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24/7 News Coverage About Japan
March 05, 2019
Dark matter may be hitting the right note in small galaxies

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Feb 28, 2019
Dark matter may scatter against each other only when they hit the right energy, say researchers in Japan, Germany, and Austria in a new study. Their idea helps explain why galaxies from the smallest to the biggest have the shapes they do. Dark matter is a mysterious and unknown form of matter that comprises more than 80 per cent of matter in the Universe today. Its nature is unknown, but it is believed to be responsible for forming stars and galaxies by its gravitational pull, which led to our exi ... read more

Optical clocks started the calibration of the international atomic time
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Mar 05, 2019
Optical clocks of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT, Japan) and LNE-SYRTE (Systemes de Reference Temps-Espace, Observatoire de Paris, Universite PSL, CNRS, So ... more
A quantum magnet with a topological twist
Princeton NJ (SPX) Mar 04, 2019
Taking their name from an intricate Japanese basket pattern, kagome magnets are thought to have electronic properties that could be valuable for future quantum devices and applications. Theories pre ... more
On its 5th Anniversary, GPM Still Right as Rain
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Feb 28, 2019
Five years ago, on Feb. 27, 2014, the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory, a joint satellite project by NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), lifted off aboard ... more
Rare oarfish, seen as harbingers of doom, snagged in Japan
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 26, 2019
Two rare oarfish, giant deep-sea serpents long believed by locals to be a harbinger of earthquakes and tsunamis, have been caught off the Japanese island of Okinawa. ... more

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Touchdown: Japan probe Hayabusa2 lands on distant asteroid
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 22, 2019
A Japanese probe sent to collect samples from an asteroid 300 million kilometres away for clues about the origin of life and the solar system landed successfully on Friday, scientists said. ... more
Okinawa 'no' vote won't delay US base move: Japan PM
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 25, 2019
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday that the controversial relocation of a US military base in Okinawa will not be delayed despite a referendum that saw voters reject the move. ... more
Japan's Okinawa votes on controversial US base move
Okinawa, Japan (AFP) Feb 24, 2019
Residents of Japan's Okinawa were casting ballots Sunday in a closely watched referendum on the controversial relocation of a US military base to a remote part of the island. ... more
US, Japan, Australia start Cope North 2019 at Guam air base
Washington (UPI) Feb 21, 2019
Nearly 100 aircraft and 3,000 personnel from the United States, Japan and Australia are participating in a joint exercise from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. ... more
Japan govt, Fukushima operator told to pay over nuclear disaster
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 20, 2019
A Japanese court Wednesday awarded nearly $4 million in fresh damages to scores of residents forced to flee their homes after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown. ... more
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Japan trade deficit expands in January as China-bound exports fall
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 20, 2019
Japan's trade deficit for January grew from a year earlier with exports to China tumbling in their worst decline in three years, government data showed Wednesday. ... more
Japan upgrades downpour forecasts before Tokyo 2020
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 18, 2019
With an eye on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Japanese researchers are developing a new system to accurately forecast torrential downpours - known in Japan as 'guerilla rainstorms' - 30 minutes before they strike. ... more
Campaigning opens in Okinawa US base relocation vote
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 14, 2019
Campaigning began Thursday ahead of a referendum in Japan's Okinawa on the controversial relocation of a US military base to a remote part of the island. ... more
Japan's 1st amphibious assault force certified during exercise with U.S. Marines
Washington (UPI) Feb 14, 2019
The Iron Fist 2019 multilateral training event concluded earlier this month, which included the certification of Japan's first amphibious assault force. ... more
Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Japan's Fukushima plant
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 14, 2019
A robot arm has successfully picked up pebble-sized pieces of radioactive fuel at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant in a complex operation seen as key to clean-up efforts after the 2011 meltdown, officials said Thursday. ... more

Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan

Robot probes radioactive fuel at Japan's Fukushima plant
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 13, 2019
A robot will attempt to examine radioactive fuel at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant on Wednesday in a complex operation seen as key to clean-up efforts after the 2011 meltdown. ... more
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Commercial UAV Expo Americas, October 28-30, Las Vegas
Lockheed awarded $212M for work on Aegis combat system for Japan
Washington (UPI) Feb 12, 2019
The U.S. Navy has awarded Lockheed Martin a $212 million contract for additional work on the development and integration of the Aegis system for Japan. ... more
Japan's Toshiba cuts profit outlook again
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 13, 2019
Struggling Japanese engineering firm Toshiba lowered its profit forecasts Wednesday with rising costs weighing on its energy operations. ... more
Ex-Marine pilot dreams of ferrying folks into space
Washington (AFP) Feb 8, 2019
Mark Stucky fought in the Iraq war, once buzzed a Soviet warplane over the Sea of Japan and has flown all sorts of experimental aircraft. ... more
The art and science of Japan's cherry blossom forecast
Tokyo (AFP) Feb 11, 2019
As spring approaches in Japan, the country's weather forecasters face one of their biggest missions of the year: predicting exactly when the famed cherry blossoms will bloom. ... more
New materials for high-voltage supercapacitors
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Feb 08, 2019
A research team led by Tohoku University in Japan has developed new materials for supercapacitors with higher voltage and better stability than other materials. Their research was recently published ... more
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Saudi sisters appeal for safety as Hong Kong clock ticks down
Hong Kong (AFP) Feb 28, 2019
Two Saudi sisters marooned in Hong Kong after fleeing their family appealed to authorities not to deport them while they seek sanctuary in a third country as the clock ticked down Thursday on their permission to stay. The siblings are the latest example of Saudi women escaping the ultra-conservative kingdom only to find themselves stranded in foreign cities and making public appeals for thei ... more
+ Yazidi children carry trauma of 'caliphate' captivity
+ Pupils learn military discipline in Brazil school scheme
+ US House votes for background checks in almost all gun sales
+ Tornado fatalities continue to fall, despite population growth in Tornado Alley
+ US pushes UN to demand aid be allowed into Venezuela
+ 'Abused' Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong risk deportation
+ At least seven miners dead in Peruvian landslide
JILA researchers make coldest quantum gas of molecules
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 04, 2019
JILA researchers have made a long-lived, record-cold gas of molecules that follow the wave patterns of quantum mechanics instead of the strictly particle nature of ordinary classical physics. The creation of this gas boosts the odds for advances in fields such as designer chemistry and quantum computing. As featured on the cover of the Feb. 22 issue of Science, the team produced a gas of p ... more
+ UCF researchers develop first sypersymmetric laser array
+ Astronauts Assemble Tools to Test Space Tech
+ Navy completes tests on mine-hunting sonar system
+ Egypt to host Huawei's first MENA cloud platform: Cairo
+ A quantum magnet with a topological twist
+ New research opens door to more efficient chemical processes across spectrum of industries
+ Physicists build random anti-laser

NASA Study Reproduces Origins of Life on Ocean Floor
Pasadena CA (JPL) Feb 27, 2019
Scientists have reproduced in the lab how the ingredients for life could have formed deep in the ocean 4 billion years ago. The results of the new study offer clues to how life started on Earth and where else in the cosmos we might find it. Astrobiologist Laurie Barge and her team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, are working to recognize life on other planets by ... more
+ Demo outside World Bank offices in Beirut over dam project
+ Ocean heatwaves devastate wildlife, worse to come
+ Can we address climate change without sacrificing water quality?
+ Cool adaptations to the cold
+ Reduced salinity of seawater wreaks havoc on coral chemistry
+ High-powered fuel cell boosts electric-powered submersibles, drones
+ Risk remains low despite rise in global shark attacks
The holy grail of nanowire production
Lausanne, Switzerland (SPX) Feb 25, 2019
Nanowires have the potential to revolutionize the technology around us. Measuring just 5-100 nanometers in diameter (a nanometer is a millionth of a millimeter), these tiny, needle-shaped crystalline structures can alter how electricity or light passes through them. They can emit, concentrate and absorb light and could therefore be used to add optical functionalities to electronic chips. T ... more
+ A new spin in nano-electronics
+ Nanoparticle computing takes a giant step forward
+ Breakthrough nanoscience discovery made on flight from New York to Jerusalem
+ Customized mix of materials for three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures
+ Nano drops a million times smaller than a teardrop explodes 19th century theory
+ Rice lab adds porous envelope to aluminum plasmonics
+ Research details sticky situations at the nanoscale
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Lockheed Martin awarded $830M for THAAD system development
Washington (UPI) Mar 1, 2019
Lockheed Martin Corp. was awarded an $850 million modification to an existing contract for element development and support services for a key part of the military's ballistic missile defense system the Missile Defense Agency. The contract modification, announced Thursday by the Defense Department, will bring the value of an already existing contract for work on the Terminal High Altitud ... more
+ Lockheed awarded $680M for PAC-3 missiles for foreign militaries
+ Raytheon and General Dynamics to operate Reagan Ballistic Missile Test Site
+ Poland to buy US rocket system for $414 million
+ U.S. Army to purchase Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system
+ US Army to buy two Israeli Iron Dome air defense systems
+ Raytheon, Lockheed contracted for Patriot systems for foreign customers
+ Japan approved for $2.15B buy of Aegis Ashore missile defense systems
China improves Long March-6 rocket for growing commercial launches
Beijing (XNA) Feb 12, 2019
China announced Monday that it is developing the modified version of the Long March-6 rocket to add four solid boosters to increase its carrying capacity. The improved medium-left carrier rocket will be sent into space by 2020, according to the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, which designed the rocket. The Long ... more
+ Seed of moon's first sprout: Chinese scientists' endeavor
+ China to send over 50 spacecraft into space via over 30 launches in 2019
+ China to deepen lunar exploration: space expert
+ China launches Zhongxing-2D satellite
+ China welcomes world's scientists to collaborate in lunar exploration
+ In space, the US sees a rival in China
+ China launches telecommunication technology test satellite

GMV achieves important breakthroughs in robotics systems and autonomy
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Mar 04, 2019
GMV has recently presented the results obtained in ERGO and ESROCOS, two robotic-technology building blocks led by GMV within the European Commission's H2020 Space Robotics Technologies Strategic Research Cluster (SRC), its biggest space robotics program. The SRC's first activities have focused on the design, manufacture and testing of five common robotic-building blocks for space-based op ... more
+ FedEx to test 'SameDay Bot' for local deliveries
+ Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle
+ Mini cheetah is the first four-legged robot to do a backflip
+ Assembly in the air: Using sound to defy gravity
+ Aquatic microorganism could inspire soft robots able to move fast in narrow spaces
+ Can we trust scientific discoveries made using machine learning?
+ Robots track moving objects with unprecedented precision
Jailed Chinese rights lawyer disappears after release: activists
Beijing (AFP) Feb 28, 2019
A prominent Chinese human rights lawyer went missing after he was scheduled to be released from jail Thursday following a two-year prison sentence for state subversion charges, said rights activists. Jiang Tianyong - who had taken on many high-profile cases including those of Falun Gong practitioners and Tibetan protesters - was one of more than 200 lawyers and activists detained since 201 ... more
+ China's Xi faces doubts as legislature meets
+ Missing Chinese rights lawyer returns home but 'still not free': wife
+ Activists say Chinese police step up use of video 'confessions'
+ Hong Kong's monetary chief to step down after decade in post
+ Chinese-Australian political donor wins defamation case
+ Hundreds attend funeral of Mao's secretary-turned-critic
+ 'Xi cult' app is China's red hot hit

D-Orbit Signs Contract for launch and deployment services with Planet Labs
Fino Mornasco, Italy (SPX) Feb 28, 2019
D-Orbit, an Italian service provider for the New Space sector, signed a contract with Planet, a US-based private Earth imaging company, for the launch and deployment of six Dove-series satellites. Under the contract, D-Orbit will launch and deploy the satellites during the first commercial mission of ION CubeSat Carrier, the core technology of the InOrbit NOW launch service offered by the Italia ... more
+ On its 5th Anniversary, GPM Still Right as Rain
+ KBRwyle Awarded $19M to Perform Flight Ops for USGS Satellite
+ SNoOPI: A flying ace for soil moisture and snow measurements
+ Earth's atmosphere stretches out to the Moon - and beyond
+ exactEarth's real-time maritime tracking system now fully-deployed
+ Astronaut photography benefiting the planet
+ Van Allen Probes begin final phase exploring Earth's radiation belts

Trump urges China to remove tariffs on US agricultural products
Washington (AFP) March 2, 2019
US President Donald Trump on Friday urged China to abolish tariffs on agricultural products imported from the United States - adding that trade talks between the rival powers were going well. "I have asked China to immediately remove all Tariffs on our agricultural products (including beef, pork, etc.)," the president wrote on Twitter. He said his request was based on the fact that nego ... more
+ 'Equine strep throat' kills 4,000 donkeys in Niger
+ Getting to the core of underwater soil
+ Discovery of sour genes in citrus may pave way for sweeter lemons, limes
+ French vineyards say ready to break glyphosate addiction
+ Boost for Australian grain industry
+ An uneasy alliance: Indigenous Traditional Knowledge enriches western science
+ Tech connection boosts NY vertical farmers
The case of the over-tilting exoplanets
New Haven CT (SPX) Mar 05, 2019
For almost a decade, astronomers have tried to explain why so many pairs of planets outside our solar system have an odd configuration - their orbits seem to have been pushed apart by a powerful unknown mechanism. Yale researchers say they've found a possible answer, and it implies that the planets' poles are majorly tilted. The finding could have a big impact on how researchers estimate t ... more
+ Exiled planet linked to stellar flyby 3 million years ago
+ NASA-funded research creates DNA-like molecule to aid search for alien life
+ New NASA mission could find more than 1,000 planets
+ Researchers discover a flipping crab feeding on methane seeps
+ Astronomers use new technique to find extrasolar planets
+ Discovery of Planets Around Cool Stars Enabled with Hobby-Eberly Telescope
+ NIST 'Astrocomb' Opens New Horizons for Planet-Hunting Telescope

Electronic nose better at sniffing out disease-carrying dogs in Brazil
Washington (UPI) Mar 1, 2019
Scientists have developed a new, more accurate electronic nose designed to sniff out dogs carrying Leishmaniasis, a deadly disease that kills some 3,500 people in Brazil every year. Dogs carry the parasite that causes the disease in humans. Sand flies can spread the disease from dogs to humans. Any dog found to carry the parasite must be put down to prevent the spread of the deadly illn ... more
+ 2015-2016 El Nino Triggered Disease Outbreaks Across Globe
+ Chinese food producer says swine fever found in dumplings
+ A new layer of medical preparedness to combat emerging infectious disease
+ Study shows hope for fighting disease known as Ebola of frogs
+ China measles Study has implications for worldwide epidemic control
+ Mosquitoes that carry malaria may have been doing so 100 million years ago
+ Tourists at upmarket Chinese ski resort hit by novovirus
C.Africa armed group says govt failing to honour peace commitments
Bangui, Central African Republic (AFP) March 3, 2019
One of the Central African Republic's main armed groups on Sunday accused Bangui of failing to honour "its commitments" under a peace deal signed in February by forming a new government without changes to the main ministries. The authorities had shown "bad faith, amateurism and incompetence", Noureddine Adam, head of the Popular Front for the Renaissance of the Central African Republic (FPRC ... more
+ Zimbabwe court refuses to drop charges against 7 Chinese caught with rhino horns
+ US strike kills 26 Shabaab fighters in Somalia
+ Denmark plans to back anti-jihadist force in Sahel
+ Mozambique president, Renamo leader resume peace talks
+ Nigeria army arrests dozens for electoral offences
+ US strike in Somalia kills 35 'terrorists': Pentagon
+ French forces strike jihadists in central Mali
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The First Humans in Space
Bethesda, MD (SPX) Mar 05, 2019
The first human to fly in space was Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut who was born on March 9, 1934, near Moscow, Russia. He flew aboard the Vostok spacecraft in April 1961 and orbited the Earth once on this 108-minute historic flight. Unfortunately, Gagarin was killed in a plane crash in 1968. The second human to enter space was Alan Shepard, an American astronaut who was born on November 18, 1 ... more
+ Russia to Invest Over $450,000 in Development of Backpack Vacuum Cleaner for ISS
+ New Moon-Mars mission in progress at HI-SEAS habitat
+ NASA, Roscosmos reach consensus on Dragon unmanned flight to ISS
+ First Emirati set to head to space in September: UAE
+ Company's 10th cargo supply mission featured expanded commercial capabilities for Cygnus spacecraft
+ Virgin Galactic takes crew of three to altitude of 55 miles
+ Astronauts optimistic for ISS launch after botched flight
Stratcom commander: Nuclear triad updates essential for defense
Washington (UPI) Feb 27, 2019
Modernizing the United States' nuclear strike capability is critical to the country's defense, the U.S. Strategic Command's commander told a Senate committee this week. The "nuclear triad," composed of submarine-launched ballistic missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles and aircraft classified as bombers, "is the most important element of our national defense, and we have to make ... more
+ Trump 'walks' as North Korea talks end abruptly without deal
+ Putin suspends INF arms treaty with US
+ NATO chief says bloc preparing for more Russian missiles
+ White House security chief calls Trump-Kim summit 'success'
+ N. Korea, US vow to keep talking after Hanoi summit collapse
+ Netanyahu talks Iran with Putin in Moscow
+ Key steps in North Korea's weapons development
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