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June 04, 2019
Centuries-old drawings lead to better understanding of fan-shaped auroras

Tokyo, Japan (SPX) May 30, 2019
Physics researchers and literature researchers have joined together to better understand the rare natural phenomenon of white and red auroras fanning across the night sky in Japan. Armed with drawings and descriptions dating back to the 1700s, microfilm from the 1950s, and today's spectral image data, they've confirmed the accuracy of the older depictions. They've also started to understand how the fan-shaped auroras appear, both in the sky and to the eye. The team published their results on May 1 ... read more

US and Japan partner on future moon mission
Washington DC (VOA) May 30, 2019
At a May meeting in Washington, U.S. and Japanese officials affirmed the desire for continued scientific cooperation between the two countries. They collaborate on space exploration, space and earth ... more
2017 North Korean nuclear test order of magnitude larger than previous tests, new study finds
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 04, 2019
North Korea detonated a nuclear device in 2017 equivalent to about 250 kilotons of TNT, a new study estimates, creating an explosion 16 times the size of the bomb the United States detonated over Hi ... more
Japan receives first E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft from Northrop Grumman
Washington (UPI) May 31, 2019
Northrop Grumman completed delivery of its E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft to Japan's military, the company announced on Friday. ... more
Japan ends search for crashed F35 fighter jet
Tokyo (AFP) June 4, 2019
Japan called off its search for an F-35A on Tuesday, almost two months after the stealth jet crashed into the sea sparking a scramble to recover the pilot and secrets onboard. ... more

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Japan PM to meet Iran's Khamenei to mediate with US: report
Tokyo (AFP) June 2, 2019
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will meet Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei later this month with Tokyo hoping to mediate between Washington and Tehran, a report said Sunday. ... more
Pentagon confirms push to hide USS John McCain from Trump
Seoul (AFP) June 2, 2019
The acting Pentagon chief confirmed Sunday that the White House had requested the hiding of a warship bearing the name of late Senator John McCain during a visit by Donald Trump to Japan. ... more
G20 countries eye tax policy for internet giants: Nikkei
Tokyo (AFP) May 30, 2019
G20 countries are planning a new tax policy for digital giants like Google, based on the business a company does in a country, not where it is headquartered, the Nikkei business daily said Thursday. ... more
Trump says 'would not have' ordered hiding of USS John McCain
Washington (AFP) May 30, 2019
President Donald Trump said Thursday he "couldn't care less" whether a US Navy destroyer bears the name of his late rival John McCain, but insisted he would not have ordered hiding the vessel from view during his Japan trip. ... more
Sri Lanka enters port deal with Japan, India
Colombo (AFP) May 28, 2019
Sri Lanka Tuesday announced it is entering into partnership with India and Japan to develop a deep-sea container terminal next to a controversial $500-million Chinese-run container jetty in Colombo harbour. ... more
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US, Japan, S. Korea start 'first-of-its-kind' naval drill
Tokyo (AFP) May 23, 2019
The United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia have kicked off "first-of-its-kind" naval drills near Guam, the US Navy said Thursday, amid mounting tensions with China and North Korea. ... more
US approves missile sales to S.Korea, Japan
Washington (AFP) May 17, 2019
The United States said Friday it had approved more than $600 million in sales of air defense missiles to South Korea and Japan as tensions return with North Korea. ... more
Japan to buy 105 F-35 US stealth warplanes: Trump
Tokyo (AFP) May 27, 2019
Japan plans to buy 105 US-made stealth warplanes, Donald Trump said on Monday, which the US President said would give Tokyo the largest F35 fleet of any US ally. ... more
Grandma Ca: the 99-year-old standing up to Vietnam's coal rush
Van Phong Bay, Vietnam (AFP) May 22, 2019
Toothless and nearly blind, grandmother Pham Thi Ca refuses to leave her plot of land even after bulldozers demolished her house - an extraordinary holdout against communist Vietnam's deepening addiction to coal. ... more
Trump strikes dovish tone on N. Korea, Iran
Tokyo (AFP) May 27, 2019
President Donald Trump Monday hailed a "great respect" between the US and nuclear-armed North Korea, as he also held out the possibility of talks with Iran, stressing he did not want "terrible things" to happen. ... more

Panasonic joins firms stepping away from Huawei after US ban

ARM amputation: Huawei's big chip problem
London (AFP) May 23, 2019
ARM technology is used in more than 130 billion chips worldwide and is ubiquitous in mobile devices, so losing access to the British company would be like losing a limb for China's embattled Huawei. ... more
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Aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan deploys to Indo-Pacific region
Washington (UPI) May 22, 2019
The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its commander task force units began underway operations in the Indo-Pacific region, the Navy announced on Wednesday. ... more
Japanese, UK carriers delay release of Huawei phones
London (AFP) May 22, 2019
Four major Japanese and British mobile carriers said Wednesday they will delay releasing new 5G handsets made by Huawei amid a US-led crackdown on the Chinese tech firm over security concerns. ... more
Two Japanese carriers postpone release of Huawei phones
Tokyo (AFP) May 22, 2019
Two of Japan's top mobile phone carriers said Wednesday they will delay releasing new handsets made by Huawei after a US ban on American companies selling technology to the Chinese tech giant. ... more
Ice-sheet variability during the last ice age from the perspective of marine sediment
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) May 20, 2019
By using marine sediment cores from Northwestern Australia, a Japanese team led by National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) and the University of Tokyo revealed that the global ice sheet during t ... more
Activists petition court to halt Japan dolphin hunt
Tokyo (AFP) May 17, 2019
Campaigners on Friday urged a court in Japan to halt so-called "drive hunting" of dolphins in the country as part of an unprecedented lawsuit that argues the practice violates Japanese law. ... more
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Collision sparks fresh debate over cruise ships in Venice
Venice (AFP) June 2, 2019
A massive cruise ship lost control in Venice Sunday, crashing into a wharf and sparking a fresh controversy over the damage the mammoth vessels cause to one of the world's most famous cities. Footage posted to social media showed people on the harbour fleeing as the 13-deck MSC Opera, which suffered an engine failure, scraped along the dockside before knocking into a luxury tourist boat. ... more
+ Italy, Malta rescue stricken migrants in Mediterranean
+ Malta navy rescues 75 migrants clinging to tuna pen
+ Maltese navy rescues more migrants
+ Military to set up tents for migrants on US-Mexico border
+ Bolsonaro revises decree, bans Brazilians carrying assault weapons
+ Just a small increase in precipitation could cause widespread road outages
+ Pentagon may send tents to house migrants at US-Mexico border
Aluminum is the new steel: NUST MISIS scientists made it stronger than ever before
Moscow, Russia (SPX(SPX) Jun 03, 2019
Aluminum is one of the most promising materials for aeronautics and automobile industry. Scientists from the National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" found a simple and efficient way of strengthening aluminum-based composite materials. Doping aluminum melt with nickel and lanthanum, scientists managed to create a material combining benefits of both composite materials and stan ... more
+ Scientists offer designer 'big atoms' on demand
+ High flex, high-energy textile lithium battery aims to meet demand for wearable electronics
+ China steps up threat to deprive US of rare earths
+ Origami-inspired materials could soften the blow for reusable spacecraft
+ Clean and effective electronic waste recycling
+ How to program materials
+ Rare earths: the latest weapon in the US-China trade war

Australia promises $250m to Solomons in face of China growth
Honiara (AFP) June 3, 2019
Australia is to fund a $250 million (US$173 million) grants programme for the Solomon Islands, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Monday, as Canberra confronts growing Chinese influence in the region. Morrison, in his first overseas trip since re-election two weeks ago, unveiled the package amid talks with Solomons Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. It came in a three-pronged Canberr ... more
+ In Nigeria's Lagos, aquatic weed plagues waterways
+ A rose inspires smart way to collect and purify water
+ Unexpected observation of ice at low temperature, high pressure questions water theory
+ Floating sweatshops: Is the fish you eat caught by 'slaves'?
+ Ocean and space exploration blend at URI's Graduate School of Oceanography
+ Solomons first trip for re-elected Australia PM amid China tensions
+ UD researchers examine the age of groundwater in Egyptian aquifers
Monitoring the lifecycle of tiny catalyst nanoparticles
Bochum, Germany (SPX) May 07, 2019
Nanoparticles can be used in many ways as catalysts. To be able to tailor them in such a way that they can catalyse certain reactions selectively and efficiently, researchers need to determine the properties of single particles as precisely as possible. So far, an ensemble of many nanoparticles is analysed. However, the problem of these investigations is that the contributions of different parti ... more
+ Fast and selective optical heating for functional nanomagnetic metamaterials
+ 2D gold quantum dots are atomically tunable with nanotubes
+ Harnessing microorganisms for smart microsystems
+ AD alloyed nanoantennas for temperature-feedback identification of viruses and explosives
+ Quantum optical cooling of nanoparticles
+ Researchers report new light-activated micro pump
+ Defects help nanomaterial soak up more pollutant in less time
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Syrian air defence fires at 'enemy missiles' in Damascus: state media
Damascus (AFP) June 2, 2019
The Syrian army's anti-aircraft defence was activated Sunday against "enemy missiles" fired from Israel at "positions" in southwest Damascus, the official SANA news agency quoted a military source as saying. "At dawn Sunday, enemy air targets arrived from the occupied Golan", the military source said. "Our air defence blocked and shot down these enemy missiles which targeted our positions in ... more
+ Pentagon calls Turkey plan to buy Russian missiles 'devastating'
+ Erdogan offers Trump working group on Russian missiles
+ Washington says 'possible' Ankara will reject Russian missiles
+ Patriot system, transport ship sent to Middle East as Iran tensions rise
+ Lockheed Martin awarded $84.9 million Navy contract for AEGIS system development
+ State Department approves $2.7B Patriot system sale to UAE
+ Turkey to buy Russian missiles despite US 'threats'
Luokung and Land Space to develop control system for space and ground assets
Beijing, China (SPX) Jun 03, 2019
Luokung Technology Corp. has announced a strategic partnership with Land Space Technology Corporation Ltd. ("Land Space"). The two parties will work together and take advantage of respective strength on commercial space cooperation with satellite remote sensing data applications as the main target market. They will jointly develop domestic and foreign markets of products and services which ... more
+ Yaogan-33 launch fails in north China, Possible debris recovered in Laos
+ China develops new-generation rockets for upcoming missions
+ China's satellite navigation industry sees rapid development
+ China's Yuanwang-7 departs for space monitoring missions
+ China's tracking ship Yuanwang-2 starts new mission after retirement
+ China to build moon station in 'about 10 years'
+ China to enhance international space cooperation

Rise of the Machines: AI beats humans in multiplayer shooter
Washington (AFP) May 31, 2019
It's official: the machines are going to destroy you (if, that is, you're a professional multiplayer gamer). A team of programmers at a British artificial intelligence company has designed automated "agents" that taught themselves how to play the seminal first-person shooter Quake III Arena, and became so good they consistently beat human beings. The work of the researchers from DeepMind ... more
+ Army project develops agile scouting robots
+ Robots activated by water may be the next frontier
+ Better together: human and robot co-workers
+ Artificial intelligence becomes life-long learner with new framework
+ Toy transformers and real-life whales inspire biohybrid robot
+ With a hop, a skip and a jump, high-flying robot leaps through obstacles with ease
+ Spidey senses could help autonomous machines see better
30 years after Tiananmen, US says hopes dashed as China defends crackdown
Washington (AFP) June 3, 2019
The United States said Monday it had lost hope for human rights progress in China 30 years after the crackdown on Tiananmen Square as Beijing, in rare official comments on the bloodshed, insisted it had "immunized" itself against turmoil. As China tried to impose a media blackout ahead of Tuesday's anniversary of the 1989 assault on pro-democracy protesters, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sa ... more
+ Exiled Tiananmen dissident barred from Hong Kong
+ The 'other' Tiananmen: 30 years ago, protests engulfed China
+ Hong Kong's alienated youngsters split over Tiananmen vigil
+ From 1989 to '1984': Generation Tiananmen lament China's descent
+ China gene babies' mutation linked to higher mortality: study
+ US defends welcome to students as China warns of risk
+ Hong Kong raises jail threshold for proposed extradition law
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Remote sensing of toxic algal blooms
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Jun 04, 2019
Harmful algal blooms in the Red Sea could be detected from satellite images using a method developed at KAUST. This remote sensing technique may eventually lead to a real-time monitoring system to help maintain the vital economic and ecological resources of the Red Sea. Monitoring harmful blooms using traditional in-situ methods is not only costly and labor intensive but often requires col ... more
+ NASA-Supported Monitoring Network Assesses Ozone Layer Threats
+ NASA studies Atmosphere by forming artificial night-time clouds over Marshall Islands
+ First ICESat-2 Global Data Released: Ice, Forests and More
+ New mineral classification system captures Earth's complex past
+ Accurate probing of magnetism with light
+ New Studies Increase Confidence in NASA's Measure of Earth's Temperature
+ More detailed picture of Earth's mantle

Despite culls, import bans, swine fever to hit pork market for years
Hanoi (AFP) June 4, 2019
Millions of pigs have been culled as African Swine Fever cuts through China and beyond, devastating global food chains, with pork prices expected to soar from the food markets of Hong Kong to American dinner tables. Outbreaks have been reported in Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Hong Kong and China - the world's biggest pork producer and consumer. Experts warn it could take years to contai ... more
+ The real future food is lab-grown insect meat
+ Ancient DNA tells the story of the first herders and farmers in east Africa
+ Striking French workers block world's biggest Nutella plant
+ North Korea swine flu outbreak puts South on edge
+ You can have your plate and eat it too, says Polish inventor
+ Brazil suspends beef exports to China over 'atypical' mad cow case
+ French watchdog bans sale of common pesticide
Pair of Fledgling Planets Seen Growing Around Young Star
Baltimore MD (SPX) Jun 04, 2019
Astronomers have directly imaged two exoplanets that are gravitationally carving out a wide gap within a planet-forming disk surrounding a young star. While over a dozen exoplanets have been directly imaged, this is only the second multi-planet system to be photographed. (The first was a four-planet system orbiting the star HR 8799.) Unlike HR 8799, though, the planets in this system are still g ... more
+ ExoMars orbiter prepares for Rosalind Franklin
+ The 'forbidden' planet has been found in the 'Neptunian Desert'
+ Physicists Discover New Clue to Planet Formation
+ Bacteria's protein quality control agent offers insight into origins of life
+ Features that could be used to detect life-friendly climates on other worlds
+ Meteor magnets in outer space
+ Detecting bacteria in space
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Hong Kong to cull 4,700 pigs after second swine fever case found
Hong Kong (AFP) June 1, 2019
Hong Kong will cull 4,700 pigs after African swine fever was detected in an animal at a slaughterhouse close to the border with China, the second such case in a month in the crowded financial hub. The animal came from a farm in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong and importation from mainland China has been suspended until further notification, Sophia Chan, Secretary of the city's Fo ... more
+ Rocky mountain spotted fever risks examined
+ A Scent-Based Strategy for Preventing Mosquito Transmission of Disease
+ Pakistan police arrest doctor after 90 infected by HIV syringe
+ Mother detained after Chinese vaccine protest
+ Child vaccination levels falling short in large parts of Africa
+ Space-enabled mobile laboratory ready for medical emergencies
+ Cyclone-hit Mozambique fears cholera epidemic
Boko Haram attacks military bases in Nigeria, steal arms: sources
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) June 3, 2019
Boko Haram jihadists have carried out multiple attacks on military bases in northeast Nigeria's Borno state, overrunning three of them and stealing weapons, security sources said Monday. Fighters believed to be from the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), the IS-linked faction of Boko Haram, stormed four bases from Friday through Sunday in the latest spate of attacks targeting the ar ... more
+ Nigerian army moves thousands away from Boko Haram
+ Algeria students protest against army chief
+ Crisis Group urges 'dialogue' between Mali government, jihadists
+ Fierce divide as Botswana lifts hunting ban
+ African start-ups aim high, harsh realities temper hopes
+ Sudan army, protesters agree 3 year transition: general
+ Benin mourns slain tour guide, 'one of the best'

Russian cosmonauts remove a towel that spent 10 years on surface of ISS
Moscow (Sputnik) May 31, 2019
A towel, taken from the surface of the ISS is being examined for microorganisms that could have inhabited the cloth, lead researcher for the Institute of Medical and Biological Issues of the Russian Academy of Sciences Svetlana Poddubko told RIA Novosti. It was earlier reported that Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Alexei Ovchinin had removed a towel from the surface of the Internatio ... more
+ Cosmonauts complete spacewalk at International Space Station
+ IAF ties up with ISRO for manned mission crew selection
+ NASA Navigation Tech Shows Timing Really Is Everything
+ Wandering Earth: rocket scientist explains how we could move our planet
+ China's tech 'Long March' could be road to nowhere
+ NASA Prepares for Future Moon Exploration with International Undersea Crew
+ NASA Selects Studies for Future Space Communications and Services
China will double its nuclear warheads in next 10 years, DIA chief says
Washington (UPI) May 31, 2019
China will double its stockpile of nuclear weapons in the next decade, the chief of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency said. Speaking to the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley added that assessments indicate Russia violated a 1996 treaty banning nuclear detonation tests that could cause a self-sustaining chain reaction. "Over the next decade, China is ... more
+ Iran president rules out talks until US acts 'normal'
+ Purged no more: North Korean official appears at show
+ US-S.Korea military exercises not 'necessary': Pentagon chief
+ Japan PM to meet Iran's Khamenei to mediate with US: report
+ US says prepared to talk to Iran 'with no preconditions'
+ President says Iran will not be 'bullied' into US talks
+ 2017 North Korean nuclear test order of magnitude larger than previous tests, new study finds
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