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October 04, 2019
Japan's Kounotori Spaceship Attached to Station

Houston TX (SPX) Sep 30, 2019
Ground controllers successfully installed the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Kounotori 8 H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-8) to the Earth-facing port of the International Space Station's Harmony module at 10:09 a.m. EDT. Named Kounotori, meaning "white stork" in Japanese, the craft delivered six new lithium-ion batteries and corresponding adapter plates that will replace aging nickel-hydrogen batteries for two power channels on the station's far port truss segment. The batteries will be insta ... read more

Tokyo looks at develop military space capabilities
Tokyo (Sputnik) Oct 02, 2019
Previously, the US expressed concern that certain countries, namely China and Russia, may have developed and deployed anti-satellite weapons. Notably, India recently officially tested one such weapo ... more
Captive chimpanzees have a life expectancy of about 40 years
Washington (UPI) Oct 3, 2019
When raised in captivity, Chimpanzees live an average of 40 years, according to a new study by researchers in Japan. ... more
Lawyers appeal acquittal of energy bosses over Fukushima disaster
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 30, 2019
Japanese lawyers Monday appealed a ruling clearing three energy firm bosses of professional negligence in the only criminal trial stemming from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown, a court official said. ... more
Japan lists Fukushima radiation levels on S. Korea embassy site
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 30, 2019
Japan's embassy in South Korea has begun posting the daily radiation levels of Fukushima and Seoul after new questions about the lingering effects of the 2011 nuclear disaster. ... more
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Japanese, Russian rockets prepare to launch cargo and crew this week
Houston TX (SPX) Sep 24, 2019
Japan is getting ready to launch its H-II Transport Vehicle-8 (HTV-8) cargo craft on Tuesday at 12:05 p.m. EDT to replenish the International Space Station crew. Russia has already rolled out its So ... more
Trump vows pressure on Iran as mediation hopes dim at UN
United Nations (AFP) Sept 24, 2019
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened to intensify sanctions on Iran, as hopes dimmed among world leaders gathered at the United Nations for a breakthrough in reducing tensions. ... more
The future of 'extremely' energy-efficient circuits
Yokohama, Japan (SPX) Sep 24, 2019
Data centers are processing data and dispensing the results at astonishing rates and such robust systems require a significant amount of energy - so much energy, in fact, that information communicat ... more
Unmanned Japan craft launched toward space station: operator
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 24, 2019
Japan on Wednesday launched an unmanned spacecraft towards the International Space Station, the operator said, after a fire early this month delayed the mission. ... more
NASA Administrator explores potential Artemis collaborations with Japan
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Sep 25, 2019
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine met with Hiroshi Yamakawa, president of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), on Sept. 24 in Tokyo to discuss future bilateral cooperation and JAXA's pote ... more
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Japan refers US military pilot to prosecutors over Osprey crash
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 24, 2019
Japanese authorities on Tuesday referred the case of a US military pilot to prosecutors over the 2016 crash of an Osprey aircraft that fuelled sentiment against a US base on Okinawa island. ... more
Poor man's qubit can solve quantum problems without going quantum
West Lafayette IN (SPX) Sep 23, 2019
It may still be decades before quantum computers are ready to solve problems that today's classical computers aren't fast or efficient enough to solve, but the emerging "probabilistic computer" coul ... more
Flights cancelled as Tapah approaches Japan; Lorena downgraded
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 22, 2019
Typhoon Tapah approached southwestern Japan Sunday, with heavy rain and strong winds grounding hundreds of regional flights. ... more
Japan court acquits energy bosses over Fukushima disaster
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 19, 2019
A Japanese court on Thursday cleared three energy firm bosses of professional negligence in the only criminal trial stemming from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown. ... more
Boeing starts assembly of first KC-46A tanker for Japan
Washington (UPI) Sep 17, 2019
Boeing has started assembling the first of four KC-46A tankers the U.S. State Department approved for Japan under a $1.9 billion deal nearly three years ago. ... more

KATRIN cuts the mass estimate for the elusive neutrino in half

In rebuke to China, Taiwan calls for closer ties with U.S., allies
Washington (UPI) Sep 11, 2019
A report released on Wednesday by Taiwan's defense ministry calls for closer alliances with the United States, Japan and other countries in a rebuke to China's military threat. ... more
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Marines complete 10-day attack simulation exercise
Washington (UPI) Sep 11, 2019
The U.S. Marine Corps announced a successful naval exercise in the Philippine and East China seas and in Okinawa, Japan, on Wednesday. ... more
Japan's new environment minister wants to scrap nuclear power
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 12, 2019
Japan's newly appointed environment minister has said he wants to "scrap" nuclear power plants, warning of the need to avoid a repeat of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. ... more
JAXA spacecraft carries science, technology to the Space Station
Houston TX (SPX) Sep 10, 2019
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) cargo ship H-II Transfer Vehicle-8 (HTV-8) is scheduled to lift off Sept. 10 at 5:33 p.m. EDT (6:33 a.m. Japan Standard Time) to the International Space ... more
Japan still weighing dump of Fukushima radioactive water into ocean
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 10, 2019
Japan's top government spokesman slapped down the environment minister on Tuesday after he said there was "no other option" but to release radioactive water from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean. ... more
Fire forces Japan to cancel rocket launch to ISS
Tokyo (AFP) Sept 11, 2019
A pre-dawn fire on Wednesday forced Japan's space agency to cancel the launch of an unnamed rocket meant to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, the operator said. ... more
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Research developing sensors for 'worm robots' to be used after disasters
Manchester UK (SPX) Oct 03, 2019
Researchers from The University of Manchester are developing chemical sensors that can be mounted on to 'worm robots', as part of a project involving partners in four European countries to improve detection of people trapped under debris after a disaster. In the face of natural or man-made disaster, urban search and rescue teams and other first responders like police, medical units or civi ... more
+ Anxiety, questions linger after French chemicals inferno
+ Lawyers appeal acquittal of energy bosses over Fukushima disaster
+ Japan lists Fukushima radiation levels on S. Korea embassy site
+ Opposition Istanbul mayor says not invited to govt quake meeting
+ Physics shows criminals more likely to find accomplices in big cities
+ Technologies for crisis management in the event of a disaster
+ Sheet roofs: Puerto Rico reels 2 years after Hurricane Maria
ESA selects AdaCore's qualified multitasking solution for spacecraft software development
Newport UK (SPX) Sep 27, 2019
AdaCore reports that the European Space Agency (ESA) has selected AdaCore to provide a qualified multitasking solution for spacecraft software development to support multiple ongoing and future ESA projects. As part of this contract, AdaCore has implemented a pre-qualified version of the Ravenscar Small Footprint (SFP) library - a configurable Ada run-time library that implements the Raven ... more
+ Astroscale and Southampton jointly advance business case for active debris removal services
+ Scientists develop unique orbital cleaner
+ Canada, US seek to reduce dependency on China for rare earth minerals
+ A filament fit for space - silk is proven to thrive in outer space temperatures
+ Mining industry seeks to polish tarnished reputation
+ Celestia Technologies Group UK gears up for eScan expansion in the UK
+ Gem-like nanoparticles of precious metals shine as catalysts

Groundwater pumping could 'devastate' river systems
Paris (AFP) Oct 2, 2019
Rampant and unsustainable extraction of groundwater reserves crucial for food production will "critically impact" rivers, lakes and wetlands in half of Earth's drainage basins by mid-century, researchers warned Wednesday. Found underground in cracks in soil, sand and rock, groundwater is the largest useable source of freshwater on the planet and more than two billion people rely on it to dri ... more
+ Scientists fight to save unique Guiana coral reef
+ Zimbabwean capital grapples with water shortage
+ US govt blames homeless for water woes in California
+ Star DiCaprio urged to cut support for India river project
+ English Channel dolphins riddled with toxins
+ Mumbai fears for homes and lives amid rising seas
+ Humanity must rescue oceans to rescue itself, UN warns
Scientists create a nanomaterial that is both twisted and untwisted at the same time
Bath UK (SPX) Sep 23, 2019
A new nanomaterial developed by scientists at the University of Bath could solve a conundrum faced by scientists probing some of the most promising types of future pharmaceuticals. Scientists who study the nanoscale - with molecules and materials 10,000 smaller than a pinhead - need to be able to test the way that some molecules twist, known as their chirality, because mirror image molecul ... more
+ Physicists create world's smallest engine
+ DNA origami joins forces with molecular motors to build nanoscale machines
+ DARPA Announces Microsystems Exploration Program
+ Monitoring the lifecycle of tiny catalyst nanoparticles
+ Fast and selective optical heating for functional nanomagnetic metamaterials
+ 2D gold quantum dots are atomically tunable with nanotubes
+ Harnessing microorganisms for smart microsystems
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Lockheed nets $163.9M to support space-based infrared system
Washington (UPI) Oct 3, 2019
Lockheed Martin has been awarded nearly $163.9 million for support of the space based infrared system. The contract, awarded specifically to the company's Lockheed Martin Space division on Wednesday by the Department of Defense, covers SBIRS contractor logistics support. The SBIRS provides early missile warning for the U.S. military through infrared surveillance. It evolved from ... more
+ Developer hints at start date for mass production of Russia's S-500 missile system
+ Orbital nabs $1.1B contract for Missile Defense targets
+ Russia deploys S-400 missiles in Arctic; Offers Saudi ABM systems
+ Lockheed nabs $50.3M Navy contract for Aegis system upgrades
+ Raytheon nabs $10.8M contract to support Kuwait's Patriot missiles
+ Russia receives India's advance payment for S-400 air defence systems
+ MDA test of remote-fired THAAD missile interceptor a success
China's KZ-1A rocket launches two satellites
Jiuquan, China (XNA) Sep 02, 2019
Two satellites for technological experiments were sent into space by a Kuaizhou-1A, or KZ-1A, carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Saturday. The rocket blasted off at 7:41 a.m. and sent the two satellites into their planned orbit. Kuaizhou-1A, meaning speedy vessel, is a low-cost solid-fuel carrier rocket with high reliability and a short prep ... more
+ China's newly launched communication satellite suffers abnormality
+ China launches first private rocket capable of carrying satellites
+ Chinese scientists say goodbye to Tiangong-2
+ China's space lab Tiangong 2 destroyed in controlled fall to earth
+ From Moon to Mars, Chinese space engineers rise to new challenges
+ China plans to deploy almost 200 AU-controlled satellites into orbit
+ Luokung and Land Space to develop control system for space and ground assets

Controlling robots across oceans and space
Paris (ESA) Oct 04, 2019
This Autumn is seeing a number of experiments controlling robots from afar, with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano directing a robot in The Netherlands and engineers in Germany controlling a rover in Canada. Imagine looking down at the Moon from the Gateway as you prepare to land near a lunar base to run experiments, but you know the base needs maintenance work on the life-support system that w ... more
+ When it comes to robots, reliability may matter more than reasoning
+ NASA designing shapeshifting robots for Saturn's moons
+ Vietnamese roll out Transformers-inspired robot with green message
+ Fedor a first step to future of teams of robot cosmonauts
+ More chores for Amazon's Alexa, and a new (celebrity) voice
+ Microsoft President calls for urgent action to tackle rise of killer robots
+ A robot with a firm yet gentle grasp
Robots, deliverymen and 'Xi Thought' at China's 70th anniversary
Beijing (AFP) Oct 1, 2019
Delivery men, the world cup-winning women's volleyball team and a special float hailing "Xi Jinping Thought" were part of a colourful 70th anniversary celebration of Communist China's 70th anniversary Tuesday - a stark contrast with unrest in Hong Kong. A huge fireworks show in the evening capped a day of festivities that included a pageant of more than 100,000 civilians and a massive milit ... more
+ Hong Kong flash-mob rallies erupt as anger mounts over shot protester
+ China then and now: the PRC at 70
+ Police shoot Hong Kong protester as China celebrates 70th birthday
+ Retro is in as Mao kitsch skips off shelves
+ Hong Kong government mulls face mask ban at protests: reports
+ Hong Kong flash-mob rallies erupt as anger mounts over shot protester
+ Hong Kong protesters embrace 'V for Vendetta' Guy Fawkes masks
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Ball Aerospace delivers earth science instrument for Landsat 9
Boulder CO (SPX) Sep 30, 2019
Ball Aerospace delivered the Operational Land Imager 2 (OLI-2) for Landsat 9, completing development of the instrument on schedule and under budget. Ball will continue to support instrument integration and spacecraft-level testing, working closely with NASA and the Landsat 9 spacecraft provider. "Ball Aerospace is enabling the sustainability of the nation's land imaging architecture throug ... more
+ A new satellite to understand how Earth is losing its cool
+ Unofficial pathways visible from orbit play role in Detroit redevelopment
+ China launches new remote-sensing satellites
+ Suomi NPP tracks fire and smoke from two continents
+ German HALO research aircraft to investigate ozone hole, Amazon fires and gravity waves
+ First Earth observation satellite with AI ready for launch
+ Sudden warming over Antarctica to prolong Australia drought

Tree, fruit growers beware: Spotted lanternfly has its pick of invadable territory
Washington (UPI) Oct 3, 2019
Tree and fruit growers won't be happy to hear the findings of a new habitat-modeling study by scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture - the invasive spotted lanternfly still has plenty of suitable habitat, should it continue to spread. The spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, has been reported to attack grapes, apples, cherries, and several other fruit and timber tree speci ... more
+ Pineapple genome offers insights into plant domestication process
+ Rising ozone levels could curb corn crop yields
+ Pig farmers pessimistic as China tries to talk down swine fever
+ Burning issue: Indonesia fires put palm oil under scrutiny
+ China buys 'considerable' amount of US pork, soybeans
+ Climate change could trigger droughts in wheat-growing regions
+ Seoul confirms 4th swine fever case, asks Pyongyang for cooperation
Giant exoplanet around tiny star challenges understanding of how planets form
Gottingen, Germany (SPX) Sep 30, 2019
An international team of researchers with participation from the University of Gottingen has discovered the first large gas giant orbiting a small star. The planet was found orbiting the nearby red dwarf star GJ 3512. This discovery challenges scientists' very understanding of how planets form: low-mass stars should have less available material to form planets. Moreover, this new gas giant ... more
+ Life's building blocks may have formed in interstellar clouds
+ A planet that should not exist
+ Many gas giant exoplanets waiting to be discovered
+ When dwarf stars give birth to giant planets
+ Researchers mix RNA and DNA to study how life's process began billions of years ago
+ Looking for alien lurkers
+ Research redefines lower limit for planet size habitability
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Malaria could be felled by an Antarctic sea sponge
Washington DC (SPX) Sep 23, 2019
The frigid waters of the Antarctic may yield a treatment for a deadly disease that affects populations in some of the hottest places on earth. Current medications for that scourge - malaria - are becoming less effective as drug resistance spreads. But researchers report in ACS' Journal of Natural Products that a peptide they isolated from an Antarctic sponge shows promise as a lead for new thera ... more
+ Russia says no threat after blast in lab holding smallpox
+ NASA pioneers malaria-predicting tech in Myanmar
+ In eastern DR Congo, influx of Ebola money is source of friction
+ Avian malaria may explain decline of London's house sparrow
+ Buzz off: breakthrough technique eradicates mosquitoes
+ Genomic analysis reveals details of first historically recorded plague pandemic
+ Hong Kong to cull 4,700 pigs after second swine fever case found
Nigeria tech industry slams 'illegal arrests' of developers
Lagos (AFP) Sept 30, 2019
Nigeria's tech industry on Monday slammed security agencies for the "illegal arrests" of web developers in the country, where authorities often accuse them of being internet fraudsters. Outrage erupted from the tech community and on social media in Africa's most populous country over the weekend after Lagos-based software engineer Toni Astor said he was arrested, beaten and extorted for mone ... more
+ Gabon juggles competing demands in fight to protect nature
+ Mali army in major clash with jihadists
+ Paris presses EU allies to shore up Mali's army against jihadists
+ Algeria army chief says Bouteflika brother's jail term 'just punishment'
+ Seven troops killed in Mali 'terrorist' ambush
+ DR Congo jails 55 for life for Ituri massacres
+ Cameroon opens dialogue to end Anglophone separatist crisis

NASA astronaut Nick Hague, crewmates return safely from ISS
Houston TX (SPX) Oct 04, 2019
NASA astronaut Nick Hague returned to Earth from the International Space Station on Thursday, alongside Soyuz commander Alexey Ovchinin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos and visiting astronaut Hazzaa Ali Almansoori from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The crew landed safely at 6:59 a.m. EDT in Kazakhstan. Hague and Ovchinin launched March 14, along with fellow NASA astronaut Christina ... more
+ First Arab on ISS returns to Earth
+ First Arab on ISS set for Earth return
+ Japan's Kounotori Spaceship Attached to Station
+ NASA, Roscosmos in talks on more Soyuz seats
+ NASA, Boeing, SpaceX closing in on return to human spaceflight for US
+ The first humans in space
+ Full house for space science
Russia carries out successful test of Topol-M ICBM against target in Kamchatka
Plesetsk (Sputnik) Oct 02, 2019
The Russian Defence Ministry tweeted footage of the combat training launch of a Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile from Plesetsk Cosmodrome. As specified by the ministry, the Topol-M ICBM was fired from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, a Russian spaceport located in Mirny, Arkhangelsk Oblast, about 800 km north of Moscow and approximately 200 km south of the Arctic port city of Arkhangelsk. ... more
+ North Korea says missile test was 'new' submarine-based launch
+ India-Pakistan nuclear war could kill 100 million
+ North Korea fires ballistic missile ahead of nuclear talks
+ US successfully tests ICBM: statement
+ Trump says North Korea talks going ahead despite missile test
+ Russian guards fire on NKorea fishermen, five injured
+ Why Submarines for North Korea's Missiles
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