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24/7 News Coverage About Japan
July 21, 2017
New anti-ship missile tipped for Japanese fighters

Washington (UPI) Jul 20, 2017
The Japanese government plans to equip its F-2 fighters from next fiscal year with a new air-to-ship missile now under development, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Wednesday. Quoting unnamed sources, the newspaper said the new missile - the first supersonic air-to-ship type missile developed by Japan - will replace the Air Self-Defense Force's Type 80 and Type 93 missiles. The speed of the new missile is roughly Mach 3, or three times the speed of sound and about three-times faster tha ... read more

ASTROSCALE Raises a Total of $25 Million in Series C Led by Private Companies
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
ASTROSCALE completed a Series C round and raised $53 million in total to date. Private companies, ANA Holdings Inc. (ANA - parent company of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS Co., Ltd.) and OSG Corporation, join r ... more
World's northernmost coral reef in Japan bleached
Tokyo (AFP) July 18, 2017
Bleaching has damaged the world's northernmost coral reef in Japan, a researcher said Tuesday, the latest example of a global phenomenon scientists have attributed to high ocean temperatures. ... more
Japanese seaweed is welcome invader on US coasts: study
Miami (AFP) July 17, 2017
A kind of Japanese seaweed that is considered an invasive species in the United States is actually serving an important role in restoring barren and vulnerable coastlines, US researchers said Monday. ... more
Japanese engineers develop headset-less VR system
Tokyo (AFP) July 18, 2017
A virtual reality "space ride" in which viewers feel as if they are flying through the air inside a giant glass ball has been developed in Japan. ... more
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Integrated Air and Missile Defense 2017 - Sept 27-29 - Washington DC
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Nuclear decommissioning and used fuel market map 2017
Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference -November 2017, Charlotte, NC USA

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
Japan Abe sees devastation in flood-hit area
Tokyo (AFP) July 12, 2017
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday visited southern regions devastated by torrential rains and flooding that killed two dozen people as the toll was likely to rise. ... more
India holds naval exercises with US, Japan
New Delhi (AFP) July 10, 2017
India began holding naval exercises with the United States and Japan off its south coast on Monday, seeking to forge closer military ties to counter growing Chinese influence in the region. ... more
Japan floods death toll rises to 20
Tokyo (AFP) July 9, 2017
The death toll from heavy rains and flooding in Japan's south has risen to 20, local media reported Sunday, as rescue teams continued their search for survivors. ... more
Mitsubishi, Assystem take stakes in France's nuclear reactors firm
Paris (AFP) July 10, 2017
Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi and French engineering consulting firm Assystem have taken stakes in French nuclear reactor business New NP, created from Areva, electricity firm EDF said Monday. ... more
U.S., Japan, India start Malabar 2017 joint naval exercises
Washington (UPI) Jul 7, 2017
The United States, Japan and India have started a week-long series of joint naval exercises involving ships and aircraft from all three nations, the U.S. Navy announced Friday. ... more
Spacecraft unveiled for first Europe mission to Mercury
The Hague (AFP) July 6, 2017
European and Japanese scientists Thursday proudly unveiled the BepiColombo spacecraft ahead of its seven-year journey to Mercury, to explore one of the Solar System's most enigmatic planets. ... more

Could America shield Alaska from a N.Korean missile?

Preparing for Mercury: BepiColombo stack completes testing
Paris (ESA) Jul 07, 2017
ESA's Mercury spacecraft has passed its final test in launch configuration, the last time it will be stacked like this before being reassembled at the launch site next year. BepiColombo's two ... more
US warplanes fly over disputed South China Sea
Beijing (AFP) July 7, 2017
US warplanes have flown over the disputed South China Sea, the US Air Force said Friday, a move aimed at asserting freedom of navigation rights in the hotly-contested area. ... more
US bombers drill near Korea DMZ in show of force
Seoul (AFP) July 8, 2017
US bombers carried out a rare live fire drill in South Korea Saturday, flying close to the DMZ in a show of force after Pyongyang's latest missile test, the South's defence ministry said. ... more
Owls' wings could hold the key to beating wind turbine noise
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
Owls' wings could hold the key to beating wind turbine noise A new study has revealed how inspiration from owls' wings could allow aircraft and wind turbines to become quieter. Researche ... more

Separated by war, Iraqi children wait for parents
Debaga, Iraq (AFP) July 18, 2017
Adel, 15, hasn't seen his parents for the past nine months, but that was the price to pay to escape the brutal rule of Islamic State group jihadists in his northern Iraqi hometown. "I miss my family, nine months is too long," said the teenager, among hundreds of youngsters separated from their parents because of IS and the months-long battle that has expelled the jihadists from Mosul, the ma ... more
Leogane, Haiti (AFP) July 18, 2017
Haiti's army reborn 20 years after it was demobilized
Oxford UK (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
The last survivors on Earth
Washington (AFP) July 12, 2017
Civilian deaths soar in Iraq, Syria: monitoring group
Cleanup Time: Russia Launches Satellite to Remove Space Junk from Orbit
Moscow (Sputnik) Jul 21, 2017
A new satellite developed by a group of students at the Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering has been fitted with metallic reflectors and will be able to remove space junk circling the Earth. Radio Sputnik talked to the head of high technology developing at 12-Digital, Nikita Yershov. The probe is part of a flotilla of 73 artificial orbital bodies aboard the Soyuz rocket, which was ... more
Chapel Hill NC (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
Breakthrough tool predicts properties of theoretical materials
Warsaw, Poland (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
Semiliquid chains pulled out of a sea of microparticles
Santa Barbara CW (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
A plastic planet
New algorithm, metrics improve autonomous underwater vehicles' energy efficiency
Corvallis OR (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
Robotics researchers have found a way for autonomous underwater vehicles to navigate strong currents with greater energy efficiency, which means the AUVs can gather data longer and better. AUVs such as underwater gliders are valuable research tools limited primarily by their energy budget - every bit of battery power wasted via inefficient trajectories cuts into the time they can spend wor ... more
Sydney (AFP) July 20, 2017
MH370 search reveals hidden undersea world
Sydney (AFP) July 19, 2017
Risky business for fish in oil-polluted reef waters
Tokyo (AFP) July 18, 2017
World's northernmost coral reef in Japan bleached
Nanoparticles could spur better LEDs, invisibility cloaks
Ann Arbor MI (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
In an advance that could boost the efficiency of LED lighting by 50 percent and even pave the way for invisibility cloaking devices, a team of University of Michigan researchers has developed a new technique that peppers metallic nanoparticles into semiconductors. It's the first technique that can inexpensively grow metal nanoparticles both on and below the surface of semiconductors. The p ... more
Barcelona, Spain (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
New material resembling a metal nanosponge could reduce computer energy consumption
Pittsburgh PA (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
How do you build a metal nanoparticle?
Pasadena CA (SPX) Jul 03, 2017
Nanostructures taste the rainbow
Lockheed awarded $130.3 million contract for Patriot missile foreign sales
Washington (UPI) Jul 17, 2017
Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control has been awarded a $130.3 million foreign military sales contract for Patriot Advanced Capability-3 anti-ballistic missile systems, the Department of Defense announced Friday. The contract will provide for 35 missile segment enhancements, 100 launcher modifications kits, parts, software, and missile round trainers. Recipients of the systems inclu ... more
Vilnius (AFP) July 11, 2017
US deploys Patriots in Lithuania for NATO war games
Seoul (AFP) July 11, 2017
San Diego 'likely' in range of N.Korea ICBM in 2 years: US monitor
Washington (AFP) July 11, 2017
US conducts successful missile intercept test amid NKorea tensions
China develops sea launches to boost space commerce
Beijing (XNA) Jul 10, 2017
China has a clear plan to provide sea launches for commercial payloads to be carried by Long March rockets, according to an aerospace official. Tang Yagang, vice head of the aerospace division of the No.1 institute of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC), said that the technology is not difficult and a sea launch platform can be built based on modifying 10,000-ton ... more
Beijing (XNA) Jul 07, 2017
Chinese satellite Zhongxing-9A enters preset orbit
Beijing (Sputnik) Jul 07, 2017
Chinese Space Program: From Setback, to Manned Flights, to the Moon
Beijing (Sputnik) Jul 07, 2017
Chinese Rocket Fizzles Out, Puts Other Launches on Hold
Integrated Air and Missile Defense 2017 - Sept 27-29 - Washington DC
Rovers drive through Tenerife darkness
Paris (ESA) Jul 20, 2017
A pair of ESA rovers trundled around a Moon-like area of Tenerife by both day and night during a nine-day test campaign, gathering terabytes of data for follow-up analysis. A team from ESA's Planetary Robotics Laboratory, with a vehicle called the Heavy Duty Planetary Rover (HDPR), joined engineers from GMV in Spain employing a second ESA-owned rover and associated control systems called t ... more
Santa Barbara CA (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
A robot that grows
Hong Kong (AFP) July 12, 2017
Robots debate future of humans at Hong Kong tech show
Bangalore, India (AFP) July 14, 2017
India's Infosys eyes artificial intelligence profits
Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo's ashes buried at sea
Shenyang, China (AFP) July 15, 2017
The ashes of China's late Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo were buried at sea on Saturday, depriving his supporters of a place to pay tribute to the pro-democracy dissident. Officials showed a video in which his wife, Liu Xia, and relatives lowered a white round urn into the water off the northeastern coastal city of Dalian, two days after the democracy advocate died of liver cancer aged 61 while i ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) July 14, 2017
Anti-Beijing Hong Kong lawmakers disqualified from parliament
Shenyang, China (AFP) July 14, 2017
China hits back at criticism over Nobel laureate's death
Shenyang, China (AFP) July 14, 2017
China under pressure to free dissident's widow
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Airbus built Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite ready for launch
Stevenage UK (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
Europe's pollution monitoring satellite Sentinel-5 Precursor is ready to leave Airbus' Stevenage site for launch on a Rokot rocket from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia. Sentinel-5 Precursor is part of the global monitoring programme "Copernicus", a joint European Commission-ESA undertaking which aims to acquire continuous and accurate Earth observation data and provide services to improve the ... more
Washington (UPI) Jul 13, 2017
Nickel key to Earth's magnetic field, research shows
Washington (UPI) Jul 17, 2017
Great Plains to see more dust storms in second half of the 21st century
Wurzburg, Denmark (SPX) Jul 13, 2017
Quantum mechanics inside Earth's core
Kenyan cattle herders defend 'necessary' land invasions
Crocodile Jaw Bridge, Kenya (AFP) July 20, 2017
Close by a narrow, rickety bridge in Kenya's central Laikipia highlands two herders sit on blistering hot rock next to the muddy trickle of the Ewaso Nyiro river to explain why they routinely break the law, invading private land to graze their cattle. "The reason we go there is not to grab the land, we go for pasture, nothing else," says Lemerigi Letimalo, a 28-year-old Samburu herder in a M ... more
Los Angeles (AFP) July 13, 2017
Disneyland China falls a-fowl of huge turkey leg demand
Sede Boqer, Israel (SPX) Jul 13, 2017
Using treated graywater for irrigation is better for arid environments
Los Angeles (AFP) July 12, 2017
Disneyland China falls a-fowl of huge turkey leg demand
Eyes Wide Open for MASCARA Exoplanet Hunter
Garching, Germany (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
The MASCARA (Multi-site All-Sky CAmeRA) station at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile has achieved first light. This new facility will seek out transiting exoplanets as they pass in front of their bright parent stars and create a catalogue of targets for future exoplanet characterisation observations. In June 2016, ESO reached an agreement with Leiden University to site a station of MASCA ... more
Washington (UPI) Jul 18, 2017
Ancient worm burrows offer insights into early 'ecosystem engineers'
Garching, Germany (SPX) Jul 14, 2017
Molecular Outflow Launched Beyond Disk Around Young Star
Arecibo PR (SPX) Jul 17, 2017
A New Search for Extrasolar Planets from the Arecibo Observatory
Paris spotlight on latest in AIDS science
Paris (AFP) July 21, 2017
Some 6,000 HIV experts gather in Paris from Sunday to report advances in AIDS science as fading hopes of finding a cure push research into new fields. In their 36-year battle, researchers have always come up short against the virus' guerrilla tactics - hiding out in human cells and playing dead only to reemerge and attack as soon as treatment is stopped. Today's research is about findin ... more
Paris (AFP) July 20, 2017
As tide turns, AIDS claimed 1 million lives in 2016: UN
Washington (UPI) Jul 11, 2017
Purdue researcher: We shouldn't eliminate mosquitoes
Washington (UPI) Jul 11, 2017
Scientists piece together extinct horsepox virus, raising biosecurity concerns
Peace deal eludes Senegal's Casamance, 35 years on
Toubacouta, Senegal (AFP) July 20, 2017
In Senegal's southern Casamance region, new houses dot a landscape once dominated by abandoned ruins full of bullet holes, though the spectre of a 35-year conflict still haunts its villages. Separatist rebels of the Mouvement des Forces Democratiques de Casamance (MFDC) began fighting for independence more than three decades ago but have long ceased once frequent attacks on the Senegalese ar ... more
Nairobi (AFP) July 13, 2017
Rwandan forces killing suspects without trial: HRW
Addis Ababa (AFP) July 5, 2017
AU chair questions US stance on African peacekeeping
Bamako (AFP) July 6, 2017
3 killed in north Mali clashes as UN condemns violence
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In Gulf of Mexico, NASA Evaluates How Crew Will Exit Orion
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 20, 2017
When astronauts return to Earth from destinations beyond the moon in NASA's Orion spacecraft and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, they'll still need to safely get out of the spacecraft and back on dry land. Using the waters off the coast of Galveston, Texas, a NASA and Department of Defense team tested Orion exit procedures in a variety of scenarios July 10-14. During the crew egress testi ... more
Zhukovskiy (Sputnik) Jul 21, 2017
Space Tourist From Asian Country to Travel to ISS in 2019
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 18, 2017
NASA Awards Mission Systems Operations Contract
Centennial CO (SPX) Jul 21, 2017
ULA to launch Dream Chaser for cargo runs to ISS for Sierra Nevada
No response from North Korea as proposed talks loom: Seoul
Seoul (AFP) July 20, 2017
North Korea has not responded to South Korea's offer to hold military talks Friday, Seoul said, dimming prospects of any ease in tensions after Pyongyang tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. "There has been no response yet," defence ministry spokesman Moon Sang-Gyun told journalists, adding that preparations were still underway in case the proposed meeting goes ahead. Seo ... more
United Nations, United States (AFP) July 19, 2017
US locked in 'slow-going' talks with China on N.Korea sanctions
Tehran (AFP) July 19, 2017
Iran's president threatens response to new US sanctions
Tehran (AFP) July 18, 2017
Iran parliament vows to fight US 'adventurism'

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