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January 26, 2021
Major firms urge Japan to bolster 2030 renewables goal

Tokyo (AFP) Jan 18, 2021
Major firms including Sony, Panasonic and Nissan on Monday urged the Japanese government to make its 2030 renewable energy target twice as ambitious. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga last year set a 2050 deadline for Japan to become carbon-neutral, but the country's shorter term renewables goal has long been criticised as lagging. Japan currently aims to source between 22 and 24 percent of its power from solar, wind and other renewables by 2030, a target set three years ago and soon to be reassesse ... read more

NASA, Japan formalize Gateway Partnership for Artemis Program
Washington DC (SPX) Jan 13, 2021
NASA and the Government of Japan have finalized an agreement for the lunar Gateway, an orbiting outpost that commercial and international partners will build together. This agreement strengthens the ... more
Sri Lanka revives port deal with India, Japan
Colombo (AFP) Jan 13, 2021
Sri Lanka's President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday announced the revival of an Indian and Japanese investment project to develop a deep-sea terminal in Colombo harbour, next to a controversial $500-million Chinese-run container jetty. ... more
UK helps raise $1 billion in global vaccine donations
London (AFP) Jan 10, 2021
Britain said on Sunday it has helped raise $1 billion (818 million euros) from global donors towards the drive to help "vulnerable countries" access coronavirus vaccines, by match-funding contributions. ... more
Remote sensing data sheds light on when and how asteroid Ryugu lost its water
Providence RI (SPX) Jan 06, 2021
Last month, Japan's Hayabusa2 mission brought home a cache of rocks collected from a near-Earth asteroid called Ryugu. While analysis of those returned samples is just getting underway, researchers ... more
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Japan, South Korea to run with Viet coal plant despite climate vows
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 01, 2021
Japan and South Korea are pushing ahead with a controversial coal plant in Vietnam and will provide $1.8 billion in loans for the project, despite having announced ambitious pledges to become carbon-neutral on their home turf. ... more
Extremely energy efficient microprocessor developed using superconductors
Yokohama, Japan (SPX) Dec 30, 2020
Researchers from Yokohama National University in Japan have developed a prototype microprocessor using superconductor devices that are about 80 times more energy efficient than the state-of-the-art ... more
Japan unveils green growth plan for 2050 carbon neutral goal
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 25, 2020
Japan on Friday unveiled plans to boost renewable energy, phase out gasoline-powered cars and reduce battery costs as part of a bid to reach an ambitious 2050 carbon-neutral goal. ... more
Fukushima nuclear debris removal delayed by virus
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 24, 2020
The removal of nuclear debris from Japan's crippled Fukushima power plant will be delayed by about a year, because the pandemic has set back development of specialised equipment, the plant's operator said Thursday. ... more
Japan's renewable energy sector seeks carbon-neutral windfall
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 23, 2020
Japan needs to boost renewable energy by reforming outdated policies on land use and the national grid if it is to meet a new goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, industry players and experts say. ... more
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Compressive fluctuations heat ions in space plasma
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Dec 21, 2020
New simulations carried out in part on the ATERUI II supercomputer in Japan have found that the reason ions exist at higher temperatures than electrons in space plasma is because they are better abl ... more
Japan cabinet approves record budget, higher defence spending
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 21, 2020
Japan's cabinet on Monday approved a record budget proposal for the next fiscal year from April, including stimulus for the pandemic-hit economy and another hike in defence spending to counter China. ... more
The Subaru Telescope photographs the next target asteroid for Hayabusa2
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Dec 21, 2020
On December 10, 2020 (Hawai?i Standard Time), the Subaru Telescope imaged the small asteroid 1998 KY26, the target of Hayabusa2's extended mission. The positional data for 1998 KY26 collected during ... more
Key building block for organic molecules discovered in meteorites
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Dec 21, 2020
Scientists from Japan and NASA have confirmed the presence in meteorites of a key organic molecule which may have been used to build other organic molecules, including some used by life. The discove ... more
USS John S. McCain trains with French, Japanese naval forces
Washington DC (UPI) Dec 21, 2020
The USS John S. McCain joined a multinational exercise in the Philippine Sea with French and Japanese ships, the U. S. Navy 7th Fleet announced. ... more

Japan's signs historic MOU with the US Space Force

Army deployed as record snowfall blankets parts of Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 17, 2020
Japan deployed the military on Thursday to help residents trapped by record snowfall that has blanketed parts of the country, with 10,000 homes losing power in the north and west. ... more
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Researchers use origami to solve space travel challenge
Pullman WA (SPX) Dec 16, 2020
WSU researchers have used the ancient Japanese art of paper folding to possibly solve a key challenge for outer space travel - how to store and move fuel to rocket engines. The researchers hav ... more
Asteroid samples leave Japan scientists 'speechless'
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 15, 2020
Scientists in Japan said Tuesday they were left "speechless" when they saw how much asteroid dust was inside a capsule delivered by the Hayabusa-2 space probe in an unprecedented mission. ... more
New fullerene crystal production method 50 times faster than predecessor
Yokohama, Japan (SPX) Dec 16, 2020
Researchers from Yokohama National University and the University of Electro-Communications in Japan have developed a highly efficient technique for producing a unique fullerene crystal, called fulle ... more
Delayed Arctic ice advance tracked back to atmospheric conditions near Alaska months prior
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Dec 16, 2020
Experts in Japan recently discovered that atmospheric conditions near Alaska can affect sea ice conditions in the Arctic Ocean months later. The team used various data, including ship-based data fro ... more
'Chaotic' way to create insectlike gaits for robots
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 16, 2020
Researchers in Japan and Italy are embracing chaos and nonlinear physics to create insectlike gaits for tiny robots - complete with a locomotion controller to provide a brain-machine interface. ... more
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Nine trapped Chinese miners confirmed dead, one still missing
Beijing (AFP) Jan 25, 2021
Chinese rescue workers have found the bodies of nine more miners after an explosion a fortnight ago, local officials said Monday, raising the death toll to 10. It comes a day after 11 miners were pulled out alive from the mine in eastern Shandong province where the blast struck. One miner remains unaccounted for. A group of 22 were trapped hundreds of metres underground by the explosion ... more
+ Defense, Homeland Security departments halt border wall construction
+ Red Cross doubles front-line disaster relief funding
+ Amid 'threat' National Guard to stay in Washington to March
+ DoD to halt border wall construction following executive order
+ 480,000 killed by extreme weather this century: analysis
+ Twitter unveils 'community-driven' effort to fight misinformation
+ 11 Chinese miners saved as rescuers race to find remaining 10
3D printing to pave the way for Moon colonization
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Jan 22, 2021
A research team from the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing, and Materials (CDMM) comprising 2nd year Ph.D. student Maxim Isachenkov, Senior Research Scientist Svyatoslav Chugunov, Professor Iskander Akhatov, and Professor Igor Shishkovsky has prepared an extensive review on the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies (also known as 3-D-printing) in crewed lunar exploration. ... more
+ NASA's Deep Space Network welcomes a new dish to the family
+ Record-breaking laser may help test Einstein's theory of relativity
+ Keep this surface dirty
+ D-Orbit's ION satellite carrier rides SpaceX's Falcon 9 to orbit
+ Seeing in a flash
+ DARPA opens door to producing "unimaginable" designs for DoD
+ DARPA project drives simulation technology for off-road unmanned vehicles

Texas coast uses Christmas trees to rebuild storm-ravaged dunes
Surfside Beach, Etats-Unis (AFP) Jan 25, 2021
Toni Capretta stands on a patch of Texas's Gulf coast where just seven months earlier the dunes were nearly her height. Now they are gone. Her town of Surfside Beach comes alive during the summer months, when Texans flock to the coast, but the landscape's saving grace is straight out of a winter wonderland: the beloved Christmas tree. The recycled evergreens are used to construct new dun ... more
+ Deadliest catch: Thailand's 'ghost' fishing nets help Covid fight
+ Ageing dams pose growing threat: UN
+ World's largest lakes reveal climate change trends
+ Role of dams in reducing global flood exposure under climate change
+ Brazilian dam collapse could have been predicted with right monitoring technology
+ Climate change will alter the position of the Earth's tropical rain belt
+ Ex-state governor charged in Flint water crisis
New technique builds super-hard metals from nanoparticles
Providence RI (SPX) Jan 25, 2021
Metallurgists have all kinds of ways to make a chunk of metal harder. They can bend it, twist it, run it between two rollers or pound it with a hammer. These methods work by breaking up the metal's grain structure - the microscopic crystalline domains that form a bulk piece of metal. Smaller grains make for harder metals. Now, a group of Brown University researchers has found a way to cust ... more
+ Scientists see competition of magnetic orders from 2D sheets of atoms
+ Atomic-scale nanowires can now be produced at scale
+ Weak force has strong impact on nanosheets
+ Making 3D nanosuperconductors with DNA
+ Researchers share design for affordable single-molecule microscope
+ Scientists explain the paradox of quantum forces in nanodevices
+ Rice rolls out next-gen nanocars

Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor Phase IIb Awards
Washington DC (AFNS) Jan 25, 2021
The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is pleased to announce award of Other Transaction Agreements (OTA) with L3Harris Technologies, Inc and Northrop Grumman Systems Cooporation for the Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor (HBTSS) program's Phase IIb On-orbit Prototype Demonstration. Phase IIb will continue developing the capability to support Warfighter fire-control quality data requiremen ... more
+ Northrop builds command centers for Poland's air, missile defense system
+ Israel delivers second Iron Dome Defense System battery to U.S.
+ Congress adds $1.3B to Missile Defense Agency's budget in spending bill
+ IMDO and MDA complete intercept test of the David's Sling Weapon System
+ Most Advanced SBIRS Missile Warning Satellite Ready For 2021 Launch
+ Russian military successfully tests new anti-ballistic missile
+ Navy intercepts, destroys ICBM during missile test in Hawaii
China's space tracking ship completes satellite launch monitoring
Aboard Yuanwang-5 (Xinhua) Jan 22, 2021
China's space tracking ship Yuanwang-5 completed its mission in the Pacific Ocean to monitor and ensure the launch of the Tiantong 1-03 satellite on Wednesday. China successfully launched the mobile telecommunication satellite at 12:25 a.m. (Beijing Time) on Wednesday. The satellite entered its planned orbit. As the only maritime monitoring site for the launch, Yuanwang-5 was respons ... more
+ Key modules for China's next space station ready for launch
+ China's space station core module, cargo craft pass factory review
+ Major space station components cleared for operations
+ Chinese space enterprise gears up for record-breaking 40-plus launches in 2021
+ China's space achievements out of this world
+ China's Chang'e-5 orbiter embarks on new mission to gravitationally stable spot at L1
+ China plans to launch four manned spacecraft in next two years

Designing customized "brains" for robots
Boston MA (SPX) Jan 21, 2021
Contemporary robots can move quickly. "The motors are fast, and they're powerful," says Sabrina Neuman. Yet in complex situations, like interactions with people, robots often don't move quickly. "The hang up is what's going on in the robot's head," she adds. Perceiving stimuli and calculating a response takes a "boatload of computation," which limits reaction time, says Neuman, who recentl ... more
+ AI: ensuring that humans remain in the center
+ US leading race in artificial intelligence, China rising: survey
+ How will seafarers fare once automated ships take over
+ Squid-inspired robot swims with nature's most efficient marine animals
+ Using light to revolutionize artificial intelligence
+ Teams crack code, qualify for final stage of NASA Space Robotics
+ Programming tweak helps AI software imitate human visual learning
China blasts 'gross interference' by EU lawmakers on Hong Kong
Beijing (AFP) Jan 22, 2021
China on Friday hit back at an EU resolution condemning its crackdown on Hong Kong democracy activists, accusing European lawmakers of "gross interference" in its governance of the city. Members of the European Parliament on Thursday passed the resolution calling for "targeted sanctions" against Chinese and Hong Kong officials held responsible for recent arrests of activists. The lawmake ... more
+ Alibaba's Jack Ma appears for first time since regulatory crackdown
+ EU Parliament condemns China deal over Hong Kong crackdown
+ China sanctions Pompeo, Trump officials for violating 'sovereignty'
+ Imprisoned Chinese rights lawyer in poor health: wife
+ Hong Kong national security police make 11 new arrests
+ Two Canadians detained in China allowed calls with relatives
+ US-born lawyer keeps faith after Hong Kong security law arrest

Satellite-powered app to spot loneliness in hotspots in UK cities
London, UK (SPX) Jan 19, 2021
The satellite-enabled Care View application tackles social isolation and loneliness in urban areas by enlisting the help of an army of professional volunteers across a city, including police officers, postal workers and charity workers, who register on the app when they see signs people may be experiencing social isolation. The app provides a digital tool to help volunteers find people in need o ... more
+ ABB sensor onboard SpaceX rocket to detect greenhouse gas emissions
+ Genesis of blue lightning into the stratosphere detected from ISS
+ China collects 100PB of Earth observation data
+ Tiny particles formed from trace gases can seed open ocean clouds
+ Earth Observation data could represent a billion-dollar opportunity for Africa
+ Counting elephants from space
+ Dust from the deep sea provides clues to future wind patterns

Small farmers 'need more climate aid to ward off famines': UN
Paris (AFP) Jan 23, 2021
Climate aid to millions of small farmers around the world must "substantially increase" to ward off hunger and instability, a United Nations body warned Saturday. Small farmers "do little to cause climate change, but suffer the most from its impacts," Gilbert F. Houngbo, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) said in a statement. "If investments... do not ... more
+ Making protein 'superfood' from marine algae
+ Nations failing to fund climate adaptation: UN
+ Canadian researchers create new form of cultivated meat
+ Brazilian ant farm yields new antifungal compound
+ In Iraq, a new epidemic -- bird flu -- decimates chicken coops
+ US to seize all Xinjiang tomato, cotton imports
+ Campaigners hail Mexican ban on genetically modified corn
CHEOPS finds unique planetary system
Bern, Switzerland (SPX) Jan 26, 2021
Musical notes that sound pleasant together can form a harmony. These notes are usually in a special relationship with each other: when expressed as frequencies, their ratios result in simple fractions, such as four-thirds or three-halves. Similarly, a planetary system can also form a kind of harmony when planets, whose orbital period ratios form simple fractions, regularly attract each other wit ... more
+ Holding the system of HR 8799 together
+ The seven rocky planets of TRAPPIST-1 seem to have very similar compositions
+ The 7 rocky TRAPPIST-1 planets may be made of similar stuff
+ Astronomers discover first cloudless, Jupiter-like planet
+ Puzzling six-exoplanet system with rhythmic movement challenges theories of how planets form
+ Solar system formation in two steps
+ Simulating evolution to understand a hidden switch

Hong Kong orders thousands to stay home in two-day virus lockdown
Hong Kong (AFP) Jan 23, 2021
Thousands of Hong Kongers were ordered to stay in their homes on Saturday for the city's first coronavirus lockdown as authorities battle an outbreak in one of its poorest and most densely packed districts. The order bans about 10,000 people living inside multiple housing blocks within the neighbourhood of Jordan from leaving their apartments until all those in the area had been tested. ... more
+ Wuhan marks a year since lockdown as Biden warns of 600,000 dead
+ In Spain, hospitals pay price for Christmas festivities
+ Too early to draw Covid origin conclusions: WHO
+ Brazil's late and rocky start on vaccinations fuels public ire
+ Borders tightened as coronavirus curfew fury spills over
+ Beijing launches mass testing to stem virus outbreak
+ Google offers facilities for US vaccination sites
prepares to bury ex-leader Rawlings as parties vie over legacy
Accra (AFP) Jan 24, 2021
As Ghana prepares for the funeral of former president Jerry Rawlings, the two main political parties are squabbling over his legacy. Rawlings held sway for two decades, first as military ruler and later as elected president. He died in November at the age of 73 and his funeral was initially scheduled for December 23 but was postponed, because of what the foreign ministry called "unforese ... more
+ French troops kill over 20 jihadists in Burkina Faso
+ HRW urges investigation into French air strike in central Mali
+ Zambia copper mine settles villagers' pollution claims
+ France's reckoning with colonial past reviewed in Algeria report
+ U.S. airstrikes kill 3 al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia
+ Russia pulling 'military instructors' out of Central African Republic
+ Mali army probes death of jihadist prisoners
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NASA and Boeing target new launch date for next Starliner flight test
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Jan 26, 2021
NASA and Boeing are targeting no earlier than Thursday, March 25, for the launch of Starliner's second uncrewed flight test as part of the agency's Commercial Crew Program. Boeing's Orbital Flight Test-2, or OFT-2, is a critical developmental milestone on the company's path to fly crew missions for NASA to the International Space Station. The target launch date is enabled by an opening on ... more
+ NASA may limit its presence in Russia over shrinking cooperation on ISS
+ Bridenstine leaves NASA, calls for unity in space, science efforts
+ Tourism on track in the world's largest cave
+ Pandemic drags German admin out of the 1980s
+ Glenn's Power Systems Facility has supported Station research for decades
+ Muscles, metals, bubbles and rotifers - a month of European science in space
+ Asteroids vs. microbes
Kremlin welcomes US offer to extend nuclear pact, seeks 'details'
Moscow (AFP) Jan 22, 2021
Russia and the United States drew closer Friday to extending a nuclear pact ahead of the fast approaching expiry date of the last arms control accord between the former Cold War rivals. The New START treaty, which is due to expire on February 5, is seen as a rare opportunity for compromise between Moscow and Washington, whose ties have further deteriorated over recent cyber hacking and elect ... more
+ Biden seeks five more years for last Russia nuclear pact but no 'reset'
+ Iran calls on Biden to 'unconditionally' lift US sanctions
+ New START: expiring arms accord between Cold War rivals
+ UN, pope hail launch of anti-nuclear treaty
+ Iran says no intention to expel IAEA inspectors
+ Russia urges Biden to be 'more constructive' on arms treaty
+ Delicate dance: handing off the US 'nuclear football'

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