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March 09, 2017
Missile tests put North Korea on Trump's front burner

Washington (AFP) March 7, 2017
President Donald Trump is facing his biggest foreign policy challenge yet after North Korea fired a ballistic missile salvo in a supposed training run for an attack on US bases in Japan. Pyongyang blasted at least four missiles across the ocean toward its eastern neighbor on Monday, and three of the rockets splashed down into waters within Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone. The latest tests mark the end of what had been a quiet spell in North Korean weapons testing - with little activity since Tr ... read more

N. Korea goes 'my way' with missiles and murder row
Seoul (AFP) March 8, 2017
Dealing with a notorious murder by detonating a huge diplomatic row, and firing missiles as a practice assault on US bases in Japan - North Korea's recent actions demonstrate its willingness to escalate tensions whatever the consequences, say analysts. ... more
North Korea says missiles were drill for strike on US bases
Seoul (AFP) March 7, 2017
Nuclear-armed North Korea said Tuesday its missile launches were training for a strike on US bases in Japan, as global condemnation of the regime swelled. ... more
Trump, Abe say North Korea threat 'entered a new stage'
Washington (AFP) March 7, 2017
US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned Monday that the threat from North Korea had "entered a new stage," following another defiant missile test. ... more
North Korea fires missiles, three reach Japan waters
Seoul (AFP) March 6, 2017
Nuclear-armed North Korea fired four ballistic missiles east of the peninsula on Monday, with Japan saying three of them landed in its waters. ... more
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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
UN nuclear chief set for third term
Vienna (AFP) March 8, 2017
The board of the UN atomic watchdog, which tracks Iran's compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, Wednesday backed Yukiya Amano to serve a third term as director general, the board's chairman said. ... more
DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Introduces New Solamet
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
As the industry leader in solar solutions that delivers proven power and lasting value for customers around the world, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions introduced new innovations for its DuPont Solamet ... more
US, Japan seek UN meeting on N. Korea missile launches
United Nations, United States (AFP) March 6, 2017
Washington and Tokyo sought Monday an emergency UN Security Council meeting after nuclear-armed North Korea fired a defiant salvo of ballistic missiles toward Japan. ... more
N.Korea missiles 'drill for strike on US bases in Japan': KCNA
Seoul (AFP) March 6, 2017
Nuclear-armed North Korea's launch of four missiles on Monday was a training exercise for a strike on US bases in Japan and supervised by leader Kim Jong-Un, Pyongyang's state media said Tuesday. ... more
Shape-shifting molecular robots respond to DNA signals
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
A research group at Tohoku University and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed a molecular robot consisting of biomolecules, such as DNA and protein. The molecular robot ... more
A new cosmic survey offers unprecedented view of galaxies
Princeton NJ (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
The universe has come into sharper focus with the release this week of new images from the one of the largest telescopes in the world. A multinational collaboration led by the National Astronomical ... more

'Super-deep' diamonds may hold new information about Earth's interior

N. Korea to top agenda on Tillerson Asia visit
Tokyo (AFP) March 4, 2017
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to visit Japan, China and South Korea later this month to discuss Pyongyang's nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programmes, local media reported on Saturday. ... more
OneWeb, Intelsat merge to advance satellite internet
Washington (AFP) Feb 28, 2017
Satellite telecom firms OneWeb and Intelsat announced plans Tuesday to merge, and a fresh $1.7 billion investment from Japan's SoftBank to advance an ambitious "internet in the sky" plan. ... more
US, S. Korea and Japan look to turn screw on Pyongyang
Washington (AFP) Feb 27, 2017
Senior US, South Korean and Japanese officials met on Monday to discuss how better to enforce international sanctions against North Korea's nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs. ... more
New pop-up strategy inspired by cuts, not folds
Boston MA (SPX) Feb 28, 2017
Origami-inspired materials use folds in materials to embed powerful functionality. However, all that folding can be pretty labor intensive. Now, researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of ... more

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War-scarred Syrian children may be 'lost to trauma': aid group
United Nations, United States (AFP) March 6, 2017
Syrian children terrified by shelling and airstrikes are showing signs of severe emotional distress and could grow up to be a generation "lost to trauma," Save the Children warned Monday. Interviews with more than 450 children and adults showed a high level of psychological stress among children, with many suffering from frequent bedwetting or developing speech impediments. At least thr ... more
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) March 7, 2017
Jihadist tunnels save Assyrian winged bulls of Mosul
Valdosta GA (UPI) Mar 07, 2017
U.S. Air Force retires first HC-130 search and rescue aircraft
Tripoli (AFP) March 3, 2017
115 migrants rescued, 25 missing: Libya navy
Aireon and Thales Begin Validation of Space-Based ADS-B Data
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
Aireon has announced that Thales has officially begun the testing and validation of the Aireon space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) data. Initially signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in June of 2015, the start of data validation marks a major milestone for Aireon and Thales' efforts to ensure the successful integration of space-based ADS-B into the TopSky-ATC ... more
Washington (UPI) Mar 8, 2017
U.S. Naval Research Lab develops light, transparent armor
Canberra (UPI) Mar 07, 2017
Space surveillance radar system fully operational
Chicago IL (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
Bubble-recoil could be used to cool microchips, even in space

Underwater mountains help ocean water rise from abyss
Boston MA (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
At high latitudes, such as near Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, the ocean's surface waters are cooled by frigid temperatures and become so dense that they sink a few thousand meters into the ocean's abyss. Ocean waters are thought to flow along a sort of conveyor belt that transports them between the surface and the deep in a never-ending loop. However, it remains unclear where the deep ... more
Stanford CA (SPX) Mar 09, 2017
Stanford biologists identify ancient stress response in corals
Urbana IL (SPX) Mar 09, 2017
Chicago waterways still flowing after over 100 years
Jerusalem (AFP) March 7, 2017
Sea of Galilee water level lowest in century: official
Small nanoparticles have surprisingly big effects on polymer nanocomposites
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Mar 09, 2017
Polymer nanocomposites mix particles billionths of a meter (nanometers, nm) in diameter with polymers, which are long molecular chains. Often used to make injection-molded products, they are common in automobiles, fire retardants, packaging materials, drug-delivery systems, medical devices, coatings, adhesives, sensors, membranes and consumer goods. When a team led by the Department of Energy's ... more
Evanston IL (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
Most complex nanoparticle crystal ever made by design
Houston TX (SPX) Feb 28, 2017
Nano 'sandwich' offers unique properties
Ramat Gan, Israel (SPX) Feb 24, 2017
Scientists create a nano-trampoline to probe quantum behavior
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India stages successful test of missile interceptor
Balasore, India (UPI) Mar 1, 2017
India has successfully test-fired its Advanced Air Defense interceptor against a ballistic missile traveling at low altitude. The test on Monday was the second within a month and is part of India's effort to develop a multi-layer missile defense system. "Today's test launch was conducted in order to validate various parameters of the interceptor in flight mode," an Indian defense ... more
United Nations, United States (AFP) March 7, 2017
UN hopes for easing of tensions after Chinese anger over THAAD
Beijing (AFP) March 7, 2017
China vows 'resolute' measures after THAAD deployment
Seoul (AFP) Feb 28, 2017
Protesters sue to stop US missile system in S. Korea
Riding an asteroid: China's next space goal
Beijing (XNA) Mar 07, 2017
After sending a probe to Mars in 2020, China plans to explore three asteroids and land on one of them to conduct scientific research, according to a Chinese asteroid research expert. The "China's Space Activities in 2016" white paper, issued by the Information Office of the State Council recently, also mentioned asteroid exploration in outlining the major tasks of the country's space indus ... more
Beijing (XNA) Mar 07, 2017
China's 1st cargo spacecraft to make three rendezvous with Tiangong-2
Beijing (Sputnik) Mar 09, 2017
China Plans to Launch 1st Probe to Mars in Summer 2020
Jiuquan (XNA) Mar 07, 2017
China launches experiment satellite "TK-1"

DARPA robotic servicing program has become stalled
Bethesda MD (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
DARPA has been developing a program that will leverage successes in space robotics in order to accelerate in-orbit servicing of satellites. Of particular interest are the satellites that populate the geosynchronous orbit at about 36,000 km above Earth. There are hundreds of these vehicles that operate as military, civil and commercial satellite assets. However, once launched, there is no w ... more
Providence RI (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
Robot uses social feedback to fetch objects intelligently
Washington (UPI) Mar 2, 2017
Switzerland taps Kongsberg for Protector weapon system
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
Shape-shifting molecular robots respond to DNA signals
Shared bikes grind Shanghai's gears
Shanghai (AFP) March 3, 2017
Shanghai has impounded thousands of brightly coloured bikes placed on city streets by cycle-sharing companies, in the latest sign of impatience with an explosion of the haphazardly-parked two-wheelers. The bike-sharing sector has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, with users typically renting the bicycles for short periods by first unlocking them through the use of ... more
Beijing (AFP) March 1, 2017
Beijing's shanties: Towns of hope and despair
Hong Kong (AFP) March 1, 2017
Hong Kong rebel lawmakers fight parliament ban
Hong Kong (AFP) Feb 27, 2017
Activists gatecrash meeting of Hong Kong leadership hopeful

First Light for Breakthrough Listen at Parkes Telescope
New York NY (SPX) Nov 09, 2016
Breakthrough Listen, the 10-year, $100-million astronomical search for intelligent life beyond Earth launched in 2015 by Internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking, has announced its first observations using the Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales, Australia. Parkes joins the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in West Virginia, USA, and the Automated Planet Finder (APF) at Lick Ob ... more
Parkes, Australia (SPX) Nov 09, 2016
Search for ET underway with Parkes Radio Telescope
Berkeley CA (SPX) Oct 28, 2016
Breakthrough Listen to Search for Intelligent Life Around Tabby's Star
Berkeley CA (SPX) Oct 25, 2016
New bacteria groups, and stunning diversity, discovered underground
Taking earth's inner temperature
Cape Cod MA (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
The temperature of Earth's interior affects everything from the movement of tectonic plates to the formation of the planet. A new study led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) suggests the mantle - the mostly solid, rocky part of Earth's interior that lies between its super-heated core and its outer crustal layer - may be hotter than previously believed. The new finding, published Mar ... more
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
TRIPLESAT Constellation Tasking with SpyMeSat Mobile App
Sydney (AFP) March 8, 2017
'Angry' Australian summer weather smashes records
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
NASA examines deadly spring-like weather with GPM satellite

Stabilizing soils with sulfates to improve their constructional properties
Leioa, Spain (SPX) Mar 09, 2017
The journal Applied Clay Science has recently published the paper 'Sulfate soils stabilization with magnesium-based bindersa', a piece of research led by Dr Andres Seco-Meneses on the stabilizing of sulfate soils in which Benat-Garci­a-Grancianteparaluceta, lecturer in the UPV/EHU's Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, has collaborated alongside a group of re ... more
Champaign IL (SPX) Mar 06, 2017
Hand-picked specialty crops 'ripe' for precision agriculture techniques
Guerima, Colombia (AFP) March 4, 2017
Colombia's 'drug triangle' puts hope in chocolate
Champaign IL (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
Hand-picked specialty crops 'ripe' for precision agriculture techniques
Kepler Provides Another Peek at Ultra-cool Neighbor
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 09, 2017
On Feb. 22, astronomers announced that the ultra-cool dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1, hosts a total of seven Earth-size planets that are likely rocky, a discovery made by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope in combination with ground-based telescopes. NASA's planet-hunting Kepler space telescope also has been observing this star since December 2016. Today these additional data about TRAPPIST-1 from Kepler ar ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
Hunting for giant planet analogs in our own backyard
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
Faraway Planet Systems Are Shaped Like the Solar System
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 03, 2017
Biochemical 'fossil' shows how life may have emerged without phosphate

More mosquito species than previously thought may transmit Zika
Athens GA (SPX) Mar 01, 2017
Zika virus could be transmitted by more mosquito species than those currently known, according to a new predictive model created by ecologists at the University of Georgia and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. Their findings, published this week in the journal eLife, offer a list of 26 additional potential candidate species--including seven that occur in the continental United States--tha ... more
Paris (AFP) Feb 28, 2017
Flu meds do not harm unborn babies: study
Miami (AFP) Feb 22, 2017
First drug-resistant malaria parasite detected in Africa
Beijing (AFP) Feb 16, 2017
Bird-flu deaths rise in China, shutting poultry markets
Nigerian military to probe rights abuse claims
Abuja (AFP) March 8, 2017
Nigeria's military on Wednesday announced it would look into alleged human rights abuses by troops, including in the fight against Boko Haram, despite having previously dismissed such claims. The chief of army staff, Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai, said a special board of inquiry would look into allegations such as those made by Amnesty International and pro-Biafra campaigners. But he ... more
Ben Guerdane, Tunisia (AFP) March 7, 2017
PM hails Ben Guerdane battle as Tunisia 'turning point'
Bamako (AFP) March 5, 2017
11 Malian soldiers killed in attack on border base
Dakar (AFP) March 4, 2017
Senegal and Gambia announce new era of ties

New Plant Habitat Will Increase Harvest on International Space Station
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
A new, nearly self-sufficient plant growth system by NASA is headed to the International Space Station soon and will help researchers better understand how plants grow in space. The Advanced Plant Habitat will be used to conduct plant bioscience research on the space station, and help NASA prepare crew to grow their own food in space during deep-space exploration missions. Some of the comp ... more
Washington DC (VOA) Mar 09, 2017
Space Tourism and Business Looking Up
New Delhi (XNA) Mar 03, 2017
India has capability to develop space station, says top official
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 07, 2017
NASA Releases Free Software Catalog
Russia to arm Antey nuclear subs with Kalibr missiles
Moscow (UPI) Mar 07, 2017
Russian Project 949A Antey submarines will be armed with Kalibr missile systems following an upgrade project, according to state media reports. The vessels, also known by their NATO reporting names Oscar I and Oscar II, are currently armed with P-700 Granit cruise missiles in addition to various anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons. The Kremlin's plans to improve the Soviet-era ships we ... more
Beijing (AFP) March 8, 2017
China urges US-N.Korea deal to avert 'head-on collision'
Seoul (AFP) March 8, 2017
N. Korea goes 'my way' with missiles and murder row
Washington (AFP) March 6, 2017
Pentagon blasts 'unprofessional' Iranian navy

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