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January 11, 2018
'To boldly grow': Japan astronaut worried by space growth spurt

Tokyo (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
A Japanese astronaut has sparked hilarity back on Earth after he claimed to have grown nine centimetres in space, making him worried he would not squeeze into the capsule home. Norishige Kanai, who is aboard the International Space Station, tweeted: "We had our bodies measured after reaching space, and wow, wow, wow, I had actually grown by as much as 9 centimetres (3.5 inches)!" "I have grown like a plant in just three weeks," he said, adding that he had not experienced a growth spurt like this ... read more

State Department approves $133.3M missile sale to Japan
Washington (UPI) Jan 10, 2018
The State Department has approved the potential $133.3 million foreign military sale of Standard Missile-3 Block IIA missiles to Japan. ... more
Japan's Aerospace Agency Developing Radar Detecting Space Micro-Debris
Tokyo (Sputnik) Jan 09, 2018
Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is developing a radar that will be capable of detecting space micro-debris of about 10 centimeters (3.9 inches), local media reported on Monday. Acc ... more
US military chopper makes second emergency landing in Okinawa
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
An American military helicopter made an emergency landing in Okinawa on Monday, just two days after a similar incident on the southern Japanese island. ... more
Earthquakes as a driver for the deep-ocean carbon cycle
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
In a paper recently published in Nature Communications, geologist Michael Strasser presented the initial findings of a month-long research expedition off the coast of Japan. The research initiative ... more

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24/7 News Coverage

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
New 'emotional' robots aim to read human feelings
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
The robot called Forpheus does more than play a mean game of table tennis. It can read body language to gauge its opponent's ability, and offer advice and encouragement. ... more
Toyota brings the store to you with self-driving concept vehicle
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
Self-driving buses aren't new, but Toyota's concept vehicle unveiled Monday aims to be more than just that - a mobile platform for e-commerce, ridesharing and medical services, for a start. ... more
Japan steps into offshore Brazil bonanza
Washington (UPI) Jan 9, 2018
A consortium of Japanese energy companies said Tuesday they agreed to invest in a long-term agreement involving floating production options for offshore Brazil. ... more
Struggling Westinghouse Electric sold to Brookfield for $4.6 bn
New York (AFP) Jan 4, 2018
Financially-troubled Westinghouse Electric announced Thursday it agreed to be sold to Brookfield Business Partners for $4.6 billion, pending approval by a US bankruptcy court. ... more
Russia accuses US of breaking treaty over defence system sale to Japan
Moscow (AFP) Dec 30, 2017
Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov on Saturday accused the United States of violating a key arms treaty by selling a missile defence system to Japan. ... more
New study identifies thermometer for global ocean
San Diego CA (SPX) Jan 04, 2018
There's a new way to measure the average temperature of the ocean thanks to researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego. In an article published in t ... more

Two minor quakes 'wrongly trigger' Japan's alert system

Japan launches H-IIA carrier rocket with 2 satellites
Tokyo (Sputnik) Dec 26, 2017
Japan has successfully launched on Saturday H-IIA carrier rocket with two research satellites on board, theJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said in a statement. "Mitsubishi Heavy Indu ... more
SoftBank seals deal for large Uber stake, trimming valuation
Washington (AFP) Dec 29, 2017
Uber and SoftBank announced a deal Thursday allowing the Japanese tech titan to take a large stake in the US ridesharing giant, making a hefty cut in the valuation of the biggest venture-backed startup. ... more
Masayoshi Son: From chicken feed to Japan's richest tycoon
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 29, 2017
Once asked on Twitter about his receding hairline, Masayoshi Son, founder of Japanese telecoms giant SoftBank, retorted: "My hair is not receding. I'm advancing." ... more
Epson, Apple face French legal pressure over planned obsolescence
Paris (AFP) Dec 28, 2017
French prosecutors have launched a probe into Japanese printer maker Epson for alleged planned obsolescence in its products, using landmark consumer legislation that campaigners hope to turn against Apple as well. ... more

Hurricane-hit Puerto Rico launches new drive for US statehood
Washington (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico on Wednesday launched a new drive to become the 51st US state, with the island's governor demanding an end to "second-class" treatment of its citizens. Puerto Rico's more than three million residents are US citizens, with no obstacles to living and working on the mainland. Yet the US commonwealth in the Caribbean has just a non-voting delegation in the US Co ... more
Tripoli (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
Scores of migrants missing in Mediterranean: Libyan Navy
Miami (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
2017 the costliest year in US history for natural disasters
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) Jan 9, 2018
Teachers in Iraq's Mosul learn to cope with traumatised pupils
3-D printing creates super soft structures that replicate brain and lungs
London, UK (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
A new 3D printing technique allows researchers to replicate biological structures, which could be used for tissue regeneration and replica organs. Imperial College London researchers have developed a new method for creating 3D structures using cryogenics (freezing) and 3D printing techniques. This builds on previous research, but is the first to create structures that are soft enough ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Jan 03, 2018
New lensless camera creates detailed 3-D images without scanning
Dulles VA (SPX) Jan 05, 2018
Orbital ATK receives order for 2nd In-Orbit Satellite Servicing Vehicle
Paris (ESA) Jan 10, 2018
ESA researching see-through metals

New depth limit for deep-sea marine burrows
Leeds UK (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
Scientists have found fossil evidence of deep-sea marine life burrowing up to eight metres below the seabed - four times the previously observed depth for modern deep-sea life. A team of scientists from the University of Leeds and the National Oceanography Centre examined remains of deep-sea burrows in rocky outcrops that were part of the ocean floor roughly 250 million years ago. Th ... more
Toulouse, France (AFP) Jan 9, 2018
French cop cleared over death of anti-dam protester
Cairo (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
Egypt building huge water treatment plant amid supply concerns
bLondon, UK (SPX) Jan 09, 2018
European sampling sheds light on massive diversity of freshwater plankton
Silver nanoparticles take spectroscopy to new dimension
Washington DC (SPX) Jan 03, 2018
As medicine and pharmacology investigate nanoscale processes, it has become increasingly important to identify and characterize different molecules. Raman spectroscopy, a technique that leverages the scattering of laser light to identify molecules, has a limited capacity to detect molecules in diluted samples because of low signal yield. A team of researchers from the University of Hyderab ... more
Raleigh NC (SPX) Dec 27, 2017
Researchers find simpler way to deposit magnetic iron oxide onto gold nanorods
Edmonton, Canada (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
Discovery sets new world standard in nano generators
Boston MA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
A 100-fold leap to GigaDalton DNA nanotech
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Lockheed to support AEGIS missile system on USS Stout
Washington (UPI) Jan 8, 2018
Naval Sea Systems Command has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract for the AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense equipment in support of the USS Stout, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer. The contract, announced Friday by the Department of Defense, is worth more than $10.1 million under a fixed-price-incentive modification to a previous award contract. The modification could ... more
Washington (UPI) Jan 5, 2018
Turkey commissions study for future missile defense system
Riyadh (AFP) Jan 5, 2018
Saudi Arabia intercepts Yemen rebel ballistic missile
Riyadh (AFP) Jan 5, 2018
Saudi intercepts ballistic missile near Yemen border: state media
Scientist reveals what is so special about Chines's next moon mission
Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 08, 2018
China is poised to begin a comprehensive lunar exploration program which is expected to kick off with the launch of the Long March 5 rocket in June. Professor Heino Falcke, an astrophysicist at Radboud University in the Netherlands, explained during an interview with Radio Sputnik why this mission is so important. Radio Sputnik: Please tell us about your radio telescope, which you are plan ... more
Wuhan, China (XNA) Jan 02, 2018
China's Kuaizhou-11 rocket scheduled to launch in first half of 2018
Beijing (XNA) Nov 27, 2017
Nation 'leads world' in remote sensing technology
Beijing (XNA) Nov 19, 2017
China plans for nuclear-powered interplanetary capacity by 2040

Artificial muscles power up with new gel-based robotics
Matsumoto, Japan (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
Scientists are one step closer to artificial muscles. Orthotics have come a long way since their initial wood and strap designs, yet innovation lapsed when it came to compensating for muscle power--until now. A collaborative research team has designed a wearable robot to support a person's hip joint while walking. The team, led by Minoru Hashimoto, a professor of textile science and techno ... more
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
New 'emotional' robots aim to read human feelings
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 9, 2018
Digital assistants duel for dominance at major electronics show
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
Virtual aide market a "wildfire" at CES gadget show
Former Chinese military chief of staff under investigation
Beijing (AFP) Jan 9, 2018
A former chief of staff of China's military is under investigation on "suspicion of bribery", state media said Tuesday, as Xi Jinping's sweeping anti-graft crackdown claimed another top general. Fang Fenghui was appointed to the PLA's top post in 2012. But he was abruptly replaced in late August amid a stand-off with India over a territorial dispute and just days after he had met US top bras ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) Jan 9, 2018
Pro-democracy leaders in court in Hong Kong
Beijing (AFP) Jan 4, 2018
China puts Tibetan language advocate on trial for subversion
Beijing (AFP) Jan 4, 2018
Migrant worker evictions tear at Beijing's backbone

China launches remote sensing satellites SuperView-1
Taiyuan (XNA) Jan 10, 2018
China launched a pair of 0.5-meter high-resolution remote sensing satellites Tuesday from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China's Shanxi Province. The satellites, SuperView-1 03/04, blasted off at 11:24 a.m. Beijing time on the back of a Long March 2D rocket, according to the center. The mission aims to promote the country's commercial use of high-resolution remote sensi ... more
Sydney (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
Australia swelters through one of hottest years on record
Beijing, China (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
Scientists examine how aerosol types influence cloud formation
Beijing, China (SPX) Jan 10, 2018
Soil freeze-thaw stimulates nitrous oxide emissions from alpine meadows

Research outlines the interconnected benefits of urban agriculture
Tempe AZ (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
From a vacant plot in a blighted neighborhood springs neatly combed rows of plants put in by the neighbors. They meticulously care for this small piece of land and among the drab looking buildings sprouts a patch of green. Cultivating the land may have started as a way to unite a neighborhood; to give pride to place, or it might be the project of a local high school to teach land stewardship. ... more
Paris (AFP) Jan 9, 2018
French beef producers cheer chance for return to China
Washington DC (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
Robotic weeders: to a farm near you?
(UPI) Jan 2, 2018
Warming to force winemakers, growers to plant different varieties
Hubble finds substellar objects in the Orion Nebula
Baltimore MD (SPX) Jan 12, 2018
In an unprecedented deep survey for small, faint objects in the Orion Nebula, astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope ( have uncovered the largest known population of brown dwarfs sprinkled among newborn stars. Looking in the vicinity of the survey stars, researchers not only found several very-low-mass brown dwarf companions, but also three giant planets. They ... more
Berkeley CA (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
SETI project homes in on strange 'fast radio bursts'
Baltimore MD (SPX) Jan 10, 2018
Iron-Rich Stars Host Shorter-Period Planets
Berkeley CA (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
Ingredients for life revealed in meteorites that fell to Earth

TSRI scientists discover workings of first promising Marburg virus treatment
La Jolla CA (SPX) Jan 11, 2018
With a mortality rate of up to 88 percent, Marburg virus can rip through a community in days. In 2005, an outbreak of Marburg virus struck a pediatric ward in the country of Angola. With no treatment available, doctors struggled to help as the virus killed 329 of 374 infected patients. Now, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered the workings of the first promis ... more
Kinshasa (AFP) Jan 9, 2018
MSF warns of mounting cholera cases in flood-hit Kinshasa
Kinshasa (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
DR Congo mourns flood victims as cholera fears mount
Brisbane, Australia (SPX) Jan 08, 2018
Supercharged antibiotics could turn tide against superbugs
Unauthorised gold mining in Cameroon reaps deathly toll
Yaounde (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
Forty-three gold diggers died in abandoned mines in Cameroon in the first 10 months of last year, a watchdog group said Wednesday. "The toll of people who died in mining holes... reached 43 in the first 10 months" of 2017, said Foder, a local NGO whose full name in English means Forest and Rural Development. The group said much of the blame lay with corporations, many of them Chinese, wh ... more
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Jan 5, 2018
IS-allied Boko Haram faction claims killing of Nigerian troops
Bamako (AFP) Dec 31, 2017
Mali president names new govt after ex-PM's resignation
Conakry (AFP) Dec 30, 2017
Guinea massacre suspects to go before criminal tribunal

'To boldly grow': Japan astronaut worried by space growth spurt
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
A Japanese astronaut has sparked hilarity back on Earth after he claimed to have grown nine centimetres in space, making him worried he would not squeeze into the capsule home. Norishige Kanai, who is aboard the International Space Station, tweeted: "We had our bodies measured after reaching space, and wow, wow, wow, I had actually grown by as much as 9 centimetres (3.5 inches)!" "I have ... more
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jan 10, 2018
Life-saving NASA Communications System Turns 20
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Jan 09, 2018
NASA Deep Space Exploration Systems looks ahead to action-packed 2018
Las Vegas (AFP) Jan 8, 2018
Tech faithful gather to worship at mecca of innovation
US demands 'immediate release' of Iranian political prisoners
Washington (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
The White House on Wednesday demanded that Iran release demonstrators rounded up in countrywide protests, raising pressure on Tehran as US President Donald Trump weighs the future of a key nuclear deal. "The Trump Administration is deeply concerned by reports that the Iranian regime has imprisoned thousands of Iranian citizens in the past week for engaging in peaceful protests," the White Ho ... more
Seoul (AFP) Jan 11, 2018
North Korea's 'army of beauties' set to invade South
Washington (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
Trump, Moon signal openness for talks with N. Korea
Seoul (AFP) Jan 10, 2018
Olympic deal will do little to disarm N. Korea: analysts
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