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September 21, 2018
Small satellite demonstrates possible solution for 'space junk'

Washington DC (SPX) Sep 21, 2018
The International Space Station serves as humanity's orbital research platform, conducting a variety of experiments and research projects while in orbit around the planet. On June 20, 2018, the space station deployed the NanoRacks-Remove Debris satellite into space from outside the Japanese Kibo laboratory module. This technology demonstration was designed to explore using a 3D camera to map the location and speed of orbital debris or "space junk." The NanoRacks-Remove Debris satellite ... read more

Airbus wins ESA studies for future human base in lunar orbit
Bremen, Germany (SPX) Sep 20, 2018
The European Space Agency (ESA) has commissioned Airbus for two studies for possible European involvement in the future human base in lunar orbit. The Gateway, previously known as the Deep Space Gat ... more
Russia holds naval drills in Sea of Japan
Klerk Peninsula, Russia (AFP) Sept 15, 2018
Russian troops taking part in the country's largest-ever war games on Saturday held drills in the Sea of Japan, despite Tokyo's concerns about a Russian military buildup in the area. ... more
Origami inspires highly efficient solar steam generator
Washington DC (SPX) Sep 21, 2018
Water covers most of the globe, yet many regions still suffer from a lack of clean drinking water. If scientists could efficiently and sustainably turn seawater into clean water, a looming global wa ... more
Japan's Marubeni to slash coal-fired power capacity
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 19, 2018
Japanese conglomerate Marubeni has unveiled plans to halve its coal power generating capacity and stop investing in new coal-fired power plants. ... more

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Japanese billionaire businessman revealed as SpaceX's first Moon traveler
Hawthorne, United States (AFP) Sept 18, 2018
A Japanese billionaire and online fashion tycoon, Yusaku Maezawa, will be the first man to fly on a monster SpaceX rocket around the Moon as early as 2023, and he plans to bring six to eight artists along. ... more
Yusaku Maezawa: Japanese spaceman with a taste for art
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 18, 2018
Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, confirmed as SpaceX's first Moon tourist, is a former wannabe rock star now worth $3 billion with a penchant for pricey modern art as well as space travel. ... more
Successful Aegis Combat System Test Brings BMD to Japanese Fleet
Kauai HI (SPX) Sep 18, 2018
The JS ATAGO (DDG-177), supported by the U.S. Navy, Missile Defense Agency and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), used an upgraded Aegis Combat System, testing their Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) capabi ... more
Japan successfully tests ballistic missile defense system
Washington (UPI) Sep 13, 2018
The Japanese destroyer JS Atago, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Missile Defense Agency and Lockheed Martin have tested an upgraded Aegis Combat System Ballistic Missile Defense system for the Japanese navy. ... more
Japan conducts first submarine drill in disputed South China Sea
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 17, 2018
Japan has carried out its first submarine drill in the South China Sea, a newspaper said Monday, a move that could provoke Beijing which claims most of the disputed waters. ... more
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Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference - November 28-29 2018, Charlotte, NC USA

Northrop Grumman contracted for Hawkeye radar plane for Japan
Washington (UPI) Sep 6, 2018
Northrop Grumman Military Aircraft Systems in Melbourne, Fla., has received a $164.3 million contract for Japanese E-2D Advanced Hawkeye radar aircraft. ... more
Abe dangles 'financial aid' in return for NKorea concessions
Vladivostok, Russia (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday said he was ready to provide financial aid to Pyongyang on condition that it resolves the issues of its nuclear and missile test and abducted Japanese nationals. ... more
US approves possible sale of early-warning planes to Japan
Washington (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
The US State Department said Monday it is ready to approve the sale of up to nine early-warning military planes to Japan, in a sale worth more than $3 billion. ... more
Japan on brink of IWC pullout after commercial whaling comeback blocked
Florianopolis, Brazil (AFP) Sept 14, 2018
Japan's determined bid to return to commercial whale hunting was rejected by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) Friday in a tense vote that left the 72-year old organization at a crossroads. ... more
Whale meet nations in flare up over Brazil project
Florianopolis, Brazil (AFP) Sept 12, 2018
Supporters and opponents of whale hunting were at loggerheads late Wednesday at a meeting of the 89-nation International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Brazil. ... more

Japan's Abe confirms China visit this year

Japan disasters highlight vulnerable infrastructure
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 12, 2018
Flooded runways, thousands of passengers stranded and a tanker smashing into an access bridge: last week's typhoon in Japan highlighted the vulnerability of Kansai Airport which serves a region with an economy bigger than Belgium's. ... more
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N. Korea in focus as Putin to meet Asian leaders
Vladivostok, Russia (AFP) Sept 9, 2018
Nuclear-armed North Korea will be in the spotlight as Russia's Vladimir Putin begins meetings with Asian leaders Monday, aiming to drive regional diplomacy as a push backed by Donald Trump appears to stall. ... more
Japan toll 44 after strong quake, no more missing
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
The death toll from a powerful earthquake that triggered massive landslides in northern Japan rose to 44 on Monday with tens of thousands of police and troops still on the ground to support survivors. ... more
Nations lock horns as whalers, opponents meet in Brazil
Florianopolis, Brazil (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
Pro- and anti-whaling nations locked horns Monday as the International Whaling Commission (IWC) began meeting in Brazil amid outrage over Japan's proposal to end a three-decade moratorium on commercial whale hunting. ... more
Xi to attend Russia summit, North Korea's Kim invited
Beijing (AFP) Sept 7, 2018
Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend a regional summit in Russia next week, officials said Friday, joining the prime ministers of Japan and South Korea at a gathering to which North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was invited. ... more
Japan resilient, but climate change making disasters worse: experts
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 7, 2018
Record typhoons, biblical floods, heatwaves, landslides and earthquakes: this summer, Japan really has seen it all and images of the destruction caused have been beamed around the world. ... more
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Puerto Ricans turn to life-saving self-help in Maria's aftermath
Humacao, Puerto Rico (AFP) Sept 19, 2018
Desperate and alone - and with the US government nowhere to be seen - many Puerto Ricans turned to each other for salvation as they faced the furies of Hurricane Maria one year ago. In the dark weeks that followed they also discovered something precious: a sense of fellowship and belonging that today brightens places like Mariana, a neighborhood transformed by adversity in the storm-ravage ... more
+ Trump vows '100 percent' support for storm-battered Carolinas
+ After the storm: hardship endures for Puerto Ricans on US mainland
+ Toll jumps to 22 in Philippine monsoon landslide
+ Philippine miners dig for their own in typhoon landslide
+ Bedraggled, displaced long to return home; death toll at 23 in Carolinas
+ Amazon's Jeff Bezos unveils $2 bn philanthropic fund
+ Facing hurricane floodwaters, US town takes lessons from the past
AsiaSat gets second patent on "Methods and Systems for Improving Spectrum Utilisation for Satellite Communications"
Hong Kong (SPX) Sep 21, 2018
Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited has received its second patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), titled, "Methods and Systems for Improving Spectrum Utilisation for Satellite Communications" (US Patent No. 10,050,698 B2). This new patent is about the methods and systems to mitigate the imbalance of uplink and downlink spectrum allocation in satel ... more
+ Small satellite demonstrates possible solution for 'space junk'
+ Scientists develop new way to prevent spacecraft errors
+ Raytheon contracted for F/A-18 Hornet radars
+ World's first passive anti-frosting surface fights ice with ice
+ Searching for new bridge forms that can span further
+ UTA researcher creates hydrogels capable of complex movement
+ How a tetrahedral substance can be more symmetrical than a spherical atom: A new type of symmetry

Hit-and-Run Heist of Water by Terrestrial Planets in the Early Solar System
Berlin, Germany (SPX) Sep 20, 2018
A study simulating the final stages of terrestrial planet formation shows that 'hit-and-run' encounters play a significant role in the acquisition of water by large protoplanets, like those that grew into Mars and Earth. The results will be presented by Christoph Burger at the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) 2018 in Berlin. Four and a half billion years ago, the inner solar syst ... more
+ Future impacts of El Nino, La Nina likely to intensify
+ Researchers use eDNA to detect great white sharks
+ Understanding deep-sea images with artificial intelligence
+ Laos to press on with dam-building after deadly collapse: PM
+ Artificial intelligence guides rapid data-driven exploration of underwater habitats
+ Researchers discover new source of formic acid over Pacific, Indian oceans
+ Water in small dust grains can explain large amounts of water on Earth
Cannibalistic materials feed on themselves to grow new nanostructures
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Sep 04, 2018
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory induced a two-dimensional material to cannibalize itself for atomic "building blocks" from which stable structures formed. The findings, reported in Nature Communications, provide insights that may improve design of 2D materials for fast-charging energy-storage and electronic devices. "Under our experimental condi ... more
+ First-ever colored thin films of nanotubes created
+ Nanotubes change the shape of water
+ Fast visible-UV light nanobelt photodetector
+ Big-picture thinking can advance nanoparticle manufacturing
+ Hybrid nanomaterials bristle with potential
+ Nanotube 'rebar' makes graphene twice as tough
+ Individual silver nanoparticles observed in real time
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SBIRS GEO-3 achieves operational acceptance
Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Sep 20, 2018
The Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) Geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellite (GEO-3) successfully achieved Air Force Space Command operational acceptance. The satellite is healthy and sending data to the Mission Control Station, operated by the 460th Space Wing located at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado. SBIRS GEO-3 launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a United Launch All ... more
+ Successful Aegis Combat System Test Brings BMD to Japanese Fleet
+ Japan successfully tests ballistic missile defense system
+ Northrop Grumman tests new air defense network program
+ US approves possible sale of early-warning planes to Japan
+ Twenty-six wounded as Saudi intercepts Yemen rebel missile
+ State Department approves Patriot missile sale to the Netherlands
+ Russian military successfully test-fires new interceptor missile
China tests propulsion system of space station's lab capsules
Beijing, China (SPX) Aug 30, 2018
Engineers have successfully tested the propulsion system of China's planned space station lab capsules, a key step in its space station program. Weighing 66 tonnes, the space station will comprise a core module and two lab capsules. The propulsion system will determine whether lab capsules can move in space. Engineers designed 36 engines for the propulsion system with four to adjust ... more
+ China unveils Chang'e-4 rover to explore Moon's far side
+ China's SatCom launch marketing not limited to business interest
+ China to launch space station Tiangong in 2022, welcomes foreign astronauts
+ China solicits international cooperation experiments on space station
+ Growing US unease with China's new deep space facility in Argentina
+ China developing in-orbit satellite transport vehicle
+ PRSS-1 Satellite in Good Condition

Russian scientists send FEDOR robot to Roscosmos for launch
Moscow (Sputnik) Sep 21, 2018
The demonstration model of Russia's humanoid robot FEDOR will be transferred to the Roscosmos state space corporation, which plans to send it into space on the new Federation spacecraft, Russia's Foundation for Advanced Research (FPI) said Wednesday. "The board of trustees decided to transfer scientific and technical products created within the framework of the fund's projects for their fu ... more
+ Multi-joint, personalized soft exosuit breaks new ground
+ Google Mini captures top spot in connected speaker market: survey
+ Machines will do more tasks than humans by 2025: WEF
+ Digital assistants hone skills to deliver the news
+ Novel flying robot mimics rapid insect flight
+ Robot can pick up any object after inspecting it
+ A cyborg cockroach could someday save your life
Prominent Chinese pastor defiant after church closure
Beijing (AFP) Sept 13, 2018
A Chinese Protestant pastor is vowing to keep preaching to his flock despite the closure of his prominent underground church in Beijing, defying the government's intensifying pressure on religious groups. Pastor Jin Mingri had given sermons at the Zion Church, one of the biggest unofficial congregations in the country, for the past decade until local officials shut it down on Sunday. Its ... more
+ China shuts down prominent Christian church
+ Chinese firm eyes Serena Williams' racquet maker
+ Got a problem? Ask China's online agony aunts
+ Vanished China star Fan last in 'social responsibility' ranking
+ Malaysian island city in trouble as PM targets China-linked projects
+ China's Didi launches safety revamp after passenger murder
+ Hong Kong top court frees 13 pro-democracy activists

ECOSTRESS Maps LA's Hot Spots
Pasadena CA (JPL) Sep 19, 2018
NASA's ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS) captured new imagery of variations in surface-temperature patterns in Los Angeles County. The first of its kind to be taken by the agency's newest Earth-observing mission, it is more detailed than previous imagery and, unlike prior imagery, was acquired at different times of the day. ECOSTRESS measures s ... more
+ Scientists ID Three Causes of Earth's Spin Axis Drift
+ Copernicus Sentinel maps Florence hurricane flood
+ Quick and not-so-dirty: A rapid nano-filter for clean water
+ NASA's GOLD instrument captures its first image of the Earth
+ Famous theory of the living Earth upgraded to Gaia 2.0
+ ICESat-2 to measure movement, thickness of polar sea ice
+ New kid on the block picks up relay for ozone

Farmers fume as France stands firm on more Pyrenees bears
Pau, France (AFP) Sept 20, 2018
Dozens of farmers and local officials stormed out of a meeting with France's new environment minister on Friday as he confirmed two more bears would soon be released into the Pyrenees mountains. Around 40 brown bears currently roam the range between France and Spain after France began importing them from Slovenia in 1996 after the native population had been hunted to near-extinction. But ... more
+ Chinese actress has high hopes for her Bordeaux vineyard
+ Czech Republic to restrict use of glyphosate weedkiller
+ Philippine farmers risk death to save crops from killer typhoon
+ Earliest Mediterranean cheese production revealed by pottery over 7,000 years old
+ Multiple facets of biodiversity reduce variability of grassland biomass production
+ Swiss NGO links pesticide to Indian farmer deaths
+ Insects, plants living in agricultural regions are surprisingly resilient
What Recipes Produce a Habitable Planet
Houston TX (SPX) Sep 20, 2018
NASA's interdisciplinary Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) project has awarded Rice University $7.7 million for a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research program aimed at finding many different recipes nature might follow to produce rocky planets capable of supporting life. As any cook knows, it takes the right recipe and getting the right ingredients to make a tasty dish, ... more
+ Planet Vulcan Found
+ The spark that created life
+ When is a star not a star?
+ TESS Shares First Science Image in Hunt to Find New Worlds
+ New Exoplanet Discovered by Team Led by Canadian Student
+ SwRI scientists find evidence for early planetary shake-up
+ A Direct-Imaging Mission to Study Earth-like Exoplanets

Trump unveils revised US biodefense strategy
Washington (AFP) Sept 18, 2018
US President Donald Trump unveiled a new strategy Tuesday aimed at reducing the risks of man-made and naturally occurring biological threats. The announcement came on the anniversary of the 2001 anthrax bio-terror attacks in Washington and elsewhere that killed five people. "Biological threats emanate from many sources, and they know no borders," Trump said in a statement. "They have ... more
+ Indonesia's quake-hit Lombok battles with malaria, 137 infected
+ Deadly 'rat fever' in flood-ravaged Indian state
+ UN emergency talks to head off swine fever spread in Asia
+ Deadly 'rat fever' in flood-ravaged Indian state
+ Virus' potency depends on the shape of its DNA
+ China culls 38,000 pigs as swine fever spreads
+ NASA investment in cholera forecasts helps save lives in Yemen
Algeria's air force chief fired amid military shake-up
Algiers (AFP) Sept 18, 2018
Algeria's defence ministry on Tuesday announced its air force chief has been sacked, amid a broad shake-up of the country's military hierarchy. Armed Forces Chief of Staff Ahmed Gaid Salah was to chair a ceremony on Tuesday at which major-general Hamid Boumaiza would assume the role of air force chief, the ministry said. The event would see Boumaiza "replace major-general Abdelkader Loun ... more
+ Pygmies, masters of the forest, tackle tough lifestyle changes
+ Nigeria troops repel fresh Boko Haram base attack
+ Fish shortage sparks conflict on Africa's Great Lakes
+ Pygmies, masters of the forest, tackle tough lifestyle changes
+ Deputy army chief held in Comoros over anti-regime plot
+ Kenya police detain another Chinese journalist: embassy
+ Ancient livestock dung heaps are now African wildlife hotspots

Orion's first Service Module integration complete
Bremen, Germany (ESA) Sep 19, 2018
Last week at the Airbus integration hall in Bremen, Germany, technicians installed the last radiator on the European Service Module for NASA's Orion spacecraft marking the module's finished integration. ESA's European service module will provide power, water, air and electricity to NASA's Orion exploration spacecraft that will eventually fly beyond the Moon with astronauts. The European Se ... more
+ NASA Will Pay Anyone $15,700 to Stay in Bed for 70 Days
+ Yusaku Maezawa: Japanese spaceman with a taste for art
+ Fly me to the Moon? A look at the space-tourism race
+ Danish Aerospace Company ApS to build 'next generation,' multi-function exercise equipment for astronauts
+ How NASA Goddard tests tools astronauts will use to explore distant worlds
+ Russian space industry source says no new leaks found at ISS
+ ISRO Not To Fly Living Being Before Actual Manned Space Mission: Official
S. Korea launches its first missile-capable submarine
Seoul (AFP) Sept 14, 2018
South Korea launched its first ever missile-capable attack submarine on Friday, despite a recent diplomatic thaw with the nuclear-armed North. The $700 million, 3,000-tonne Dosan Ahn Chang-ho submarine is capable of firing both cruise and ballistic missiles and the first of three planned diesel-electric boats to go into service in the next five years. It represented a "leap forward in th ... more
+ US, Russia clash at UN over North Korea sanctions
+ Israel determined to stop Iran in Syria, PM tells Putin
+ Pompeo to lead UN meeting on N. Korea
+ N. Korea's Kim to visit Seoul, shut missile site
+ Kim seeks second Trump summit 'at an early date': Moon
+ US, North Korea make 'tremendous progress:' Trump
+ N. Korea's Kim to visit Seoul, shut missile site
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