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24/7 News Coverage About Japan
September 06, 2019
Amphibious assault ship USS Wasp departs U.S. 7th Fleet in Japan

Washington (UPI) Sep 5, 2019
The USS Wasp has departed from the U.S. 7th Fleet after less than two years deployed in Japan in a home port shift with the USS America set to replace it later this year. The Navy announced Thursday that the USS America will replace the Wasp as part of the 7th Fleet forward-deployed amphibious naval forces in Sasebo, Japan, later this year. The America will be accompanied by a landing platform dock ship USS New Orleans. The amphibious assault ship Wasp departed U.S. 7th Fleet area of ope ... read more

New duck-billed dinosaur discovered in Japan
Washington (UPI) Sep 5, 2019
Paleontologists have unearthed the near complete skeleton of a new species of duck-billed dinosaur in northern Japan. ... more
Russia's Novatek announces launch of huge Arctic gas project
Vladivostok, Russia (AFP) Sept 5, 2019
Russia's Novatek on Thursday announced the launch of a major liquefied natural gas project in the Arctic with Chinese, French and Japanese partners. ... more
With eye on China, Japan urges 'affordable' Africa investment
Yokohama, Japan (AFP) Aug 30, 2019
Japanese and African leaders Friday stressed the importance of "affordable" investment in the continent, in an apparent swipe at China whose Belt and Road policy has been accused of saddling poor countries with debt. ... more
Japan 'to set up police unit' for disputed islands
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 2, 2019
Japan will launch a special police unit equipped with submachine guns and helicopters to patrol disputed isles in the East China Sea - a source of tension between Tokyo and Beijing, according to police and media. ... more
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Japan PM warns Africa about debt as China grows presence
Yokohama, Japan (AFP) Aug 29, 2019
Japan's prime minister on Thursday warned African leaders against accumulating too much debt, in an apparent reference to Chinese infrastructure projects some blame for damaging the finances of developing nations. ... more
Lockheed to build F-35 maintenance, repair facility for Japanese fleet
Washington (UPI) Aug 28, 2019
Lockheed Martin Co. will build a maintenance repair and upgrade facility in Japan for its F-35 fighter plane fleet under a $25.2 million contract announced by the U.S. Defense Department. ... more
Two dead as Japan orders 870,000 to flee heavy rains
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 28, 2019
Two people were confirmed dead on Wednesday as heavy rains pounded southwest Japan, prompting flood and landslide warnings and orders for 870,000 people to seek safety. ... more
Iran turns to Asian allies to seek relief from US sanctions
Beijing (AFP) Aug 26, 2019
Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif kicked off his Asian tour in Beijing Monday, presenting a 25-year plan to cement Iran's ties with its biggest Asian trading partner amid biting US sanctions. ... more
Tokyo: North Korea aims to 'break through' Japan's missile defense zone
Washington DC (UPI) Aug 28, 2019
Japan released more information on the North Korean missile that was launched on Saturday, when Pyongyang tested what it has described as a "super large multiple rocket launcher." Japanese Def ... more
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US urges S.Korea, Japan to unite as rift escalates
Washington (AFP) Aug 28, 2019
The United States on Wednesday called on Japan and South Korea to put aside differences and focus on challenges posed by China and North Korea as a rift showed no signs of easing. ... more
State Department approves $3.3B missile sale to Japan
Washington (UPI) Aug 28, 2019
A proposed $3.3 billion missile sale to Japan was approved by the U.S. State Department, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said. ... more
Australia set to welcome JAXA's Hayabusa2
Adelaide, Australia (SPX) Aug 27, 2019
To learn more about the solar system's origin and evolution, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is investigating typical types of asteroids. Analysing samples from asteroids enables us to ... more
US approves $3.3bn sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan
Washington (AFP) Aug 27, 2019
Washington approved the $3.3 billion sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan Tuesday, following close behind a series of new ballistic missile tests by North Korea that could threaten the US ally. ... more
South Korea slams Japan as 'white list' removal takes effect
Seoul (AFP) Aug 28, 2019
South Korea on Wednesday slammed Japan for effectively downgrading Seoul's trade status and accused Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of treating the neighbour as an "adversary". ... more

S.Korea scrapping Japan pact helps China: US official

Japan to host Africa aid forum as China looms large
Tokyo (AFP) Aug 27, 2019
Japan hosts development talks with African leaders this week, looking to boost its presence on the continent and offer an alternative to investments by an increasingly assertive China. ... more
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Trump sparks confusion before doubling down on China tariffs
Biarritz, France (AFP) Aug 25, 2019
President Donald Trump doubled down Sunday on his hard line against China after sowing confusion with statements that he might be willing to soften a trade war G7 partners fear threatens the world economy. ... more
South Korea to scrap military intel-sharing pact with Japan
Seoul (AFP) Aug 22, 2019
South Korea said Thursday it will terminate its military intelligence-sharing pact with Japan, sparking protest from both Tokyo and Washington amid an intensifying trade and diplomatic dispute between the Asian neighbours. ... more
S. Korea says will share military intel with Japan through US
Seoul (AFP) Aug 23, 2019
South Korea said Friday it will share military intelligence with Japan through the United States after terminating a pact that enabled the two key Washington allies to exchange such information directly. ... more
China hosts Japan and South Korea in show of regional unity
Beijing (AFP) Aug 21, 2019
Foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea made commitments Wednesday to diffuse regional tensions and make progress towards the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, although there was no sign of improving ties between Tokyo and Seoul. ... more
New images from asteroid probe yield clues on planet formation
Washington (AFP) Aug 22, 2019
Photographs snapped by a shoebox-sized probe that explored the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu offer new clues about its composition, insights that are expected to help scientists understand the formation of our solar system. ... more
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U.S. military installations, bases brace for Hurricane Dorian
Washington (UPI) Sep 4, 2019
Military installations along the U.S. Southeast coast completed preparations and evacuations ahead of Hurricane Dorian on Wednesday. The hurricane was rated at Category 5 when it struck the Bahamas and then diminished, bringing heavy rain and wind, as it slowly moved westward toward Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Navy ships based at Naval Station Norfolk and ... more
+ Selfies from the disaster zone: how TV show changed Chernobyl tourism
+ 'This is the fun part': the US businesses defying Dorian's wrath
+ Cautious Charleston residents stay on in hurricane shelter -- with pets
+ Pentagon frees $3.6 bn for wall construction on Mexican border
+ Hectic rescue underway as Bahamas death toll rises to 20
+ Disappointment for Beira cyclone victims hoping for Pope Francis visit
+ Desperate calls for help from Bahamas; As Floridians flee or bunker down
Seeking moments of disorder
Santa Barbara CA (SPX) Sep 05, 2019
The future of technology relies, to a great extent, on new materials, but the work of developing those materials begins years before any specific application for them is known. Stephen Wilson, a professor of materials in UC Santa Barbara's College of Engineering, works in that "long before" realm, seeking to create new materials that exhibit desirable new states. In the paper "Field-tunabl ... more
+ China's Tianhe-2 Supercomputer to Crunch Space Data From New Radio Telescope
+ Defrosting surfaces in seconds
+ ESA spacecraft dodges large constellation
+ FEFU scientists developed brand-new rapid strength eco-concrete
+ In NASA Glenn's Virtual Reality Lab, Creative-Minded Employees Thrive
+ Smarter experiments for faster materials discovery
+ Russia says radioactive isotopes released by missile test blast

Illinois engineer continues to make waves in water desalination
Chicago IL (SPX) Sep 02, 2019
For the past several years, University of Illinois researcher Kyle Smith has proven his growing expertise in the field of water desalination, with a range of research results that could address the immediate need to combat diminishing clean water sources around the world. Now, with a new publication and new research project funded by the National Science Foundation, he continues to build o ... more
+ A battery-free sensor for underwater exploration
+ MIT's fleet of autonomous boats can now shapeshift
+ Solomons say no decision yet in Taiwan-China debate
+ Magnet fishing: The explosive hobby cleaning up French rivers
+ Cape Cod's gray seals attract sharks, causing summer beach closures
+ Tropical sea snake breathes through top of head when diving
+ Scientists discover evidence for past high-level sea rise
Physicists create world's smallest engine
Dublin, Ireland (SPX) Aug 23, 2019
Theoretical physicists at Trinity College Dublin are among an international collaboration that has built the world's smallest engine - which, as a single calcium ion, is approximately ten billion times smaller than a car engine. Work performed by Professor John Goold's QuSys group in Trinity's School of Physics describes the science behind this tiny motor. The research, published in intern ... more
+ DNA origami joins forces with molecular motors to build nanoscale machines
+ DARPA Announces Microsystems Exploration Program
+ Monitoring the lifecycle of tiny catalyst nanoparticles
+ Fast and selective optical heating for functional nanomagnetic metamaterials
+ 2D gold quantum dots are atomically tunable with nanotubes
+ Harnessing microorganisms for smart microsystems
+ AD alloyed nanoantennas for temperature-feedback identification of viruses and explosives
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MDA test of remote-fired THAAD missile interceptor a success
Washington (UPI) Aug 30, 2019
The first test of a remotely-launched Terminal High Altitude Area Defense interceptor missile was called a success on Friday by the Missile Defense Agency. "Preliminary indications are that planned flight test objectives were achieved and the target was successfully intercepted by the THAAD weapon system," MDA said in a statement. "The test, designated Flight Test THAAD (FTT)-23, ... more
+ Lockheed nabs $50.3M Navy contract for Aegis system upgrades
+ Raytheon nabs $10.8M contract to support Kuwait's Patriot missiles
+ Russia receives India's advance payment for S-400 air defence systems
+ State Department approves $3.3B missile sale to Japan
+ Tokyo: North Korea aims to 'break through' Japan's missile defense zone
+ US approves $3.3bn sale of anti-ballistic missiles to Japan
+ Saudi intercepts six Yemen rebel missiles: coalition
China's KZ-1A rocket launches two satellites
Jiuquan, China (XNA) Sep 02, 2019
Two satellites for technological experiments were sent into space by a Kuaizhou-1A, or KZ-1A, carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Saturday. The rocket blasted off at 7:41 a.m. and sent the two satellites into their planned orbit. Kuaizhou-1A, meaning speedy vessel, is a low-cost solid-fuel carrier rocket with high reliability and a short prep ... more
+ China's newly launched communication satellite suffers abnormality
+ China launches first private rocket capable of carrying satellites
+ Chinese scientists say goodbye to Tiangong-2
+ China's space lab Tiangong 2 destroyed in controlled fall to earth
+ From Moon to Mars, Chinese space engineers rise to new challenges
+ China plans to deploy almost 200 AU-controlled satellites into orbit
+ Luokung and Land Space to develop control system for space and ground assets

'Sense of urgency', as top tech players seek AI ethical rules
Geneva (AFP) Sept 2, 2019
Top players in global tech companies kicked off work Monday to draw up global ethical standards related to data and artificial intelligence, with Microsoft's president voicing a "sense of urgency". Some two dozen high-ranking representatives of the global and Swiss economies, as well as scientists and academics, met in Geneva for the first Swiss Global Digital Summit aimed at seeking agreeme ... more
+ CIMON back on Earth after 14 months on the ISS
+ Psychosensory electronic skin technology for future AI and humanoid development
+ NASA Robots Compete Underground in DARPA Challenge
+ Russian humanoid robot boards space station after delay
+ Russia sends 'Fedor' its first humanoid robot into space
+ Amazon, Microsoft, 'putting world at risk of killer AI': study
+ Employees less upset at being replaced by robots than by other people
Hong Kong leader says will withdraw extradition bill: lawmaker
Hong Kong (AFP) Sept 4, 2019
Hong Kong's leader told lawmakers Wednesday she will permanently shelve an extradition bill that triggered three months of pro-democracy protests, a politician who was in the briefing told AFP. Carrie Lam, the city's chief executive, told a group of pro-Beijing lawmakers on Wednesday afternoon that she would withdraw the legislation, Felix Chung said. "It is confirmed that the bill will ... more
+ Canada taps ambassador, looking to restart China talks
+ Trudeau says China uses detentions as political tool, China scolds back over 'mistakes'
+ Hong Kong leader shelves loathed extradition law
+ Hong Kong leader calls for dialogue after protesters reject concession
+ Coffee and quacks served up at Chengdu duck cafe
+ Security squeeze in China's capital ahead of communist celebration
+ Beijing's Hong Kong dilemma: 'Play long' or send troops?

Philippine Airborne Campaign Targets Weather, Climate Science
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Aug 27, 2019
NASA's P-3B science aircraft soared into the skies over the Philippines on Aug. 25 to begin a nearly two-month-long investigation on the impact that smoke from fires and pollution have on clouds, a key factor in improving weather and climate forecasts. The Cloud, Aerosol, and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment (CAMP2Ex) is the most comprehensive field campaign to date in Maritime Sou ... more
+ Raytheon-built space sensor will fly aboard NASA satellite to measure coastal and ocean ecosystems
+ NASA's ECOSTRESS Detects Amazon Fires from Space
+ New Landsat Infrared Instrument Ships from NASA
+ Capella Space partners with SpaceNet to expand access to SAR data
+ GRACE-FO shows the weight of Midwestern floods
+ Monitoring the Matterhorn with millions of data points
+ Making microbes that transform greenhouse gases

Three new viruses found infecting wild, farmed salmon in British Columbia
Washington (UPI) Sep 5, 2019
Scientists have discovered three new viruses among endangered Chinook and sockeye salmon populations. One of the viruses belongs to a group not known to infect fish. How the viruses affect the health of salmon isn't yet clear, but in other species, the viruses can cause serious harm. "Although there's no risk to humans, one of the viruses is evolutionarily related to respiratory ... more
+ Near East livestock ate grain from China nearly 5,000 years ago
+ Germany to ban glyphosate to protect insects, biodiversity
+ Crowdsourced archaeology shows how humans have influenced Earth for thousands of years
+ In Iraq's Baiji, mines turn farms into killing fields
+ Clash of cultures as Amazon cowboys close in on indigenous lands
+ Farmers and animals struggle in drought-hit Botswana
+ French mayor in court after banning pesticide use near homes
Planetary collisions can drop the internal pressures in planets
Pasadena CA (SPX) Sep 05, 2019
A new study from Caltech shows that giant impacts can dramatically lower the internal pressure of planets, a finding that could significantly change the current model of planetary formation. The impacts, such as the one that is thought to have caused the formation of the earth's moon roughly 4.5 billion years ago, could cause random fluctuations in core and mantle pressures that would expl ... more
+ Potassium Detected in an Exoplanet Atmosphere
+ Deep-sea sediments reveal solar system chaos: An advance in dating geologic archives
+ Exoplanets Can't Hide Their Secrets from Innovative New Instrument
+ Hints of a volcanically active exomoon
+ Canadian astronomers determine Earth's fingerprint
+ The dark side of extrasolar planets share surprisingly similar temperatures
+ Study shows some exoplanets may have greater variety of life than exists on Earth

In eastern DR Congo, influx of Ebola money is source of friction
Butembo, Dr Congo (AFP) July 18, 2019
The UN is about to pound the drum for millions of dollars to stiffen the fight against Ebola in DR Congo, but at the heart of the epidemic, a money influx may worsen grassroots problems. On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the nearly year-old outbreak was a "public health emergency of international concern" - a rarely-invoked step to beef up global response. ... more
+ Avian malaria may explain decline of London's house sparrow
+ Buzz off: breakthrough technique eradicates mosquitoes
+ Genomic analysis reveals details of first historically recorded plague pandemic
+ Hong Kong to cull 4,700 pigs after second swine fever case found
+ Rocky mountain spotted fever risks examined
+ A Scent-Based Strategy for Preventing Mosquito Transmission of Disease
+ Pakistan police arrest doctor after 90 infected by HIV syringe
Canada departs U.N. peacekeeping mission in Mali
Washington (UPI) Sep 4, 2019
Canada announced the conclusion of its peacekeeping mission in Mali as over 200 soldiers prepared to return home. About 1,250 Canadian Armed Forces members were deployed during the year-long mission, known as Operation Presence-Mali. Their involvement in the ongoing United Nations-led mission included medical evacuation and logistic and transport capabilities. "The professionalis ... more
+ With eye on China, Japan urges 'affordable' Africa investment
+ Japan PM warns Africa about debt as China grows presence
+ Chad jails 243 rebels over February incursion from Libya
+ Nigeria arrests kidnapper at centre of police, army shooting row
+ Japan to host Africa aid forum as China looms large
+ S.Africa rare earths mine hopes for boost from US-China feud
+ Hunters turn gamekeepers to help C. Africa's threatened wildlife
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Company Claims Orbital Hotel to Host 400 Space Tourists Will Be Operational By 2025
Los Angeles CA (Sputnik) Sep 02, 2019
The creators of the space hotel will offer luxury cruise-liner levels of comfort, artificial gravity, earthly cuisine and hot showers. And they say they can have it up and running a mere six years from today. A company named Gateway Foundation unveiled its design for a "space hotel" they say will be operational by 2025. Named "The Von Braun Space Station," the hotel is a ring-shaped struct ... more
+ Malaysia Interested in Having Access to Russian Space Tech, Prime Minister Says
+ Europe Unlikely to Abandon Soyuz Once US Revives Space Shuttles - German Space Center
+ UAE Wants to Train More Astronauts for Arab World - Emirati Official
+ Space Station science return and spacecraft shuffle
+ Circus reinvented in Montreal, this time with high-tech vibe
+ China's satellite tests pulsar navigation for future deep space exploration
+ No-fly boys: new Russian space suit clashes with pee ritual
New Iran cut in nuclear commitments 'today or tomorrow': Rouhani
Tehran (AFP) Sept 4, 2019
President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will announce a new step in scaling back its nuclear commitments by Thursday despite a diplomatic push for relief from US sanctions. "I don't think that... we will reach a deal, so we'll take the third step and we will announce the details today or tomorrow," Rouhani was quoted as saying on Wednesday by the presidency website. Iran and three European co ... more
+ Iran rules out direct US talks
+ Turkey's Erdogan defies pressure not to have nuclear warheads
+ Iran to unveil details on cuts to nuclear commitments
+ China backs N. Korea amid deadlocked nuclear talks
+ Iran warns of new cut in nuclear commitments, US imposes more sanctions
+ Iran to bypass uranium enrichment maximum despite calls for rethink
+ Iran says views converging with France on breaking impasse
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