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October 04, 2018
Hayabusa-2 drops another lander on the surface of Ryugu

Washington (UPI) Oct 3, 2018
Hayabusa-2, Japan's asteroid-orbiting probe, has put another miniature lander on the surface of Ryugu. The box-shaped lander, Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout, or MASCOT, was designed by a team of engineers from Germany and France. Engineers at the German Aerospace Center, DLR, confirmed MASCOT's safe landing on the asteroid's surface. "It could not have gone better," MASCOT project manager Tra-Mi Ho, scientist at the DLR Institute of Space Systems, said in a news release. "From the ... read more

Touchdown! Japan space probe lands new robot on asteroid
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 3, 2018
A Japanese probe landed a new observation robot on an asteroid on Wednesday as it pursues a mission to shed light on the origins of the solar system. ... more
BepiColombo is readied for launch to Mercury
Kourou, French Guiana (SPX) Oct 03, 2018
Europe gets ready to visit the innermost, hot and mysterious planet: Mercury. BepiColombo, Europe's first mission to Mercury is currently being readied at the European Spaceport Kourou (French Guian ... more
Japan PM Abe names new defence minister in cabinet reshuffle
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 2, 2018
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday replaced his defence minister in a cabinet reshuffle that otherwise left key government positions largely unchanged. ... more
US, Phillipines conduct military exercises; Abe appoints new defence minister
Washington (UPI) Oct 1, 2018
The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade and the Philippines armed forces began exercise KAMANDAG 2 at Subic Bay International Airport on Monday. ... more
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China slams US B-52s fly over disputed seas as 'provocative'
Beijing (AFP) Sept 27, 2018
The Chinese defence ministry on Thursday denounced flyovers by US B-52 bombers over the South China Sea and East China Sea as "provocative" actions amid soaring tensions between the two global powers. ... more
Four dead after typhoon batters Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 1, 2018
Four people have been killed in a powerful typhoon that battered Japan over the weekend, local media reported Monday, as the storm's aftermath brought travel chaos to Tokyo. ... more
Honda joins forces with GM's Cruise to develop autonomous vehicles
San Francisco (AFP) Oct 3, 2018
Japanese carmaker Honda has joined forces with the General Motors tech startup Cruise to develop autonomous vehicles as the race to market self-driving cars heats up, the companies announced Wednesday. ... more
Precise control of multimetallic one-nanometer cluster formation achieved
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Oct 01, 2018
Researchers in Japan have found a way to create innovative materials by blending metals with precision control. Their approach, based on a concept called atom hybridization[1], opens up an unexplore ... more
Japan Deploys Jumping Robots on Distant Asteroid
Washington DC (VOA) Oct 01, 2018
Two small Japanese robots landed on a distant asteroid last weekend. The robots took small jumps, making it the first time that any device from our planet has moved on the surface of an asteroid. ... more
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US 'subsidizing' Saudi, Asia militaries: Trump
Wheeling, United States (AFP) Sept 30, 2018
President Donald Trump on Saturday complained that the US is "subsidizing" the military of Middle East ally Saudi Arabia, as well as Japan and South Korea. ... more
US looks to trump China's Huawei in Papua New Guinea
Sydney (AFP) Sept 28, 2018
The United States and Pacific allies will counter a bid from Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to build a communications network in Papua New Guinea, a senior diplomat said Friday, intensifying a campaign to curb China's rising regional influence. ... more
JAXA's asteroid landers share photos from Ryugu's surface
Washington (UPI) Sep 27, 2018
JAXA released new photos of the asteroid Ryugu's rugged landscape. ... more
ESA choosing CubeSat companions for Hera asteroid mission
Paris (ESA) Sep 26, 2018
As the world marvels at the hopping mini-rovers deployed on asteroid Ryugu by Japan's Hayabusa2, ESA is due to decide on the CubeSats planned for delivery to a binary asteroid system by its proposed ... more
Cosmological constraints from initial Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam survey
Princeton NJ (SPX) Sep 28, 2018
Using the powerful Japanese Subaru telescope, an international team of researchers created and analyzed the deepest wide field map of the three-dimensional distribution of matter in the universe. ... more

Japan firm signs with SpaceX for lunar missions

Asteroid Landing: To Know an Asteroid is to Know Our Solar System - Yuichi Tsuda
Tokyo, Japan (Sputnik) Sep 27, 2018
Japan's space agency has successfully landed two rovers on an asteroid for the first time in history. The robotic explorers were dispatched to the Ryugu asteroid from the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft on Fr ... more
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Commercial UAV Expo Americas, October 28-30, Las Vegas
Partnership, Teamwork Enable Landmark Science Glovebox Launch to Space Station
Houston TX (SPX) Sep 25, 2018
As the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's H-IIB rocket carries NASA's Life Sciences Glovebox toward its berth on the International Space Station, hardware specialists at NASA's Marshall Space Flig ... more
Russia's RSC Energia Ready to Offer Tourists Moon Flights
Moscow (Sputnik) Sep 25, 2018
Russia's Energia Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC Energia) is ready to offer tickets for a lunar tour aboard the Soyuz spacecraft; they will cost between $150 million and $180 million each, a sourc ... more
US, EU, Japan jointly denounce unfair trade
United Nations, United States (AFP) Sept 25, 2018
Washington, Tokyo and Brussels said Tuesday they were making common cause against unfair trade, jointly denouncing industrial practices long pinned on China but refraining from naming that country explicitly. ... more
Japan space robots start asteroid survey
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 22, 2018
A pair of robot rovers have landed on an asteroid and begun a survey, Japan's space agency said Saturday, as it conducts a mission aiming to shed light on the origins of the solar system. ... more
Japanese robot Hayabusa2 lands on Asteroid Ryugu
Tokyo, Japan (Sputnik) Sep 24, 2018
After patiently waiting for their target asteroid to complete its rotation scientists monitoring the progress of a Japanese spacecraft confirmed that two small robots have successfully reached the s ... more
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Dozens of Moroccan migrants rescued at sea
Rabat (AFP) Oct 3, 2018
Morocco's navy rescued 37 of its citizens off the country's coast on Wednesday, as they were trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, the armed forces said. The migrants were saved from their partially-inflated rubber dinghy, which was struggling in "unfavourable meteorological conditions", Morocco's military said in a statement. After being rescued off the coast of Tangier on Morocc ... more
+ Indonesia quake kids traumatised as rescuers race against clock
+ Bangladesh kids turn the tide on climate change aboard floating schools
+ Quake-hit Indonesia buries dead in mass grave
+ Indonesia clamps down on looting as quake-tsunami toll tops 1,200
+ Morocco navy fires on migrant boat, one dead: local officials
+ Rohingya crisis: UN has 'no right to interfere' says Myanmar army chief
+ Puerto Ricans turn to life-saving self-help in Maria's aftermath
NASA, NOAA convene GOES 17 Mishap Investigation Board
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 03, 2018
NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have appointed a board to investigate an instrument anomaly aboard the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 17 weather satellite currently in orbit. During postlaunch testing of the satellite's Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) instrument, it was discovered that the instrument's infrared detectors cannot b ... more
+ Lockheed Martin to marry machine learning with 3-D printing
+ Maxar's SSL selected by NASA to develop critical technologies for on-orbit servicing
+ Norsk Hydro halts output at key Brazil plant, share plunges
+ Commercially relevant bismuth-based thin film processing
+ Virtual reality unleashes full power of top UK orchestra
+ Facebook unveils upgraded wireless Oculus headset in VR push
+ Scientists solve the golden puzzle of calaverite

Fisheries nations to decide fate of declining bigeye tuna
Paris (AFP) Sept 28, 2018
Dozens of nations with commercial fisheries in the Atlantic Ocean will grapple next week with a new finding that bigeye tuna, the backbone of a billion dollar business, is severely depleted and overfished. Unless catch levels are sharply reduced, scientists warned, stocks of the fatty, fast-swimming predator could crash within a decade or two. Less iconic than Atlantic bluefin but more v ... more
+ It's not that bad! Science, tourism clash on Great Barrier Reef
+ Seasonal reservoir filling in India deforms rock, may trigger earthquakes
+ Imran Khan's bid to crowdfund $14bn for Pakistan dams
+ Spotlight on sea-level rise
+ New York seeks to claw back 'Big Oyster' past
+ France reverses car tyre sea sanctuary as an environmental flop
+ Light pollution inspires boldness in fish
Precise control of multimetallic one-nanometer cluster formation achieved
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Oct 01, 2018
Researchers in Japan have found a way to create innovative materials by blending metals with precision control. Their approach, based on a concept called atom hybridization[1], opens up an unexplored area of chemistry that could lead to the development of advanced functional materials. Multimetallic clusters - typically composed of three or more metals - are garnering attention as they exh ... more
+ Two quantum dots are better than one: Using one dot to sense changes in another
+ Nucleation a boon to sustainable nanomanufacturing
+ New nanoparticle superstructures made from pyramid-shaped building blocks
+ Cannibalistic materials feed on themselves to grow new nanostructures
+ First-ever colored thin films of nanotubes created
+ Nanotubes change the shape of water
+ Fast visible-UV light nanobelt photodetector
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Raytheon receives $1.5B contract for Patriot systems for Poland
Washington (UPI) Sep 26, 2018
Raytheon has received a $1.5 billion contract from the Department of Defense for foreign military sales of the Patriot Defense System to Poland. Work on the contract, announced Tuesday by the Pentagon, will be performed in Andover, Mass., White Sands Missile Range, N.M., and Merrimack, N.H., with an estimated completion date of December 2022. Fiscal 2018 foreign military sales fu ... more
+ Raytheon receives contract for new AEGIS radars
+ Pentagon to pull some Patriots from Middle East: US official
+ Lockheed Martin to upgrade AEGIS Combat System for U.S. warships
+ SBIRS GEO-3 achieves operational acceptance
+ Successful Aegis Combat System Test Brings BMD to Japanese Fleet
+ Japan successfully tests ballistic missile defense system
+ Northrop Grumman tests new air defense network program
China launches Centispace-1-s1 satellite
Jiuquan (XNA) Oct 01, 2018
China launched its Centispace-1-s1 satellite on a Kuaizhou-1A rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 12:13 p.m. Saturday. This is the second commercial launch by the Kuaizhou-1A rocket. The first launch in January 2017 sent three satellites into space. The Kuaizhou-1A was developed by a rocket technology company under the China Aerospace Science and Industr ... more
+ China tests propulsion system of space station's lab capsules
+ China unveils Chang'e-4 rover to explore Moon's far side
+ China's SatCom launch marketing not limited to business interest
+ China to launch space station Tiangong in 2022, welcomes foreign astronauts
+ China solicits international cooperation experiments on space station
+ Growing US unease with China's new deep space facility in Argentina
+ China developing in-orbit satellite transport vehicle

No more Iron Man: submarines now have soft, robotic arms
Boston MA (SPX) Oct 04, 2018
The human arm can perform a wide range of extremely delicate and coordinated movements, from turning a key in a lock to gently stroking a puppy's fur. The robotic "arms" on underwater research submarines, however, are hard, jerky, and lack the finesse to be able to reach and interact with creatures like jellyfish or octopuses without damaging them. Previously, the Wyss Institute for Biolog ... more
+ Machine learning could help regulators identify environmental violations
+ Machine-learning system tackles speech and object recognition, all at once
+ Amazon aims to make Alexa assistant bigger part of users' lives
+ Spray coated tactile sensor on a 3D surface for robotic skin
+ 'Robotic skins' turn everyday objects into robots
+ Russian scientists send FEDOR robot to Roscosmos for launch
+ Google Mini captures top spot in connected speaker market: survey
Hong Kong marks fourth anniversary of Umbrella Movement
Hong Kong (AFP) Sept 28, 2018
Hundreds gathered in Hong Kong Friday to mark the fourth anniversary of the mass pro-democracy Umbrella Movement rallies as concerns grow that freedoms are disappearing under an assertive Beijing. The subdued gathering comes days after the Hong Kong government banned a political party which promotes independence, calling it a threat to national security. Britain and the United States exp ... more
+ Disappearing act: What happened to Hong Kong's Umbrella Art?
+ Ibsen play pulled in China after audience demand free speech
+ Pope calls on Chinese Catholics to reconcile after bishop deal
+ Beijing charges shuttered church $170,000 after eviction
+ China defends ban on Hong Kong pro-independence party
+ Hong Kong bans pro-independence party over 'national security' fears
+ Vatican delegation 'to visit China this month': state media

ICESat-2 Laser Fires for 1st Time, Measures Antarctic Height
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Oct 04, 2018
The laser instrument that launched into orbit last month aboard NASA's Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) fired for the first time Sept. 30. With each of its 10,000 pulses per second, the instrument is sending 300 trillion green photons of light to the ground and measuring the travel time of the few that return: the method behind ICESat-2's mission to monitor Earth's changing i ... more
+ UM researchers find precipitation thresholds regulate carbon exchange
+ How Earth sheds heat into space
+ New airborne campaigns to explore snowstorms, river deltas, climate
+ Three Earth Explorer ideas selected
+ Scientists locate parent lightning strokes of sprites
+ Scientists ID Three Causes of Earth's Spin Axis Drift
+ Quick and not-so-dirty: A rapid nano-filter for clean water

How fruits got their eye-catching colors
Durham NC (SPX) Oct 01, 2018
Red plums. Green melons. Purple figs. Ripe fruits come in an array of greens, yellows, oranges, browns, reds and purples. Scientists say they have new evidence that plants owe their rainbow of fruit colors to the different animals that eat them. That the bright red of a berry is a signal to hungry birds - here I am, come eat me - is not a new idea. Since the late 1800's researchers have sp ... more
+ Soil holds the secret to mitigating climate change
+ Soil health on the menu with retrieved coffee beans
+ Austrian fruit grower jailed over bee deaths
+ Satellites safeguard Europe's potato industry
+ Sunflower pollen protects bees from disease, study finds
+ Ancient African herders had lasting ecological impact on grazed lands
+ Down to the Kernel: NASA Space Imaging Helps Predict Crop Yields
Astronomers find first evidence of possible moon outside our Solar System
Baltimore MD (SPX) Oct 04, 2018
Using NASA's Hubble and Kepler space telescopes, astronomers have uncovered tantalizing evidence of what could be the first discovery of a moon orbiting a planet outside our solar system. This moon candidate, which is 8,000 light-years from Earth in the Cygnus constellation, orbits a gas-giant planet that, in turn, orbits a star called Kepler-1625. Researchers caution that the moon hypothe ... more
+ New tool helps scientists better target the search for alien life
+ 'Spacesuits' protect microbes destined to live in space
+ The only known white dwarf orbited by planetary fragments has been analyzed
+ Breakthrough Listen expands SETI to Southern Hemisphere with MeerKAT
+ Liquid crystals and the origin of life
+ Cosmologists use photonics to search Andromeda for signs of alien life
+ Did key building blocks for life come from deep space?

With genetic tweak, mosquito population made extinct
Paris (AFP) Sept 24, 2018
Scientists said Monday they had succeeded for the first time in wiping out an entire population of malaria-carrying mosquitos in the lab using a gene editing tool to programme their extinction. So-called gene drive technology works by forcing evolution's hand, ensuring that an engineered trait is passed down to a higher proportion of offspring - across many generations - than would have oc ... more
+ Trump unveils revised US biodefense strategy
+ Indonesia's quake-hit Lombok battles with malaria, 137 infected
+ Deadly 'rat fever' in flood-ravaged Indian state
+ UN emergency talks to head off swine fever spread in Asia
+ Deadly 'rat fever' in flood-ravaged Indian state
+ Virus' potency depends on the shape of its DNA
+ China culls 38,000 pigs as swine fever spreads
Humans delayed the formation of the Sahara desert by half a millennium
Washington (UPI) Oct 1, 2018
According to a new climate model, the Sahara desert should have formed 500 years earlier than it did. The influence of hunter-gatherers and pastoralists may explain the delay in desertification. The Sahara only became the desert it's known as today some 5,500 years ago. Some 8,000 years ago, the band stretching across North Africa was green, home to diverse vegetation and populations of ... more
+ Fair-trade deals provide safety net for Ivorian cocoa producers
+ Sierra Leone expels 38 Chinese for 'child labour' in mining
+ Nigerian troops repel Boko Haram attack on base: sources
+ US, allied forces attacked in Somalia: Pentagon
+ 'Say no to China': Anger mounts in Zambia over Beijing's presence
+ Lake Victoria, African lifeline regularly hit by sinkings
+ Algeria's air force chief fired amid military shake-up
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Russian scientists develop high-precision laser for satellite navigation
Saint Petersburg, Russia (SPX) Oct 04, 2018
Scientists from ITMO University developed a laser for precise measurement of the distance between the Moon and Earth. Short pulse duration and high power of this laser help to reduce error in determining the distance to the Moon to just a few millimeters. This data can be used to specify the coordinates of artificial satellites in accordance with the lunar mass influence to make navigation ... more
+ Indian astronaut could ride Russian Soyuz to ISS in 2022
+ NASA skeptical on sabotage theory after mystery ISS leak
+ Russia finds ISS hole made deliberately: space chief
+ NASA Unveils Sustainable Campaign to Return to Moon, on to Mars
+ Partnership, Teamwork Enable Landmark Science Glovebox Launch to Space Station
+ US-Russia space cooperation needs continued insulation from politics
+ Russia May Help India to Launch Country's First Manned Space Mission
Russian military recorded over 40 ICBM and rocket launches in 2018
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 03, 2018
The Russian Aerospace Forces have tracked over 40 launches of the country's and foreign space rockets and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) since the beginning of 2018, an infographic published by the Russian Armed Forces' official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda showed on Friday. According to the document, since the beginning of the year, the Russian Aerospace Forces have monitored 14 ... more
+ US calls ruling a defeat for Iran, ends treaty
+ NATO demands answers on Russia missiles
+ US ordered to halt 'humanitarian' Iran sanctions in blow for Trump
+ S.Korean minister proposes US-N.Korea tradeoff
+ Israel PM lashes Iran, claims secret atomic warehouse
+ N. Korea says peace treaty no bargaining chip for denuclearisation
+ China, Russia call at UN for easing of N.Korea sanctions
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