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24/7 News Coverage About Japan
February 05, 2018
'Oil-like' blobs hit Japan beaches after tanker sinks

Tokyo (AFP) Feb 2, 2018
"Oil-like" blobs are washing up on the beaches of several southern Japanese islands, officials said Friday, raising fears they could be from a tanker that sank in the area nearly three weeks ago. The Iranian tanker Sanchi - carrying 111,000 tonnes of light crude oil - went under in a ball of flames on January 14 in Japan's economic waters in the East China Sea, sparking concerns it could lead to a massive environmental catastrophe. Japan's government is analysing the origin of the "oil-like" s ... read more

Kyocera TCL Solar completes 21MW solar plant on repurposed land
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 02, 2018
Kyocera Corporation and Tokyo Century Corporation report that Kyocera TCL Solar LLC has completed construction of a 21.1 megawatt (MW) utility-scale solar power plant in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefect ... more
Walmart, Rakuten unveil alliance on e-books, groceries
Washington (AFP) Jan 26, 2018
US retail giant Walmart and Japanese internet titan Rakuten unveiled a strategic partnership which will include collaboration on digital books in the United States and grocery delivery in Japan. ... more
Weakened Japan takes on more Kuwaiti oil
Washington (UPI) Feb 1, 2018
Kuwait, the fourth-largest crude oil exporter to Japan, said Thursday that December levels were more than 30 percent higher than at the same time in 2016. ... more
NASA-JAXA Joint Statement on Space Exploration
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jan 30, 2018
On January 24, 2018, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) met to exchange their views on space exploration. The agencies signed a jo ... more
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Japan calls on China to up N. Korea cooperation
Beijing (AFP) Jan 28, 2018
Japan's foreign minister called on China to increase cooperation on curbing North Korea's nuclear weapons programme Sunday during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart in Beijing. ... more
Japan, China talks end with friendship vows but no breakthrough
Beijing (AFP) Jan 28, 2018
Japan's foreign minister met China's top leadership Sunday for rare diplomatic talks that ended with mutual vows to improve their chilly ties but little in the way of concrete proposals. ... more
Volcanos, earthquakes: Is the 'Ring of Fire' alight?
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 26, 2018
A volcanic eruption in the Philippines forces mass evacuations, while another in Japan kills one person. Across the Pacific, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits off Alaska. So what's the link? ... more
South Korea demands Japan close museum on disputed islands
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 25, 2018
South Korea on Thursday demanded the "immediate closure" of a new Tokyo museum devoted to two sets of disputed islands - just hours after it opened. ... more
Japan seeks upgraded whaling ship as PM vows to continue hunts
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 24, 2018
Japan is considering upgrading its ageing lead whaling ship, a fisheries official said Wednesday, as the prime minister vowed to continue the country's controversial Antarctic hunts despite international protests. ... more
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Freezing Tokyo sees most ambulance calls for 80 years
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 25, 2018
Tokyo's ambulance service has experienced its busiest day in more than 80 years, officials said Thursday, amid icy conditions as the Japanese capital shivers through its coldest temperatures in decades. ... more
Fresh tremors halt search ops after Japan volcano eruption
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 24, 2018
New volcanic activity Wednesday forced Japanese police to suspend search operations a day after an eruption near a popular ski resort that killed a soldier and injured several other people. ... more
One dead as volcano erupts near Japan ski resort
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 23, 2018
A Japanese soldier was killed Tuesday and several other people injured after a volcano erupted near a popular ski resort, sparking an avalanche and leaving scores stranded - including tourists from Britain and Taiwan. ... more
Volcano eruption, avalanche at Japan ski resort kills one
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 23, 2018
A Japanese soldier was killed on Tuesday after a volcano erupted near a popular Japanese ski resort, sparking an avalanche that left several injured and scores stranded up a mountain, officials said. ... more
Thousands stranded, scores injured in snowbound Tokyo
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 23, 2018
A rare heavy blanket of snow in Tokyo on Tuesday left thousands of travellers stranded and scores injured, as frozen conditions snarled public transport in the Japanese capital. ... more

Tokyo simulates first military attack since WWII amid N. Korea threat

Tokyo gets first 'heavy snow' alert in four years
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 22, 2018
Japan's weather agency Monday issued a heavy snow warning for Tokyo for the first time in four years, urging people to go home early amid fears of public transport chaos. ... more
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Commercial UAV Expo Americas, October 28-30, Las Vegas
Clean and green: A moss that removes lead from water
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jan 19, 2018
Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) in Japan have demonstrated that that moss can be a green alternative for decontaminating polluted water and soil. Published in ... more
Chinese solar boom sparks global renewables boon: study
Paris (AFP) Jan 16, 2018
A Chinese boom in solar panel installation last year helped drive global investment in renewable clean energy technology to record levels, a new study showed Tuesday. ... more
Himawari-8 data simulation allows 10-min updates of rain and flood predictions
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jan 18, 2018
Using the power of Japan's K computer, scientists from the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science and collaborators have shown that incorporating satellite data at frequent intervals - t ... more
Japan forecasting breakthrough could improve weather warnings
Tokyo (AFP) Jan 17, 2018
A new project harnessing data from a Japanese satellite could improve weather forecasting and allow officials to issue life-saving warnings before natural disasters, researchers say. ... more
US and allies commit to ending North Korea sanctions busting
Vancouver (AFP) Jan 17, 2018
The United States and its allies on Tuesday vowed tougher measures to halt North Korean sanctions busting, including naval security operations to prevent maritime smuggling. ... more
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Researchers identify 'anxiety cells' inside the brains of mice
Washington (UPI) Jan 31, 2018
Scientists have identified a new group of cells associated with the fight-or-flight response of mice. Researchers detailed their discovery of the so-called anxiety cells this week in the journal Neuron. "We call these anxiety cells because they only fire when the animals are in places that are innately frightening to them," Rene Hen, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Irvi ... more
+ Dutch 'ill-prepared' for cross-border nuclear accident: probe
+ Dutch to help tourism firms on storm-hit Caribbean isles
+ Stressed-out Dhaka to get 'Anger Management Park'
+ Mammals and birds could have best shot at surviving climate change
+ As Paris mops up, warning of more floods in Europe's future
+ US 'cautiously optimistic' on Philippine drug war rights record
+ Displaced Iraqi women turn to handicrafts for survival
In-Orbit Servicing Market Opportunity Exceeds $3 Billion
Boston MA (SPX) Feb 06, 2018
NSR's industry-first In-Orbit Servicing Markets (IoSM) report finds the nascent in-orbit servicing market poised for growth, and forecasts a total market of over $3B in the next 10 years. Life extension services drive most of this revenue, as many in-orbit service providers plan to enter the market in the next five years servicing commercial and government customers with additional solutio ... more
+ Contact with lost NASA satellite IMAGE confirmed
+ Studying the Van Allen Belts 60 years after America's first spacecraft
+ Latest Data From IMAGE Indicates Spacecraft's Power Functional
+ VR helps surgeons to 'see through' tissue and reconnect blood vessels
+ Pearly material for bendable heating elements
+ Putting everyday computer parts to space radiation test
+ Sierra Nevada's STPSat-5 satellite completes ground compatibility testing

ACTUV "Sea Hunter" Prototype Transitions to Office of Naval Research for Further Development
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 01, 2018
DARPA has successfully completed its Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) program and has officially transferred the technology demonstration vessel, christened Sea Hunter, to the Office of Naval Research (ONR). ONR will continue developing the revolutionary prototype vehicle-the first of what could ultimately become an entirely new class of ocean-going vessel ab ... more
+ PALS Turns to Marine Organisms to Help Monitor Strategic Waters
+ Coastal water absorbing more carbon dioxide
+ Tiny Michigan town in water fight with Nestle
+ In the Galapagos, an idyllic hammerhead shark nursery
+ Tempers flare at Cape Town water collection point
+ Paradise lost: 'Anote's Ark' shows Kiribati on the brink
+ EU seeks to give millions better access to drinking water
On the rebound as nanoparticles self-heal
Lemont IL (SPX) Feb 02, 2018
Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal from broken ankles or dislocated wrists. Now, a new study has shown that some nanoparticles can also "self-heal" after experiencing intense strain, once that strain is removed. New research from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory and Stanford University has found that palladium nanoparticles can repair atomic dislo ... more
+ Let the good tubes roll
+ Touchy nanotubes work better when clean
+ Ultra-thin optical fibers offer new way to 3-D print microstructures
+ Nanowrinkles could save billions in shipping and aquaculture
+ Building molecular wires, one atom at a time
+ Nanotube fibers in a jiffy
+ Silver nanoparticles take spectroscopy to new dimension
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Lockheed tapped by Army for 10 more THAAD interceptors
Washington (UPI) Jan 29, 2018
The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has awarded Lockheed Martin a contract for 10 additional Lot 10 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, interceptors for the U.S. Army. The deal, announced Friday by the Department of Defense, is valued at more than $459.2 million under a modified fixed-price incentive-firm target contract for line item numbers. Friday's award is the second ... more
+ Raytheon awarded $2.3B to support Patriot missile system
+ Test of US-Japanese missile interceptor fails again
+ Boeing awarded $6.56B for upgrades to ballistic missile defense system
+ America's premier space wing completes SBIRS baseline constellation
+ Hawaii fires warning officer who sent missile alert
+ Lockheed Martin Receives $459 Million THAAD Interceptor Contract
+ Qatar in talks for Russian S-400 missile systems
China launches first shared education satellite
Jiuquan (XNA) Feb 06, 2018
China's first shared education satellite, Young Pioneer 1, carried by the Long March-2D rocket, was launched into space from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Friday afternoon. The 3-kg CubeSat (100 * 100 * 340mm), Young Pioneer 1, enters an orbit of 502 km above the Earth. The rocket also carried Zhangheng 1, an electromagnetic satellite to study earthquake data, and five other miniaturized ... more
+ China's first X-ray space telescope put into service after in-orbit tests
+ China's first successful lunar laser ranging accomplished
+ Yang Liwei looks back at China's first manned space mission
+ Space agency to pick those with the right stuff
+ China to select astronauts for its space station
+ No space for China's stay-at-home taikonauts
+ China Focus: The making of heroes - the women and men of China's space program

Applying machine learning to the universe's mysteries
Berkeley CA (SPX) Feb 01, 2018
Computers can beat chess champions, simulate star explosions, and forecast global climate. We are even teaching them to be infallible problem-solvers and fast learners. And now, physicists at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and their collaborators have demonstrated that computers are ready to tackle the universe's greatest mysteries. The team fed t ... more
+ Artificial intelligence sparks hope -- and fear, US poll shows
+ NIST's superconducting synapse may be missing piece for 'artificial brains'
+ Let's make a deal: Could AI compromise better than humans?
+ Dutch robots help make cheese, 'smell' the roses
+ 'Job-killing' robots, AI under scrutiny in Davos
+ AI, virtual reality make inroads in tourism sector
+ Feedback enhances brainwave control of a novel hand-exoskeleton
Vatican's delicate China mission runs into trouble
Vatican City (AFP) Feb 2, 2018
Pope Francis is facing a complex row over the Vatican's warming ties with Communist China, which have sparked a new war of words with a Hong Kong cardinal and growing bitterness among some Chinese faithful. Beijing and the Vatican severed diplomatic relations in 1951, and although ties have improved in recent years as China's Catholic population has grown, they remain at odds over which side ... more
+ Hong Kong democracy candidate cleared to run in fraught vote
+ China rights lawyer charged with 'inciting subversion'
+ Ex-governor urges British PM to speak out on Hong Kong in China visit
+ EU envoy urges China to release Swedish book publisher
+ Leading Hong Kong democracy activist banned from vote
+ China's #MeToo movement emerges, testing censors' limits
+ Chinese officials staging 'takeover' of Tibetan Buddhist academy: HRW

NASA's small spacecraft produces first 883-gigahertz global ice-cloud map
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jan 31, 2018
A bread loaf-sized satellite has produced the world's first map of the global distribution of atmospheric ice in the 883-Gigahertz band, an important frequency in the submillimeter wavelength for studying cloud ice and its effect on Earth's climate. IceCube - the diminutive spacecraft that deployed from the International Space Station in May 2017- has demonstrated-in-space a commercial 883 ... more
+ Smog-forming soils
+ UK regional weather forecasts could be improved using jet stream data
+ UK to play a major role in space weather mission concept
+ Weather pioneer returns 60 years after historic mission
+ Cluster measures turbulence in Earth's magnetic environment
+ Researchers find pathway to give advanced notice for hailstorms
+ NASA's GOLD powers on for the first time

Learn to value your food, says Brazil's top chef
Sao Paulo (AFP) Jan 31, 2018
Brazil may produce much of the world's food as a commodities exporter but needs to pay more attention to its own taste buds, the country's top chef Alex Atala says. In an interview with AFP, the French-trained chef who draws inspiration from the Amazon rainforest urged his homeland to start valuing its hidden culinary riches, rather than just export food in bulk. "Food is given to us by ... more
+ Vines from Napa, Bordeaux tough against heat, drought
+ More rice, please: 13 rice genomes reveal ways to keep up with ever-growing population
+ New Year canines stashed away in Muslim Malaysia
+ Australia toughens foreign investment rules amid China concerns
+ Dairy sector trembles at EU powdered milk mountain
+ Researchers reveal how microbes cope in phosphorus-deficient tropical soil
+ Root discovery may lead to crops that need less fertilizer
Stellar embryos in dwarf galaxy contain complex organic molecules
Charlottesville VA (SPX) Feb 01, 2018
Unlike the Milky Way, this semi-spiral collection of a few tens-of-billions of stars lacks our galaxy's rich abundance of heavy elements, like carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. With such a dearth of heavy elements, astronomers predict that the LMC should contain a comparatively paltry amount of complex carbon-based molecules. Previous observations of the LMC seem to support that view. New obse ... more
+ Astronomers identify first planets outside the Milk Way
+ Trappist planets have water, may be 'habitable': researchers
+ First Light for Planet Hunter ExTrA at La Silla
+ A new 'atmospheric disequilibrium' could help detect life on other planets
+ Johns Hopkins scientist proposes new limit on the definition of a planet
+ NASA Poised to Topple a Planet-Finding Barrier
+ A hot Jupiter with unusual winds

Plague outbreak in Madagascar revived dread of a killer
Antananarivo (AFP) Jan 26, 2018
Most inhabitants of Madagascar thought the plague was a footnote of medical history until the disease dramatically returned last year, slaying more than 200 people. Fear and anxiety rippled across the Indian Ocean island nation. "People were afraid to come to hospital - they were afraid of catching the plague," recalled Professor Mamy Randria, head of the infectious diseases service at ... more
+ 'Mutant flu' could lead to more effective vaccine: study
+ Scientists find new clues about 'wave after wave' of germs that killed the Aztecs
+ TSRI scientists discover workings of first promising Marburg virus treatment
+ MSF warns of mounting cholera cases in flood-hit Kinshasa
+ DR Congo mourns flood victims as cholera fears mount
+ Supercharged antibiotics could turn tide against superbugs
+ Preventing the next epidemic in Madagascar
Mali mayor kidnapped by armed men: family
Bamako (AFP) Jan 31, 2018
A missing mayor in northern Mali was "kidnapped by armed men", his family and a security source said Wednesday, as the nation's most powerful jihadist group claimed a string of attacks last week. Baba Ould Cheikh, the mayor of Tarkint in the Gao region, was snatched by six armed men between January 21 and 23, a member of his family told AFP, underlining increasing insecurity months ahead of ... more
+ Benin's threatened Pendjari National Park gets $23.5m boost
+ France freezes assets of DR Congo general over civilian 'massacres'
+ Suicide bomber kills four Malian soldiers
+ Two customs officers killed in Mali 'jihadist' attack
+ Somali forces kill boys in anti-Shabaab operation: US
+ US calls for South Sudan arms embargo after failed truce
+ S.Africa in 'new era', likely next president tells Davos
Daily Newsletters - Space - Military - Environment - Energy

Cosmonauts position antennae wrong during record-long spacewalk
Washington (UPI) Feb 5, 2018
A pair of Russian cosmonauts didn't set out to break the record for longest Russian spacewalk, but what seemed like a relatively straight forward mission turned out to be surprisingly complicated. Expedition commander Alexander Misurkin and flight engineer Anton Shkaplerov spent 8 hours and 13 minutes outside the International Space Station, a record in Russian space history. In 2013, a ... more
+ Putting down roots in space
+ Celebrating 60 years of groundbreaking US space science
+ Russia to start offering spacewalks for tourists
+ Spinoff 2018 Highlights Space Technology Improving Life on Earth
+ Soon humans will travel out beyond the Moon
+ Amazon opens plant-filled "The Spheres" buildings
+ NASA-JAXA Joint Statement on Space Exploration
Not there yet, but US officials warn N.Korea soon to perfect ICBM
Washington (AFP) Jan 30, 2018
North Korea has taken fresh strides in its nuclear missile program but has not shown all the technologies needed to strike America, a US general said Tuesday, as another top official warned such a capability is just months away. Pyongyang has demonstrated its rockets are powerful enough to reach the United States, but General Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it ha ... more
+ U.S., U.K. to upgrade ballistic missile guidance system
+ Pentagon pushes nuclear weapons expansion, modernization
+ Iran says US nuclear policy brings world 'closer to annihilation'
+ US ally Jordan cuts ties with NKorea
+ China slams "wild guesses" in US nuclear review
+ Boycott, marches and ping pong: two Koreas on the sporting stage
+ Russia casts doubt over evidence of Iran missiles to Yemen
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