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July 05, 2019
Scientists teleport information inside a diamond

Yokohama, Japan (SPX) Jul 01, 2019
Scientists have successfully teleported quantum information inside a diamond. The breakthrough could provide a boost to quantum computing technologies. "Quantum teleportation permits the transfer of quantum information into an otherwise inaccessible space," Hideo Kosaka, a professor of engineering at Yokohama National University in Japan, said in a news release. "It also permits the transfer of information into a quantum memory without revealing or destroying the stored quantum information." ... read more

Raytheon receives $36.7M Navy contract for RAM missiles, GMLS launchers
Washington (UPI) Jul 1, 2019
A $36.7 million contract for Rolling Airframe Missiles and Guided Missile Launching Systems has been awarded to Raytheon Missile Systems, the Defense Department announced. ... more
More than a million ordered to shelters in rain-hit Japan
Tokyo (AFP) July 3, 2019
Japanese authorities have issued evacuation orders for more than one million people in southern parts of the country hit by heavy rains, a year after deadly floods that killed more than 200 people. ... more
Japan whale restaurants cheer hunt resumption
Tokyo (AFP) July 3, 2019
"Two sashimis, three steaks," cries the waitress at one of Tokyo's most famous whale restaurants during a frantic lunchtime service where Japan's resumption of commercial whaling has cooked up new hope. ... more
Xi urged Trump to ease North Korea sanctions in 'timely' fashion
Beijing (AFP) July 2, 2019
Chinese President Xi Jinping urged US President Donald Trump to "show flexibility" towards North Korea, including the "timely" easing of sanctions, at the G20 summit last week, China's foreign minister said Tuesday. ... more
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Whales targeted by Japan face extinction threat
Paris (AFP) July 1, 2019
One of three species Japan has targeted in resuming commercial whaling Monday is threatened with extinction, and sub-populations of the other two are severely depleted as well, according to experts. ... more
Whaling ships set sail as Japan resumes commercial hunts
Kushiro, Japan (AFP) July 1, 2019
Japan began its first commercial whale hunts in more than three decades on Monday, brushing aside outrage over its resumption of a practice that conservationists say is cruel and outdated. ... more
G20 summit lays bare growing climate change division
Osaka, Japan (AFP) June 29, 2019
Four years after the landmark Paris deal, international consensus on strong action to tackle climate change risks crumbling, with the issue among the biggest sticking points at this week's G20 summit. ... more
After decades, Japan courts controversy resuming commercial whaling
Tokyo (AFP) June 30, 2019
Japanese fishermen set sail on Monday to hunt whales commercially for the first time in more than three decades after Tokyo's controversial withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) triggered outrage from environmental groups. ... more
Uighur leader urges G20 pressure to end China 'genocide'
Osaka, Japan (AFP) June 28, 2019
An exiled advocate for China's ethnic Uighur minority Friday urged world leaders gathered in Japan for the G20 summit to confront Chinese President Xi Jinping over the "genocide" of her Muslim people. ... more
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How to Harmonise Wildlife and Energy Manufacturing
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Oct 09, 2019
The Austrian Federal Railways (OBB) were dealing with a threatened owl species which were suffering from electric shocks on their network. They turned to TE Connectivity (TE) for support in both pre ... more
US President Trump to visit Seoul after letters with Kim
Seoul (AFP) June 24, 2019
US President Donald Trump will visit South Korea at the weekend after the G20 summit to discuss deadlocked nuclear talks with the North with President Moon Jae-in, Seoul's presidential office said Monday. ... more
Trump to meet Xi, Putin at G20 in Japan
Washington (AFP) June 25, 2019
President Donald Trump will meet an array of world leaders on the sidelines of this week's G20 summit in Japan, including China's Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin, a US official said Monday. ... more
Japan to test infrared sensors for early warning satellites
Washington DC (UPI) Jun 21, 2019
Japan is considering the deployment of early warning satellites designed to detect ballistic missile launches, according to a Japanese press report. Sankei Shimbun reported Wednesday the Japan ... more
North Korea reminds China of colonial history to strengthen ties
Seoul (AFP) June 22, 2019
Pyongyang's relationship with Beijing is "invincible" because the countries both endured Japanese rule, North Korea said Saturday, the day after the Chinese President's highly symbolic visit ended. ... more
Japan scrambles jets to counter Russian bombers in its airspace
Washington (UPI) Jun 21, 2019
Russian bombers violated Japanese airspace, prompting a scramble of fighter planes to escort them away, Japan's defense ministry said. ... more

High-stakes G20 opens with trade tensions looming

China eyes front against protectionism at G20
Beijing (AFP) June 24, 2019
China said Monday it would seek backing for free trade and multilateralism at the G20 summit this week as it denounced protectionism while it fights a tariffs war with the United States. ... more
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Researchers find quantum gravity has no symmetry
Kashiwa, Japan (SPX) Jun 21, 2019
A new study by a pair of researchers in the US and Japan has found that, when gravity is combined with quantum mechanics, symmetry is not possible. "Many physicists believe that there must a b ... more
A Rover for Phobos and Deimos
Le Bourget, France (SPX) Jun 21, 2019
Mars has two small moons, Phobos and Deimos. These are the target of the Japanese Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) mission, which also involves international partners. Scheduled for launch in 2024. i ... more
Study links lightning with gamma rays inside clouds
Washington (UPI) Jun 25, 2019
Weak gamma-ray glows appear to precede lightning strikes and accompanying gamma-ray flashes under certain conditions. ... more
Deep-sea fish in shallow waters of Japan not an earthquake predictor
Washington DC (UPI) Jun 20, 2019
The appearance of deep-sea fish in shallow waters along the coast of Japan doesn't predict the arrival of an earthquake, according to a new study. ... more
Get your fax right: Bungling officials spark Japan nuclear scare
Tokyo (AFP) June 19, 2019
Bungling Japanese officials sparked a nuclear scare after a violent, late-night earthquake by ticking the wrong box on a fax form - inadvertently alerting authorities to a potential accident. ... more
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Collapsed wall kills 22 in Mumbai monsoon chaos
Mumbai (AFP) July 2, 2019
A wall collapsed and killed at least 22 people in Mumbai on Tuesday as the heaviest monsoon rains in a decade brought chaos to India's financial capital and surrounding areas. Scores more were injured when the structure came down at nighttime in a slum, said Tanaji Kamble, a disaster management spokesman for Mumbai's local authority. By late Tuesday one more person had succumbed to injur ... more
+ Elites' preference for maize led to the collapse of the Maya civilization
+ Conditions in Syria's al-Hol camp 'apocalyptic': Red Cross
+ UN envoy on migrants criticises 'blindness' of EU on Libya
+ Fallout particle offers insight into Fukushima nuclear accident
+ House panel approves bill to pay Coast Guard members during government shutdowns
+ A dose of inner strength to survive and recover from potentially lethal health threats
+ Seven people, including Chinese, charged over Cambodia building collapse
First taste of space for Spacebus Neo satellite
Paris (ESA) Jun 28, 2019
The thermal vacuum test campaign of the first Spacebus Neo satellite was completed on 25 June. Less than 100 metres from the Mediterranean Sea, the Konnect satellite has spent the past six weeks being exposed to the cold emptiness of space. These enormous test chambers, which can be cooled to minus 180 Celsius, are designed to accommodate an entire spacecraft and effectively replicate the ... more
+ ThinKom completes technology validation on Telesat low-earth orbit satellite
+ ATLAS expands on-orbit customer base, bolsters global ground network
+ Would your mobile phone be powerful enough to get you to the moon?
+ Space Weather causes years of radiation damage to satellites using electric propulsion
+ ESA studying radiation impacts of hardware and humans
+ China unveils cloud-tech platform to serve commercial space industry
+ Mimicking the ultrastructure of wood with 3D-printing

Managing Freshwater Across the United States
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jul 05, 2019
The varied landscapes of the United States have unique relationships with water. On the East Coast, rain is a regular occurrence. In the West, drought is a constant threat. Rivers and lakes fed by rainfall, snowmelt or a mix of both provide two-thirds of the country's drinking water while also supporting agriculture. Managing these water resources requires balancing growing demand for wate ... more
+ The far-future ocean: Warm yet oxygen-rich
+ Hundreds of sharks snarled by plastic in the world's oceans, scientists warn
+ New research shows how melting ice is affecting supplies of nutrients to the sea
+ More Manila water shortages ahead as reservoir feeding city dries
+ Monsoon rains soak India's financial capital
+ Zambia, Zimbabwe set date for building hydro dam
+ A month under the Med: French divers launch daring deep-sea expedition
Monitoring the lifecycle of tiny catalyst nanoparticles
Bochum, Germany (SPX) May 07, 2019
Nanoparticles can be used in many ways as catalysts. To be able to tailor them in such a way that they can catalyse certain reactions selectively and efficiently, researchers need to determine the properties of single particles as precisely as possible. So far, an ensemble of many nanoparticles is analysed. However, the problem of these investigations is that the contributions of different parti ... more
+ Fast and selective optical heating for functional nanomagnetic metamaterials
+ 2D gold quantum dots are atomically tunable with nanotubes
+ Harnessing microorganisms for smart microsystems
+ AD alloyed nanoantennas for temperature-feedback identification of viruses and explosives
+ Quantum optical cooling of nanoparticles
+ Researchers report new light-activated micro pump
+ Defects help nanomaterial soak up more pollutant in less time
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Sweden deploys new air defence missile system on Baltic island
Stockholm (AFP) July 1, 2019
Sweden's armed forces said Monday it had deployed a new air defence missile system on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, following years of increased militarisation in the region. "Through its geographical location the island provides essential military advantages in regards to protection and control of shipping, air control over the Baltic Sea and the ability to place military units a ... more
+ Erdogan confident Turkey will avoid US sanctions over S-400s
+ Iran air defence missiles must be taken seriously: experts
+ Japan to test infrared sensors for early warning satellites
+ Turkey unafraid of US sanctions over S-400 deal: minister
+ Lockheed Martin awarded $76.7M for AEGIS development, test sites
+ Erdogan to use ties with Trump to defuse S-400 tensions
+ U.S. considers sanctions on Turkey over plans to buy Russian air defense system
China plans to deploy almost 200 AU-controlled satellites into orbit
Beijing (Sputnik) Jul 02, 2019
The satellites, which will reportedly include Yaogan-class remote sensing vehicles and named after the Leo constellation, are expected to be equipped with a self-piloting system. Beijing plans to deploy 192 artificial intelligence satellites into orbit to observe the Earth's surface by 2021, China Central Television (CCTV) reports. "It is safe to say that the satellites still remain ... more
+ Luokung and Land Space to develop control system for space and ground assets
+ Yaogan-33 launch fails in north China, Possible debris recovered in Laos
+ China develops new-generation rockets for upcoming missions
+ China's satellite navigation industry sees rapid development
+ China's Yuanwang-7 departs for space monitoring missions
+ China's tracking ship Yuanwang-2 starts new mission after retirement
+ China to build moon station in 'about 10 years'

Safe, low-cost, modular, self-programming robots
Munich, Germany (SPX) Jul 01, 2019
Many work processes would be almost unthinkable today without robots. But robots operating in manufacturing facilities have often posed risks to workers because they are not responsive enough to their surroundings. To make it easier for people and robots to work in close proximity in the future, Prof. Matthias Althoff of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed a new system: IMPROV ... more
+ Artificial intelligence controls robotic arm to pack boxes and cut costs
+ NASA's first Astrobee robot "Bumble" starts flying in space
+ 'Robot blood' powers robotic fish in Cornell laboratory
+ I, Chatbot: Getting your news from a talkative automaton
+ Investing in Tech Concepts Aimed at Exploring Lunar Craters, Mining Asteroids
+ Army project develops agile scouting robots
+ Better together: human and robot co-workers
'Hong Kong is not China': Protests pose major test for Xi
Beijing (AFP) July 2, 2019
Chinese President Xi Jinping faces a major test in Hong Kong after protesters stormed the semi-autonomous city's legislature and graffitied a defiant message on its walls: "Hong Kong is not China". Beijing has trod carefully since massive protests erupted last month over a bill that would allow extraditions to the mainland, voicing support for the Hong Kong government without directly interv ... more
+ China slams Trump's 'gross interference' in Hong Kong
+ First charges against Hong Kong anti-government protester
+ Trump discussed detained Canadians with Xi: Trudeau
+ China spotlights military drill amid Hong Kong protests
+ Carrie Lam: Hong Kong's divisive leader; China demands criminal probe
+ 'One country, two systems': Hong Kong's special status
+ Beijing wants criminal probe after Hong Kong 'illegal actions'

SSTL expertise enables new space mission for the FORMOSAT-7 weather constellation
Guildford UK (SPX) Jul 01, 2019
The successful launch on 24 June 2019 (EST) of 6 satellites for the FORMOSAT-7 joint US-Taiwanese weather forecasting constellation marks the start of another SSTL-enabled space mission, a cause for celebration at SSTL's UK HQ. The launch on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from the Kennedy Space Centre was attended by SSTL staff including Managing Director, Sarah Parker who said "We are ver ... more
+ Satellite image shows temperatures soaring across Europe
+ China's ocean observation satellites put into operation
+ Benin leaps into 21st century with new national map
+ NASA helps warn of harmful algal blooms in lakes, reservoirs
+ TanDEM-X reveals glaciers in detail
+ Airbus built SEOSAT Ingenio is finished and ready for testing
+ Satellite observations improve earthquake monitoring, response

China says pork production recovering as swine fever cases decline
Beijing (AFP) July 4, 2019
New cases of African swine fever have declined and pork production is returning to normal, Chinese officials said Thursday, after millions of pigs were culled because of the deadly disease. The virus - fatal to wild boar and pigs but harmless to humans - has cut a swathe through Mongolia, Vietnam, North Korea and China. The world's top pork producer and consumer has seen prices and imp ... more
+ Haute couture turns back on fur, both real and fake
+ Lithuania declares emergency as drought hits farmers
+ Lesotho farmers protest against Chinese wool deal
+ Bordeaux winemakers cheer heatwave: 'It's magic!'
+ Canada, China diplomatic row provokes farm troubles
+ Qu Dongyu becomes first Chinese to head UN food agency FAO
+ Tough sell: Baijiu, China's potent tipple, looks abroad
Planet Seeding and Panspermia
Haifa, Israel (SPX) Jun 27, 2019
The first detection of an interstellar asteroid/comet-like object visiting the solar system two years ago has sparked the ideas about the possibility of interstellar travel. New research from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology suggests that such objects also raise far reaching implications about the origins of planets across the galaxy, and possibly even the initial formation of the sol ... more
+ ALMA Pinpoints Formation Site of Planet Around Nearest Young Star
+ NASA's TESS Mission Finds Its Smallest Planet Yet
+ Cyanide Compounds Discovered in Meteorites May Hold Clues to the Origin of Life
+ Using a 'Cave Rover,' NASA Learns to Search for Life Underground
+ Space station mold survives high doses of ionizing radiation
+ View of the Earth in front of the Sun
+ Most Comprehensive Search for Radio Technosignatures

Genomic analysis reveals details of first historically recorded plague pandemic
Washington (UPI) Jun 5, 2019
Scientists have gained new insights into the first historically recorded plague pandemic. To better understand the early evolution of plague-causing bacterium Yersinia pestis, scientists isolated the deadly microbe from ancient human remains recovered at 21 archaeological sites in Britain, Germany, France and Spain. Researchers were able to reconstruct the genomes of eight differ ... more
+ Hong Kong to cull 4,700 pigs after second swine fever case found
+ Rocky mountain spotted fever risks examined
+ A Scent-Based Strategy for Preventing Mosquito Transmission of Disease
+ Pakistan police arrest doctor after 90 infected by HIV syringe
+ Mother detained after Chinese vaccine protest
+ Child vaccination levels falling short in large parts of Africa
+ Space-enabled mobile laboratory ready for medical emergencies
Elephants: the jumbo surprise outside Nigeria's megacity
Omo Forest, Nigeria (AFP) July 5, 2019
The jungle was so thick that Emmanuel Olabode only found the elephants he was tracking when the great matriarch's sniffing trunk reached out close enough to almost touch. "She flapped her ears, blocking us to guard her family, then left in peace," recalls Olabode. "It was extraordinary." The elusive elephants are just 100 kilometres (60 miles) from downtown Lagos, Nigeria's economic capi ... more
+ Ethiopia on edge in ethnic heartland of accused coup leader
+ Environmental destruction linked to African population raises questions about family sizes
+ DRC targets militia in 'large-scale' army operation
+ In Senegal, old clothes get a new life for profit
+ Jihadist-hit Burkina adopts tough law on covering military ops
+ Cameroon to prosecute 7 soldiers over 'atrocity' video
+ Suspected mastermind of Ethiopia attacks shot dead
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What a Space Vacation Deal
Bethesda, MD (SPX) Jul 02, 2019
Three weeks ago, NASA announced a new program to entice more commercial activities on the US side of the International Space Station (ISS). Starting in 2020, the station will be open to vacationers and others at a per-night-rate of $35,000. While this is the first time the American side of the ISS has been promoted as a high-flying hotel, there have been five tourists who have visited the ... more
+ LightSail 2 phones home to mission control
+ Left in the Dust: Poll Reveals Americans Don't Believe US Leads in Space Exploration
+ Aerojet Rocketdyne Delivers Orion Auxiliary Engines for Artemis 2
+ Soyuz capsule safely returns three space station crew members to Earth
+ Planetary Society's LightSail 2 Launched by Falcon Heavy
+ First-Ever Space Oven and Microgravity Baking Experiment
+ Hacker used $35 computer to steal restricted NASA data
NanoRacks to join consortium supporting DoE's national nuclear security administration goals
Atlanta, GA (SPX) Jul 02, 2019
A consortium of universities and laboratories has been selected by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to develop new technologies to support the Department of Energy's nuclear science goals. The team, led by Dr. Anna Erickson and the Georgia Institute of Technology, consists of 12 universities, 10 national laboratories, and at least one industry advisor. NanoRacks, LLC will prov ... more
+ NATO says no sign of Russia backing down in missile crisis
+ EU, France, Germany and UK urge Iran to reverse uranium decision
+ Iran trying to 'blackmail' world by violating nuclear deal: Netanyahu
+ Iran to bypass uranium enrichment maximum despite calls for rethink
+ Australian student detained in North Korea 'released, safe'
+ Trump returns to critics after historic N.Korea stop
+ Trump says Iran 'playing with fire' after nuclear deal limit breached
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