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January 23, 2018
Japan forecasting breakthrough could improve weather warnings

Tokyo (AFP) Jan 17, 2018
A new project harnessing data from a Japanese satellite could improve weather forecasting and allow officials to issue life-saving warnings before natural disasters, researchers say. The project is the first time that "infrared radiation luminance data" has been used to model weather patterns in areas under heavy cloud cover that would usually stymie such modelling. The breakthrough is the result of pairing data collected by Japan's Himawari-8 weather satellite with a programme run on a supercom ... read more

Himawari-8 data simulation allows 10-min updates of rain and flood predictions
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jan 18, 2018
Using the power of Japan's K computer, scientists from the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science and collaborators have shown that incorporating satellite data at frequent intervals - t ... more
Tokyo simulates first military attack since WWII amid N. Korea threat
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 22, 2018
Hundreds of Tokyo residents scrambled for cover Monday in the Japanese capital's first evacuation drill for a military attack since World War II, amid ongoing tensions over North Korea's nuclear programme. ... more
Volcano eruption, avalanche at Japan ski resort kills one
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 23, 2018
A Japanese soldier was killed on Tuesday after a volcano erupted near a popular Japanese ski resort, sparking an avalanche that left several injured and scores stranded up a mountain, officials said. ... more
Thousands stranded, scores injured in snowbound Tokyo
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 23, 2018
A rare heavy blanket of snow in Tokyo on Tuesday left thousands of travellers stranded and scores injured, as frozen conditions snarled public transport in the Japanese capital. ... more
Request for Expression of Interest - Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC)
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Military Radar Summit 2018
Tokyo gets first 'heavy snow' alert in four years
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 22, 2018
Japan's weather agency Monday issued a heavy snow warning for Tokyo for the first time in four years, urging people to go home early amid fears of public transport chaos. ... more
Clean and green: A moss that removes lead from water
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jan 19, 2018
Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) in Japan have demonstrated that that moss can be a green alternative for decontaminating polluted water and soil. Published in ... more
New study identifies thermometer for global ocean
San Diego CA (SPX) Jan 04, 2018
There's a new way to measure the average temperature of the ocean thanks to researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego. In an article published in t ... more
Chinese solar boom sparks global renewables boon: study
Paris (AFP) Jan 16, 2018
A Chinese boom in solar panel installation last year helped drive global investment in renewable clean energy technology to record levels, a new study showed Tuesday. ... more
US and allies commit to ending North Korea sanctions busting
Vancouver (AFP) Jan 17, 2018
The United States and its allies on Tuesday vowed tougher measures to halt North Korean sanctions busting, including naval security operations to prevent maritime smuggling. ... more
Japan broadcaster mistakenly flashes missile alert
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 16, 2018
Japan's public broadcaster on Tuesday mistakenly flashed that North Korea appeared to have launched a missile, warning people to take cover before apologising for the error only minutes later. ... more
Japan says China sent nuclear-powered sub to disputed isles
Beijing (AFP) Jan 15, 2018
Japan said Monday that a Chinese naval submarine spotted in waters off flashpoint islands in the East China Sea was one of its new type of nuclear-powered attack vessels. ... more

More resources found in gas-rich Papua New Guinea

Pentagon, Japan Talk Military Cooperation in Space
Tokyo (Sputnik) Jan 15, 2018
US Deputy Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan and Japan's Space Policy Minister Masaji Matsuyama have discussed how to advance cooperation in space amid tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. "The of ... more
China may invest in Russian oil pipeline company Transneft
Washington (UPI) Jan 12, 2018
China could become one of the major shareholders in Transneft, the state-backed oil pipeline company in Russia, one of its directors said Friday. ... more
EU unveils supercomputer plan to rival China
Brussels (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
The EU unveiled plans Thursday to raise one billion euros to build superfast computers that catch up with China and others to boost Europe's economy, make medical advances and fight hacking. ... more

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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
The Humans to Mars Summit 2018 - George Washington University - Washington May 8-10, 2018
Old dog, new tricks: Sony unleashes 'intelligent' robot pet
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
As Japan celebrates the year of the dog, electronics giant Sony on Thursday unleashed its new robot canine companion, packed with artificial intelligence and internet connectivity. ... more
Japan protests after Chinese frigate sails near disputed isles
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
Japan Thursday lodged an official protest with China, after it spotted a Chinese frigate in waters surrounding flashpoint islands in the East China Sea, the first such incursion in more than a year. ... more
Earthquakes as a driver for the deep-ocean carbon cycle
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
In a paper recently published in Nature Communications, geologist Michael Strasser presented the initial findings of a month-long research expedition off the coast of Japan. The research initiative ... more
New 'emotional' robots aim to read human feelings
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
The robot called Forpheus does more than play a mean game of table tennis. It can read body language to gauge its opponent's ability, and offer advice and encouragement. ... more
Japan's Aerospace Agency Developing Radar Detecting Space Micro-Debris
Tokyo (Sputnik) Jan 09, 2018
Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is developing a radar that will be capable of detecting space micro-debris of about 10 centimeters (3.9 inches), local media reported on Monday. Acc ... more
State Department approves $133.3M missile sale to Japan
Washington (UPI) Jan 10, 2018
The State Department has approved the potential $133.3 million foreign military sale of Standard Missile-3 Block IIA missiles to Japan. ... more
'To boldly grow': Japan astronaut worried by space growth spurt
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
A Japanese astronaut has sparked hilarity back on Earth after he claimed to have grown nine centimetres in space, making him worried he would not squeeze into the capsule home. ... more

Japan steps into offshore Brazil bonanza

Toyota brings the store to you with self-driving concept vehicle
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
Self-driving buses aren't new, but Toyota's concept vehicle unveiled Monday aims to be more than just that - a mobile platform for e-commerce, ridesharing and medical services, for a start. ... more
US military chopper makes second emergency landing in Okinawa
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
An American military helicopter made an emergency landing in Okinawa on Monday, just two days after a similar incident on the southern Japanese island. ... more
Struggling Westinghouse Electric sold to Brookfield for $4.6 bn
New York (AFP) Jan 4, 2018
Financially-troubled Westinghouse Electric announced Thursday it agreed to be sold to Brookfield Business Partners for $4.6 billion, pending approval by a US bankruptcy court. ... more

Jihadist corpses poison life in Iraq's Mosul
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) Jan 22, 2018
For three years, jihadists made life in Iraq's Mosul impossible. Now, six months after their defeat, even their corpses are polluting everyone's existence as no one wants to move them. The rare few who dare to venture into Mosul's historic centre do so with their nose and mouth firmly covered with masks or scarves to keep out the stench. Amid the rubble-strewn alleys overlooking the Riv ... more
+ World Bank signs $300m loan for Nepal quake reconstruction
+ Assad regime promotes Syria as a 'tourist' destination
+ 10 Syrians die of cold trying to flee into Lebanon: officials
+ Fukushima operator releases fresh images of reactor wreckage
+ Astrosat and DroneSAR form partnership to enhance Search and Rescue capabilities
+ France to clear decade-old airport protest camp
+ Tracing how disaster impacts escalate will improve emergency responses
Ultra-thin memory storage device paves way for more powerful computing
Austin TX (SPX) Jan 19, 2018
Engineers worldwide have been developing alternative ways to provide greater memory storage capacity on even smaller computer chips. Previous research into two-dimensional atomic sheets for memory storage has failed to uncover their potential - until now. A team of electrical engineers at The University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with Peking University scientists, has developed t ... more
+ Physicists succeed in measuring mechanical properties of 2-D monolayer materials
+ Micius satellite enables intercontinental quantum communications
+ The world's first all-Si laser
+ Kilopower: What's Next?
+ Pulsating dissolution found in crystals
+ Space Traffic Management
+ Scientists develop a new material for manipulating molecules
New application for acoustics helps estimate marine life populations
San Diego CA (SPX) Jan 17, 2018
Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego were part of an international team that for the first time used hydroacoustics as a method for comparing the abundance of fishes within and outside marine protected areas (MPAs). They found that the abundance of fishes was four times greater in Mexico's protected Cabo Pulmo National Park than in ar ... more
+ Top European chefs take electric pulse fishing off the menu
+ Dutch shocked by call to ban EU electric pulse fishing
+ Scale-eating fish adopt clever parasitic methods to survive
+ Clean and green: A moss that removes lead from water
+ Australia offers cash for Great Barrier Reef rescue ideas
+ Egypt, Ethiopia united against 'conflict' over Nile waters
+ Feeding patterns among coastal, deep ocean sharks differ, study shows
Ultra-thin optical fibers offer new way to 3-D print microstructures
Washington DC (SPX) Jan 19, 2018
For the first time, researchers have shown that an optical fiber as thin as a human hair can be used to create microscopic structures with laser-based 3D printing. The innovative approach might one day be used with an endoscope to fabricate tiny biocompatible structures directly into tissue inside the body. This capability could enable new ways to repair tissue damage. "With further develo ... more
+ Nanowrinkles could save billions in shipping and aquaculture
+ Building molecular wires, one atom at a time
+ Nanotube fibers in a jiffy
+ Silver nanoparticles take spectroscopy to new dimension
+ Researchers find simpler way to deposit magnetic iron oxide onto gold nanorods
+ Discovery sets new world standard in nano generators
+ A 100-fold leap to GigaDalton DNA nanotech
Tokyo simulates first military attack since WWII amid N. Korea threat
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 22, 2018
Hundreds of Tokyo residents scrambled for cover Monday in the Japanese capital's first evacuation drill for a military attack since World War II, amid ongoing tensions over North Korea's nuclear programme. A loudspeaker blared out a terrifying warning at the drill, held in a Tokyo amusement park: "We have information that a missile launch has occurred. Please evacuate calmly inside a buildin ... more
+ US Air Force's newest SBIRS missile warning satellite responding to commands
+ Saudi Arabia intercepts new Yemen rebel missile attack
+ Raytheon awarded $641M for ballistic missile defense system testing
+ Air Force, ULA prepare to launch missile defense satellite SBIRS GEO 4
+ Japan broadcaster mistakenly flashes missile alert
+ Hawaii 'missile alert' sparks anger, demands for answers
+ US official defends early-warning systems after Hawaii 'failure'
China to launch first student satellite for scientific education
Nanjing Beijing (XNA) Jan 19, 2018
China's first nano-satellite with primary and middle school students involved in the development and building process will be launched into space Friday. The satellite, named after late Premier Zhou Enlai, was sent from its production base in Huai'an Youth Comprehensive Development Base in east China's Jiangsu Province to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gansu Province ... more
+ Space agency to pick those with the right stuff
+ China to select astronauts for its space station
+ China Focus: The making of heroes - the women and men of China's space program
+ Backgrounder: China's six manned space missions
+ Scientist reveals what is so special about Chines's next moon mission
+ China's Kuaizhou-11 rocket scheduled to launch in first half of 2018
+ Nation 'leads world' in remote sensing technology
A miniaturized origami-inspired robot combines micrometer precision with high speed
Boston MA (SPX) Jan 19, 2018
Because of their high precision and speed, Delta robots are deployed in many industrial processes, including pick-and-place assemblies, machining, welding and food packaging. Starting with the first version developed by Reymond Clavel for a chocolate factory to quickly place chocolate pralines in their packages, Delta robots use three individually controlled and lightweight arms that guide a pla ... more
+ Army scientists improve human-agent teaming by making AI agents more transparent
+ Stingray soft robot could lead to bio-inspired robotics
+ Old dog, new tricks: Sony unleashes 'intelligent' robot pet
+ Artificial muscles power up with new gel-based robotics
+ New 'emotional' robots aim to read human feelings
+ Digital assistants duel for dominance at major electronics show
+ Virtual aide market a "wildfire" at CES gadget show
Anger over second 'snatching' of bookseller in China
Hong Kong (AFP) Jan 23, 2018
Rights campaigners slammed as "appalling" Tuesday reports that dissident publisher Gui Minhai has been snatched again in mainland China, the latest person ensnared in Beijing's crackdown on civil society. Civil rights have come under increasing pressure since President Xi Jinping took power in 2012, with widespread arrests of lawyers and activists. Gui, a Swedish citizen, was one of fiv ... more
+ China to enshrine Xi's name in state constitution
+ China sees births fall despite push for second child
+ Chinese human rights lawyer's detention 'absurd': attorney
+ Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong jailed over protest
+ Qantas changes website to recognise Chinese territories
+ China demolishes Christian megachurch
+ Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong jailed over protest
First ICEYE-X1 Radar Image from Space Published
Helsinki, Finland (SPX) Jan 19, 2018
ICEYE has published the first radar image obtained with the ICEYE-X1 SAR satellite. The image depicts Noatak National Preserve, Alaska, on Monday Jan. 15, at 21:47 UTC. ICEYE-X1 is the world's first SAR satellite under 100 kg, launched less than a week ago on Jan. 12, 2018 on ISRO's PSLV-C40 from Satish Dhawan Space Center in India. A synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) instrument sends its own ... more
+ Himawari-8 data simulation allows 10-min updates of rain and flood predictions
+ Japan forecasting breakthrough could improve weather warnings
+ Satellites paint a detailed picture of maritime activity
+ 'First Light' images from CERES FM6 Earth-observing instrument
+ Earth-i launches prototype of world's first full-colour, full-motion video satellite constellation
+ Unexpected environmental source of methane discovered
+ Jet stream changes since 1960s linked to more extreme weather
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
In sweet corn, workhorses win
Urbana, IL (SPX) Jan 17, 2018
When deciding which sweet corn hybrids to plant, vegetable processors need to consider whether they want their contract growers using a workhorse or a racehorse. Is it better to choose a hybrid with exceptional yields under ideal growing conditions (i.e., the racehorse) or one that performs consistently well across ideal and less-than-ideal conditions (i.e., the workhorse)? New research from the ... more
+ New process could slash energy needs of fertilizer, nitrogen-based chemicals
+ New 'Buck' naked barley: Food, feed, brew
+ Setback for Romanian farmer's bid to graze sheep near NATO base
+ 'World's ugliest pig' spotted in Indonesia
+ Lightening Up Soybean Leaves May Boost Food Supply
+ Self-defense for plants
+ Genetic mechanism that could enhance yield in cereal crops
Hubble finds substellar objects in the Orion Nebula
Baltimore MD (SPX) Jan 15, 2018
In an unprecedented deep survey for small, faint objects in the Orion Nebula, astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope ( have uncovered the largest known population of brown dwarfs sprinkled among newborn stars. Looking in the vicinity of the survey stars, researchers not only found several very-low-mass brown dwarf companions, but also three giant planets. They ... more
+ Viruses are everywhere, maybe even in space
+ NASA study shows disk patterns can self-generate
+ Ingredients for life revealed in meteorites that fell to Earth
+ Citizen scientists discover five-planet system
+ Iron-Rich Stars Host Shorter-Period Planets
+ SETI project homes in on strange 'fast radio bursts'
+ Extraterrestrial Hypatia stone rattles solar system status quo
'Mutant flu' could lead to more effective vaccine: study
Miami (AFP) Jan 18, 2018
Experiments in lab animals have shown signs of success for a newly engineered flu virus that may lead one day to a more effective vaccine, researchers said Thursday. Trials in humans are still a long way off, but the report in the US journal Science earned praise from experts who described it as a promising first step toward better prevention of the flu. The World Health Organization co ... more
+ Scientists find new clues about 'wave after wave' of germs that killed the Aztecs
+ TSRI scientists discover workings of first promising Marburg virus treatment
+ MSF warns of mounting cholera cases in flood-hit Kinshasa
+ DR Congo mourns flood victims as cholera fears mount
+ Supercharged antibiotics could turn tide against superbugs
+ Preventing the next epidemic in Madagascar
+ Going to the Source to Prevent Viral Disease Outbreaks
Sahel defence ministers in Paris in push for 'G5' force
Paris (AFP) Jan 15, 2018
Defence ministers from five countries in the Sahel were meeting Monday with French counterpart Florence Parly in the latest push for a pooled force fighting jihadism in the fragile region. The brief meeting, in which senior military officers were to take part, aims at setting down a concrete timetable for deploying the so-called "G5 Sahel" force, which carried out its maiden mission in Novem ... more
+ Seven Niger troops killed in Boko Haram attack
+ Search on for kidnapped Americans and Canadians in Nigeria
+ Former DR Congo army chief accused of coup bid held in Gabon
+ Congo rebels, government meet after ceasefire deal
+ Unauthorised gold mining in Cameroon reaps deathly toll
+ IS-allied Boko Haram faction claims killing of Nigerian troops
+ Mali president names new govt after ex-PM's resignation
Daily Newsletters - Space - Military - Environment - Energy
ASU engineer showcases NASA research for Congress
Tempe AZ (SPX) Jan 18, 2018
To help NASA better explore outer space, Yuji Zhao headed to Capitol Hill with NASA's best and brightest collaborators in academia to talk space tech with U.S. Congress members. Zhao, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, was one of only three faculty members from across the country invited to join ... more
+ Orion Spacecraft Recovery Rehearsal Underway
+ Italy's First Female Astronaut: 'No Room for Conflicts in Space'
+ Looking up a century ago, a vision of the future of space exploration
+ Columbus: 10 years a lab
+ Elementary, my dear machine intelligence
+ S. Korea's Chinese tourist slump endures despite pledges
+ Europe brings on charm and blue skies to lure Chinese tourists
US will 'never allow' Iran to have a nuclear weapon: Pence
Jerusalem (AFP) Jan 22, 2018
US Vice President Mike Pence vowed Monday in an address to the Israeli parliament that Washington will never allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. "I have a solemn promise to Israel, to all the Middle East and to the world - the United States of America will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon," Pence said to applause from Israeli MPs. The 2015 deal that was meant to curb Ira ... more
+ Defector soldier 'committed murder in North': report
+ US hopes for progress with Europeans on Iran: Tillerson
+ Russia says Iran nuclear deal cannot be saved without US
+ China's doorway to N. Korea feels sanctions pinch
+ Troops, cameras, radiation: China preps for N. Korea crisis
+ French FM to visit Iran on March 5
+ UN chief defends Iran deal after Trump demands changes
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