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November 23, 2018
Japan issues contract to purchaser RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance drones

Washington (UPI) Nov 20, 2018
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems will provide the government of Japan with RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance unmanned aerial vehicles and related services under a contract worth $489.9 million. The contract will deliver three RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 30i drones with sensor payloads, two ground control stations, spare parts and tools, engineering, management, and site surveys. The acquisition falls under Foreign Military Sales with work anticipated to run through September 2022 and $64.9 million to ... read more

With mixed roots, Okinawa leader takes base relief message to US
Washington (AFP) Nov 15, 2018
Of all the issues facing US military planners in Asia, few have persisted for so long - and seen such little resolution - as opposition to the troop presence in Okinawa. ... more
Japan awards Northrop Grumman contract for E-2D Hawkeye radar aircraft
Washington DC (UPI) Nov 19, 2018
The government of Japan is awarding Northrop Grumman Systems $32.7 million for long-lead parts and equipment for Japan E-2D radar aircraft. ... more
Eel trafficking in the EU, the world's 'biggest wildlife crime'
Paris (AFP) Nov 20, 2018
Billions of euros worth of critically endangered eels are being trafficked each year from Europe, ending up on tables in China and Japan in what campaigners say is "the largest wildlife crime on Earth." ... more
Energy firms track plunge in oil, Asia markets temper losses
Hong Kong (AFP) Nov 21, 2018
Energy companies suffered further losses on Wednesday following a collapse in oil prices while most Asian markets fell, but with the sharp losses witnessed in the morning being tempered. ... more

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Japan faces difficult energy choices
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Nov 19, 2018
Japan's power sector is facing multiple challenges ranging from the reliability of nuclear power and boosting the share of non-hydro renewables. Against this backdrop, the success of the country's p ... more
N. Korea defector soldier is general's son: report
Tokyo (AFP) Nov 19, 2018
The North Korean soldier who defected to the South in a hail of bullets last year is a general's son but says most Northerners of his age have no loyalty to Kim Jong Un, according to a Japanese newspaper. ... more
BTS management apologise for nuclear blast T-shirt after Japan row
Seoul (AFP) Nov 14, 2018
The managers of hugely popular South Korean boyband BTS have issued an extensive apology after controversy erupted in the lucrative Japanese market over a T-shirt worn by one of the vocalists showing a nuclear blast. ... more
Australia, Japan to deepen defence ties after historic Darwin visit
Darwin, Australia (AFP) Nov 16, 2018
Australia hailed a "deeply symbolic" visit to Darwin by the Japanese Prime Minister on Friday, more than 75 years after the northern city was bombed in World War II, as the two countries vowed to deepen defence ties in the face of an emergent China. ... more
Earthquake researchers finalists for supercomputing prize
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Nov 19, 2018
A team of researchers from the Earthquake Research Institute, Department of Civil Engineering and Information Technology Center at the University of Tokyo, and the RIKEN Center for Computational Sci ... more
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Researchers in Japan make android child's face strikingly more expressive
Osaka, Japan (SPX) Nov 16, 2018
Japan's affection for robots is no secret. But is the feeling mutual in the country's amazing androids? We may now be a step closer to giving androids greater facial expressions to communicate with. ... more
SpaceX launches communications satellite for Qatar on Falcon 9
Cape Canaveral FL (Sputnik) Nov 16, 2018
A Japanese-made communications satellite owned by Qatar zoomed toward a geostationary orbit from the Kennedy Space Center in the US state of Florida atop a Falcon 9 rocket built by the private aeros ... more
US fighter jet crashes off Japan's Okinawa, crew rescued
Tokyo (AFP) Nov 12, 2018
A US navy fighter jet crashed into the sea off Japan's southern island of Okinawa on Monday and its two crew members were rescued alive, Japan's defence ministry said. ... more
New Okinawa governor plans US tour to raise military base issues
Tokyo (AFP) Nov 9, 2018
The newly elected governor of Japan's Okinawa said Friday he will take the island's long-running concerns about US military bases there directly to Americans when he visits the country next week. ... more
Japanese airborne troops jump from US plane onto Japanese soil for first time
Washington (UPI) Nov 9, 2018
A C-130J Super Hercules Special Operations cargo and transport plane from the U.S. Air Force 36th Airlift Squadron became the first U.S. aircraft to drop Japan Ground Self-Defense Force soldiers on Hiju-dai drop zone in Japan as part of the Keen Sword exercises. ... more

China-backed trade deal centre stage at summit as US retreats

Toshiba slashes 7,000 jobs, pulls out of British nuke plant
Tokyo (AFP) Nov 8, 2018
The boss of struggling Toshiba said Thursday he would cut 7,000 jobs over the next five years as the Japanese engineering firm pulled out of foreign investments and downgraded its annual profit forecasts. ... more

US to exempt China, India, Japan from Iran oil sanctions: Pompeo
Washington (AFP) Nov 5, 2018
The United States will exempt China, India and Japan from oil sanctions on Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday, while vowing to be "relentless" in pressuring Tehran. ... more
Scientists find a 'switch' to increase starch accumulation in algae
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Nov 05, 2018
Results from a collaborative study by Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tohoku University, Japan, raise prospects for large-scale production of algae-derived starch, a valuable bioresource for biofu ... more
Palau plans sunscreen ban to save coral
Koror, Palau (AFP) Nov 1, 2018
The tiny Pacific island nation of Palau will ban "reef-toxic" sunscreens from 2020 in what it claims is a world-first initiative to stop chemical pollution killing its famed corals. ... more
MHI launches UAE's KhalifaSat satellite
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Oct 31, 2018
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has delivered UAE's KhalifaSat satellite into orbit Oct 29 via the H-IIA launch vehicle F40. The launch vehicle trajectory was executed as planned, and at about 24 minute ... more
U.S., Japan start biennial Keen Sword military exercise
Washington (UPI) Oct 30, 2018
Approximately 10,000 combined U.S. service members, along with the Japan Self-Defense Force, or JSDF, have kicked off Keen Sword, a series of joint/bilateral field training exercises created to increase combat readiness between the two forces. ... more
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US Army unfurls miles of fencing along border with Mexico
Laredo, United States (AFP) Nov 19, 2018
They started work in the cool of the morning and moved quickly, uncoiling reel after reel of vicious-looking fencing and tying it with barbed wire to green poles hammered into the ground. Over the course of three days, a gleaming, shoulders-high barrier of concertina-wire emerged like a silver snake along a lush riverbank, stretching as far as the eye could see. This was the work of 100 ... more
+ EU to curb phone costs, set up emergency alert system
+ Trump says troops to remain at border 'as long as necessary'
+ Seven detained over east China chemical spill
+ Troop levels on US border 'pretty much peaked': Pentagon
+ Trump to visit California wildfire victims: White House
+ Foreign troops pour into PNG capital for APEC meet
+ Mattis visits troops stationed in Texas assisting with border security
Laser communications technology from Tesat setting new records
Backnang, Germany (SPX) Nov 23, 2018
Sentinel-1C will be ESA's 8th satellite of its Copernicus program. Despite monitoring arctic sea-ice, mapping and surveilling marine environment, Sentinel-1C will support in monitoring and mapping land-surface as well as forest, water and soil and support humanitarian aid in crisis situations. As well as its predecessors, Sentinel 1A and B and 2A and B, it will also be equipped with a stan ... more
+ Combination 3D Printer will recycle plastic in space
+ Treated superalloys demonstrate unprecedented heat resistance
+ New space industry emerges: on-orbit servicing
+ Japan awards Northrop Grumman contract for E-2D Hawkeye radar aircraft
+ Space Tango unveils ST-42 for scalable manufacturing in space for Earth-based applications
+ Virtual reality resurrects ancient Rome bit by bit
+ Researchers create new 'smart' material with potential biomedical, environmental uses

Real-time feedback makes hotel guests slash shower power
Paris (AFP) Nov 19, 2018
Providing hotel guests real-time feedback on the power they use in the shower sharply curbs the amount of energy consumed even though they do not pay for it, according to new research released Monday. The team behind the study, based on the installation of smart meters in showers at six hotels in Switzerland, said it showed that financial incentives alone don't dictate how much energy we use ... more
+ A new pathway for heat transport in the ocean
+ Researchers measure carbon footprint of Canada hydroelectric dams
+ Fishing nations fail in bid to cut quotas for depleted bigeye tuna
+ In Quebec, Canada's newest hydroelectric dams nearly ready
+ Pence slams China's 'opaque' chequebook diplomacy, trade practices
+ Half of the world's annual precipitation falls in just 12 days, new study finds
+ Competition for shrinking groundwater
Stealth-cap technology for light-emitting nanoparticles
Dresden, Germany (SPX) Nov 15, 2018
A team of scientists from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), in collaboration with researchers from Monash University Australia, has succeeded in significantly increasing the stability and biocompatibility of special light-transducing nanoparticles. The team has developed the so-called "upconverting" nanoparticles that not only convert infrared light into UV-visible light, bu ... more
+ Nano-scale process may speed arrival of cheaper hi-tech products
+ Watching nanoparticles
+ Penn engineers develop ultrathin, ultralight nanocardboard
+ Physicists designed new antenna for supersensitive magnetometers of a new generation
+ Next generation of watch springs
+ Caltech engineers create an optical gyroscope smaller than a grain of rice
+ Researchers discover directional and long-lived nanolight in a 2D material
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Raytheon to supply Romania with Patriot missile defense systems
Washington (UPI) Nov 2, 2018
U.S. Army has signed a deal to supply the Romanian government with three Raytheon defense systems. Romania will use the new Patriot Air and Missile Defense Systems - the country's second order of the systems in the last two years - to deter any any threats to its borders. The Patriot is a surface-to-air missile provides the "backbone" to the missile defense capabilities used by ... more
+ Raytheon's SM-3 IIA successful in ballistic missle defense test
+ Aerojet Rocketdyne propulsion critical to successful intercept test for SM-3 Block IIA Missile
+ Aegis Combat System Demonstrates Success During At-Sea Test Against Medium Range Ballistic Missile
+ Pentagon succesfully tests US-Japan missile interceptor
+ Northrop Grumman to upgrade IBNS systems for Burke-class vessels
+ Israel wins $777 mn Indian missile defence order
+ Lockheed Martin Delivers 300th THAAD Interceptor
Evolving Chinese Space Ecosystem To Foster Innovative Environment
Montreal, Canada (SPX) Nov 23, 2018
According to Euroconsult's latest report, China Space Industry 2018, the China space value chain had an estimated size of more than $16 billion in 2017, with the downstream market accounting for just over 85%. Satellite Navigation, one of the key satellite applications in China, was the main revenue generator in 2017, ahead of Satellite Communications and Earth Observation. This premier ed ... more
+ China sends 5 satellites into orbit via single rocket
+ China releases smart solution for verifying reliability of space equipment components
+ China unveils new 'Heavenly Palace' space station as ISS days numbered
+ China's space programs open up to world
+ China's commercial aerospace companies flourishing
+ China launches Centispace-1-s1 satellite
+ China tests propulsion system of space station's lab capsules

CODE demonstrates autonomy and collaboration with minimal human commands
Washington DC (SPX) Nov 20, 2018
In a recent test series at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, DARPA's Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) program demonstrated the ability of CODE-equipped Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) to adapt and respond to unexpected threats in an anti-access area denial (A2AD) environment. The UASs efficiently shared information, cooperatively planned and allocated mission objectives, ... more
+ US mulls curbs on artificial intelligence exports
+ Electronic glove gives robots a sense of touch
+ Nepal's first robot waiter is ready for orders
+ How to make AI less biased
+ Researchers in Japan make android child's face strikingly more expressive
+ Chinese state media debuts 'AI' news anchors
+ 'Autonomous Warrior': UK Army Conducts its Largest Test of Battlefield Robots
Filipinos 'Pooh-Pooh' Xi's Manila visit
Manila (AFP) Nov 20, 2018
Philippine Twitter and Facebook feeds were flooded Tuesday with Winnie the Pooh memes in a winking expression of anti-China sentiment stirred by President Xi Jinping's state visit to Manila. The self-described "bear of very little brain" has been used in the past on social media to poke fun at portly Xi, a joke that has drawn crackdowns from Beijing's censors. In one clip posted Tuesday, ... more
+ Top Chinese university warns students to avoid activism
+ China's president inaugurates Hong Kong-mainland mega bridge
+ China's youth embrace street dance amid hip-hop crackdown
+ Hong Kong democracy leaders plead not guilty in Umbrella Movement trial
+ Hong Kong lawyers demand explanation over journalist ban
+ Pelt and road: Tribal welcome for Xi in PNG
+ China tech factory conditions fuel suicides: study
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Researchers present unique database on Earth's vegetation
Halle, Germany (SPX) Nov 20, 2018
Which plant species grow where, alongside which others - and why? The diversity of global vegetation can be described based on only a few traits from each species. This has been revealed by a research team led by Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig. In a new study published in the scientific j ... more
+ Satellites encounter magnetic reconnection in Earth's magnetotail
+ Powerful new map depicts environmental degradation across Earth
+ Glaciers and volcanoes combine to release large amounts of methane
+ Earth's magnetic field measured using artificial stars at 90 kilometers altitude
+ Volcanoes and glaciers combine as powerful methane producers
+ Chinese satellites provide advanced solutions to modeling small particles
+ Alpine ice shows three-fold increase in atmospheric iodine

Monsanto appeals Roundup cancer verdict
San Francisco (AFP) Nov 21, 2018
Monsanto on Tuesday said it was asking a US appeals court to toss out a damning verdict in a landmark Roundup weed-killer cancer trial and grant it another hearing. "By its appeal from the judgment and amended judgment, Monsanto also seeks appellate review of the trial court's order denying Monsanto's motion for new trial," an attorney for the agrochemical giant said in a filed notice-of-app ... more
+ Afghan opium producers hit hard by drought in 2018
+ New study details the genetic evolution of domesticated animals
+ US paves way to get 'lab meat' on plates
+ Activists board ship off Spain in palm oil protest: Greenpeace
+ Wolves at the door, Alpine shepherd can't imagine any other life
+ Greenpeace Poland files legal complaint against minister over pesticide use
+ Soil's history: A solution to soluble phosphorus?
Researchers Are Perfecting Technology to Look for Signs of Alien Life
Kamuela HI (SPX) Nov 21, 2018
Astronomers have gleaned some of the best data yet on the composition of a planet known as HR 8799c - a young giant gas planet about 7 times the mass of Jupiter that orbits its star every 200 years. The team used state-of-the art instrumentation at the W. M. Keck Observatory on Maunakea, Hawaii to confirm the existence of water in the planet's atmosphere, as well as a lack of methane. ... more
+ Study reveals one of universe's secret ingredients for life
+ What magnetic fields can tell us about life on other planets
+ Jumping genes shed light on how advanced life may have emerged
+ New database to archive amateur astronomer exoplanet data
+ Quantum artificial life created on the cloud
+ A cold Super-Earth just 6 light years away at Barnard's Star
+ New Arecibo message challenge announced
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Researchers a step closer to understanding how deadly bird flu virus takes hold in humans
Nathan, Australia (SPX) Nov 21, 2018
New research has taken a step towards understanding how highly pathogenic influenza viruses such as deadly bird flu infect humans. Researchers at Griffith's Institute for Glycomics and the University of Hong Kong have revealed specific sugar molecules - Sialylated O-glycans - that are present in the respiratory tract are key receptors for influenza viruses, particularly the highly pathogen ... more
+ 'Very serious': African swine fever spreads in China
+ 15 emerging technologies that could reduce global catastrophic biological risks
+ Vaccinating humans to protect mosquitoes from malaria
+ A step towards biological warfare with insects?
+ 100 years on, Spanish Flu holds lessons for next pandemic
+ With genetic tweak, mosquito population made extinct
+ Trump unveils revised US biodefense strategy
Pentagon: Africa command to pursue drawdown, realignment
Washington (UPI) Nov 15, 2018
The Department of Defense announced Thursday the withdrawal and realignment of some U.S. Africa Command Counter Violent Extremist Organization, in accordance with priorities outlined in this years National Defense Strategy. The realignment projects a reduction of under 10 percent of the 7,200 troops assigned to Africa Command over the next several years. "Optimization preserves t ... more
+ Dozen herders killed in clashes with hunters in Mali: mayor
+ Niger to move protected giraffes as habitat shrinks
+ US, China at odds over UN push to fund African peacekeeping
+ Zambian police quiz opposition leader over attacks on Chinese
+ At least 7 killed in C.Africa clashes: sources
+ US air strikes in Somalia killed 37 militants: Pentagon
+ Comoros displays captured 'rebel' arsenal

UK Space Agency funds new experiments onboard the International Space Station
London, UK (SPX) Nov 20, 2018
UK science will be launched into space to help tackle the effects of ageing, thanks to funding from the UK Space Agency, the Science Minister Sam Gyimah has announced. The minister unveiled close to 3 million pounds of new funding for the experiments, ahead of the 20th anniversary of the International Space Station (ISS) on Tuesday 20 November. Due to launch in 2021, two of the exper ... more
+ Your own private space vacation
+ Crew assistant CIMON successfully completes first tasks in space
+ Space-inspired speed breeding for crop improvement
+ Zero G Kitchen prepares to launch its first appliance to Space
+ Russian space freighter docks with ISS in automatic mode
+ Robotic arm links cargo craft to International Space Station
+ Exploration makes perfect
Two Trident II ballistic missile prosecution contracts awarded to Lockheed Martin
Washington DC (UPI) Nov 19, 2018
Lockheed Martin Space is being awarded two contract modifications worth a combined $90.4 million for Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missile production and support of already deployed systems. The work will take place in both domestic and overseas locations and is expected to run through Sep. 2023. Navy fiscal weapons procurement and research and development funding totaling $90 ... more
+ Two Koreas connect DMZ road across border: Seoul
+ Inter-Korean rapprochement must not outpace denuclearization: US
+ US, South Korea scale back military exercise
+ N. Korea blows up frontline bunkers
+ Iran says no trust in Trump's US for new nuclear talks
+ EU 'extremely worried' about fate of nuclear treaty
+ British foreign minister visits Iran for nuclear talks
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