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March 31, 2020
Modern science reveals ancient secret in Japanese literature

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 31, 2020
Nearly a millennium and a half ago, red light streaked the night sky over Japan. Witnesses compared it to the tail of a pheasant - it appeared as a fan of beautiful red feathers stretched across the sky. Since the event, scientists have studied the witness accounts written in the year 620 A.D. and speculated about what the cosmic phenomenon could have actually been. Now, researchers from The Graduate University for Advanced Studies may have found the answer. They published their results on March 3 ... read more

Europe to Conduct BepiColombo Flyby Amid Coronavirus Crisis
Paris (ESA) Mar 31, 2020
Controllers at ESA's mission control centre are preparing for a gravity-assist flyby of the European-Japanese Mercury explorer BepiColombo. The manoeuvre, which will see the mission adjust its traje ... more
Japan destroyer, China fishing boat in collision: media
Tokyo (AFP) March 30, 2020
A Japanese naval destroyer and a Chinese fishing boat have collided in the sea off Shanghai but there were no injuries, Japanese media reported early Tuesday. ... more
Nature takes back world's empty city streets
Paris (AFP) March 29, 2020
As humans retreat into their homes as more and more countries go under coronavirus lockdown, wild animals are slipping cover to explore the empty streets of some of our biggest cities. ... more
Nike says China is coming back as online growth cushions virus blow
New York (AFP) March 24, 2020
Nike executives said Tuesday that shoppers in key Asian markets are beginning to return to stores as the company reported a rare drop in Chinese quarterly revenues cushioned by stronger e-commerce sales. ... more
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Japan PM calls for nationwide closure of schools over virus
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 27, 2020
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday urged schools nationwide to close for several weeks to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, as authorities reported the country's fourth death linked to the outbreak. ... more
Beijing says Chinese professor confessed to spying
Beijing (AFP) March 26, 2020
A Chinese man reportedly working as a university professor in Japan has confessed to spying and was in custody in his home country, China's foreign ministry said Thursday. ... more
Joint Japanese-German research project investigates networked and automated driving
Braunschweig, Germany (SPX) Mar 25, 2020
Communication between humans and vehicles and the socio-economic consequences of networked and automated driving are the focus of the Japanese-German collaborative research project CADJapanGermany ( ... more
'Joy of spring': Japan fetes cherry blossoms despite virus
Tokyo (AFP) March 23, 2020
The crowds might be thinner and parties smaller, but warnings from officials over the coronavirus have done little to stop Japanese celebrating as the country's famed cherry trees explode into bloom. ... more
Migratory wading birds tracked over 6000-8000 km round trip
Matsumoto, Japan (SPX) Mar 19, 2020
The next time you eat a bowl of rice you might appreciate the fact that the rice paddy fields that produced the rice might have allowed an inland migratory bird to fuel by feeding on insects during ... more
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Japan's imports from China plunged in February on virus woes
Tokyo (AFP) March 18, 2020
Japan's imports from China almost halved last month from a year earlier to log the steepest fall since 1986 as the new coronavirus outbreak disrupted trade, official data showed Wednesday. ... more
Fujifilm shares soar after China backs drug to treat virus
Tokyo (AFP) March 18, 2020
Shares in Japanese firm Fujifilm Holdings sky-rocketed on Wednesday after Chinese authorities said a drug produced by the company could be effective for treating coronavirus patients. ... more
Long-distance fiber link poised to create powerful networks of optical clocks
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 18, 2020
An academic-industrial team in Japan has connected three laboratories in a 100-kilometer region with an optical telecommunications fiber network stable enough to remotely interrogate optical atomic ... more
Asteroid Ryugu likely link in planetary formation
Berlin, Germany (SPX) Mar 17, 2020
The Solar System formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Numerous fragments that bear witness to this early era orbit the Sun as asteroids. Around three-quarters of these are carbon-rich C-type ... more
Shifts in deep geologic structure may have magnified great 2011 Japan tsunami
New York NY (SPX) Mar 17, 2020
On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake struck under the seabed off Japan - the most powerful quake to hit the country in modern times, and the fourth most powerful in the world since modern rec ... more

North Korea seeks attention with weapons test: Seoul

For some Fukushima evacuees, Olympics no reason for cheer
Naraha, Japan (AFP) March 9, 2020
The Olympic torch relay that begins in Japan this month will start from Fukushima, highlighting what the government dubs the "Recovery Olympics", but not everyone in the region will be cheering. ... more
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Surf's up in Fukushima 9 years after nuclear accident
Minamisoma, Japan (AFP) March 9, 2020
Every morning, come rain or shine, 64-year-old Koji Suzuki grabs his board and checks out the surf crashing onto the Fukushima coastline, some of the best rollers in Japan. ... more
Virus scales back Japan events marking 2011 disaster
Tokyo (AFP) March 11, 2020
Japan on Wednesday marked the ninth anniversary of the killer tsunami that triggered the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, but fears about the new coronavirus forced a scaling back of public commemorations. ... more
Japan unveils fresh economic package to offset virus damage
Tokyo (AFP) March 10, 2020
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday announced a second emergency package to tackle economic woes stemming from the coronavirus outbreak, including $15 billion in loan programmes to support small businesses. ... more
Japan readies 'state of emergency' coronavirus measures
Tokyo (AFP) March 10, 2020
Japan's government Tuesday approved draft "state of emergency" measures that would allow authorities to keep people inside and commandeer buildings for hospitals, as Tokyo steps up its fight against coronavirus five months before the Olympics. ... more
Japan to partner with U.S. on next-generation fighter plane
Washington DC (UPI) Mar 09, 2020
Japan's Air Self-Defense Force will partner with U.S. firms to build its next-generation fighter plane. ... more
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Space missions support whole-of-government approach during COVID-19 pandemic
Arlington VA (AFNS) Mar 27, 2020
Gen. John "Jay" Raymond, Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force and Commander, United States Space Command said Friday the U.S. Space Force and U.S. Space Command are maintaining all mission requirements and capabilities despite the expanding scope of COVID-19 and the aggressive actions necessary to shield personnel from the disease. "I'm confident we've taken the measures th ... more
+ Aussie troops to help enforce mandatory quarantine
+ In virus fight, Singapore may jail people who stand close
+ North Macedonia joins NATO, adopts alliance's COVID-19 response tool
+ Indigenous leaders issue plea for COVID pandemic protection
+ Surviving quarantine: five tips from a Russian cosmonaut
+ Belgium's homeless struggling under virus lockdown
+ French brotherhood braves pandemic to bury the destitute
'Space Fence' radar operational, tracks objects as small as 10 cms
Washington DC (UPI) Mar 30, 2020
A radar system known as Space Fence, which can track material in space as small as 10 centimeters, is fully operational, the U.S. Space Force announced. Using enhanced S-band radar, the Space Fence improves on previous capabilities of the Space Surveillance Network in tracking objects such as commercial and military satellites, depleted rocket boosters and space debris in low, medium, a ... more
+ Airbus completes In Orbit Commissioning of CHEOPS
+ Hallmark Transitions Key Strategies for Space Situational Awareness, Management
+ Flat-panel technology could transform antennas, wireless and cell phone communications
+ USSF announces initial operational capability and operational acceptance of Space Fence
+ DLR retrofits 3D printer to produce medical protective equipment
+ Print sprint: Bosnians 3D print face-shields to combat coroanvirus
+ Engineers 3D print soft, rubbery brain implants

Study reveals where marine species are moving as oceans warm
Washington DC (UPI) Mar 26, 2020
The distribution and abundance of hundreds of marine species, including mammals, plankton, fish, plants and seabirds, has changed significantly during the past century in response to rising ocean temperatures, a new survey shows. For the study, published this week in the journal Current Biology, scientists mined some 540 records of changes in species abundance. "We drew together ... more
+ Unique structural fluctuations at ice surface promote autoionization of water molecules
+ Lockheed Martin receives $12.3 million to develop underwater drone
+ Great Barrier Reef suffers mass coral bleaching event
+ Satellite data boosts understanding of climate change's effects on kelp
+ Study shows changes in Great Barrier Reef fish during heat wave
+ The mighty Nile, threatened by waste, warming, mega-dam
+ Sugar brings a lot of carbon dioxide into the deeper sea
New DNA origami motor breaks speed record for nano machines
Atlanta GA (SPX) Mar 04, 2020
Through a technique known as DNA origami, scientists have created the fastest, most persistent DNA nano motor yet. Angewandte Chemie published the findings, which provide a blueprint for how to optimize the design of motors at the nanoscale - hundreds of times smaller than the typical human cell. "Nanoscale motors have tremendous potential for applications in biosensing, in building synthe ... more
+ Deep-sea osmolyte makes biomolecular machines heat-tolerant
+ Nanobubbles in nanodroplets
+ New production method for carbon nanotubes gets green light
+ A quantum breakthrough brings a technique from astronomy to the nano-scale
+ Creating a nanoscale on-off switch for heat
+ Nanoscience breakthrough: Probing particles smaller than a billionth of a meter
+ SMART discovers breakthrough way to look at the surface of nanoparticles

US deploys Patriot air defence system to Iraq
Baghdad (AFP) March 30, 2020
The United States has deployed Patriot air defence batteries to Iraqi bases to protect American troops recently targeted by Iranian missiles, US and Iraqi military sources told AFP Monday. Washington and Baghdad had been negotiating the placement of the defence system since January, when Tehran fired ballistic missiles at the western Iraqi base of Ain al-Asad, which hosts American and other ... more
+ Lockheed awarded $932.8M to make THAADs for U.S., Saudi Arabia
+ Missile Defense Agency's Long Range Discrimination Radar closer to delivery
+ Arrows of misfortune as US Missile Defence needs upgrading
+ Syrian air defence responds to 'Israeli missiles': state media
+ Syrian air defence responds to 'Israeli missiles': state media
+ BAE wins $188.2M Navy contract for AEGIS system engineering, testing
+ Turkey says might receive US missiles over Syria threat
China's experimental manned spaceship undergoes tests
Beijing (XNA) Mar 25, 2020
A trial version of China's new-generation manned spaceship is being tested at the Wenchang Space Launch Center on the coast of south China's island province of Hainan, according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA). The experimental spacecraft is scheduled to launch with no crew in mid to late April on the maiden flight of the Long March-5B carrier rocket, a variant of the Long March-5, ... more
+ China's Long March-7A carrier rocket fails in maiden flight
+ China's Yuanwang-5 sails to Pacific Ocean for space monitoring mission
+ Construction of China's space station begins with start of LM-5B launch campaign
+ China Prepares to Launch Unknown Satellite Aboard Long March 7A Rocket
+ China's Long March-5B carrier rocket arrives at launch site
+ China to launch more space science satellites
+ China's space station core module, manned spacecraft arrive at launch site
DSI's 2nd DoD Hypersonic Capabilities Symposium April 22-23, 2020 Alexandria, VA

Crisis brings robots to medical frontline: researchers
Washington (AFP) March 25, 2020
Robots are expected to demonstrate their value for "dirty and dangerous" medical tasks in the fight to quell the coronavirus pandemic, researchers said Wednesday. An editorial in Science Robotics noted that robots can help with telemedicine, decontamination, handling of hazardous waste and monitoring compliance with voluntary quarantines. "Historically, robots have been developed to take ... more
+ Stanford engineers create shape-changing, free-roaming soft robot
+ Thai hospitals deploy 'ninja robots' to aid virus battle
+ Soft robot, unplugged
+ Help NASA design a robot to dig on the Moon
+ Small robots practice scouting skills for future Moon missions
+ High School students vie for a win in robotics competition
+ A flexible brain for AI
Virus puts Hong Kong's 'McRefugees' back on streets
Hong Kong (AFP) March 27, 2020
Virtually blind and penniless, Leung Ping-kuen usually spends his nights dozing in one of Hong Kong's many 24-hour McDonald's but now finds himself back on the streets because of the coronavirus. The 37-year-old is one of the city's so-called "McRefugees", a small community of homeless and rough sleepers who use the fast food chain as a shelter. McDonald's has long turned a blind eye to ... more
+ China sentences Swedish bookseller Gui Minhai to 10 years' jail
+ Beijing says Chinese professor confessed to spying
+ Hong Kong politican arrested for 'sedition' over Facebook post
+ Australia condemns China's 'indictment' of academic; China urged to reverse US media explusion
+ Hubei residents rush to leave China virus epicentre as lockdown lifts
+ Chinese city eases virus lockdown but life is far from normal
+ China virus epicentre to open up as world locks down

Air quality picking up in quarantined countries
Paris (AFP) March 22, 2020
Air quality is improving in countries under coronavirus quarantines, experts say, but it is far too early to speak of long-term change. Images by the US space agency NASA are clear, in February the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) fell dramatically in Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic, passing from an indicator that was red/orange to blue. NO2 is mainly produced ... more
+ Air pollution in Italy falls since start of lockdown
+ Copernicus Sentinel-1 studies rice fields across Vietnam
+ Very high resolution satellite imagery from CloudFerro
+ New satellite-based algorithm pinpoints crop water use
+ Global warming influence on extreme weather events has been frequently underestimated
+ Observing phytoplankton via satellite
+ India Planning Launch of 10 Earth Observation Satellites by March 2021
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Could Satellites Help Head Off a Locust Invasion?
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 31, 2020
A single desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) can consume its body weight in vegetation in one day. That may not sound like much for one 2.5-gram locust, but when 40 million of them gather-considered a small swarm-they can devour as much food as 35,000 people. In one day, a small swarm can jeopardize a farmer's livelihood. Since December 2019, croplands in Kenya have been inundated by the ... more
+ Wuhan's virus ground-zero market hides in plain sight
+ Instacart gig workers threaten walkoff over virus safety
+ Kenya bans controversial donkey slaughter trade
+ DR Congo latest victim of locust swarms: experts
+ Dutch destroy millions of flowers as coronavirus wilts sales
+ Land-cover maps of Europe from the Cloud
+ Impact of a second Dust Bowl would be felt worldwide
Warped Space-time to Help WFIRST Find Exoplanets
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 31, 2020
NASA's Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) will search for planets outside our solar system toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy, where most stars are. Studying the properties of exoplanet worlds will help us understand what planetary systems throughout the galaxy are like and how planets form and evolve. Combining WFIRST's findings with results from NASA's Kepler and Transi ... more
+ Russian to study if space suits can bring microbes into ISS from exterior
+ Paired with super telescopes, model Earths guide hunt for life
+ Salmon parasite is world's first non-oxygen breathing animal
+ Planetary Science Journal launches with online papers
+ Snapping A Space Shot
+ The Strange Orbits of 'Tatooine' Planetary Disks
+ Observed: An exoplanet where it rains iron

Facebook and Instagram remove Bolsonaro video questioning virus quarantine
Brasilia, Brazil DC (AFP) Mar 31, 2020
Facebook and Instagram removed videos of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro on Monday, saying they spread misinformation about the coronavirus, a day after Twitter did the same. "We remove content on Facebook and Instagram that violates our terms of use, which do not allow misinformation that could cause physical harm to individuals," Facebook said in a statement in Portuguese. Twitt ... more
+ Asia virus latest: World Bank poverty warning, China factory turnaround
+ Northern Ireland sportswear factory scrubs up in virus fight
+ China virus city in transport shutdown as WHO delays decision
+ Europe boosts China flight checks as killer virus spreads
+ Global health emergencies: A rarely used call to action
+ Japan PM calls for nationwide closure of schools over virus
+ Iran denies virus coverup after claim of 50 deaths
Nigerians brace for lockdown as Africa tries to halt virus
Lagos (AFP) March 30, 2020
More than 20 million Nigerians on Monday scrambled to prepare for lockdown in sub-Saharan Africa's biggest city Lagos and the capital Abuja, as the continent struggled to curb the spread of coronavirus. President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered a two-week "cessation of all movements" in the key cities from 2200 GMT to ward off an explosion of cases in Africa's most populous country. Busines ... more
+ Dozens of S.Africans exit quarantine after China return
+ Chad declares Lake areas 'war zone' after deadly Boko Haram attack
+ S.African policeman arrested for murder amid virus lockdown
+ Nigeria receives COVID-19 test kits from Chinese billionaire Ma
+ Africa's weak health systems face escalating virus peril
+ Boko Haram attack kills nearly 100 Chadian troops
+ Norway rejects French request to send forces to Mali
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Construction of Russian National Space Center to be finished in Moscow in 2023
Moscow (Sputnik) Mar 27, 2020
The construction of the Russian National Space Centre on the territory of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center in Moscow is set to be finished in 2023, according to the Roscosmos space corporation. "We plan to finish the construction of the National Space Center in 2023," the corporation said in the materials published on its website. Previously, the construction ... more
+ Revisiting decades-old Voyager 2 data, scientists find one more secret
+ Five MIT payloads deployed on the International Space Station
+ Coronavirus pandemic will not cause delays in ISS crew return says Roscosmos
+ Insects, seaweed and lab-grown meat could be the foods of the future
+ An astronaut's tips for living in space or anywhere
+ Boeing's first manned Starliner to be launched to ISS on 31 August
+ NASA leadership assessing mission impacts of coronavirus
China, Iran lead UN push for US sanctions relief during pandemic
United Nations, United States (AFP) March 26, 2020
China and Iran led a group of countries in a joint push Thursday for the UN to pressure Washington to lift sanctions, which they charged are hindering the global fight against COVID-19. "We urge you to request the complete and immediate lifting of such illegal, coercive and arbitrary measures of economic pressure (...) in order to ensure the full, effective and efficient response of all memb ... more
+ North Korea slams Pompeo and says will 'walk our way'
+ North Korea says tested 'super-large' rocket launchers
+ German army translator sentenced for spying for Iran
+ N. Korea praises Trump but warns on ties
+ North Korea praises Trump but warns on ties
+ North Korea fires two 'ballistic missiles' into sea
+ Lockheed nabs $601.3M for work on Trident II D5 ballistic missile

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