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September 13, 2018
Japan's Abe confirms China visit this year

Vladivostok, Russia (AFP) Sept 12, 2018
Shinzo Abe confirmed Wednesday his plans to visit China this year in what would be the first trip to the country by a Japanese prime minister since 2011, the latest sign of warmer ties between the two rivals. "I intend to visit China this year, the year in which we commemorate the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China," Abe said in a speech at an economic forum in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok. "After that, I very much wish ... read more

Abe dangles 'financial aid' in return for NKorea concessions
Vladivostok, Russia (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday said he was ready to provide financial aid to Pyongyang on condition that it resolves the issues of its nuclear and missile test and abducted Japanese nationals. ... more
US approves possible sale of early-warning planes to Japan
Washington (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
The US State Department said Monday it is ready to approve the sale of up to nine early-warning military planes to Japan, in a sale worth more than $3 billion. ... more
N. Korea in focus as Putin to meet Asian leaders
Vladivostok, Russia (AFP) Sept 9, 2018
Nuclear-armed North Korea will be in the spotlight as Russia's Vladimir Putin begins meetings with Asian leaders Monday, aiming to drive regional diplomacy as a push backed by Donald Trump appears to stall. ... more
Japan disasters highlight vulnerable infrastructure
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 12, 2018
Flooded runways, thousands of passengers stranded and a tanker smashing into an access bridge: last week's typhoon in Japan highlighted the vulnerability of Kansai Airport which serves a region with an economy bigger than Belgium's. ... more
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Nations lock horns as whalers, opponents meet in Brazil
Florianopolis, Brazil (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
Pro- and anti-whaling nations locked horns Monday as the International Whaling Commission (IWC) began meeting in Brazil amid outrage over Japan's proposal to end a three-decade moratorium on commercial whale hunting. ... more
Japan toll 44 after strong quake, no more missing
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
The death toll from a powerful earthquake that triggered massive landslides in northern Japan rose to 44 on Monday with tens of thousands of police and troops still on the ground to support survivors. ... more
Xi to attend Russia summit, North Korea's Kim invited
Beijing (AFP) Sept 7, 2018
Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend a regional summit in Russia next week, officials said Friday, joining the prime ministers of Japan and South Korea at a gathering to which North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was invited. ... more
Japan resilient, but climate change making disasters worse: experts
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 7, 2018
Record typhoons, biblical floods, heatwaves, landslides and earthquakes: this summer, Japan really has seen it all and images of the destruction caused have been beamed around the world. ... more
Toll from Japan quake rises to 18 as hopes fade for survivors
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 7, 2018
Japanese rescue workers with bulldozers and sniffer dogs scrabbled through the mud Friday to find survivors from a landslide that buried houses after a powerful quake, as the death toll rose to 18. ... more
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Race to find survivors after deadly Japan quake, landslides
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 6, 2018
Rescuers scrabbled through mud for survivors Thursday after a powerful earthquake sent hillsides crashing down onto homes in Japan, killing at least 11 people and leaving dozens missing. ... more
Japan 'confirms first Fukushima worker death from radiation'
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 5, 2018
Japan has announced for the first time that a worker at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has died after being exposed to radiation, Japanese media reported. ... more
Airbus-built ACLS Life Support Rack is ready for launch from Tanegashima
Friedrichshafen, Germany (ESA) Sep 06, 2018
Airbus is sending a new Life Support Rack to the International Space Station (ISS). The rack also known as Advanced Closed Loop System (ACLS) has been developed by Airbus for the European Space Agen ... more
Japan's Kansai airport to reopen partially after typhoon damage
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 6, 2018
Japan's Kansai airport will reopen partially on Friday, the government said Thursday, after a massive typhoon flooded parts of the transport hub and swept a tanker onto the only bridge connecting it to the mainland. ... more
Japan claims China 'escalating' military actions
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 3, 2018
Japan's defence chief on Monday warned the country faces a tough security environment, with China and Russia stepping up military activity and North Korea posing "imminent threats". ... more

China is hot spot of ground-level ozone pollution

Race to find survivors after deadly Japan quake, landslides
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 6, 2018
Rescuers scrabbled through mud for survivors Thursday after a powerful earthquake sent hillsides crashing down onto homes in Japan, killing at least nine people and leaving dozens of people missing. ... more
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Strongest typhoon in quarter century hits Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 4, 2018
The strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years made landfall Tuesday, with more than a million people urged to evacuate to escape violent winds and heavy rainfall. ... more
Going up! Japan to test mini 'space elevator'
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 4, 2018
A Japanese team working to develop a "space elevator" will conduct a first trial this month, blasting off a miniature version on satellites to test the technology. ... more
Japan braces for 'very strong' typhoon
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 2, 2018
Japan on Sunday braced for a "very strong" typhoon, with authorities warning of high waves, floods and landslides, including in areas hit by deadly flooding earlier this year. ... more
Japan eyes record defence budget amid N. Korea, China threats
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 31, 2018
Japan's defence ministry on Friday made its biggest-ever budget request, seeking better missile defence and bolstered air power amid ongoing threats from North Korea and China. ... more
Structural fluctuation evaluation in substances from measurement data
Kumamoto, Japan (SPX) Aug 30, 2018
Microstructure analysis of materials is a key technology for new material research. Using an information extraction technique called sparse modeling, a collaboration of researchers led by Professor ... more
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Japan disasters highlight vulnerable infrastructure
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 12, 2018
Flooded runways, thousands of passengers stranded and a tanker smashing into an access bridge: last week's typhoon in Japan highlighted the vulnerability of Kansai Airport which serves a region with an economy bigger than Belgium's. Because of concerns about engine noise, Kansai - located in the bay of Osaka - is the world's first airport entirely situated on a huge man-made island, puttin ... more
+ Corruption caused collapses in Mexico quake: activists
+ Trump boasts of response to deadly Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico
+ As hurricane bears down, Trump... makes it about Trump
+ Crimean town orders evacuation after chemical plant leak
+ Japan resilient, but climate change making disasters worse: experts
+ Japan 'confirms first Fukushima worker death from radiation'
+ Immediate and Reliable Communications During Disasters Require Planning
Detecting hydrogen using the extraordinary hall effect in cobalt-palladium thin films
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Sep 13, 2018
Researchers looking to hydrogen as a next-generation clean energy source are developing hydrogen-sensing technologies capable of detecting leaks in hydrogen-powered vehicles and fueling stations before the gas turns into an explosion. The most common type of hydrogen sensors is composed of palladium-based thin films because palladium (Pd), a silvery-white metal resembling platinum, readily absor ... more
+ Top 10 take-aways from New York Fashion Week
+ Diamond dust enables low-cost, high-efficiency magnetic field detection
+ Facebook to build $1 bn Singapore data centre, first in Asia
+ Bio-inspired materials decrease drag for liquids
+ Holography, light-field technology combo could deliver practical 3-D displays
+ Raytheon receives contract for Zumwalt radars
+ Satellites more at risk from fast solar wind than a major space storm

Researchers discover new source of formic acid over Pacific, Indian oceans
Livermore CA (SPX) Sep 11, 2018
Insights from experiments at Sandia National Laboratories designed to push chemical systems far from equilibrium allowed an international group of researchers to discover a new major source of formic acid over the Pacific and Indian oceans. In addition to being the smallest organic acid and an important chemical for communication among ants, formic acid is the most abundant organic acid in ... more
+ S.Africa's Cape Town eases water rationing
+ WMO forecast: 70 percent chance of El Nino weather event
+ Airbus orders first ever automated kite for its cargo ship from Airseas
+ Artificial intelligence guides rapid data-driven exploration of underwater habitats
+ Drought, groundwater loss sinks California land at alarming rate
+ Water in small dust grains can explain large amounts of water on Earth
+ The Ocean Cleanup project sails out to sweep Pacific plastic
Cannibalistic materials feed on themselves to grow new nanostructures
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Sep 04, 2018
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory induced a two-dimensional material to cannibalize itself for atomic "building blocks" from which stable structures formed. The findings, reported in Nature Communications, provide insights that may improve design of 2D materials for fast-charging energy-storage and electronic devices. "Under our experimental condi ... more
+ First-ever colored thin films of nanotubes created
+ Nanotubes change the shape of water
+ Fast visible-UV light nanobelt photodetector
+ Big-picture thinking can advance nanoparticle manufacturing
+ Hybrid nanomaterials bristle with potential
+ Nanotube 'rebar' makes graphene twice as tough
+ Individual silver nanoparticles observed in real time
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US approves possible sale of early-warning planes to Japan
Washington (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
The US State Department said Monday it is ready to approve the sale of up to nine early-warning military planes to Japan, in a sale worth more than $3 billion. The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft, made by Northrop Grumman, are equipped with powerful radars that can detect other planes and ships at long range. Worth an estimated $3.1 billion, the deal would also include associated technolo ... more
+ Twenty-six wounded as Saudi intercepts Yemen rebel missile
+ State Department approves Patriot missile sale to the Netherlands
+ Russian military successfully test-fires new interceptor missile
+ PeopleTec receives ballistic missile defense engineering contract
+ TOTE Services contracted for SBX-1 ballistic missile tracking radar
+ Lockheed receives contract for missile warning satellites
+ Sweden to purchase PAC-3 MSE missile defense system
China tests propulsion system of space station's lab capsules
Beijing, China (SPX) Aug 30, 2018
Engineers have successfully tested the propulsion system of China's planned space station lab capsules, a key step in its space station program. Weighing 66 tonnes, the space station will comprise a core module and two lab capsules. The propulsion system will determine whether lab capsules can move in space. Engineers designed 36 engines for the propulsion system with four to adjust ... more
+ China unveils Chang'e-4 rover to explore Moon's far side
+ China's SatCom launch marketing not limited to business interest
+ China to launch space station Tiangong in 2022, welcomes foreign astronauts
+ China solicits international cooperation experiments on space station
+ Growing US unease with China's new deep space facility in Argentina
+ China developing in-orbit satellite transport vehicle
+ PRSS-1 Satellite in Good Condition

Robot can pick up any object after inspecting it
Boston MA (SPX) Sep 10, 2018
Humans have long been masters of dexterity, a skill that can largely be credited to the help of our eyes. Robots, meanwhile, are still catching up. Certainly there's been some progress: for decades robots in controlled environments like assembly lines have been able to pick up the same object over and over again. More recently, breakthroughs in computer vision have enabled robots to make b ... more
+ A cyborg cockroach could someday save your life
+ Lockheed Martin Partners with Deakin University to Further Develop Industrial Exoskeleton
+ If military robot falls, it can get itself up
+ Robot teachers invade Chinese kindergartens
+ UNC builds better particle tracking software using artificial intelligence
+ Activists urge killer robot ban 'before it is too late'
+ Sony to release AI-infused robotic pups in the US
China shuts down prominent Christian church
Beijing (AFP) Sept 10, 2018
Beijing officials have shut down one of China's largest "underground" Protestant churches for operating without a licence, the Communist government's latest move to ramp up control over religious worship. Around 70 officials stormed into the Zion Church - housed on the third floor of a nondescript office building in the north of the capital - after its Sunday afternoon service, said church ... more
+ Chinese firm eyes Serena Williams' racquet maker
+ Got a problem? Ask China's online agony aunts
+ Vanished China star Fan last in 'social responsibility' ranking
+ Malaysian island city in trouble as PM targets China-linked projects
+ China's Didi launches safety revamp after passenger murder
+ Hong Kong top court frees 13 pro-democracy activists
+ Kenyan police raid state-owned Chinese TV

PlanetWatchers Announces Breakthrough SAR Analytics Platform
San Francisco CA (SPX) Sep 06, 2018
PlanetWatchers has developed a new multi-source Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) platform that utilizes multiple SAR sources to deliver actionable insights without the usual delays due to weather, time of day, and environmental conditions. Natural resource managers will now receive enhanced risk management and analytical data from the new platform. World-renowned remote sensing specialist Pr ... more
+ How scientists are tracking Florida's red tides with satellites and smartphones
+ Protection for the ozone layer: sugar molecules bind harmful CFCs
+ China launches new marine satellite
+ Aeolus laser shines light on wind
+ Ocean satellite Sentinel-6A beginning to take shape
+ China is hot spot of ground-level ozone pollution
+ NASA launching Advanced Laser to measure Earth's changing ice

Humans may have first grown grains for beer, not bread
Washington (UPI) Sep 12, 2018
Researchers have discovered evidence of beer brewing dating to 13,000 years ago, several thousand years before the cultivation of grains in the Near East. The discovery lends credence to those who argue beer, not bread, inspired the earliest grain growers. Scientists didn't find beer steins or stout recipes. Instead, they found telling plant residues on stone mortars inside a cav ... more
+ Greenhouse gases from rice paddies may be 2x higher than thought
+ Farmers on the front lines of marine aquaculture
+ Nitrous oxide emissions from rice farms are a cause for concern for global climate
+ Blue-green algae promises to help boost food crop yields
+ Brazil court lifts ban on glyphosate weedkiller
+ Urban vineyards: Parisians pick grapes for city vintages
+ Angry French farmers sow Chinese-owned field in investor protest
New Exoplanet Discovered by Team Led by Canadian Student
Montreal, Canada (SPX) Sep 10, 2018
Wolf 503b, an exoplanet twice the size of Earth, has been discovered by an international team of Canadian, American and German researchers using data from NASA's Kepler Space Telescope. The find is described in a new study whose lead author is Merrin Peterson, an Institute for Research on Exoplanets (iREx) graduate student who started her master's degree at Universite de Montreal (UdeM) in May. ... more
+ SwRI scientists find evidence for early planetary shake-up
+ A Direct-Imaging Mission to Study Earth-like Exoplanets
+ Youngest Accretion Disk Detected in Star Formation
+ Rutgers scientists identify protein that may have existed when life began
+ Little star sheds light on young planets
+ Water worlds could support life, study says
+ Scientist develops database for stellar-exoplanet "exploration"

Deadly 'rat fever' in flood-ravaged Indian state
Kochi, India (AFP) Sept 4, 2018
"Rat fever" and other diseases have killed 14 people in the southern Indian state of Kerala after the worst floods in almost a century, authorities said Tuesday. The separate death toll from the monsoon floods that forced more than a million people from their homes in Kerala last month has meanwhile risen to 486, the government said. "We had anticipated leptospirosis (rat fever) due to c ... more
+ UN emergency talks to head off swine fever spread in Asia
+ Deadly 'rat fever' in flood-ravaged Indian state
+ Virus' potency depends on the shape of its DNA
+ China culls 38,000 pigs as swine fever spreads
+ NASA investment in cholera forecasts helps save lives in Yemen
+ Temperature model predicts transmission of mosquito-borne virus
+ China's swine fever outbreak may spread in Asia: FAO
Pygmies, masters of the forest, tackle tough lifestyle changes
Doumassi, Gabon (AFP) Sept 12, 2018
Just back from the hunt with a choice selection of plants, Ebona feels at home in the endless forest where many Gabonese fear to tread. "Townsfolk paid me to find these leaves," the Pygmy says, setting the heap down outside his wooden hut, 500 metres (yards) from the rest of Doumassi village in north Gabon. Ebona's people, the Baka, are held in folklore to be Africa's oldest inhabitants, ... more
+ Deputy army chief held in Comoros over anti-regime plot
+ Kenya police detain another Chinese journalist: embassy
+ Ancient livestock dung heaps are now African wildlife hotspots
+ Chinese man arrested after calling Kenya's president a 'monkey'
+ Mandarin lessons in Malawi underline China's Africa ties
+ China-Africa summit rejects debt criticism
+ At least 12 killed in Ethiopia landslide
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Champagne in space: Zero-G bottle lets tourists drink bubbly
Paris (AFP) Sept 12, 2018
Future space tourists may be able to toast the view from orbit with fine champagne, after designers came up with a high-tech bottle made for knocking back bubbly in zero gravity. The Mumm champagne house teamed up with designer Octave de Gaulle, who has specialised in conceiving of everyday objects for the final frontier, to develop the space-age bottles. Journalists from several countri ... more
+ 5 Hazards of Human Spaceflight
+ Russian cosmonaut speaks about situation on ISS after leak in Soyuz
+ Cosmonaut shows space station hole to calm public
+ Russian Cosmonauts Asked to Look For Proof to Unravel Soyuz Hole Origin
+ Exploring the Solar System? You may need to pack an umbrella
+ NASA completes Orion parachute tests for missions with astronauts
+ Russia denies suspecting US astronauts of drilling hole on space station
Unique photos detailing creation of USSR's first ballistic missile released
Moscow (Sputnik) Sep 06, 2018
The Soviet rocketry program, which would eventually help Moscow achieve strategic parity with the United States and send human beings into space, had its origins in a design reverse-engineered from a captured German V-2. Russian Space Systems, a subsidiary of Roscosmos, has published a unique and detailed photo album detailing the elements that comprised the R-1, a short-range ballistic mi ... more
+ N. Korea in focus as Putin to meet Asian leaders
+ Putin urges 'security guarantees' for NKorea denuclearisation
+ North Korea holds 70th anniversary parade, without ICBMs
+ Trump received Kim Jong Un letter seeking 2nd meet: WHouse
+ Iran environment head seeks answers on detained activists
+ Abe dangles 'financial aid' in return for NKorea concessions
+ SKorea says progress of nuclear talks a 'daily concern'
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