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August 30, 2018
Astronomers reveal new details about 'monster' star-forming galaxies

Amherst MA (SPX) Aug 30, 2018
An international team of astronomers from Japan, Mexico and the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying a "monster galaxy" 12.4 billion light years away report that their instruments have achieved a 10 times higher angular resolution than ever before, revealing galaxy structural details previously completely unknown. They also were able to analyze dynamic properties that could not be probed before. Details appear in Nature. So-called "monster galaxies" or extreme starburst galaxies are though ... read more

Particles collected by Hayabusa give absolute age of asteroid Itokawa
Osaka, Japan (SPX) Aug 28, 2018
Understanding the origin and time evolution of near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) is an issue of scientific interest and practical importance because they are potentially hazardous to the Earth. However, w ... more
Particles collected by spacecraft help date ancient asteroid Itokawa
Washington (UPI) Aug 27, 2018
For the first time, scientists have used particles collected in space to establish the age of an asteroid. ... more
Japan protests as reporter blocked from covering China FM
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 30, 2018
Japan has lodged a protest with China about freedom of speech after Beijing blocked a Japanese reporter from covering a meeting between top diplomats from the two countries. ... more
North Korea still 'serious and imminent threat': Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 28, 2018
North Korea still poses a "serious and imminent threat", Japan said Tuesday in its first annual defence review since tensions eased on the Korean peninsula. ... more

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NKorea still 'serious and imminent threat': Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 28, 2018
North Korea still poses a "serious and imminent threat", Japan said Tuesday in its first annual defence review since tensions eased on the Korean peninsula. ... more
Marines conduct field test of laser-based communications system
Washington (UPI) Aug 27, 2018
The 7th Communication Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group performed field testing of a new Free Space Optics system at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan. ... more
When cars fly? Japan wants airborne vehicles to take off
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 29, 2018
It might sound like pie in the sky, but Japan's government is banking on a future with flying cars, launching an initiative Wednesday with the private sector to develop futuristic vehicles. ... more
Structural fluctuation evaluation in substances from measurement data
Kumamoto, Japan (SPX) Aug 30, 2018
Microstructure analysis of materials is a key technology for new material research. Using an information extraction technique called sparse modeling, a collaboration of researchers led by Professor ... more
Water vapor annealing technique on diamond surfaces for next-generation power devices
Kanazawa, Japan (SPX) Aug 29, 2018
Diamonds are adored for their dazzling beauty, often displayed in exquisite jewelry. But, this solid form of carbon is also renowned for its outstanding physical and electronic properties. In ... more
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Controversial Fukushima nuclear statue to be removed
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 29, 2018
A giant statue of a child wearing a radiation suit in the Japanese city of Fukushima will be removed after it sparked a huge controversy in the nuclear-hit area. ... more
Toyota pours $500 mn into driverless car tie-up with Uber
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 28, 2018
Toyota will pump about $500 million into ride-share firm Uber as part of a deal to work together on mass-producing self-driving vehicles, the Japanese car giant said on Tuesday. ... more
Sony to release AI-infused robotic pups in the US
San Francisco (AFP) Aug 23, 2018
Sony on Thursday announced that its Aibo robotic dogs infused with artificial intelligence will be unleashed on the US market by the year-end holiday season, with a price tag of $2,899. ... more
What's behind the retreating kelps and expanding corals?
Sapporo, Japan (SPX) Aug 27, 2018
Climate change and other external forces are causing rapid marine community shifts in Japan's coastal ecosystems. Better understanding of species distribution dynamics, as driven by these factors, c ... more
Transport disruption as typhoon batters Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 24, 2018
A strong typhoon barrelled toward Japan's northern island Friday after churning over parts of western Japan already hit by deadly flooding last month, but while transport links were disrupted, injuries and damages were limited. ... more

NATO, Japan conduct passing exercise in Baltic Sea

Transport disruption as typhoon batters Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 24, 2018
A strong typhoon Friday churned over parts of western Japan already hit by deadly flooding last month, but while transport links were disrupted there were few immediate reports of injury or damage. ... more
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Must do better: Japan eyes AI robots in class to boost English
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 21, 2018
English-speaking AI robots will be helping out in some 500 Japanese classrooms from next year as the country seeks to improve its English skills among both children and teachers. ... more
Walmart teams with Rakuten on digital book shop
San Francisco (AFP) Aug 22, 2018
Walmart on Wednesday launched a digital book shop in a collaboration with Japanese e-commerce powerhouse Rakuten's electronic book service Kobo. ... more
Swimmer resumes Pacific crossing record attempt
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 22, 2018
A Frenchman attempting to become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean said Wednesday he was resuming his bid, after storms forced him to suspend the ambitious undertaking. ... more
Strong typhoon barrels towards flood-hit western Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 23, 2018
A strong typhoon hurtled towards western Japan on Thursday, with forecasters warning of heavy rains and landslides, including in areas hit by deadly flooding last month. ... more
Japan fleet catches 177 whales in latest hunt
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 22, 2018
A fleet of Japanese whaling ships caught 177 minke and sei whales during a three-month tour of the northwestern Pacific, the government said Wednesday. ... more
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Italy to push EU to rotate ports for migrant arrivals
Rome (AFP) Aug 29, 2018
Rome will on Thursday ask the European Union to rotate the ports where migrants rescued at sea disembark, Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta said, with France and Spain expected to top the list. Trenta will put the plan to her European counterparts during an informal meeting in Vienna. "Tomorrow ... I will carry in the name of the Italian government a proposal to modify the rules of the ... more
+ 'Dialogue of the deaf' pits Italy against EU on migrants
+ Controversial Fukushima nuclear statue to be removed
+ Facebook move on Myanmar raises thorny political questions
+ Flood-stricken Kerala angry after UAE $100m offer rejected
+ Landslides triggered by human activity on the rise
+ 'Too girlish': Austria rejects another 'gay' asylum claim
+ Mexico's AMLO says army still needed to fight crime
A materials scientist's dream come true
Nuremberg, Germany (SPX) Aug 27, 2018
In the 1940s, scientists first explained how materials can deform plastically by atomic-scale line defects called dislocations. These defects can be understood as tiny carpet folds that can move one part of a material relative to the other without spending a lot of energy. Many technical applications are based on this fundamental process, such as forging, but we also rely on the power of d ... more
+ Ironing out the difficulties of moving fluids in space
+ New compact hyperspectral system captures 5-D images
+ Marines conduct field test of laser-based communications system
+ Structural fluctuation evaluation in substances from measurement data
+ Crack formation captured in 3D in real time
+ The world's cleanest water droplet
+ Archaeological evidence for glass industry in ninth-century city of Samarra

Shedding light on shallow waters
Paris (ESA) Aug 28, 2018
Keeping an eye on our waters is more important than ever, as widespread drought continues to sweep Europe this summer. Earth's changing sea levels are crucial indicators of how our environment is fairing, but monitoring it manually can be a labour-intensive, expensive, and at times even dangerous task. Coastal areas provide additional complications, as shifting seabeds and currents m ... more
+ Underwater robots help NASA plan future deep-space missions
+ Myanmar dam overflow floods 100 villages
+ Cook Islands does not want China debt write-off
+ Portable freshwater harvester could draw up to 10 gallons per hour from the air
+ Kelp forests function differently in warming ocean
+ Rescuers struggle to reach stranded in Myanmar dam flooding
+ Tracking Sargassum's ocean path could help predict coastal inundation events
Nanotubes change the shape of water
Houston TX (SPX) Aug 27, 2018
First, according to Rice University engineers, get a nanotube hole. Then insert water. If the nanotube is just the right width, the water molecules will align into a square rod. Rice materials scientist Rouzbeh Shahsavari and his team used molecular models to demonstrate their theory that weak van der Waals forces between the inner surface of the nanotube and the water molecules are strong ... more
+ Fast visible-UV light nanobelt photodetector
+ Big-picture thinking can advance nanoparticle manufacturing
+ Hybrid nanomaterials bristle with potential
+ Nanotube 'rebar' makes graphene twice as tough
+ Individual silver nanoparticles observed in real time
+ Researchers use nanotechnology to improve the accuracy of measuring devices
+ A new 'periodic table' for nanomaterials
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PeopleTec receives ballistic missile defense engineering contract
Washington (UPI) Aug 28, 2018
PeopleTec has received a $33.6 million contract with a two-year value of $9 million for engineering advising services for the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System. The contract covers engineering for international partners and the Ballistic Missile Defense System to defend against ballistic missile threats. Work will be performed in Huntsville, Ala., Fort Belvoir, Va., and Tel Aviv, Is ... more
+ Russian military successfully test-fires new interceptor missile
+ TOTE Services contracted for SBX-1 ballistic missile tracking radar
+ Lockheed receives contract for missile warning satellites
+ Sweden to purchase PAC-3 MSE missile defense system
+ Lockheed receives contract for Aegis ballistic missile defense
+ One dead, 11 wounded as Saudi intercepts Yemen rebel missile
+ Romania minister under fire over 'ballistic' gaffe
China tests propulsion system of space station's lab capsules
Beijing, China (SPX) Aug 30, 2018
Engineers have successfully tested the propulsion system of China's planned space station lab capsules, a key step in its space station program. Weighing 66 tonnes, the space station will comprise a core module and two lab capsules. The propulsion system will determine whether lab capsules can move in space. Engineers designed 36 engines for the propulsion system with four to adjust ... more
+ China unveils Chang'e-4 rover to explore Moon's far side
+ China's SatCom launch marketing not limited to business interest
+ China to launch space station Tiangong in 2022, welcomes foreign astronauts
+ China solicits international cooperation experiments on space station
+ Growing US unease with China's new deep space facility in Argentina
+ China developing in-orbit satellite transport vehicle
+ PRSS-1 Satellite in Good Condition

Activists urge killer robot ban 'before it is too late'
Geneva (AFP) Aug 27, 2018
Countries should quickly agree a treaty banning the use of so-called killer robots "before it is too late", activists said Monday as talks on the issue resumed at the UN. They say time is running out before weapons are deployed that use lethal force without a human making the final kill-order and have criticised the UN body hosting the talks - the Convention of Certain Conventional Weapons ... more
+ Robot teachers invade Chinese kindergartens
+ Sony to release AI-infused robotic pups in the US
+ UNC builds better particle tracking software using artificial intelligence
+ Must do better: Japan eyes AI robots in class to boost English
+ Robot wars: China shows off automated doctors, teachers and combat stars
+ UCLA-developed artificial intelligence device identifies objects at the speed of light
+ Soft multi-functional robots get really small and spider-shaped
World leaders ignore rights in China: censored author Yan
Edinburgh (AFP) Aug 29, 2018
Chinese author Yan Lianke, whose works are banned in his heavily censored homeland, has urged world leaders not to shy away from confronting China about its human rights record. Yan, who offers frank portrayals of Chinese life prompting years of state censorship, said leaders flocking to China have become too focused on economic ties. The 60-year-old novelist told AFP that Beijing needs ... more
+ It's a bird... it's a train... China pigeon racers cause flap with rail ruse
+ Hong Kong democracy group says members were detained in China
+ Given the right to larger families, Chinese may hold off
+ China may scrap two-child limit: report
+ Anaesthetist 'killed family with gas-filled yoga ball'
+ Chinese national kidnapped in US, held for $2 million ransom
+ No children? Pay a tax, Chinese academics suggest
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NASA launching Advanced Laser to measure Earth's changing ice
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 23, 2018
Next month, NASA will launch into space the most advanced laser instrument of its kind, beginning a mission to measure - in unprecedented detail - changes in the heights of Earth's polar ice. NASA's Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) will measure the average annual elevation change of land ice covering Greenland and Antarctica to within the width of a pencil, capturing 60 ... more
+ Wind mission ready for next phase
+ Teledyne e2v ultraviolet laser detector technology deployed on Aeolus
+ Aeolus wind satellite launched
+ A study by MSU scientists will help specify the models of the Earth atmosphere circulation
+ NASA captures monsoon rains bringing flooding to India
+ European wind survey satellite launched from French Guyana
+ Earth more solar exposed with rapid magnetic field reversals

Plant biodiversity essential to bee health
Washington (UPI) Aug 22, 2018
New research suggests bees can maintain healthy colonies in agricultural regions if provided habitat islands with sufficient plant biodiversity. Many studies have detailed the threats - pesticide use, habitat loss and monoculture farming - facing honey bees, pollinators essential to global food systems. But new research suggests plant biodiversity can at least partially mitigate these ... more
+ Bees get hooked on harmful pesticide: study
+ Environmentally friendly farming practices used by a third of global farms
+ French tomato grower takes on Monsanto over weedkiller
+ 'No grass': Europe's livestock sector stricken by drought
+ The wheat code is finally cracked
+ Study: Human wastewater valuable to global agriculture, economics
+ Bringing home the bacon: China pork braces for trade war blues
Scientist develops database for stellar-exoplanet "exploration"
San Antonio TX (SPX) Aug 30, 2018
A Southwest Research Institute scientist is using big data to help the scientific community characterize exoplanets, particularly alien worlds orbiting nearby stars. Of particular interest are exoplanets that could harbor life. "At first scientists focused on temperatures, looking for exoplanets in the 'Goldilocks zone' - neither too close nor too far from the star, where liquid water coul ... more
+ Infant exoplanet weighed by Hipparcos and Gaia
+ Infant exoplanet weighed by Hipparcos and Gaia
+ Discovery of a structurally 'inside-out' planetary nebula
+ Under pressure, hydrogen offers a reflection of giant planet interiors
+ Scientists discovered organic acid in a protoplanetary disk
+ Iron and titanium in the atmosphere of exoplanet orbiting KELT-9
+ Ultrahot planets have starlike atmospheres
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Temperature model predicts transmission of mosquito-borne virus
Washington (UPI) Aug 28, 2018
Scientists have designed a new model to predict how temperatures will impact the transmission patterns of the mosquito-borne Ross River virus. Accurately predicting how viruses will spread across different geographical regions and population centers can help governments and public health organizations strategically deploy resources. Weather is just one of a variety of factors tha ... more
+ China's swine fever outbreak may spread in Asia: FAO
+ NASA investment in cholera forecasts helps save lives in Yemen
+ Scientists track how yellow fever raced through Brazil
+ China culls thousands of pigs as African swine fever spreads
+ China sacks regional officials as vaccine scandal mounts
+ China sacks six more officials over vaccine scandal
+ China reports first African swine fever outbreak
Bomb kills 5 Kenyan soldiers near Somali border
Nairobi (AFP) Aug 29, 2018
Five Kenyan soldiers were killed and 10 injured Wednesday when their vehicle hit a landmine on a road in a coastal area close to the Somali border. "Soldiers operating in Lamu County, while on a humanitarian civil assignment to fetch and distribute water to the residents in the area, hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)," the military said in a statement. It said five soldiers "succu ... more
+ Jihadist leader killed in Mali French airstrike: army
+ Two police killed in restive anglophone Cameroon
+ Archaeologists uncover ancient monumental cemetery in Kenya
+ Moscow signs military cooperation pact with C. Africa
+ Keita re-elected Mali president with landslide
+ Keita re-elected Mali president with landslide
+ Tanzania to arrest entire village over broken water pipe

Star Gosling took flying lessons for new astronaut film
Venice (AFP) Aug 29, 2018
Hollywood star Ryan Gosling said Wednesday that he tried to learn to fly to play astronaut Neil Armstrong in an emotional new biopic about the strong but silent space hero. The Canadian actor renewed his Oscar-winning partnership with "La La Land" director Damien Chazalle for "First Man", which tells how Armstrong overcame tragedy after tragedy to become the first man to walk on the moon. ... more
+ For first time in decades, astronaut quits NASA training
+ Students experience the power of controlling satellites in space
+ Lockheed Martin begins final assembly on NASA's Orion
+ Russia's Kalashnikov branches out from rifles to robots and e-cars
+ Interns create dynamic visualization of NASA's space-to-ground communications resources
+ When cars fly? Japan wants airborne vehicles to take off
+ Heat shield install brings Orion spacecraft closer to space
Iran tells UN court 'time running out' under US sanctions
The Hague (AFP) Aug 29, 2018
Iran told the UN's top court Wednesday that "time is running out" for its people as they suffer economic turmoil that Tehran blames on renewed US sanctions. Iran was making its closing arguments in a challenge to the sanctions at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. US President Donald Trump reimposed the sanctions after pulling out of a multilateral 2015 accord in May. I ... more
+ US ends suspension of military drills, amid NKorea tensions
+ US toughens stance as N. Korea talks stumble
+ Moscow blocks UN sanctions on Russian entities over NKorea ban
+ Pompeo visit scrapped after belligerent letter from N.Korea: report
+ NKorea still 'serious and imminent threat': Japan
+ S. Korea's Moon replaces defence chief in cabinet reshuffle
+ Mattis says 'no decision' on future S. Korea drills
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