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March 07, 2021
Astronauts conclude spacewalk maintenance on International Space Station

Washington DC (UPI) Mar 5, 2021
Astronauts Kate Rubins and Soichi Noguchi completed a spacewalk Friday of 6 hours, 56 minutes to perform maintenance on the exterior of the International Space Station. Rubins, of NASA, and Noguchi, of the Japanese Space Agency, installed a device on an airlock cover to prevent it from blowing out when a hatch is opened. The two also attached new apparatus that will hold upgraded solar panels when they are installed over the summer. The outing was the fourth career spacewalk for both Rub ... read more

NASA, Japanese astronauts plan spacewalk Friday
Washington DC (UPI) Mar 4, 2021
Astronauts Kate Rubins and Soichi Noguchi are scheduled to conduct the 236th spacewalk in International Space Station history Friday morning. ... more
Chief of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command: Strengthen Guam, support Taiwan
Washington DC (UPI) Mar 5, 2021
Strengthening the U.S. military presence on Guam and providing arms to Taiwan should be priorities, the chief of the U.S .Indo-Pacific Command said. ... more
The towering sea wall legacy of Japan's 2011 tsunami
Taro, Japan (AFP) March 5, 2021
The Japanese town of Taro had sea walls that were supposed to be able to survive almost anything the ocean could offer up, but the 2011 tsunami still brought utter destruction. ... more
Honda launches advanced self-driving cars in Japan
Tokyo (AFP) March 5, 2021
Honda launched the world's most advanced self-driving car licensed for the road on Friday, releasing an initial batch of 100 models in Japan. ... more
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Decade after Fukushima, Japan's nuclear industry stalled
Fukushima, Japan (AFP) March 4, 2021
Ten years after the Fukushima disaster, Japan's nuclear industry remains crippled, with the majority of its reactors halted or on the path towards decommissioning. ... more
Japan's 2011 disaster by the numbers
Tokyo (AFP) March 4, 2021
Japan this month marks 10 years since the worst natural disaster in the country's living memory - the massive earthquake, deadly tsunami and nuclear meltdown of March 11, 2011. ... more
Fly me to the Moon: Japan billionaire offers space seats
Tokyo (AFP) March 3, 2021
It's the sort of chance that comes along just once in a blue Moon: a Japanese billionaire is throwing open a private lunar expedition to eight people from around the world. ... more
Japan's children of the tsunami shaped by tragedy
Ishinomaki, Japan (AFP) March 4, 2021
Yuto Naganuma looks silently as the cold sea breeze sweeps over the crumbling walls of the school where his little brother was lost in Japan's devastating 2011 tsunami. ... more
Musk, Maezawa say moon mission is on track for 2023
Washington DC (UPI) Mar 2, 2021
SpaceX will fly its deep-space rocket Starship in orbit "many, many times before 2023" and will take 12 people around the moon that year, the company's founder and CEO Elon Musk announced on Tuesday. ... more
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Sri Lanka offers strategic deep-sea port to India, Japan
Colombo (AFP) March 2, 2021
Sri Lanka will offer a strategically located deep-sea port to India and Japan, an official said Tuesday, as the island seeks to balance traditional ties against China's rising regional influence. ... more
SPY-7 joint Japan project completes initial demonstration of capability
Fort Belvoir VA (SPX) Feb 26, 2021
On 27 January, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and U.S. Navy Aegis Technical Representative (TECHREP) witnessed the successful demonstration of the first software release of the Japanese J7.B Aegis ... more
Hi, Robot: Japan's android pets ease virus isolation
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 26, 2021
Nami Hamaura says she feels less lonely working from home thanks to her singing companion Charlie, one of a new generation of cute and clever Japanese robots whose sales are booming in the pandemic. ... more
Toyota breaks ground on futuristic 'Woven City' for Japanese employees
Moscow (Sputnik) Feb 26, 2021
Toyota has sunk half a billion dollars into Uber's self-driving car program, but that effort has proceeded at a snail's pace. However, it's Aurora's tech that will be featured in the next version of ... more
U.S., Japan start computer-based Resilient Shield 2021 exercise
Washington DC (UPI) Feb 22, 2021
Resilient Shield 2021, a computer-based drill involving the United States and Japan, began on Monday, a week after Chinese ships trespassed in Japanese waters. ... more

Supercomputer turns back cosmic clock

Biden renews 'Quad' with allies despite Beijing pressure
Washington (AFP) Feb 17, 2021
The United States announced talks for Thursday with Australia, India and Japan, with President Joe Biden renewing the alliance of the so-called "Quad" in defiance of warnings from China. ... more
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Plant as superhero during nuclear power plant accidents
Morioka, Japan (SPX) Feb 17, 2021
In recent time, HBO's highly acclaimed and award-winning miniseries Chernobyl highlighted the horror of nuclear power plant accident, which happened in Ukraine in 1986. It is not a fictional series ... more
Dozens injured in strong quake off Japan's Fukushima
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 14, 2021
A 7.3-magnitude earthquake off Fukushima in eastern Japan injured more than 100 people, authorities said Sunday, nearly a decade after the region suffered a devastating quake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. ... more
Nissan says not in talks with Apple on self-driving cars
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 15, 2021
Japanese auto maker Nissan said Monday it is not in talks with Apple to develop self-driving cars, a week after Hyundai also denied reports it was discussing the top-secret project with the US tech giant. ... more
UK urges G7 action on Covid recovery, climate, tech tax
London (AFP) Feb 12, 2021
Britain on Friday pressed for G7 action to tackle the global fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, as well as climate change and digital taxation, as it outlined its priorities for the elite economic club. ... more
Fossil fuel pollution causes one in five deaths globally: study
Paris (AFP) Feb 9, 2021
Fossil fuel pollution caused more than eight million premature deaths in 2018, accounting for nearly 20 percent of adult mortality worldwide, researchers reported Tuesday. ... more
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Two Trump Pentagon officials blamed for poor reaction to Capitol attack
Washington (AFP) March 3, 2021
Two top Pentagon officials who were chosen by former president Donald Trump were blamed in a Senate hearing Wednesday for the slow security reaction to the January 6 Capitol assault. Witnesses told the hearing that a nearly three-and-a-half hour delay in deploying the national guard against the attack by Trump supporters was because deployment authority was held only by then-acting secretary ... more
+ Refugees trickle across India border from Myanmar turmoil
+ Pentagon weighs keeping on National Guard at US Capitol
+ Decade after Fukushima, Japan's nuclear industry stalled
+ Nuclear sector 'in crisis' 10 years after Fukushima
+ Assessing risks more accurately
+ Covid, unrest: Iraqis tackle obstacles to host pope
+ UN rights chief hails US shift from Trump migration policies
We're launching more than ever
Paris (ESA) Mar 04, 2021
Since the beginning of the space age, with the launch of Sputnik in 1958, we have launched thousands of rockets carrying more than ten thousand satellites into space. The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in these numbers, and over the last few decades there has been a change in the type of mission flown, with private companies (yellow) launching smaller satellites than those la ... more
+ Marshall Spinoffs increase 3D printing capabilities, tackle foot odor
+ L3Harris Technologies Awarded Second Year of Space Object-Tracking Modernization Contract
+ Microsoft sets stage for mixed-reality future
+ ISS Leaks May Be Caused by Metal Fatigue, Micrometeorite Impact, Source Says
+ Developing Virtual Partners to Assist Military Personnel
+ Thyssenkrupp Aerospace lands order from RUAG International
+ Nuclear engineering researchers develop new resilient oxide dispersion strengthened alloy

Humans drive most of the ups and downs in freshwater storage at Earth's surface
Stanford CA (SPX) Mar 04, 2021
Water levels in the world's ponds, lakes and human-managed reservoirs rise and fall from season to season. But until now, it has been difficult to parse out exactly how much of that variation is caused by humans as opposed to natural cycles. Analysis of new satellite data published March 3 in Nature shows fully 57 percent of the seasonal variability in Earth's surface water storage now occ ... more
+ Seagrass loss along Britain's coastline more extensive than thought
+ The collapse of Northern California kelp forests will be hard to reverse
+ Giant clam shells worth $3.3 million seized in Philippine raid
+ Sisi says Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopia Nile dam 'fait accompli'
+ Work on sea wall begins for One Wave Energy project
+ NASA Scientists Complete 1st Global Survey of Freshwater Fluctuation
+ Half a trillion corals: world-first coral count prompts rethink of extinction risks
New "metalens" shifts focus without tilting or moving
Boston MA (SPX) Feb 24, 2021
Polished glass has been at the center of imaging systems for centuries. Their precise curvature enables lenses to focus light and produce sharp images, whether the object in view is a single cell, the page of a book, or a far-off galaxy. Changing focus to see clearly at all these scales typically requires physically moving a lens, by tilting, sliding, or otherwise shifting the lens, usuall ... more
+ Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor
+ New technique builds super-hard metals from nanoparticles
+ Scientists see competition of magnetic orders from 2D sheets of atoms
+ Atomic-scale nanowires can now be produced at scale
+ Weak force has strong impact on nanosheets
+ Making 3D nanosuperconductors with DNA
+ Researchers share design for affordable single-molecule microscope

SPY-7 joint Japan project completes initial demonstration of capability
Fort Belvoir VA (SPX) Feb 26, 2021
On 27 January, the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and U.S. Navy Aegis Technical Representative (TECHREP) witnessed the successful demonstration of the first software release of the Japanese J7.B Aegis Weapon System equipped with SPY-7 radar in Moorestown, New Jersey. Overall, there has been significant program progress since Japan's Aegis SPY-7 system selection in July 2018, and this demonst ... more
+ Israel and US begin Arrow 4 development
+ US renews call on Turkey to dump Russian missile system
+ Turkey hints at compromise with US over Russian missiles
+ China tests its missile interception equipment
+ Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor Phase IIb Awards
+ Northrop builds command centers for Poland's air, missile defense system
+ Israel delivers second Iron Dome Defense System battery to U.S.
China selects astronauts for space station program
Beijing (XNA) Mar 05, 2021
The crewmembers who will participate in the construction of China's space station have been selected and are being trained for their missions, according to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA). The construction of the space station has entered a crucial stage, said the CMSA, noting that this year will see several space missions including the launch of the station's core module, cargo reple ... more
+ China has over 300 satellites in orbit
+ China tests high-thrust rocket engine for upcoming space station missions
+ China explores space with self-reliance, open mind
+ China begins assembly of Long March 5B to launch space station core
+ Xi lauds China's progress in space missions
+ Chinese tracking vessel sets sail for monitoring missions in Indian Ocean
+ China's 'space dream': A Long March to the Moon and beyond

Hi, Robot: Japan's android pets ease virus isolation
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 26, 2021
Nami Hamaura says she feels less lonely working from home thanks to her singing companion Charlie, one of a new generation of cute and clever Japanese robots whose sales are booming in the pandemic. Smart home assistants such as Amazon's Alexa have found success worldwide, but tech firms in Japan are reporting huge demand for more humanlike alternatives, as people seek solace during coronavi ... more
+ Chatty robot Franzi cheers up German patients
+ This robot doesn't need any electronics
+ Robots sense human touch using camera and shadows
+ Collective worm and robot 'blobs' protect individuals, swarm together
+ Emerging robotics technology may lead to better buildings in less time
+ Machine-learning program imagines a protein's many possible structures
+ Artificial skin brings robots closer to 'touching' human lives
Australian public TV suspends use of China state media shows
Sydney (AFP) March 5, 2021
Australian public broadcaster SBS said it would stop using content from Chinese state-run television Friday, pending a review of serious human rights concerns. The Australian television, radio and web outlet - which specialises in multilingual, multicultural content - said it was investigating CGTN and CCTV's airing of dozens of forced prisoner confessions. SBS said it had been contact ... more
+ Four Hong Kong dissidents released on bail
+ China's CGTN able to broadcast in Britain despite ban
+ China's Xi calls for 'popularizing' Mandarin in Inner Mongolia
+ Beijing to tighten vetting of Hong Kong legislators
+ Poverty road in China drives some to riches, leaves others behind
+ Chinese-Australians report discrimination as Beijing, virus tensions mount
+ Chinese blogger charged with 'defaming martyrs' after border-clash posts

A mission for Earth's future
Munich, Germany (SPX) Mar 03, 2021
Understanding the changes happening to Earth and its delicate balance is of ever increasing importance. "With the Harmony mission, we have the opportunity to gain new insights into processes that take place within the Earth system. This represents a considerable scientific and technical challenge," says Alberto Moreira, Director of the German Aerospace Center Microwaves and Radar Institute. ... more
+ ESA Eyes On Earth: Galapagos Islands
+ How much longer will the oxygen-rich atmosphere be sustained on Earth?
+ NASA, LAPAN launch Ozonesonde from Indonesian site
+ NASA Awards Launch Service Contract for TROPICS Mission to Study Storm Processes
+ Scientists begin building highly accurate digital twin of our planet
+ MDA awarded contract to use satellite based data fusion and analytics to counter illegal fishing
+ Indian PM Modi backs Indian Space Agency's version of Google Maps

SMART develops analytical tools to enable next-generation agriculture
Singapore (SPX) Mar 02, 2021
According to United Nations estimates, the global population is expected to grow by 2 billion within the next 30 years, giving rise to an expected increase in demand for food and agricultural products. Today, biotic and abiotic environmental stresses such as plant pathogens, sudden fluctuations in temperature, drought, soil salinity, and toxic metal pollution - made worse by climate change - imp ... more
+ Nearly a fifth of all food reaching consumers wasted: UN
+ Conservationists aim to turn birders on to shade-grown coffee
+ Colombia's apiarists say avocado buzz is killing bees
+ Thousands protest in Martinique against insecticide 'impunity'
+ Beyond Meat signs long-term agreements with McDonald's, KFC parent
+ Measuring carbon nanotubes taken up by plants
+ Reed harvest in snowy Poland
Three elder sisters of the Sun with planets
Torun, Poland (SPX) Mar 03, 2021
An international team led by Prof. dr habil. Andrzej Niedzielski, an astronomer from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (Poland), has discovered yet another three extrasolar planets. These planets revolve around the stars that can be called elder sisters of our Sun. You can read about the astronomers' success in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The prestigious European journal will pub ... more
+ Organic materials essential for life on Earth are found for the first time on the surface of an asteroid
+ Earth has a hot new neighbour - and it's an astronomer's dream
+ MAROON-X embarks on its exoplanet quest
+ Volcanoes might light up the night sky of this planet
+ A super-Earth is discovered which can be used to test planetary atmosphere models
+ Planet-hunting eye of Plato
+ Microbes deep beneath seafloor survive on byproducts of radioactive process

Space in response to COVID-19
Paris (ESA) Mar 04, 2021
Do you have fresh ideas on how Earth observation data can contribute to monitoring the effects brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, ESA and the European Commission have launched a new series of monthly challenges asking for innovative solutions on how satellite data can be used to help better understand the effects of the coronavirus on society, economy and the environment. In mid-2 ... more
+ WHO scraps plan for interim report on Wuhan virus mission: WSJ
+ Covid origins report due out week of March 15: WHO
+ Fake Covid-19 vaccines seized in South Africa, China: Interpol
+ Czechs launch mass testing to battle Covid surge
+ Iraq starts vaccinations with jabs gifted from China
+ Hard-hit Czech Republic turns to Russian jabs after EU delays
+ Chinese coronavirus jab brings relief, and concern in Hungary
Facing up to history: France and Algeria's bloody past
Paris (AFP) March 3, 2021
As Emmanuel Macron admits that France covered up its torture and killing of a top Algerian lawyer in 1957, we look at the North African country's bloody struggle against French rule. The war of independence left half a million dead - say the French - or 1.5 million according to the Algerians, and very nearly tore France apart. Soul searching over the torture and killings carried out by ... more
+ Eritrean troops killed hundreds in Ethiopia massacre: HRW
+ Macron admits France murdered Algerian independence figure
+ Jihadists 'directly targeted' aid facilities in Nigeria: UN
+ France admits 'torture and murder' of Algerian freedom fighter
+ US, Russia warships dock in strategic Sudan port2
+ Widow of slain Italian ambassador says he was 'betrayed'
+ Burkina Faso military kills 11 'terrorists'
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NASA and Boeing Evaluating Launch Date for Orbital Flight Test-2
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Mar 05, 2021
NASA and Boeing are evaluating a new target launch date for the CST-100 Starliner's Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2) to the International Space Station after winter storms in Houston, and the recent replacement of avionics boxes, set the program back about two weeks. NASA also is weighing the volume of verification and validation analysis required prior to the test flight and the visiting vehicle s ... more
+ Astronauts conclude spacewalk maintenance on International Space Station
+ Mission Commander Thrives as 'Space Gardener'
+ NASA, Japanese astronauts plan spacewalk Friday
+ Space Traffic Management
+ Youngest American to go into space is also a cancer survivor
+ 'Astounding' Mars rover landing inspired world, Biden says in call to NASA
+ NASA updates ISS pricing to "Full Value" for Commercial Activities
Israeli defense minister: Plans to attack Iran nuclear sites updated
Washington DC (UPI) Mar 5, 2021
Israel is preparing to act independently against Iran and is updating plans for military strikes on Iran's nuclear sites, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said. He noted that numerous targets within Iran's nuclear production program have been identified, and that the Israel Defense Force is capable of inflicting assaults to damage the program's development. "If the world stops them b ... more
+ Anger as South Korean transgender soldier found dead
+ Europeans drop plan to censure Iran at UN nuclear watchdog
+ Macron asks Iran for 'clear gestures' on nuclear inspections
+ Iran warns against censure at UN nuclear watchdog
+ Iran rules out nuclear deal meeting, says time not 'suitable'
+ US still ready to meet Iran, not 'dogmatic' on how
+ Europeans to push for Iran censure at UN nuclear watchdog meeting

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