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June 11, 2018
Japan 'drone-brella' promises hands-free sun cover

Tokyo (AFP) June 6, 2018
It's the hands-free experience you never knew you needed - a Japanese company has developed a drone-powered parasol it says can hover over users, protecting them from the sun. The drone-powered sunshade - being developed by Asahi Power Service - should be released next year, and will initially target those in need of a hands-free head covering wider than your average hat, like golfers. The potential headaches posed by crashes, and regulations governing autonomous aircraft, mean the company ex ... read more

US fighter jet crashes off Japan coast
Tokyo (AFP) June 11, 2018
A US F15 fighter jet crashed off the southern coast of Japan on Monday but the pilot ejected and was rescued by Japanese forces, Tokyo's defence minister said. ... more
Navy to start annual exercise Malabar in Guam
Washington (UPI) Jun 7, 2018
The U.S. Navy is hosting forces from India and Japan for the annual exercise Malabar, June 7 through 16 off the coast of Guam. Naval ships, aircraft and personnel convened Thursday in the Philippine Sea. ... more
World's most efficient production of succinate from carbon dioxide
Kobe, Japan (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
Succinate is widely used as a raw ingredient for petrochemicals, and there is high demand for a way of producing succinate that is renewable and environmentally benign. A Japanese researcher has dis ... more
Bonobos won't eat filthy food, offering clues to the origins of disgust
Washington (UPI) Jun 4, 2018
Bonobos won't eat dirty food. In experiments, the great apes refused fruit that had been contaminated by feces. ... more
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Supramolecular complex formation: Anthracene macrocycle and C60 fullerene
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and has a characteristic ring. Japanese researchers have now synthesized a molecular "nano-Saturn". As the scientists report in the journal An ... more
Solar energy: Mixed anion compounds with 'fluorine' works as new photocatalytic material
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jun 01, 2018
Scientists in Japan have shown that an oxyfluoride is capable of visible light-driven photocatalysis[1]. The finding opens new doors for designing materials for artificial photosynthesis and solar e ... more
UK mulls direct stake in Hitachi nuclear plant: minister
London (AFP) June 4, 2018
The British government said Monday it is considering directly investing in a nuclear power station project planned by Japanese giant Hitachi in Wales. ... more
Trump dangles White House invite for Kim
Washington (AFP) June 7, 2018
US President Donald Trump insisted Thursday he is "very well-prepared" for a historic and potentially fraught summit with Kim Jong Un in five days, while hinting at the signing of a peace treaty and even a future White House visit by the North Korean dictator. ... more
Trump hosts Japan PM, five days before summit with Kim
Washington (AFP) June 7, 2018
With less than a week to go before meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, US President Donald Trump plays host Thursday to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who wants his voice heard ahead of the unprecedented talks. ... more
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Trio reach Earth from ISS with football slated for World Cup
Astana, Kazakhstan (AFP) June 3, 2018
Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov made it back to Earth Sunday along with an official match football that could be used later this month in the opening game of the World Cup in Moscow. ... more
Toshiba completes $21 bn sale of chip unit
Tokyo (AFP) June 1, 2018
Embattled conglomerate Toshiba on Friday completed the $21 billion sale of its prized chip unit to an investment consortium, a move seen as crucial to keeping the Japanese firm afloat. ... more
Putin, Abe speak to ISS astronauts from Kremlin
Moscow (AFP) May 26, 2018
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday spoke to astronauts on board the ISS via a live video link from the Kremlin. ... more
Japan whale hunt killed 122 pregnant minkes
Tokyo (AFP) May 31, 2018
Japan killed 122 pregnant minke whales during a highly controversial annual whaling expedition that Tokyo defends as scientific research but conservationists call "gruesome and unnecessary". ... more
Switched on leads to breakthrough for spintronics
Sendai, Japan (SPX) May 30, 2018
Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have discovered a switch to control the spin current, a mechanism needed for information processing with full spin-based devices. This is significant ... more

Japan to receive digital radar systems from Raytheon

Trump, Abe say 'imperative' to dismantle N. Korean weapons
Washington (AFP) May 28, 2018
President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed Monday that it is "imperative" to completely dismantle North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program, the White House said. ... more
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Taiwan scrambles fighter jets to track China bomber drill
Taipei (AFP) May 25, 2018
Taiwan on Friday scrambled fighter jets to shadow Chinese bombers conducting a drill around the island, just hours after Beijing welcomed Burkina Faso's move to sever diplomatic ties with Taipei. ... more
Japanese student discovers new crustacean species in deep sea hydrothermal vent
Kumamoto, Japan (SPX) May 24, 2018
A new species of microcrustacean (Stygiopontius ) was collected from a submarine hot spring (hydrothermal vent) of a volcanic seamount (Myojin-sho caldera) in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japa ... more
G7 says OPEC-member Venezuela missed an opportunity
Washington (UPI) May 23, 2018
An OPEC member in part behind a spike in crude oil prices causing economic concern, Venezuela missed a chance by re-electing President Maduro, G7 leaders said. ... more
Toshiba says China approves sale of chip unit to Bain consortium
Tokyo (AFP) May 17, 2018
Embattled Japanese conglomerate Toshiba on Thursday said Chinese regulators have given approval for its plan to sell its prized chip unit - the final hurdle to complete the deal. ... more
EU seeks US trade detente after China reprieve
Brussels (AFP) May 22, 2018
EU ministers Tuesday will refine a last-ditch bid to persuade US President Donald Trump to back off stiff tariffs on metals imports from Europe and win the bloc a similar break as handed China. ... more
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First public forecasts from ViEWS, a political violence early-warning system
Uppsala, Sweden (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
The challenges of preventing, mitigating, and adapting to largescale political violence are daunting, particularly when violence escalates where it is not expected. With funding from the European Research Council, ViEWS: a political Violence Early-Warning System at Uppsala University, is developing a system that is rigorous, data-based, and publicly available to researchers and the international ... more
+ $3bn pledged for girls education at G7, delighting Malala
+ Peace needs at least 15 years: Colombian president
+ Sentinel-1 warns of refugee island flood risk
+ Seismometer readings could offer debris flow early warning
+ China floods to hit US economy: Climate effects through trade chains
+ Air Forces's 'Guardian Angels' to receive new facilities
+ Navy captain accused in deadly Tunisia migrant boat sinking
Airbus-built Aeolus wind sensor satellite ready for shipment
Toulouse, France (SPX) Jun 07, 2018
Aeolus, the European Space Agency's wind sensing satellite, is now ready for its upcoming launch. It will be shipped across the Atlantic on the Airbus vessel "Ciudad de Cadiz" to Kourou, French Guiana, where a Vega launcher will send it to orbit on 21 August. The instrument is so sensitive that it could be damaged by a sudden loss of pressure. For this reason, air transportation has to be ... more
+ JUICE comes in from extreme temperature test
+ Firing up a new alloy
+ Cooling by laser beam
+ Large-scale and sustainable 3D printing with the most ubiquitous natural material
+ Engineers convert commonly discarded material into high-performance adhesive
+ Is there an end to the periodic table
+ What can snakes teach us about engineering friction

Study on economics of fishing on the high seas
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
As much as 54 percent of the high seas fishing industry would be unprofitable at its current scale without large government subsidies, according to a new study by researchers from the National Geographic Society; the University of California, Santa Barbara; Global Fishing Watch; the Sea Around Us project at the University of British Columbia; and the University of Western Australia. The re ... more
+ Tempers fray, fists fly in India's daily battle for water
+ High seas fishing would go broke without 'massive' subsidies: study
+ Coral tricks for adapting to ocean acidification
+ In desert trials, next-generation water harvester delivers fresh water from air
+ The Cambodian village on stilts
+ Study suggests scientists can use microbial measurements to gauge river flow
+ Hydropower in Cambodia could threaten food security of region
Researchers use magnets to move tiny DNA-based nano-devices
Columbus OH (SPX) Jun 04, 2018
Researchers have devised a magnetic control system to make tiny DNA-based robots move on demand - and much faster than recently possible. In the journal Nature Communications, Carlos Castro and Ratnasingham Sooryakumar and their colleagues from The Ohio State University report that the control system reduced the response time of prototype nano-robot components from several minutes to less than a ... more
+ AI-based method could speed development of specialized nanoparticles
+ Atomically thin nanowires convert heat to electricity more efficiently
+ Change the face of nanoparticles and you'll rule chemistry
+ Novel method to fabricate nanoribbons from speeding nano droplets
+ Columbia researchers squeeze light into nanoscale devices and circuits
+ Making massive leaps in electronics at nano-scale
+ Understanding light-induced electrical current in atomically thin nanomaterials
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Defense Department modifies contract for ballistic missiles
Washington DC (UPI) Jun 08, 2018
The Department of Defense modified a contract with Raytheon for full production of the Standard Missile-6. The modified contract award from Naval Sea Systems Command adjusted the total cumulative value of the deal to more than $44.8 million. The contract enables Raytheon to provide "long-lead material in support of fiscal 2017 Standard Missile-6 full-rate production requirements and spa ... more
+ Saudi Arabia says new Yemen missile intercepted
+ Saudi Arabia says new Yemen missile intercepted
+ Northrop tapped for ballistic radar detection services
+ Saudi Arabia says new Yemen missile intercepted
+ Raytheon contracted for ballistic radar systems for Romania
+ Saudi Arabia says new Yemen missile intercepted
+ Lockheed to provide ballistic tracking radar to U.S., foreign countries
China confirms reception of data from Gaofen-6 satellite
Beijing (XNA) Jun 07, 2018
The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) confirmed that one of its institutes Monday successfully tracked and received imaging data from the newly-launched Earth observation satellite Gaofen-6. The Aerospace Information Research Institute said the Miyun station of China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station received the first batch of observation data from the Gaofen-6 satellite. There was ... more
+ Experts Explain How China Is Opening International Space Cooperation
+ Beijing welcomes use of Chinese space station by all UN Nations
+ China upgrades spacecraft reentry and descent technology
+ China develops wireless systems for rockets
+ China's Queqiao satellite carries "large umbrella" into deep space
+ Russia May Help China Create International Cosmonauts Rehabilitation Center
+ Sunrise for China's commercial space industry?

Future robots need no motors
Hong Kong (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
To develop micro- and biomimetic-robots, artificial muscles and medical devices, actuating materials that can reversibly change their volume under various stimuli are researched in the past thirty years to replace traditional bulky and heavy actuators including motors and pneumatic actuators. A mechanical engineering team led by Professor Alfonso Ngan Hing-wan, Chair Professor in Materials ... more
+ Service Robotics Market worth over $22bn by 2024
+ 'Smart' material enables novel applications in autonomous driving and robotics
+ Robotic assembly of the world's smallest house
+ Lu resignation a blow for Baidu's push into AI, analysts say
+ Google pushes artificial intelligence for upgraded news app
+ Robot teaches itself how to dress people
+ Human-sounding Google Assistant sparks ethics questions
China enlists public to track fugitives in US, Canada
Beijing (AFP) June 7, 2018
Chinese authorities have called on the public to help track down fugitives abroad by publishing the names, photos and even addresses of 50 high-profile suspects beyond its grasp. A massive anti-graft campaign launched by President Xi Jinping includes a push to repatriate allegedly corrupt officials who have fled abroad - an effort known as "Sky Net". But most Western countries including ... more
+ Rewriting history? Hong Kong education turns political battleground
+ Costly date: 64.89 yuan forbidden on Tiananmen June 4 anniversary
+ With Cambodia's free press under fire, 'China model' makes inroads
+ Families of Tiananmen victims urge China's Xi to 're-evaluate' crackdown
+ Hong Kong independence duo given jail term for parliament chaos
+ Hong Kong independence duo given jail term for parliament chaos
+ China's LGBT community finds trouble, hope at end of rainbow

Close encounters of the fishy kind
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
To mark World Ocean Day, Global Fishing Watch (GFW) has increased ocean transparency by releasing the first-ever 'live' global view of likely transshipping at sea - a practice that can mask illegal fishing activity, and imagery of night-time fishing and its location, exposing vessels often hidden from other monitoring systems. Data released on GFW's map reveals in near real-time the locati ... more
+ NASA Soil Moisture Data Advances Global Crop Forecasts
+ Wind satellite shows off
+ 20 Years of Earth Data Now at Your Fingertips
+ New algorithm fuses quality and quantity in satellite imagery
+ The case of the relativistic particles solved with NASA missions
+ Researchers Use Satellite Imagery to Map Economic Inequality Among Indians
+ Sentinels modernise Europe's agricultural policy

On the origins of agriculture, researchers uncover new clues
Fort Collins CP (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
The invention of agriculture changed humans and the environment forever, and over several thousand years, the practice originated independently in a least a dozen different places. But why did agriculture begin in those places, at those particular times in human history? Using a new methodological approach, researchers at Colorado State University and Washington University in St. Louis hav ... more
+ French beekeepers accuse Bayer after glyphosate found in honey
+ Five things to know about the Bayer-Monsanto megadeal
+ Scientists boost crop production by 47 percent by speeding up photorespiration
+ Bayer to ditch Monsanto name after mega-merger
+ Alibaba shows off automated wine store in Hong Kong
+ Sugarcane pest produces foam to protect itself from heat
+ Hail storms batter French champagne makers
Chandra Scouts Nearest Star System for Possible Hazards
Boston MA (SPX) Jun 11, 2018
In humanity's search for life outside our solar system, one of the best places scientists have considered is Alpha Centauri, a system containing the three nearest stars beyond our Sun. A new study that has involved monitoring of Alpha Centauri for more than a decade by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory provides encouraging news about one key aspect of planetary habitability. It indica ... more
+ Researchers discover multiple alkali metals in unique exoplanet
+ The Clarke exobelt, a method to search for possible extraterrestrial civilizations
+ Researchers discover a system with three Earth-sized planets
+ Searching for Potential Life-Hosting Planets Beyond Earth
+ Sorry ET, Got Here First: Russian Scientist Suggests Humans Would Destroy Aliens
+ How microbes survive clean rooms and contaminate spacecraft
+ Planets Can Easily Exist in Triple Star Systems

US fears of 'mystery weapon' revived by new China diplomat cases
Hong Kong (AFP) June 9, 2018
A US health alert issued for China over a mysterious illness has revived fears of a rumoured sonic weapon that first surfaced after a scare involving American diplomats and their families in Cuba two years ago. Staff who fell ill after hearing strange sounds are being examined by doctors at a consulate in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, with several evacuated to the US and at least o ... more
+ Dialing up the body's defenses against public health threats
+ Limiting global warming could avoid millions of dengue fever cases
+ Could we predict the next Ebola outbreak by tracking the migratory patterns of bats?
+ Deadly malaria's evolution revealed
+ New portable malaria screening instrument developed
+ Asian tiger mosquito on the move
+ New pig virus found to be a potential threat to humans
US commando killed, four wounded in Somalia attack
Washington (AFP) June 9, 2018
An American commando was killed Friday in an attack in southern Somalia that also wounded four US military personnel along with a Somali soldier, officials said. The attack occurred in Jubaland, where a large force comprising about 800 Somali, Kenyan and US troops were working to clear a large area of Al-Qaeda-aligned Al-Shabaab fighters. The multinational force "came under mortar and sm ... more
+ New perspectives on African migration
+ Violence shuts Africa's Virunga gorilla park till 2019
+ US says strike kills 27 Shabaab militants in Horn of Africa
+ Faith leaders, Pygmies join forces in fight for Congo forest
+ US says air strike kills 12 militants in Somalia
+ Defence minister warns of intervention in Madagascar crisis
+ Help wanted: UN mission struggles in troubled C. Africa
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Second Space Station mission for Alexander Gerst begins
Paris (ESA) Jun 08, 2018
ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst has arrived at the International Space Station together with NASA astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor and Roscosmos commander Sergei Prokopyev, marking the start of Alexander's Horizons mission. The trio were launched into space on 6 June at 11:12 GMT (13:12 CEST) in the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. After 34 orbits of Eart ... more
+ New Era of Space Exploration is "Internet of Tomorrow"
+ Crew from Germany, US, Russia board ISS
+ New crew blasts off for ISS
+ New crew blasts off for ISS
+ NASA Narrows Scope for Proposed Astrophysics Missions
+ NanoRacks Complete Barrios Protein Crystal Growth Operations on Space Station
+ Trio reach Earth from ISS with football slated for World Cup
Iran 'highly sceptical' on US-North Korea nuclear talks
Tehran (AFP) June 11, 2018
Iran said Monday that it remains dubious about the prospects for talks between the United States and North Korea, and warned Pyongyang to be highly vigilant about Washington's promises. "As regards US behaviour, approach and its intentions, we are highly sceptical and look at its actions with utter pessimism," foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi told reporters in Tehran. "For the ... more
+ Iran says time for Europe to save nuke deal almost over
+ Iran postpones debate on terror financing
+ Pompeo says N.Korea will get 'unique' security guarantees
+ Trump took G7 stance to avoid 'weakness' before Kim summit: advisor
+ N. Korea's Kim arrives in Singapore for historic Trump summit
+ Koreans in London suburb tackle north-south divide
+ Anti-nuclear protesters breach Belgian air base
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