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24/7 News Coverage About Japan
February 25, 2017
Fukushima operator eyes plan to clean up plant

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, Japan (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
The operator of Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant said Thursday it will craft a plan this summer to extract highly radioactive fuel from the damaged reactors - a key step in decommissioning work expected to take decades. Operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) and the Japanese government have struggled to clean up the world's worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986. On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 undersea earthquake off Japan's northeastern coast sparked a massive tsunami tha ... read more

Japan zoo culls 57 monkeys carrying 'invasive' genes
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 21, 2017
A Japanese zoo has culled 57 native snow monkeys by lethal injection after finding that they carried genes of an "invasive alien species", officials said Tuesday. ... more
US pledges nuclear defence for Japan, S.Korea after N.Korea missile launch
Bonn (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday pledged that Washington would use the full range of its arsenal, including nuclear weapons, to defend allies Japan and South Korea against North Korea if needed. ... more
Japan history revisionists bolder under Abe: analysts
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 18, 2017
Successful hotel chain operator Toshio Motoya doesn't mind if his denial of a notorious Japanese World War II military atrocity in China drives customers away. ... more
'Scorpion' robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
A "scorpion" robot sent into a Japanese nuclear reactor to learn about the damage suffered in a tsunami-induced meltdown had its mission aborted after the probe ran into trouble, Tokyo Electric Power company said Thursday. ... more
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Chinese weapons reaching 'near-parity' with West: study
London (AFP) Feb 14, 2017
China is beginning to export its own weapon designs, including armed drones, worldwide and is reaching "near-parity" with the West in terms of military technology, according to a report on Tuesday. ... more
French company makes strides for maritime LNG
Zeebrugge, Belgium (UPI) Feb 15, 2017
French energy company ENGIE said it was leading efforts to offer low-carbon options to the maritime shipping industry with liquefied natural gas. ... more
Japan's 'Battleship island' haunted by ghosts of its past
Hashima, Japan (AFP) Feb 14, 2017
The haunting silhouette of "Battleship Island" rises up from the sea, an abandoned testament to what was once the most densely populated city on earth. ... more
Boeing contracted for Harpoon, SLAM-ER spares
Washington (UPI) Feb 14, 2017
Boeing received a $12.3 million contract from the U.S. Navy to produce Harpoon and Stand-Off Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response missile spares. ... more
No sad endings for Japan's virtual romance fans
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 11, 2017
Japanese book editor Miho Takeshita is having an affair. But the recently married 30-year-old is not worried about getting caught - her boyfriend only exists on a smartphone. ... more
N. Korea fires ballistic missile in challenge to Trump: Seoul
Seoul (AFP) Feb 12, 2017
North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Sunday in an apparent provocation to test the response from new US President Donald Trump, the South Korean defence ministry said. ... more

US, Japan conduct test of joint missile

Trump backs 'One China' policy in call with Xi
Washington (AFP) Feb 10, 2017
President Donald Trump reaffirmed Washington's "One China" policy in what he said Friday was a "very warm" conversation with Xi Jinping, in an apparent effort to ease tensions after angering Beijing by questioning a major plank of Sino-US relations. ... more
US, Japan say defense pact covers disputed Senkaku islands
Washington (AFP) Feb 10, 2017
US President Donald Trump offered Japan assurances Friday that mutual defense agreements cover the disputed Senkaku Islands, claimed by China as the Diaoyus. ... more
Sticky gels turn insect-sized drones into artificial pollinators
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 10, 2017
As bees slip onto the endangered species list in the United States, researchers in Japan are pollinating lilies with insect-sized drones. The undersides of these artificial pollinators are coated wi ... more
Japan taps Elbit subsidiary for cybersecurity training help
Haifa, Israel (UPI) Feb 7, 2017
Israel's Cyberbit Ltd. is helping launch a cybersecurity training and simulator facility in Japan under a contract from Ni Cybersecurity Inc. ... more

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Civilians trickle towards Iraq forces in new Mosul assault
Al-Buseif, Iraq (AFP) Feb 21, 2017
On the edge of the village of Al-Buseif, captured overnight from the Islamic State group by Iraqi forces advancing on western Mosul, a federal policeman signalled to fleeing civilians. The small group of villagers, some carrying makeshift white flags, walked slowly along a dirt road in the valley below, metres (yards) from the western bank of the Tigris river. They were the first civilia ... more
Rome (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
Berlusconi lunch on auction to help Italy quake victims
Hong Kong (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
Hong Kong 'Snowden refugees' sought by Sri Lanka agents: lawyer
Berlin (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
'Anybody could be a refugee': Ai Weiwei films global crisis
Penn researchers are among the first to grow a versatile 2-dimensional material
Philadelphia PA (SPX) Feb 17, 2017
University of Pennsylvania researchers are now among the first to produce a single, three-atom-thick layer of a unique two-dimensional material called tungsten ditelluride. Their findings have been published in 2-D Materials. Unlike other two-dimensional materials, scientists believe tungsten ditelluride has what are called topological electronic states. This means that it can have many di ... more
Konstanz, Germany (SPX) Feb 21, 2017
Breakthrough with a chain of gold atoms
Warwick, UK (SPX) Feb 17, 2017
Breakthrough in 'wonder' materials paves way for flexible tech
Beijing, China (SPX) Feb 21, 2017
When ultrafast laser pulse meets magnetic materials
Marine ecologist offers suggestions for achieving a strong, lasting 'blue economy'
Boston MA (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
Incentive-based solutions offer significant hope for addressing the myriad environmental challenges facing the world's oceans - that's the central message a leading marine ecologist delivered in Boston during a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Jane Lubchenco, a distinguished professor in the Oregon State University College of Sc ... more
Exeter, UK (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
Basking sharks seek out winter sun
Paris (AFP) Feb 20, 2017
Small ponds have outsized impact on global warming: study
Rio De Janeiro (AFP) Feb 20, 2017
Cash-strapped Rio de Janeiro to privatize water utility
Liquid metal nano printing set to revolutionize electronics
Melbourne, Australia (SPX) Feb 21, 2017
A new technique using liquid metals to create integrated circuits that are just atoms thick could lead to the next big advance for electronics. The process opens the way for the production of large wafers around 1.5 nanometres in depth (a sheet of paper, by comparison, is 100,000nm thick). Other techniques have proven unreliable in terms of quality, difficult to scale up and function only at ver ... more
Tempe AZ (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
Switched-on DNA spark nano-electronic applications
Ramat Gan, Israel (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
Scientists create a nano-trampoline to probe quantum behavior
Lincoln NB (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
Scientists decipher the nanoscale architecture of a beetle's shell
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Raytheon developing new tool for war game assessment
Dulles, Va. (UPI) Feb 16, 2017
Raytheon is developing an automated assessment system for judging the effectiveness of 21st century weapons in war game scenarios. The first-of-its-kind tool, commissioned by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, will automatically teach war game participants which weapons to use in every possible scenario, including missiles, kinetic interceptors, cyber and electronic warfare weapons. ... more
Washington (UPI) Feb 10, 2017
U.S. Army awards $3 billion in missile defense contracts
Washington DC (Sputnik) Feb 08, 2017
New US Missile Hits Target in Space
Moscow (Sputnik) Feb 07, 2017
New Age, New Aims: CIS Air Defense to Be Upgraded for Aerospace Tasks
China to launch first high-throughput communications satellite in April
Beijing (XNA) Feb 21, 2017
China plans to launch Shijian-13, its first high-throughput communications satellite, in April, the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) said Friday. The 4.6-tonne satellite, with a message capacity of more than 20 GB, will be carried into orbit by a Long March-3B carrier rocket, according to the CAST. An increase in satellite throughput will provide better access to the Internet ... more
Moscow (Sputnik) Feb 15, 2017
Chinese cargo spacecraft set for liftoff in April
Beijing (XNA) Jan 31, 2017
China looks to Mars, Jupiter exploration
Beijing (XNA) Jan 18, 2017
China's first cargo spacecraft to leave factory
Study: Even 'benevolent bots' fight, sometimes for years
Oxford, England (UPI) Feb 23, 2017
An analysis of bot behavior over the course of a decades shows even "benevolent" bots bicker. In fact, researchers found evidence of bot-versus-bot fights lasting several years. The bots in question were employed by Wikipedia to perform a variety of editing and maintenance tasks. Editing bots repair vandalized text, enforce content and language bans, check and fix spelling, insert links ... more
Lausanne, Switzerland (UPI) Feb 17, 2017
Scientists invent new, faster gait for six-legged robots
Chicago IL (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Now you can 'build your own' bio-bot
Washington (AFP) Feb 11, 2017
How algorithms secretly run the world
Over 30,000 gather to support jailed Hong Kong cops: reports
Hong Kong (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
More than 30,000 people gathered in Hong Kong Wednesday to show their support for seven police officers who were sentenced to two years in jail for beating up a pro-democracy activist in 2014, reports said. Television news footage showed long queues leading up to the packed football pitch of the Police Sports and Recreational Club in Kowloon, with off-duty and retired members of the force ma ... more
Beijing (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
China jails safety boss who was sacked over huge blast
Beijing (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
China muzzles feminist group over anti-Trump posts
Shanghai (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
China selfie-app leader seeks to 'beautify the world'
Military Radar Summit 2017
First Light for Breakthrough Listen at Parkes Telescope
New York NY (SPX) Nov 09, 2016
Breakthrough Listen, the 10-year, $100-million astronomical search for intelligent life beyond Earth launched in 2015 by Internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking, has announced its first observations using the Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales, Australia. Parkes joins the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in West Virginia, USA, and the Automated Planet Finder (APF) at Lick Ob ... more
Parkes, Australia (SPX) Nov 09, 2016
Search for ET underway with Parkes Radio Telescope
Berkeley CA (SPX) Oct 28, 2016
Breakthrough Listen to Search for Intelligent Life Around Tabby's Star
Berkeley CA (SPX) Oct 25, 2016
New bacteria groups, and stunning diversity, discovered underground
In Atmospheric River Storms, Wind Is a Risk, Too
Pasadena CA (JPL) Feb 22, 2017
Atmospheric river storms are hailed as drought-busters when they bring needed rain and snow, but they have a well-known dark side: damaging floods. A new NASA study documents a second destructive force in these storms: high winds. The study shows that atmospheric rivers were associated with almost half of the most extreme mid-latitude windstorms globally for the past 20 years, doing billio ... more
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
'Quartz' crystals at the Earth's core power its magnetic field
Ottobrunn, Germany (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
Airbus to develop payload for first Franco-German Earth observation satellite
London, UK (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
First-ever global view of transshipment in commercial fishing industry
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Mumbai's original inhabitants fear world's tallest statue
Mumbai (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
A fitting tribute to a local legend or a grotesque misuse of money? The decision to build the world's tallest statue just off Mumbai's coast has divided the city. But the traditional Koli community, who depend on fishing for their livelihoods, fear they will be worst hit by the construction, warning that it threatens their centuries-old existence. India will spend 36 billion rupees ($53 ... more
Heidelberg, Germany (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
Researchers unravel powerful tool in maize breeding
University Park PA (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
Widely accepted vision for agriculture may be inaccurate, misleading
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
Cultivating cool-for-cash-crop
Does Pluto Have The Ingredients For Life?
Moffett Field CA (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
Pluto has long been viewed as a distant, cold and mostly dead world, but the first spacecraft to pass by it last year revealed many surprises about this distant dwarf planet. Data from the New Horizons flyby finished downloading to Earth in October, and while it will take many years for scientists to complete their inventory and model the results, early studies offer intriguing hints of its comp ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
Prediction: More gas-giants will be found orbiting Sun-like stars
Madison WI (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
From Rocks, Evidence of a 'Chaotic Solar System'
Munich, Germany (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
Ultracool Dwarf and the Seven Planets
Develop commercial strategies for the global deployment of SMRs and Advanced Reactors
First drug-resistant malaria parasite detected in Africa
Miami (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
For the first time in Africa, researchers said Wednesday they have detected a malaria parasite that is partially resistant to the top anti-malaria drug, artemisinin, raising concern about efforts to fight a disease that sickens hundreds of millions of people each year. The discovery means that Africa now joins southeast Asia in hosting such drug-resistant forms of the mosquito-borne disease. ... more
Beijing (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Bird-flu deaths rise in China, shutting poultry markets
Madrid (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Test can detect HIV within a week of infection: researchers
Beijing (AFP) Feb 9, 2017
At least five infected with HIV at Chinese traditional medicine hospital
16 killed in three days of DR Congo clashes
Goma, Dr Congo (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
Sixteen people have been killed in three days of fighting this week that pitted the Democratic Republic of Congo's army against a rebel militia, a military spokesman told AFP Thursday. Guillaume Djike, a spokesman for the army in troubled North Kivu province in the east of the nation, said 16 people had been killed from Monday to Wednesday, while five rebels from the M23 militia had been cap ... more
Abidjan (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
I.Coast hosting bid to save its last chimpanzees
Kinshasa (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
DR Congo investigating alleged army massacre video
Kampala (AFP) Feb 20, 2017
A tonne of ivory, hacked into pieces, seized in Uganda
Russia to carry out tourist flights around Moon by 2022
Moscow (Sputnik) Feb 22, 2017
Russia's Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia hopes to be the first to offer space tourism around the Moon aboard the Soyuz spacecraft by 2021-2022. First round-the-Moon flights should be possible for space tourists aboard the Soyuz spacecraft in 2021-2022, Vladimir Solntsev, the head of Russia's Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia, told Sputnik. "We are speaki ... more
Berlin (UPI) Feb 22, 2017
Study: People don't want their future revealed
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
NASA selects proposals for first-ever Space Technology Research Institutes
Moffett Field CA (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
NASA saves energy and water with new modular supercomputing facility
S. Korea blasts news of Kim murder via loudspeaker to North: report
Seoul (AFP) Feb 23, 2017
South Korea is using giant loudspeakers to blast news of the dramatic assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's half-brother across the border with its reclusive northern neighbour, it was reported Thursday. Kim Jong-Nam - the eldest son of the North's late leader Kim Jong-Il - died on February 13 after being attacked by two women at a Kuala Lumpur airport in what is suspected to ... more
Kuala Lumpur (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
N. Korea more isolated than ever after Malaysia killing
Beijing (AFP) Feb 21, 2017
China move puts onus on US in N. Korea impasse: experts
Pyongyang (AFP) Feb 21, 2017
No major impact from China coal ban, says N.Korea official

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