphones and connected home appliances to more advanced sensors in buildings, cars, airplanes and spacecraft. No physical sensor or aggregation of electronic sensors, however, can continuously and globally detect disturbances that take place on o ... more
+ Saudi Arabia shivers in worst cold spell since 2016
+ Space key to wetland conservation
+ ECOSTRESS mission sees plants 'waking up' from space
+ Deep learning accurately forecasts heat waves, cold spells
+ Aerosols have an outsized impact on extreme weather
+ January 2020 warmest on record: EU climate service
+ The fingerprints of paddy rice in atmospheric methane concentration dynamics
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Survey: Most Americans say diet affects global warming 'a little'
Washington DC (UPI) Feb 13, 2020
A national survey published Thursday suggests most Americans think food production affects global warming "a little." The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the Earth Day Network released the survey data in a report titled "Climate Change and the American Diet." "Food production is among the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming," gen ... more
+ Trans-Eurasian crop exchange began 3,000 years earlier than thought
+ Struggling Morocco oasis risks becoming mirage
+ US peach farmer wins $265 mln damages over Bayer, BASF herbicide
+ Climate change to create farmland in the north, but at environmental costs, study reveals
+ Bat for sale at Indonesia's wildlife market despite virus warning
+ Silica can help crops survive drought
+ Hunger stalks southern Africa as climate crisis deepens
New technologies, strategies expanding search for extraterrestrial life
Charlottesville VA (SPX) Feb 17, 2020
Emerging technologies and new strategies are opening a revitalized era in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). New discovery capabilities, along with the rapidly-expanding number of known planets orbiting stars other than the Sun, are spurring innovative approaches by both government and private organizations, according to a panel of experts speaking at a meeting of the American ... more
+ Earth's cousins: Upcoming missions to look for 'biosignatures' in exoplanet atmospheres
+ Looking for aliens who might be looking for us
+ LOFAR pioneers new way to study exoplanet environments
+ Scientists discover nearest known 'baby giant planet'
+ Scientists pick up pattern of space radio signals for 1st time, study says
+ Distant giant planets form differently than 'failed stars'
+ CHEOPS space telescope takes its first pictures

Avoid crowds over virus says Japan health minister; WHO says not advising on Tokyo Olympics
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 16, 2020
Japan's health minister on Sunday urged the public to avoid crowds and "non-essential gatherings", including notoriously packed commuter trains, to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading in the country. Katsunobu Kato warned the nation was "entering a new phase" in the outbreak of the virus, which has infected nearly 60 people in Japan so far. "We want to ask the public to avoid non- ... more
+ Americans leave quarantined Japan ship as virus cases hit 355
+ China may postpone annual parliament session as it battles virus
+ China virus cases pass 70,000 as WHO mission begins
+ Hong Kong doctor battles fear and separation on virus 'dirty team'
+ China virus toll revised downward after deaths double-counted; US bemoans 'lack of transparency'
+ China virus death toll at 1,800; Govt asks recovered patients to donate plasma
+ Heroes and villains: Beijing crafts its narrative on virus outbreak
S. Sudan 'unity' army not ready for peace as deadline looms
Mapel, South Sudan (AFP) Feb 14, 2020
At a remote and spartan bush barracks in South Sudan, a motley collection of government soldiers and their rebel enemies chanted in unison, raising their mock wooden guns to the sky. "South Sudan! Victory!" they cried out, as women ululated. Troops from both sides of the battlefield broke into song and dance, sending up great clouds of dust as feet stomped in the dirt. Away from the ... more
+ Belgium weighing French military mission in Mali: minister
+ U.S. shifts AFRICOM strategy as troops are 'overmatched' by militants
+ US military begins adjusting presence in Africa
+ Suicide attack kills Algerian soldier near Mali border: defence ministry
+ Sudan army agrees Burhan-Netanyahu meeting will boost security
+ Kenya leader warns against US, China rivalry in Africa
+ C.Africa leader urges tough line on peace deal violators
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NASA science and cargo head to Space Station
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 17, 2020
A Northrop Grumman Cygnus resupply spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station with about 7,500 pounds of science investigations and cargo after launching at 3:21 p.m. EST Saturday from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The spacecraft launched on an Antares 230+ rocket from the Virginia Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport's Pad 0A at Wallops and is scheduled to arrive ... more
+ NASA selects four possible missions to study the secrets of the solar system
+ 'Pale Blue Dot' Revisited
+ Northrop postpones Antares rocket launch in Virginia on Sunday
+ New adventures in beds and baths for spaceflight
+ NASA expects thousands to apply for astronaut jobs ahead of moon missions
+ Source reveals timeline for US first launch of manned vehicle to ISS after nearly decade-long hiatus
+ US negotiating to buy one or two seats on Soyuz
NATO chief dismisses Macron nuclear call
Munich, Germany (AFP) Feb 15, 2020
The head of NATO on Saturday dismissed President Emmanuel Macron's call for a European "strategic dialogue" about the role of France's nuclear weapons, saying a "tried and tested" deterrent was already in place. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that thanks to the US and Britain's atomic weapons, Europe was already protected by a longstanding and effective nuclear umbrella. Wh ... more
+ Iran could reverse nuclear breaches if Europe acts: Zarif
+ US offers to help virus efforts in N.Korea
+ Iran mismisses US claims satellite carriers have military purpose, vows to continue tests
+ US Senate debates restricting Trump's Iran war powers
+ US accuses Iran of building missiles through satellite bid
+ Bong Joon-ho: South Korea's boundary-pushing satirist
+ Khamenei says Iran must become strong to end 'enemy threat'

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