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April 09, 2018
Japan's vaunted alert system runs up against limits

Tokyo (AFP) April 8, 2018
On January 5, as Tokyo's commuters were struggling back to work after their long New Year break, blaring sirens from every phone pierced the sleepy atmosphere: "strong" earthquake coming. The message delivered via the country's alert system, part of its much-hyped J-Alert mechanism, warned of a big one directly hitting the Japanese capital - potentially on the scale of the devastating 2011 earthquake that wrought massive destruction. Millions braced for impact... but it never came. It turne ... read more

Japan launches Marines unit amid China's growing presence
Tokyo (AFP) April 7, 2018
Japan's military on Saturday launched its first Marines unit, tasked with defending remote islands in the face of China's growing maritime presence in the region. ... more
Five injured after quake hits Japan
Tokyo (AFP) April 9, 2018
A 5.6-magnitude quake hit western Japan early Monday, injuring five people and damaging buildings and roads, as officials warned stronger tremors could come in the days ahead. ... more
Japan's snow monkeys use hot baths to conserve body heat, relieve stress
Washington (UPI) Apr 3, 2018
According to a new study, Japan's snow monkeys use the spa just like humans do, to stay warm and relieve stress. ... more
Modeling future earthquake and tsunami risk in southeast Japan
Amherst MA (SPX) Apr 03, 2018
Geoscience researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Smith College and the Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology this week unveiled new, GPS-based methods for modelin ... more
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Super typhoon may flood one third of central Tokyo: survey
Tokyo (AFP) March 31, 2018
One third of central Tokyo could be left under water and nearly four million people affected if a super typhoon strikes the capital causing storm surges, a new study from local authorities has warned. ... more
Japan whalers return from Antarctic hunt after killing 333 whales
Tokyo (AFP) March 31, 2018
Japanese whaling vessels returned to port on Saturday after catching more than 300 of the mammals in the Antarctic Ocean without facing any protests by anti-whaling groups, officials said. ... more
Out of this world: Inside Japan's space colony centre
Tokyo (AFP) March 30, 2018
A newly created Space Colony Research centre led by Japan's first female astronaut is bringing cutting-edge technology to bear on one of mankind's greatest questions: Can we live in space? ... more
Is glass transition driven by thermodynamics?
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 29, 2018
Glassy substances are everywhere, yet this state of matter poses many puzzles. The basic picture is clear enough - glasses are solids that lack the regular atomic structure of a crystal. How and why ... more
Understanding gravity: The nanoscale search for extra dimensions
Osaka, Japan (SPX) Mar 29, 2018
Often, practical limits control the experimental measurements that can be made, governing the difference between what we expect to be true based on the most likely predictions of models and calculat ... more
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In Fukushima ghost town, a factory on the road to rebirth
Namie, Japan (AFP) March 30, 2018
Namie in Japan's Fukushima region remains a virtual ghost town seven years after a devastating tsunami and nuclear disaster, but officials hope a new factory recycling electric car batteries could help revitalise the area. ... more
SSL to build direct broadcasting satellite for B-SAT
Palo Alto CA (SPX) Mar 28, 2018
SSL, a Maxar Technologies company, has been selected to provide a broadcasting satellite for Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation (B-SAT). As the leading broadcasting satellite operator i ... more
Toshiba awaits regulator approval for key chip unit sale
Tokyo (AFP) March 26, 2018
Embattled Japanese conglomerate Toshiba said Monday it was still waiting for regulators to approve the key sale of its chip unit, a delay that could stymie plans to complete the deal this month. ... more
Asian interest in Iraqi oil sector grows with Shell exit
Washington (UPI) Mar 26, 2018
A decision by Royal Dutch Shell to boost its divestment strategy by leaving one of the larger oil fields in Iraq is a sign of investment risk, an analyst said. ... more
Invasive beetle threatens Japan's famed cherry blossoms
Tokyo (AFP) March 22, 2018
Across Japan's capital, delicate pink and white cherry blossoms are emerging, but the famed blooms are facing a potentially mortal enemy, experts say: an invasive foreign beetle. ... more

Physicists discover new quantum electronic material

Spring comes to Tokyo with first cherry blossoms
Tokyo (AFP) March 17, 2018
Spring officially arrived in Tokyo on Saturday as Japan's weather agency declared the start of the cherry blossom season, prompting viewers to party under the trees with cherry-related items flooding the capital. ... more
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Fossil burrows show early origins of animal behavior
Nagoya, Japan (SPX) Mar 14, 2018
Researchers led by Nagoya University discover penetrative trace fossils from the late Ediacaran of western Mongolia, revealing earlier onset of the "agronomic revolution" Nagoya, Japan - In th ... more
Court orders Japan government to pay new Fukushima damages
Tokyo (AFP) March 15, 2018
A Japanese court on Thursday ordered the government to pay one million dollars in new damages over the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, ruling it should have predicted and avoided the meltdown. ... more
New 'HSC Viewer' allows public to access Subaru Telescope images
Washington (UPI) Mar 8, 2018
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has released the HSC Viewer to help the public access observations of the universe made by the Subaru Telescope and its Hyper Suprime-Cam. ... more
Scientists accurately model the action of aerosols on clouds
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 14, 2018
Global climate is a tremendously complex phenomenon, and researchers are making painstaking progress, year by year, to try to develop ever more accurate models. Now, an international group including ... more
Taiwanese protesters rally for 'nuclear-free homeland'
Taipei (AFP) March 11, 2018
Hundreds gathered at an anti-nuclear rally in Taiwan on Sunday to demand the government keep its pledge to abolish the use of atomic energy by 2025. ... more
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Trump to send thousands of troops to border as Mexico spat heats up
Washington (AFP) April 5, 2018
US President Donald Trump on Thursday said he would send thousands of National Guard troops to the southern border, amid a widening spat with his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto. The anti-immigration president said the National Guard deployment would range from 2,000 to 4,000 troops, and he would "probably" keep many personnel on the border until his wall is built - spelling out a le ... more
+ BlackRock to exclude Walmart from some new funds over guns
+ After 'Trump Effect,' illegal Mexico border crossings rebound
+ Trump vows to deploy military to Mexican border
+ Army to withdraw from street patrols in Guatemala
+ Boat carrying Rohingya stops on Thai island: official
+ Where Chinese space station Tiangong falls to Earth still a mystery
+ In Fukushima ghost town, a factory on the road to rebirth
CEAS Alumnus Develops New Heat Pipe to Support Spacecraft
Cincinnati OH (SPX) Apr 09, 2018
As humans continue to explore space, their spacecraft require newer technologies. Often, these new technologies generate more heat, which can be a problem if the structures can't withstand it. Mohammed Ababneh, PhD, thinks he has found the solution for managing these higher temperatures. Ababneh, a research development engineer at Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) and a graduate of ... more
+ Space Maid: Robot Harpoon and Net System to Attempt Space Cleanup
+ The Problem With Space Junk is We Don't Know Where Most Objects Are
+ Invisibility material created by UCI engineers
+ Creating a 2-D platinum magnet
+ New 4-D printer could reshape the world we live in
+ Researchers develop nanoparticle films for high-density data storage
+ Berkeley Lab scientists print all-liquid 3-D structures

Shrimp-inspired camera may enable underwater navigation
Champaign IL (SPX) Apr 06, 2018
The underwater environment may appear to the human eye as a dull-blue, featureless space. However, a vast landscape of polarization patterns appear when viewed through a camera that is designed to see the world through the eyes of many of the animals that inhabit the water. University of Illinois researchers have developed an underwater GPS method by using polarization information collecte ... more
+ New underwater geolocation technique takes cues from nature
+ Talks to ease Egypt concerns over Nile dam fail: Sudan minister
+ Prince Charles backs 'blue economy' to save Barrier Reef
+ Automated sea vehicles for monitoring the oceans
+ Aquaplaning in the geological underground
+ Hanging by a thread: Why bent fibers hold more water
+ New study shows vegetation controls the future of the water cycle
A treasure trove for nanotechnology experts
Lausanne, Switzerland (SPX) Mar 21, 2018
2D materials, which consist of a few layers of atoms, may well be the future of nanotechnology. They offer potential new applications and could be used in small, higher-performance and more energy-efficient devices. 2D materials were first discovered almost 15 years ago, but only a few dozen of them have been synthesized so far. Now, thanks to an approach developed by researchers from EPFL ... more
+ UCLA researchers develop a new class of two-dimensional materials
+ Nanostructures made of previously impossible material
+ Mining hardware helps scientists gain insight into silicon nanoparticles
+ Big steps toward control of production of tiny building blocks
+ New technique allows printing of flexible, stretchable silver nanowire circuits
+ Nanomaterials: What are the environmental and health risks?
+ UT Dallas team's microscopic solution may save researchers big time
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Japan's vaunted alert system runs up against limits
Tokyo (AFP) April 8, 2018
On January 5, as Tokyo's commuters were struggling back to work after their long New Year break, blaring sirens from every phone pierced the sleepy atmosphere: "strong" earthquake coming. The message delivered via the country's alert system, part of its much-hyped J-Alert mechanism, warned of a big one directly hitting the Japanese capital - potentially on the scale of the devastating 2011 ... more
+ Saudi-led coalition says missile downed near Yemen border
+ Saudi Arabia, Romania to receive Patriot missile systems, support
+ UN chief condemns Yemen missile attacks on Saudi Arabia
+ Saudis intercept seven Yemen rebel missiles in deadly escalation
+ Saudi forces say intercept missile fired by Yemen rebels
+ Russia slams Poland's 'militarisation' after Patriot missile deal
+ Poland buys US Patriot anti-missile system for $4.8 bn
China's 'space dream': A Long March to the moon
Beijing (AFP) April 2, 2018
The plunge back to Earth of a defunct Chinese space laboratory will not slow down Beijing's ambitious plans to send humans to the moon. The Tiangong-1 space module, which crashed Monday, was intended to serve as a stepping stone to a manned station, but its problems highlight the difficulties of exploring outer space. But China has come a long way in its race to catch up with the United ... more
+ China says Earth-bound space lab to offer 'splendid' show
+ Tiangong-1 expected to burn up on reentering atmosphere
+ Earth-bound Chinese spacelab plunging to fiery end
+ Chang'e-4 Lunar Probe will Reach the Far Side of the Moon
+ China to launch Long March-5B rocket next year
+ China plans to develop a multipurpose, reusable space plane
+ China moving ahead with plans for next-generation X-ray observatory

Russia's Robot FEDOR to Be the First to Fly to Space on Board New Spacecraft
Moscow (Sputnik) Apr 04, 2018
The new Russian manned spacecraft Federatsiya (Federation) is designed to deliver people and cargo to low earth orbit, as well as to the moon. The first such spaceship is expected to be commissioned by 2021. It will be a modernized version of the humanoid robot FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) that is expected to be the first to fly to outer space on board the state ... more
+ Visual recognition: Seeing the world through the eyes of rodents
+ How accurate is your AI
+ Make way for the mini flying machines
+ Tokyo Tech's six-legged robots get closer to nature
+ Novel 3-D printing method embeds sensing capabilities within robotic actuators
+ Robotic spiders and bees: The rise of bioinspired microrobots
+ UTSA researchers want to teach computers to learn like humans
Wife of 'vanished' Chinese lawyer marches for answers
Beijing (AFP) April 5, 2018
The wife of a detained Chinese human rights lawyer who has embarked on a 100-kilometre (60-mile) march to highlight his plight said Thursday she did not even know if he was still alive. Attorney Wang Quanzhang, who defended political activists and victims of land seizures, has had no contact with the outside world since he disappeared in a 2015 police sweep aimed at courtroom critics of Comm ... more
+ Tearful reunion highlights plight of China's missing children
+ China cracks down on spoofs of 'Communist heroes'
+ Vatican-affiliated Chinese bishop arrested: report
+ China court accuses Anbang boss of stealing billions as trial opens
+ Street art makes a splash in Hong Kong
+ China to reorganise propaganda efforts at home and abroad
+ Xi gets second term with powerful ally as VP

Denmark Hopeful to 'Enter Superliga' With Recent Space Project
Moscow (Sputnik) Apr 04, 2018
A 314-kilogram heavy observatory launched to the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center is a culmination of almost 20 years of work by a Danish research team that cost close to $50 million. The project is expected to shed light on climate change and propel Denmark to a top slot in space exploration. The Asim Space Observatory has been successfully launched into space and ... more
+ New source of global nitrogen discovered
+ China receives data from three Gaofen-1 satellites
+ Draining peatlands gives global rise to laughing-gas emissions
+ New satellite method enables undersea estimates from space
+ The saga of India's remote sensing satellite network
+ The Viking, the dragon and the god of thunder
+ Taking the Pulse of Greenhouse Gases

In Cambodia, fears tarantula may go off the menu
Skun, Cambodia (AFP) April 6, 2018
While a plate piled high with hairy, palm-sized tarantulas is the stuff of nightmares for some, these garlic fried spiders are a coveted treat in Cambodia, where the only fear is that they may soon vanish due to deforestation and unchecked hunting. Taking a bite out of the plump arachnids has become a popular photo-op for squealing tourists who pass through Skun, the central Cambodian town n ... more
+ Bats to blame for pig-killer virus in China: study
+ US soybean growers in crosshairs of US-China trade spat
+ Hybrid swarm in global mega-pest
+ Treating women subsistence farmers for intestinal worms will boost food production
+ UN food agency urges 'agroecology' to fight famine
+ Satellites, supercomputers, and machine learning provide real-time crop type data
+ Animals rights groups scent blood as fashion labels go fur-free
X-rays could sterilise alien planets in otherwise habitable zones
Liverpool UK (SPX) Apr 05, 2018
Intense radiation could strip away the ozone layer of Earth-like planets around other stars and render them uninhabitable, according to a new study led by Dr Eike Guenther of the Thueringer Observatory in Germany. Dr Guenther sets out the work in a presentation on 3rd April at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science in Liverpool. Astronomers now know of around 4000 planets i ... more
+ From car engines to exoplanets
+ Winning Exoplanet Rocket Sticker Selected
+ Paucity of phosphorus hints at precarious path for extraterrestrial life
+ Earth's stable temperature past suggests other planets could also sustain life
+ First Interdisciplinary Conference on Habitability in early solar system
+ Giant Clue in the Search for Earth 2.0
+ Computer searches telescope data for evidence of distant planets

New model links yellow fever in Africa to climate, environment
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 19, 2018
The burden of yellow fever in any given area is known to be heavily dependent on climate, particularly rainfall and temperature which can impact both mosquito life cycle and viral replication. Now, researchers from Imperial College London and the World Health Organization (WHO) have developed a new model to quantify yellow fever dynamics across Africa using not only annual averages of thes ... more
+ DARPA Names Researchers Working to Halt Outbreaks in 60 Days or Less
+ China confirms first human case of H7N4 bird flu
+ UV light can kill airborne flu virus, study finds
+ Playing 20 Questions with Bacteria to Distinguish Harmless Organisms from Pathogens
+ Scientists report big improvements in HIV vaccine production
+ Plague outbreak in Madagascar revived dread of a killer
+ 'Mutant flu' could lead to more effective vaccine: study
Ghana will not offer military base to US: president
Accra (AFP) April 5, 2018
Ghana will not sign an agreement with Washington to set up a military base, President Nana Akufo-Addo said on Thursday. The president confirmed in a television address that the two countries would ink a defence cooperation agreement, but was emphatic that "Ghana has not offered a military base, and will not offer a military base to the United States of America". His comments come after h ... more
+ Benin, Niger back Chinese involvement in mega rail project
+ Mali prisoner killings decried as 'summary executions'
+ Xi hails Mugabe's successor as 'old friend of China'
+ Four Ugandans killed in Shabaab attack on AU base in Somalia
+ Five Shabaab killed in US strike in Somalia: US military
+ Sahara has grown 10% in 100 years, research finds
+ Mali's PM tackles terrorism, farmer-herder clashes

'Ideas' conference to grapple with dark side of tech
San Francisco (AFP) April 9, 2018
At a conference where thinkers and luminaries gather to discuss world-changing ideas and innovations, the talk is shifting to the dark side. This year's theme of the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference starting Tuesday in Vancouver is "Age of Amazement," but with a keen eye on unintended consequences. The gathering comes amid growing fears about a loss of privacy ... more
+ Virgin Galactic completes first rocket-powered Unity space craft launch
+ Cargo-packed Dragon arrives at space station
+ SpaceX Dragon arrives at ISS with material samples and new testing facility
+ No Space for Partnership: Analyst Predicts Dark Future for ISS Joint Project
+ Aerospace Tech Startups Get a Chance to Pitch at JPL
+ Anticipating the dangers of space
+ Fifty years on, Yuri Gagarin's death still shrouded in mystery
Loneliness of the long distance runners in North Korea
Pyongyang (AFP) April 8, 2018
A few hundred foreigners lined up in Kim Il Sung stadium Sunday for the Pyongyang marathon, less than half of last year's contingent with Western tourism to North Korea battered by nuclear tensions and a US travel ban. A packed crowd in the 47,000-capacity arena cheered and applauded before the runners streamed out of the stadium beneath portraits of the North's founder and his son and succe ... more
+ China bans exports of 'dual use' items to North Korea
+ Iran's rial hits new record-low on Trump fears
+ Iran's Rouhani says US 'will regret it' if it violates nuke deal
+ Chinese, North Korean foreign ministers meet ahead of major summits
+ Is North Korea Preparing Controversial Satellite Launch
+ Kim says N. Korea to take part in 2020, 2022 Olympics: IOC chief
+ US, S. Korea begin low-key army drills amid diplomatic thaw
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